The 54 Best Golf Towels in 2021

Updated on June 16, 2021 by Chris Bajda

Nothing comes close to golf when it comes to making him come alive. His love for the sport has kept him going back to the course and through time, you have seen his progress in playing the game. Why not make his joy complete by giving him a golf accessory that says you support him in his love for golf?  A golf towel is a nice gift to let him know you don’t just support him in his love for the sport but that you care enough to complete his golf collection. Choose from a wide array of golf towels that can come in his favorite color, his monogram, and even special message from a friend who will always have his back no matter what.

Here are 54 of the best golf towels you can choose from: 

54. Personalized Waffle Towel

 This high-quality personalized golf towel is definitely as Un-Fore-Gettable as the name says. Its microfiber waffle weave material cleans fast and easy. It also comes with a hook and can easily be attached around his bag.

53. Good Vibes Peace Towel

Fun Peace Golf Towel

If you want to flash some style on the golf course, this Good Vibes golf towel will be a great addition to your bag.  With a fun peace theme, it will be sure to catch the eye of of all the golfers on the course.  

52. Personalized Photo Towel 

Let him show off his family while out on the greens. Custom golf towels are a great way to personalized your game. This photo golf towel is made from a durable poly blend. These towels are great for cleaning and drying your equipment while out on the course. They are machine washable for easy cleaning and come with grommet and brass hook to attach to his bag.

51. Magnetic Golf Waffle Microfiber Towel 

It's not just a golf towel gift! This Magnetic Golf Waffle Microfiber Towel includes an all-weather silicone patch that contains an industrial-strength magnet for an exceptional hold on your golf cart or clubs. The superior microfiber material provides excellent water absorption and fast dry time. The deep waffle pockets clean grooves on your golf clubs better and faster. There will be no more searching for his towel in the bag or bending down to pick up a dropped towel. 

50. Wet and Dry Frogger Golf Towel


He gets treat with this Wet and Dry Frogger Golf Towel as he gets two towels in one. He can wet the inner layer of the towel to clean his clubs, then dry them on the outside. It comes with a carabiner clip that attaches to any bag, so the towel won't touch the ground when hanging. 

49. Personalized Golf Towel

Best Personalized Golf Towel White

Receiving a golf accessory from you would be memorable for him. Give him this Personalized Golf Towel that is extremely absorbent and is personalized with his initials. It comes with a hook so it can be easily attached to a golf bag. The towel can be embroidered with the golf club design. The first initial will go on the left of the golf clubs and the second initial will go on the right of the golf clubs.   

Check out the video below to see a closer look at this golf towel 


48. Team Effort College Microfiber Towel

College Golf Towel

It's soft and durable. This Team Effort College Microfiber Towel cleans without scratching club finish. It comes with a Carabiner attachment system and an embroidered collegiate trademark too. Plus it is packaged with header card ready to be handed to your man. 

47. Embroidered Microfiber Tee Time Towel

Best Personalized Golf Towel

Add to your golf lovers look and game with this personalized golf towel. This monogrammed golf towel is a welcome addition to your golf lovers golf bag. Whether wiping down his club to keep his shot on point or wiping his hands after the 19th hole this personalized golf towel makes a great gift for all levels of golf lovers.

46. Golf Microfiber TRAX Towel

It's made from 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide. The Frogger Golf Microfiber Waffle TRAX Towel is non-abrasive and ultra absorbent. The Trax Waffle design with iconic frogger stripes cleans clubs fast. It also includes bag latch-it part powered by catch latch magnetic fastening technology, the ultimate in secure convenience. 

45. I Play with A Stiff Shaft Towel

Funny Golf Towel

This Giggle Golf I Play with A Stiff Shaft Golf Towel is 15” x 22”, 1.7 lbs/dozen. It has a sheared microfiber polyester face, and reverses to a sheared microfiber polyester nap. This full color golf towel features a corner grommet and hook. This set includes one towel, one can cooler, and one poker chip.

44. Flamingo Themed Golf Towel

Attractive, unique, stylish towel to add a pop of color to your game. Useful for an array of purposes. You are sure to be the talk of the clubhouse and course with this Flamingo Nights Golf Towel.  The softest golf towel you will find. Made with premium, velvety microfiber on the front, and 100% white cotton on the back. 

    43. Spotless Swing Premium Multi-Use Golf Towel

    The Spotless Swing Premium Multi-Use Golf Towel is three golf towels in one. The outside part of the towel keeps your hands, face, golf glove and grips clean and dry while the inside traps debris from dirty, muddy and wet clubs. It cleans club grooves effortlessly preparing his club for the next shot. 

