From grilling accessories to kitchen knives, we have a cooking gift your man will love to use when he is cooking up his favorite dish.

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17 Best Cooking Gifts for Men

Do you have a chef in your life ( or someone who thinks he is a chef)? 

If so, we know it's hard finding him the perfect cooking gift.  Cooking gifts that will make his kitchen complete and help them cook like a pro will make you look like a gift giving genius.  Cooking can be a tough job and the best way to show your appreciation is with a thoughtful present.  

Here are 17 of the best cooking gifts for men: 

17. Knives & Etched Bamboo Cutting Board

It comes with magnetic strips which will keep the tools conveniently close, but still out of the way. This Knives & Etched Bamboo Cutting Board is a classic cheese serving tray with four nifty tools all personalized and engraved with his name or a message.  It's such an attractive yet affordable piece on his dining table. A personalized cutting board is a gift he will truly appreciate every time he is in the kitchen.

16. The Grill Master  

This useful gift is perfect for a housewarming gift. Picture a perfect sunny day with your friends, each of you taking turns at the grill. Wouldn’t this dream sequence be even better if everyone’s grilling tools matched? 

15. Bamboo Butler


He can cut out cheese, steak, and fruits and serve it with the same unique and elegant board that comes with prongs and two knives. Having a set like this will indeed make any man feel like he has a butler as it makes his cutting and serving tasks easier. This Bamboo Butler has a removable bamboo board for easy cleaning and this set comes with 3 tools, making it a good serving board as well. That’s a package worth giving to a man who recently moved in into his new home.

14. Top Quality Damascus Steel Knives

The blade is made of Carbon Steel, the handle is a brown dollar sheet with steel busters and brass pins/mosaic pins and the sheath is made of leather. Send your guy a housewarming gift that will send him into a meat-chopping frenzy with these Top Quality Damascus Steel Knives that are meant to meet his cutting needs. Of course, the slicing should be limited to meats, vegetables, seafood, or anything that can be eaten only.  Get the newly moved in, buddy of yours ready to cook and equipped in his own kitchen with these arsenals.

13. The Grilling Guy

grilling gift for any man that likes to cook on the grill! We all know that guy that loves to grill, but can never be found when it comes to cooking in the kitchen or better yet, cleaning in the kitchen. Show him that you appreciate him for his he is (and who he isn't) by getting him this awesome grill set.

12. Custom Kitchen Knife

Christmas gift knife

This is one gift for him that won't just sit in the corner. Every man needs a good kitchen knife. Whether he's carving up the holiday meal or slicing and dicing the sides this high carbon stainless steel blade will maintain its functionality for years to come.

11. The Guy That Likes it Spicey-Hot Sauce Set

hot sauce challenge set 

This is for the guys that laugh at tobasco. He will surely love this gift and will for sure strive to see if he can handle the heat. This hot sauce gift set isn't just for games, each sauce is made with the best ingredients guaranteeing he will enjoy the taste before his mouth catches on fire. With 12 different flavors included your guy will definitely find a new favorite. This is no ordinary hot sauce set! 

10. Portable Grill

 fathers day gift portable grill

If your dad likes to grill then this portable grill  is a great addition to his arsenal of grilling accessories.  He can take it on the go and grill wherever his journey takes him, and he will no doubt impress his friends when he takes this bad boy out and cooks up some juicy burgers.

9. Seasoning Gift Set

fathers day grill seasoning gift set

Its a seal of approval for all his grilling efforts. Let's face it no ones burgers taste better than dads, no ones bbq is yummier! So lets arm our favorite grill masters with the ultimate spice and seasoning set for the long summer months. Whether he's out on the deck or cooking up a storm in the kitchen any dad will be honored to receive this fathers day gift.

8. The Dad Thats a Slob - All Day Apron

fathers apron

Perfect for fathers working in the garage or putting the meat on the table. For all the fathers that are the captains of the grill. The masters of the pizza oven. And the Kings of the kitchen. Treat your Dad to personalized and durable apron that will last a lifetime. No cutsie sayings here just all day durability and manly trimmings.

7. Personalized Cutting Board

Make this cutting board truly one of a kind by having it modified to your chosen design. This Personalized Cutting Board is unique! It is approximately 0.75" thick and is sure to stay functional for a long time. Apply light coat of mineral oil at least once per year to keep it in top shape. 

6. Adjustable Kitchen Cooking Hat for Men

This Adjustable Kitchen Cooking Hat for Men is a perfect gift to any male or female that enjoys cooking, baking, or grilling. Even those without a sense of humor will have a good laugh when they open this up as a gift. It is made with a high-quality polyester and cotton blend, this chef hat is comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time without causing discomfort.

5. Oven Mitts


This Oven Mitts is an anti-scald insulated gloves & mat set. It is the perfect gift for your cherished one who enjoys cooking. A loves & mat set is ideal as a housewarming gift. It can be used to carry pots and pans in kitchens, microwaves, ovens and outdoor grills. With a Lanyard design, it is easy to hang and store, the square cushion pad can firmly hold onto the bowl and prevent it from falling off.

4. Perfect Cooking Camper Mug


This Perfect Cooking Camper Mug can contain up to 12oz Camper Coffee Mug makes for elegant gifts that speak to a person's uniqueness. Don't sweat over finding the perfect gift ever again! This mug is beautiful as it is durable. It is an excellent gift for the one you care about.

3. Mountain Men Wood Burned Spoon

This Mountain Men Wood Burned Spoon is made with natural bamboo. The color may be slightly different from the photo because the item is made of natural bamboo material photography conditions and monitor lighting settings.
Bamboo Spoons are safe to use on hot pot or pan surfaces and will not scratch non-stick surfaces. Bamboo Spoons are strong, eco-friendly, made from 100% high quality bamboo and biodegradable. 

2. Organic Herbs and Spices

This Organic Herbs and Spices consist of 4 herbs in environmental friendly paper bags. All gift sets come gift wrapped and ready to hand out or give away.
You can add a personalized gift card at no extra charge. Our flavorful and delicious herb gift set variety includes: 1) Italian Herbs Gift Set, 2) Greek Herbs Gift Set, 3) Everyday Cooking Gift Set. Enjoy the unique aroma of basil, rosemary, oregano and herb blends that will add a unique aroma and taste to your cooking masterpieces. 

1. Guide to Cooking Oils


This Guide to Cooking Oils is a printable, and comprehensive guide that contains beneficial information about 22 different cooking oils and fats. You will learn about what kind of cooking they are suitable for, evidence-based facts about their potential effects on health, and their production methods.

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