17 Golf Bags for Men: Find the Perfect Bag for Your Game

Updated on November 06, 2022 by Chris Bajda

Golf bags for men come in all different shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose: to carry your golf equipment around as you play the sport.

Some golf cart bags are meant to be held on your shoulders, while others are more like wheeled suitcases that you pull behind you, but it is best to remember your needs before buying one.

Here is a list of 17 golf bags for men to help you choose the perfect bag for your game!

17 Best Golf Bags for Men

1. OGIO 2022 Fuse 4 Stand Bag

The OGIO 2022 Fuse 4 Stand Bag is an affordable, functional bag with a sleek design.

The six front-facing storage pockets, with easy access to your stuff, make them perfect travel bags, too!

The Umbrella holder will help keep your hands free while on the golf course, and it also has a putter grip holder so you can grab your tools without taking off your golf gloves.

2. Founders Club Premium Cart Bag

The Founders Club Premium Cart Bag is a high-end golf bag that can hold up to 14 clubs and has an easy-to-use strap system.

The top of the golf cart bag features a 14-way organizer divider top to ensure you can find your clubs without any hassle.

Plus, these golf bags are designed with seam-sealed zippers on both sides of the bag and two waterproof pockets to keep your valuables safe.

3. EG EAGOLE Super Light

The EG EAGOLE Super Light Full-Length Divider golf bags have super light fabric and nylon construction, making them easy to carry around.

Plus, these golf bags have 14-way dividers that will keep your golf clubs organized.

The only thing you will need to worry about is hitting the ball!

4. TaylorMade 5.0 ST Stand Bag

If you are looking for a stand bag that will hold up to years of wear and tear while keeping your golf clubs secure, the TaylorMade 5.0 ST Stand Bag is a great choice.

This stand bag is also water resistant, so it is perfect if you find yourself caught in the rain on your way to work or on a round of golf with friends.

These golf bags have numerous storage options and can carry 14 clubs.

5. Izzo Ultra Lite Cart Bag

The Izzo Ultra Lite Cart Bag is a great golf bag for men who don't want to carry their clubs around.

This lightweight golf bag has an 8-way top with full-length club dividers and is waterproof, so it will hold up on wet days.

The carry strap makes it easy to take this lightweight bag from your car to the golf course and back without sweat.

6. Hot-Z Golf USA Flag Deluxe Stars & Stripes

The Hot-Z Golf USA Flag Deluxe Stars and Stripes golf bags are a great option for those who want a quality, patriotic-style golf bag at an affordable price.

The 14-way full-length dividers keep your golf clubs organized while providing ample room to store all your accessories.

Other features include in these golf bags: an umbrella holder, garment bag, towel ring, and two insulated beverage holders in the inside pockets.

7. Snake Eyes Golf SE500 Ultra Premium

The Snake Eyes SE500 is a lightweight, best waterproof golf bag designed with a lifetime warranty.

The SE500 golf bags are crafted from durable materials and features a padded shoulder strap for comfort.

These golf bags have nine pockets with two full-length garment pockets in the bag to keep your valuables safe and secure.

8. WILSON NFL Golf Bag

A true golfer needs golf bags that can hold all his gear and still be lightweight, easy to carry, and comfortable.

These Wilson NFL golf bags are perfect for those who want a quality bag at an affordable price.

These stand bags come with a quick activation stand, a four-points double strap, and plenty of space.

9. TaylorMade Select ST Cart Bag

The TaylorMade Select ST Cart Bag is a high-quality golf bag with plenty of room to store your gear.

These golf bags has 15 individual full-length club dividers, front-facing pockets, and a built-in putter making them one of the best options.

10. EG EAGOLE Top Premium

The EG EAGOLE 14 Way Divider Top Premium is a golf bag made with quality materials and a roomy interior.

The 14-way divider top makes it easy to store your gear, and these tour bags have pockets for everything, and even it has an insulated cooler pocket, too!

11. Titleist Players 4 Stand Bag

The Titleist Players 4 Stand Bag is a great golf bag option for players of all skill levels.

They are entry-level golf bags with some really nice features and are available in various colors, so you can find one that matches your style.

The top part of this golf bag has an insulated water bottle pocket to store your beverage or favorite drink!

12. Cobra Golf 2021 Ultradry Pro Cart Bag

The Cobra Golf 2021 Ultradry Pro Cart Bag is a lightweight, waterproof golf bag with plenty of storage.

These golf bags features a 14-way top, full-length dividers, and dual apparel pockets.

With two colors to choose from, you can find the best lightweight golf bag for your game.

13. Callaway Golf 2022 Chev Stand Bag

This Callaway 2022 Chev golf bag is great for weekend golfers, with a 4-way top and nine zippered pockets on both sides, including an insulated water bottle pocket.

You can easily access the water bottle pocket without taking off the bag, which is perfect for those days when you need some water but don't want to take your bag off to get it.

14. Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag

The Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag is a large golf bag designed to be carried with a strap.

These best golf bags are lightweight and durable, which makes them ideal for heavy use.

The DG Lite II features 14 individual dividers of club storage, soft-grip lift assist handles, and seven zippered pockets.

15. Treccani Golf Stand Bag

The Treccani Brand golf stand bag is a great option for golfers who want an easy-carry bag with a padded strap, two dividers, and four pockets.

If you are looking for a quality golf stand bag at a reasonable price, consider this model from Treccani.

The padded strap will help make carrying your clubs more comfortable.

16. GRAFFY Golf Club Bags

GRAFFY is a brand that started in 2013 and has quickly become known as one of the leading golf bag manufacturers.

They offer golf bags in many different sizes and have a variety of styles to choose from, so there is a bag to meet everyone's needs.

Whether you are looking for classic leather or something more modern and trendy carry bags, GRAFFY has covered you.

17. Nike Sport Lite Golf Bag

The Nike Sport Lite golf bags are a fantastic option for purchasing their first or second set of golf clubs.

The lightweight construction, durable materials, and water-resistant coating make it perfect for all weather conditions.

These Nike golf bags offer enough storage space to hold many clubs. With five pockets and five dividers, it is perfect for amateurs.

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