      42. May The Course Be with You Golf Towel

      Let the course be with him with this Golf Towel Store - May The Course Be with You Golf Towel. It's made from 100% cotton and will definitely make him the STAR of the REBEL SQUADRON. It's a soft terry loop towel with high-quality embroidery. This golf towel comes with a clip included that can easily be attached to your bag. 

        41. Callaway Players Towel

        This Callaway Players Towel is made from absorbent microfiber construction with a woven loop attachment. The microfibers in this towel are designed to keep his clubs clean and dry with a high tech look and feel. With unmatched performance & style, you will never go wrong with this gift. 

        40. STICKIT Magnetic Towel

        On the links, this STICKIT Magnetic Towel is always within arms reach. Stick it on golf clubs, golf carts, or any convenient metal surface. The high-quality, waffle pocketed, microfiber material makes it the ideal towel for effectively cleaning dirt and debris off clubs and golf balls. This is a must-have accessory for his day on the course. 

        39. Photo Golf Towel

        Upload your photo name monogrammed golf towel

        It's one great way to personalize his game! This Custom Golf Towel is made from a durable poly blend and is great for cleaning and drying his equipment while out on his favorite course. They’ll look vibrant with your text, monogram or artwork.

        38. Barstool Sports Spittin Chiclets Golf Towel

         Give your golf aficionado friend one accessory he won't easily forget. This Barstool Sports Spittin Chiclets Golf Towel is made from cotton and comes in black color and gold embroidery. It's a cool and functional gift rolled into one. 

        37. Gamma Tacky Towel Grip Traction Enhancer

        The Gamma Tacky Towel Grip Traction Enhancer is a non-toxic bee’s wax permeated cloth towel that increases traction and so repeals moisture. The bee’s wax evaporates without leaving a residue, staining or sticky feeling, dissipating quickly. It's ideal for tennis, golf, baseball, softball, football, and basketball.

        36. MLB Team Golf Towel

        He loves the baseball almost as much as golf! This  MLB Team Golf Towel is made of cotton and features a checkered scrubber design for easier cleaning, swivel clip for easy attachment and removal from golf bags. It has an embroidered logo for his favorite team. Let him show his team pride with this nicely designed towel!

        35. Uther Tropical Golf Towel 

        This ultra absorbent and quick drying Uther Golf Towel is a unique blend of 15 x 24 inch moisturize wicking, soft microfiber and is 3x more absorbent than cotton and 5x more durable. it comes with a carabiner that attaches to the ring hook making it easy to switch from being clipped onto his golf bag, to his belt loop or to taking it to the green. It won’t touch the ground or get dirty while playing. He will definitely love this lightweight and compact gift. 

          34. Ballzee Pocket Ball Towel

          It's a safe and effective way to clean course chemicals, dirt and grass stains from your ball. This Ballzee Pocket Ball Towel has moisture-lock scrubbing squares that stays wet the entire round. It's one gift that he will treasure for a long time. 

          33. Miami Vice Golf Towel

          Get his groove on with this 80s retro Miami Vice Golf Towel. This 14"x 40" polyester towel is the perfect accessory for bringing the party to the golf course. 

          32. USA Flag Golf Towel 

          The USA Flag Golf Towel is 16x12 inches. It's the perfect size to be clipped onto your bag and not touch the ground. This towel is made with suede Microfiber that you can use to clean your clubs. It comes with a clip to attach the towel onto your bag. It's durable and sturdy so it wont break off your bag during travel.

          31. Drive Long Golf Towel

          It's made of 100% cotton. Make him smile with this Golf Towel that features a soft velour cotton terry loop towel with high quality embroidery. It's one gift that will easily end up as one of his favorites. 

          30. Chill Pal PVA Cooling Towel

          It has a new cool package but the same quality product inside. Now on a pouch packaging design, the Chill Pal PVA Cooling Towel  is thicker than most PVA towels on the market today. It’s the better choice for long lasting heat relief. Simply remove the Chill Pal, soak it in cold water, wring it out, and its ready to drape around your neck. If it starts to get warmer, simply rinse and repeat. He can stay cool while fishing, hunting, hiking, or even on the job.

              Make him really happy with these original unique golfer designed towelssuch as a golfer dad, a green golf course with a putt and a flag, golf clubs and a golf ball. Let him clean his golf accessories clubs from dirt or wipe off his sweat from his hand and face. It comes with an easy attachment and removal to/from golf bags, golf cart or push cart. No golfer should be without this lightweight designer towel.

