Preserve your cherished memories with our collection of personalized picture frames, featuring a range of styles and customization options to make your photos truly unique.

17 Best Personalized Picture Frames

There's nothing like being reminded of the special people and moments in your life. One gift that captures both is a picture frame where he can place his family pic and special moments he had with them. A picture frame is something he can display in his room or on his office desk or just about anywhere when he wanted to be reminded and reminisce about the good times and special people in his life. Make sure it comes in the color and material that he wants and of course a message that will truly melt his heart.     

Here are 17 of the best personalized picture frames you can choose from:   

17. Custom Love Store Picture Frame

anniversary picture frame

The end result is a beautiful piece of personalized keepsake that will be treasured for years to come. This amazing personalized romantic picture frame is a perfect way to remember your most cherished memories. You simply enter your special dates that are important to you and your loved one, and our clever designers will take care of the rest! 

16. 'The Story of Us' Photo Frame

It's a wonderful documentation of the course of your unique love story starting with your courtship and proposal, to your wedding day and honeymoon. 'The Story of Us' Collage Photo Frame is a celebration of your relationship that features a plastic frame finished in crisp white. It comes with a gold script at the top and white lettering with a black background at the bottom. Let it constantly remind him of the greatest thing that happened to his life - your love story.

15. Digital Picture Frame

This Digital Picture Frame is a perfect addition to his desk full of photos of you and the rest of the family. Thankfully, home can be just a glance away with this digital picture frame! This space saving device showcases all his favorite pictures from weddings, birthdays, or graduations. This is definitely one of the best gifts for him.

14. Baby Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Photo

Capture the timeless beauty of baby's tiny little hands and feet with this  complete keepsake and photo frame kit. Preserve the joy of having a newborn in the family with this Baby Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Photo especially if he is a first-time parent. 

13. Romantic Picture Frame for Husband or Boyfriend

He is not just your guy but your best friend too. This picture frame makes the perfect gift for him.The frame holds a 4 x 6" photo and stands or hangs on wall. This is a quality frame with ink lettering for a handsome finish perfectly reminding him how special he is to you.  

12. Daddy Gift from Newborn

This Daddy Gift from Newborn will be the perfect gift for him. He will love getting this sweet poem and frame as a new dad gift. The poem is written in a kid's typeface with a bold design. Each frame has a glass front - brushed silver metal frame with black velour backing. It will be one treasured item on his tabletop display. 

11. Frozen In Time

This Frozen In Time will make him feel like he's home, anywhere he may be. Let this picture frame represent exactly how much you love one another. A picture is supposed to freeze a moment in time, so why not display that special moment in this Alder wooden frame. Put a special message on it that will bring him joy whenever he walks by.

9. Engraved Family Picture Frame

This Engraved Family Picture Frame is a generational picture frame to celebrate what it means to be family. This Frame will make him so happy when he sees all his boys in one place to remind him how important his family legacy is. This frame is made of wood and can be engraved with the names of his grandchildren and children along with the family's last name. 

8. Personalized Puzzle Piece

This Personalized Puzzle Piece is a photo on wooden puzzle that offers a creative and unique way to display your photos. Each panel has an ultra-glossy finish that magnifies colors and details giving your picture an extra punch! It's one gift he will truly appreciate and remember you by. 

6. Decorative Frame 

People on the frame are covered with wooden color paint. Place your best wedding or family photos to this Decorative Frame and you are all set for an awesome gift for him.  The wire branches are flexible enough that you can bend the leaves into different positions. It is a lovely way to show him how much you care and how special he is to you.

4. Photo On Wood Slice

This Photo On Wood Slice is a romantic personalized picture on wooden photo block. It is an original and unique gift for the man in your life. This one is an original and unique natural wood product with a beveled base. The thin layer of the organic base protects the front surface while wax impregnation protects the whole photo block. 

3. Rotating Photo Frame

This Rotating Photo Frame come in different sizes and colors! It is maed with high quality wooden material (MDF), with thickness at 3 mm. You can send photos via etsy chat and e-mail. The photos will be edited (for color tones) and processed on wood. You can also have your message laser engraved on this adorable gift.  

2. Personalized Picture Lamp

This Personalized Picture Lamp is the perfect gift to capture stunning memories. Pinewood blocks are processed with modern CNC technology, high quality 2K gloss coating (waterproof, anti-moldy, anti-termite) ensures durability of the base. It's beauty and classic elegance will surely last for years to come. This customized led lamp would be a perfect surprise gift for him. Give a magical dimension to your home with the photo night light! 

1. Personalized Rock Slate Photo Gift


This Personalized Rock Slate Photo Gift will be printed directly on the rock slate. It uses the most advanced HD UV printing technology, very intense colors that bring your photo back to life. Special attention is given to every small detail and every picture is checked manually to make sure you will have the perfect print. Display your beautiful images or works of art on this elegant slate plaque. Customize it with your favorite photos to create a unique display that will truly make him happy. 

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