The 19 Best Golf Towels in 2020

Updated on June 30, 2020 by Chris Bajda

Nothing comes close to golf when it comes to making him come alive. His love for the sport has kept him going back to the course and through time, you have seen his progress in playing the game. Why not make his joy complete by giving him something that says you support him in his love for golf?  A golf towel is a nice gift to let him know you don’t just support him in his love for the sport but that you care enough to complete his golf collection. Choose from a wide array of golf towels that can come in his favorite color, his monogram, and even special message from a friend who will always have his back no matter what.

Here are 19 of the best golf towels you can choose from: 

19. Black And White Monogram Golf Towel


With his favorite sport and his name on it, you can never go wrong with this Black And White Monogram Golf Towel. This gift is made from a durable poly blend and is best for cleaning and drying his equipment. it will certainly look vibrant with your text, monogram, or artwork.

    18. Navy Blue White Golf Towel

    It comes in his favorite color and will be used for his favorite sport. This Navy Blue White Golf Towel features a greyish blue monogram initial and white retro script name on a dark navy blue background. It's made with 80% woven polyester/ 20% polyamide blend microfiber. This gift also comes with a grommet and brass-plated hook. 

    17. Clubs & Balls Golf Towel

    This Clubs & Balls Golf Towel has a stylish design for a golf player. You can even have it personalized with his name and initials. It is made from a durable poly blend with 80% woven polyester/ 20% polyamide blend microfiber. This gift comes with a grommet and brass-plated hook and is machine washable. 

    This elegant Personalized Men's Golf Towel is designed with a trendy golf icon and his name in block capital letters. It is made from 80% woven polyester/ 20% polyamide blend microfiber and is best for cleaning and drying his golf equipment. It is printed on one side only and comes with a grommet and brass-plated hook. 

    15. Navy Blue and White Golf Clubs Towel

    He is a golf enthusiast. And this Navy Blue and White Golf Clubs Towel is the perfect gift for him. The elegant 3-letter monogram design of this towel is one great way to personalize his game! It is made from a durable poly blend and comes with a grommet and brass-plated hook. A gift he will treasure for a long time. 

    14. Police Themed Patriotic Flag Golf Towel

    The Police Themed Patriotic Flag Golf Towel is a unique golf headcover featuring the custom name of your favorite police officer volunteer. It is made from 80% woven polyester/ 20% polyamide blend microfiber. It comes with single-sided printing, complete with grommet and brass-plated hook. What's more, its machine washable and will be one functional gift for him for a long time.

    13. Monogram Gold Silhouette Golfer Golf Towel

    Give him this Monogram Gold Silhouette Golfer Golf TowelThis distinctive golf towel features a gold silhouette golfer in full swing. On the lower third is his monogram in matching gold framed by thin gold lines. The text and image are placed on a dramatic black background making it stand out. It's one golf accessory that is sure to end up on his favorite list. 

      12. Dad Man Myth Legend Black White Golf Towel

      It doesn't just speak of him as a  great dad, but it also let's the whole world know about his favorite sport. This Dad Man Myth Legend Black White Golf Towel is designed with white modern script and typography "Dad the man the myth the legend the best golfer" on solid black background. It's one gift he will always remember you by. 

      11. Funny Towel for World's Okayest Golfer


      This is one Funny Towel for World's Okayest Golfer. This personalized present comes with a stylish script typography template for name or monogram letters. Add his surname or funny quote. This gift includes a hook to hang it up. It's one unique golf accessory for friends and family.


      He will definitely love this Reel Cool Daddy Personalized Fishing Towel. This custom design features fishing rods and fish. It's the best gift for any man who loves cool fishing gadgets and gear! Easily personalize this design with your own text. It's one convenient fishing bait towel with a grommet ring clip.

        9. Initial Letter and Name Gray Golf Towel 

        It's simple and elegant. This Initial Letter and Name Gray Golf Towel features a personalized monogram/initial letter, along with a customizable name between lines, on a gray background. This is one great gift for somebody who enjoys playing golf. This towel is great for cleaning and drying his golf equipment.  

          8. Callaway Golf Uptown Towel

          It's slim and absorbent. This Callaway Golf Uptown Towel features a slim 21" x 16" size and comes with a carabineer attachment for easy access. The microfiber construction provides for soft and absorbent cleaning of his gear on and off the course.

            7. Golf Player Monogram Golf Towel

            Who wouldn't appreciate this white towel monogrammed with the name of his favorite golf-player? This Golf Player Monogram Golf Towel comes complete with a grommet and brass-plated hook. It is made from 80% woven polyester/ 20% polyamide blend microfiber. He will be more than glad to use this gift each time he plays golf. 

            6. Greens Towel  

            It's designed to be a convenient cleaning towel. These Greens Towel can be kept without weighing him down. This towel comes with an easy-to-use carabiner clip that he can attach to a belt loop or golf bag. He will definitely appreciate this functional gift coming from you.

            5. Vertall Magnetic Golf Waffle Microfiber Towel 

            It's not just a golf towel gift! This Vertall Magnetic Golf Waffle Microfiber Towel includes an all-weather silicone patch that contains an industrial-strength magnet for an exceptional hold on your golf cart or clubs. The superior microfiber material provides excellent water absorption and fast dry time. The deep waffle pockets clean grooves on your golf clubs better and faster. There will be no more searching for his towel in the bag or bending down to pick up a dropped towel. 

            4. Photo Golf Towel

            Upload your photo name monogrammed golf towel

            It's one great way to personalize his game! This Custom Golf Towel is made from a durable poly blend and is great for cleaning and drying his equipment while out on his favorite course. They’ll look vibrant with your text, monogram or artwork.

            3. Personalized Golf Towel

            This is one gift he will definitely appreciate as a golf lover. This Personalized Golf Towel is soft, absorbent and odor-fighting. It is also lightweight and quick to dry. Let him stay dry and hygienic with this towel that is made of 85/15 poly/nylon microfiber terry and includes a grommet and hook for his golf bag.  

            2. Golf Towels

              He simply carries everything in style while playing golf. Give him this monogrammed Golf Towels. Available in brown, navy and black, these towels are made from washable velour terry. The towels also come complete with grommet and hook. It's one gift he is sure to use again and again. 

              1. Golf Towel

              Complete his stylish look by giving him this Golf TowelThe microfiber uses a special technique to divide the filament into eight, the cross-section of microfiber looks like asterisk at the magnification. It has a better ability to remove dirt, mud, sand, grass than other towels because of the microfiber towel's special cross-section which can be more effective to capture as little as a few microns of dust particles. He will definitely appreciate this functional gift coming from you.

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