              28. Microfiber Golf Towel Golf Towel

              It's made from microfiber cloth. The Microfiber Golf Towel Golf Towel features a strong water absorption and quick dry, soft, and comfortable to use, easy to clean, and fast-drying feature that helps him stay fresh. This cotton towel has a metal clip, which allows him to clip the towel somewhere within his reach. This golf bag towel is also ideal for the gym, beach, salon, fitness, jogging, cycling, hiking, and home use. 

               27. Team Golf NCAA Georgia Bulldogs Embroidered Golf Towel

              It's made form 100% cotton. The Team Golf NCAA Georgia Bulldogs Embroidered Golf Towel features checkered scrubber design for easier cleaning, a swivel clip for easy attachment and removal from golf bags and an embroidered logo for his favorite team. This brightly designed towel will be an instant favorite.

              This Unique Hybrid Golf Towel presents an exceptional scrub and shine experience! The Microfiber Waffle Side acts as the proper as a great brush surface to the clubs and balls, while the Shammy (chamois) side will give them a nice clean shine!

              25. Team Golf Military Army Embroidered Golf Towel

              It's made of 100% cotton. This Team Golf Military Army Embroidered Golf Towel features a checkered scrubber design for easier cleaning. It comes with a  swivel clip for easy attachment and removal from golf bags. This towel can come with an embroidered logo for his favorite team.

              It has better water absorption and fast drying feature. The Haphealgolf Golf Towel uses special technique to divide the filament into eight. The cross section increases the surface area and the porosity of the microfiber. It uses a special waffle groove pattern to trap and absorb water droplets. This towel has a better water absorption and fast drying characteristics compared to other towels.

              23. Monogram Wheat Laurel Marble Golf Towel

              It's one great way to personalize his game! This Monogram Wheat Laurel Marble Golf Towel is made from a durable poly blend. These towels are great for cleaning and drying his equipment while out on the golf course. He’ll look vibrant with his  monogram on it. 

              22. Craftsman Golf Waffle Pattern Rain Hood Towel

              This Craftsman Golf Waffle Pattern Rain Hood Towel has a waterproof exterior. It has durable outer layer that provides protection for your golf clubs during unexpected rain showers. The soft inner layer provides the typical golf towel for all your club, ball, and hand cleaning needs.

                21. Military Digital Camouflage US Flag Golf Towel

                Personalize his game with this Military Digital Camouflage US Flag Golf Towel. It's made from a durable poly blend. This towel is great for cleaning and drying his golf course stuff. It also comes with grommet and brass-plated hook. 

                20. Best GRANDFATHER by PAR -Funny Golf Towel

                This awesome Best GRANDFATHER by PAR -Funny Golf Towel comes in a cartoon themed gift for your Grandfather. It's one excellent golfing pun, term, humor. This custom golf towel is a great way to personalize his game! It's made from a durable poly blend. This is one towel that will make him look vibrant with his monogram on it. 

                19. PUMA Players Microfiber Golf Towel

                Gear up for a great round of golf with the PUMA Players Microfiber Golf Towel. It comes with a twill hanging loop and a pop color embroidered edge. It's made from microfiber and will definitely be a welcome addition to his golf accessories. 

                18. Black And White Monogram Golf Towel


                With his favorite sport and his name on it, you can never go wrong with this Black And White Monogram Golf Towel. This gift is made from a durable poly blend and is best for cleaning and drying his equipment. it will certainly look vibrant with your text, monogram, or artwork.

                  17. Navy Blue White Golf Towel

                  It comes in his favorite color and will be used for his favorite sport. This Navy Blue White Golf Towel features a greyish blue monogram initial and white retro script name on a dark navy blue background. It's made with 80% woven polyester/ 20% polyamide blend microfiber. This gift also comes with a grommet and brass-plated hook. 

                  16. Clubs & Balls Golf Towel

                  This Clubs & Balls Golf Towel has a stylish design for a golf player. You can even have it personalized with his name and initials. It is made from a durable poly blend with 80% woven polyester/ 20% polyamide blend microfiber. This gift comes with a grommet and brass-plated hook and is machine washable. 

                  This elegant Personalized Men's Golf Towel is designed with a trendy golf icon and his name in block capital letters. It is made from 80% woven polyester/ 20% polyamide blend microfiber and is best for cleaning and drying his golf equipment. It is printed on one side only and comes with a grommet and brass-plated hook. 

