The 17 Best Buck Knives

Updated on May 17, 2021 by Eds Alvarez

Knowing he is someone who loves outdoor adventures gives you a whole lot of clue on what to give him as a gift. He would truly appreciate one that he can use in these adventures and remind him about you all at the same time. Giving him a Buck knife allows you to do both. Choose the Buck knife perfect for his activities: fixed, folding, blade shape, one-hand/open close, thick blade, lightweight, one with a gut hook, saw tooth, or the one with ergonomic design. No matter what activity he engages in, your knife gift will surely end up as his first preference and a favorite from among his collections.  

Here are 17 of the best buck knives you can choose from:  

17. Silver Creek Folding Fillet Fishing Knife

This Silver Creek Folding Fillet Fishing Knife is built with precision and quality. It can be handy for a variety of outdoor uses perfect for all is adventures. Youc an be sure you're giving him a gift that will last for a long time as this one has a lifetime warranty. 

16. Ebony Diamond Wood Folding Pocket Knife

This Ebony Diamond Wood Folding Pocket Knife has a blade material that is made from 420Hc stainless steel. The handle material is made from Macassar Ebony Diamond Wood and has a knife length at 4 7/8 Inches(folded/closed). It also includes a black leather sheath and a certificate of authenticity. 

15. Spitfire Locking Folding Knife W/Clip

This Spitfire Locking Folding Knife W/Clip has a blade at 3 1/4" BOS S30V Steel. The handle is made of blue aluminum material and has Buck forever warranty. It's one gift that he will be using for a long time. 

14. Buck Knives 0722 Spitfire Folding Knife

It has a razor sharp blade. This Buck Knives 0722 Spitfire Folding Knife comes is 3-1/4" drop point 420HC stainless steel blade that has excellent strength, edge retention and is corrosion resistance. A thumb hole on the blade facilitates a smooth one-handed opening action. The mid-lock mechanism locks the blade open for reliable strength and safety while he works.

13. Hunter White Pearl Corelon Recluse Knife

This Hunter White Pearl Corelon Recluse Knife has a blade material made from 420Hc stainless steel. The handle material is made from white pearl corelon with a knife length of 4 7/8 inches(folded/closed). It also comes with a box and genuine black leather belt sheath. 

12. Ebony Wood Folding Hunter Knife

This Ebony Wood Folding Hunter Knife has a blade material that is made from high carbon stainless steel. The handle material is made from Macassar Ebony Diamond wood and comes in brown color. It ha sa clip point blade sha[e and edge and a length of 3.75 inches.

    11. American Macassar Wood Folding Hunter Knife

    This American Macassar Wood Folding Hunter Knife has a blade material made from 420Hc stainless steel. It has a knife length at 4 3/4 Inches(folded/closed) and a handle material made from Macassar Ebony Diamond Wood. This one also includes a genuine black leather belt sheath. 

    10. Buck Knives Glacier Knife

    This Buck Knives Glacier Knife has a Black G10 handle and a 3.125 inch stainless steel blade. It has a drop point/plain edge folding blade with one handed opening. He would truly appreciate this quality gift from you. 

      9. Personalized Buck Bones 3" Blade 870 Knife

      It's a quality modern Buck knife. The Personalized Buck Bones 3" Blade 870 Knife is a frame-lock knife with quick and reliable one-hand deployment with innovative tactical coatings. The curved handle with grip points ensures a secure grasp. To keep this knife at its lightest, the skeletal framework minimizes material weight, while maintaining strength. It comes with a Lanyard hole for easy attachment and removable stainless steel belt/boot/pocket clip.

      8. Engraved Fixed Blade Knife

      This beautiful, high quality Engraved Fixed Blade Knife is what most blades hope to be when they grow up. Featuring a sharp and lengthy 6" blade crafted from the finest high carbon steel, this premium fixed blade hunting knife is backed by Buck's famous "forever warranty" so you know it's going to last. Plus the personalization is perfect for creating the ultimate gift. 

      7. Stainless Steel Buck Knife

      It is handmade. This Stainless Steel Buck Knife can be personalized fro him. You can put any kind of print on the knife, such a fingerprint, baby footprint, dog pawprint, dog nose print. Functional and sentimental, you can be sure he will treasure this gift for a long time. 

      6. Buck Knife - BLACK Spitfire ENGRAVED

      This Buck Knife - BLACK Spitfire ENGRAVED has a an anodized aluminum handle and can be engraved with a logoor text. It comes with a razor sharp blade at 3-1/4" drop point and is made with 420HC stainless steel with excellent strength, edge retention and corrosion resistance. A thumb hole on the blade facilitates a smooth one-handed opening action. The mid-lock mechanism locks the blade open for reliable strength and safety while he works. 

      5. Buck USA 119 Fixed Blade Classic Hunting Knife

      This Buck USA 119 Fixed Blade Classic Hunting Knife is an exceptionally nice pre-date code Buck USA classic and legendary model 119 clip point fixed blade hunting knife with original signed black leather sheath. This knife is in excellent condition with very light wear - excellent candidate for mint restoration without much effort. It comes equipped with it's rare and original fold over black leather sheath - embossed Buck on front, silver snap button signed buck and signed 119 on back - heavy duty sheath in very good condition.

      4. BUCK 524 Alumni Pocket Knife

      This BUCK 524 Alumni Pocket Knife has an originally hand etched Eco-Ivory Moose design. The back of the knife has a plain Eco-Ivory handle that can be custom engraved It is a single lock blade knife and a useful pocket knife. It also comes with a is a single blade lock back blade with anodized aluminum.

      3. Folding Hunter Knife w/ Dolomite Scales

      This Folding Hunter Knife w/ Dolomite Scales has a unique stone handle and is personally cut and handcrafted from rough rock to finished piece. Dolomite is a natural stone which comes in many variations. This material is found in Mexico and is known as Rolling Hills Dolomite. It comes with solid brass metal bolsters. and leather sheath too.

      2. Buck Knives The 55 Folding Pocket Knife

      This Buck Knives The 55 Folding Pocket Knife comes in 2-3/8" and made with 420HC Steel Clip Blade which has great edge retention and corrosion resistance. The clip blade has a very sharp controllable point, and is good for piercing and slicing. The crescent tip makes the blade thinner with a sharper point. This shape provides good control for detail work and cutting in tight places. The genuine ebony from Taylor Guitars and brass bolsters deliver a perfect combination of beauty and balance. 

      1. Three Blade Folding Knife

      This Three Blade Folding Knife features three blades with 2-3/4" clip point, 2" spey, and a 2" sheepsfoot blade. It is made with 420HC steel that delivers excellent strength, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. The clip point blade is used for detail work and cutting in tight places. The spey blade is perfect for skinning or sweeping knife strokes, and the sheepsfoot blade is suitable for making clean cuts, especially on a flat surface. 

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