                  14. Navy Blue and White Golf Clubs Towel

                  He is a golf enthusiast. And this Navy Blue and White Golf Clubs Towel is the perfect gift for him. The elegant 3-letter monogram design of this towel is one great way to personalize his game! It is made from a durable poly blend and comes with a grommet and brass-plated hook. A gift he will treasure for a long time. 

                  13. Police Themed Patriotic Flag Golf Towel

                  The Police Themed Patriotic Flag Golf Towel is a unique golf head cover featuring the custom name of your favorite police officer volunteer. It is made from 80% woven polyester/ 20% polyamide blend microfiber. It comes with single-sided printing, complete with grommet and brass-plated hook. What's more, its machine washable and will be one functional gift for him for a long time.

                  12. Monogram Gold Silhouette Golfer Golf Towel

                  Give him this Monogram Gold Silhouette Golfer Golf TowelThis distinctive golf towel features a gold silhouette golfer in full swing. On the lower third is his monogram in matching gold framed by thin gold lines. The text and image are placed on a dramatic black background making it stand out. It's one golf accessory that is sure to end up on his favorite list. 

                    11. Dad Man Myth Legend Black White Golf Towel

                    It doesn't just speak of him as a  great dad, but it also let's the whole world know about his favorite sport. This Dad Man Myth Legend Black White Golf Towel is designed with white modern script and typography "Dad the man the myth the legend the best golfer" on solid black background. It's one gift he will always remember you by. 

                    10. Funny Towel for World's Okayest Golfer


                    This is one Funny Towel for World's Okayest Golfer. This personalized present comes with a stylish script typography template for name or monogram letters. Add his surname or funny quote. This gift includes a hook to hang it up. It's one unique golf accessory for friends and family.


                    He will definitely love this Reel Cool Daddy Personalized Fishing Towel. This custom design features fishing rods and fish. It's the best gift for any man who loves cool fishing gadgets and gear! Easily personalize this design with your own text. It's one convenient fishing bait towel with a grommet ring clip.

                      8. Initial Letter and Name Gray Golf Towel 

                      It's simple and elegant. This Initial Letter and Name Gray Golf Towel features a personalized monogram/initial letter, along with a customizable name between lines, on a gray background. This is one great gift for somebody who enjoys playing golf. This towel is great for cleaning and drying his golf equipment.  

                        7. Callaway Golf Uptown Towel

                        It's slim and absorbent. This Callaway Golf Uptown Towel features a slim 21" x 16" size and comes with a carabineer attachment for easy access. The microfiber construction provides for soft and absorbent cleaning of his gear on and off the course.

                          6. Golf Player Monogram Golf Towel

                          Who wouldn't appreciate this white towel monogrammed with the name of his favorite golf-player? This Golf Player Monogram Golf Towel comes complete with a grommet and brass-plated hook. It is made from 80% woven polyester/ 20% polyamide blend microfiber. He will be more than glad to use this gift each time he plays golf. 

                          5. Greens Towel  

                          It's designed to be a convenient cleaning towel. These Greens Towel can be kept without weighing him down. This towel comes with an easy-to-use carabiner clip that he can attach to a belt loop or golf bag. He will definitely appreciate this functional gift coming from you.

                          The Under Armour Bag Golf Towel is made from 84% Polyester and 16% Elastane. This embroidered club face towel, comes tri-folded with a plush section for water absorption or polishing, and a textured section for cleaning loose dirt or mud &crubbing patches for the tougher, dried-on dirt. It also comes with a metal grommet ring which serves as an attachment point. 

                          3. Personalized Golf Towel

                          This is one gift he will definitely appreciate as a golf lover. This Personalized Golf Towel is soft, absorbent and odor-fighting. It is also lightweight and quick to dry. Let him stay dry and hygienic with this towel that is made of 85/15 poly/nylon microfiber terry and includes a grommet and hook for his golf bag.  

                          2. Golf Towels

                            He simply carries everything in style while playing golf. Give him this monogrammed Golf Towels. Available in brown, navy and black, these towels are made from washable velour terry. The towels also come complete with grommet and hook. It's one gift he is sure to use again and again. 

                            1. Golf Gift Set

                            Complete his stylish look by giving him this Golf Gift Set. This set is the complete package for any golf loving guy. Includes a monogramed, personalized tumbler, and initialed divot tool. He will definitely appreciate this functional gift coming from you. Would make a great Christmas gift for any golf loving guy in your life.

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