17 Best Personalized Home Decor Signs

Updated on January 06, 2022 by Chris Bajda

Our last names deserve to be flaunted in prestigious events and places. What better place to showcase them but in the house where we live in. Friends, guests, and visitors will find your house location easier with a glaring Home Sign in front. Some even appreciate seeing a home sign inside as a part of the house interior.

Here are the 17 Best Personalized Home Signs you may choose to have for your own. 

17. Split Monogram Sign 

Give your house a special touch with this Split Monogram Sign. It is your last name harmonized into a beautiful design featuring the first letter. You can place it not only on your door, but the wall in the kitchen, bedroom, man cave, or she-shed. Each piece will have its own unique design and they come powder coated and are weatherized to ensure they can withstand any conditions. Metal Signs work great in and outdoors and they also work well with magnets.

16. Personalized Wood Family Name Sign


Personalized Wood Family Name Sign is rustic, classy, and all-out homey. The backboard of each sign is approximately 23" wide, 9.5" tall, and 0.5" thick Baltic birch plywood with two keyhole slots in the back for hanging your sign if you desired. Before staining the backboard one of the four colors you can choose from, the backboard is sanded to a smooth finish. We then laser-cut the letters for the sign out of 1/8" Baltic birch and mount them to the backboard.

15. Neon Name Sign


Turn the lights on and make your home seen even at night with this Neon Name Sign. Made from a long-lasting, durable and environmentally friendly LED neon strip, mounted on a clear acrylic backboard - the sign comes standard with a 5-meter clear power cord and black power bank. The lights are designed to last at least 10 years. It also comes in 10+ sizes between 50 and 150cm in width. Available in 9 stunning color options.

14. Round Family Name Sign


Feast the eyes of your visitors and guests with this intricate and beautiful Round Family Name Sign. It is a laser-cut 3D family name wooden sign with laurel cutouts that is sure to catch the attention of anyone passing by or intentionally looking for your abode. You can even choose the stain color by selecting the stain number on the menu. Stain choices include caramel, mocha, and slate. Size options are 12”, 15”, and 20”.

13. Established Family Name Sign


A versatile home sign such as this Established Family Name Sign may be something your family will appreciate especially the feature or word “established” at the bottom. You may put your family name and the year you started it. It can be the day you got married and made your partner your family or the day your first child was born. This metal sign looks good outdoor but it also looks good indoors. The simplicity of its design makes it adaptable to any interior.

12. Personalized Garage Wall Art


If your home has a garage and you stay there more often than you do inside the house, then it deserves its own Personalized Garage Wall Art. This sign can quickly make your workspace your own or be recognized as your own. Perfect for your garage, workshop, or man cave, this wall art will let everyone know where you do your best work. Personalize this sign with up to three lines of text but the size of the sign will determine how many characters can fit on each line so choose the size carefully.

11. Family Name Sign


Made from Solid White Pine Wood, Paint, Laser cut Letters, Ilomba plywood letters, sawtooth hangers, this Family Name Sign may be something you can pass on to the next generation who will live in your house. The wooden board is handmade, painted and oil protected from the highest quality solid white pine wood, and is available in 8 stain colors. The lettering is laser-cut natural Ilomba plywood and additionally mounted to the wooden board. All these levels give the product an excellent 3D effect.

10. Family Wreath Welcome Wall Hanging


A house nested or often visited by birds usually means a peaceful and happy one. Present such a vibe to your visitors by marking your territory with this Family Wreath Welcome Wall Hanging. With two contrasting colors and the layered effect, this makes a beautiful and eye-catching entrance décor piece. Surely it will fit perfectly in an entrance or hallway. Made from 6mm Walnut Colored Wood and 3mm Oak Colored wood, this piece will wow your guests the minute they walk through your door. 

9. Custom Metal Hanging Ranch Sign


Let passersby know whom this perfect corner of the world belongs to with this Custom Metal Hanging Ranch Sign that flaunts your last name in elegance. It is a perfect addition to your homestead and will look great on your driveway, entryway, or fence. This kind of sign presents a strong and sturdy vibe that nicely introduces your family as well. Dimensions are available in 3 choices plus a customized one if you prefer and the finishes of this sign come in several choices as well.

8. Personalized Custom Wood Bar Sign


This Personalized Custom Wood Bar Sign is perfect for those who own a bar but is also great for homes that have bars inside. Our Every sign is handmade and unique. The backboard is made of 3/4" pallet wood giving a strong and sturdy base. The letters and graphics are laser-cut from 1/4" plywood and mounted on top. Raised lettering creates an appealing 3D effect that adds depth and character to your piece. All the sides of the backboard are stained which accentuates the natural wood grain.

7. House Number Sign


Some people do not prefer flaunting their family name in front of their house for people to find them, some prefer putting a House Number Sign. Each sign is unique with different grain; no two pieces are identical - making your sign one of a kind, don’t we all want that? All signs are treated and sealed for outdoor use and heavy rain. Two keyhole hangers are placed on the back and extra screws are included for easy hanging.

6. Round Wood Monogram Sign


Round Wood Monogram Sign simply screams class to anybody who will wonder who the house belongs too and it adds a rustic vibe because of its wooden finish. This wood monogram is an 18-inch diameter wood disc that is 1 inch thick with a monogrammed overlay that is 1/4 inch thick. The monogram is laser cut from PureBond birch plywood. It is available in  Walnut or Maple stain with the Monogram Letter painted white.

5. Custom Tractor Last Name Sign


Unleash the strong and mighty tractor driver in you and put a Custom Tractor Last Name Sign on your porch or front door. This sign is laser cut from 18G premium American Steel. It is powder-coated front and back to withstand being outside for years to come. It is available in 5 sizes: 12”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 36” and you can choose whether it will be done in black or silver. If driving or renting out tractors is your business, then putting a sign like this in your home is practical. 

4. Rustic Home Sign


Give your house a cabin feel with this Rustic Home Sign. This wood is hand-picked white pine 3/4" (.75) width and the signs are carved, so they won't fade away as paint and vinyl do. Each sign is hand-sanded so that it has a professional quality feel associated with it. Be aware though that due to the nature of the wood, there could be knots in the sign which will add individuality and character to it.

3. Personalized Dirt Bike Name Sign


A rider’s home must be identified along with its glory of facing the dirt in a bike. This Personalized Dirt Bike Name Sign is a nice gift suggestion for housewarming, birthdays, or any occasion to anyone who loves to ride their Dirt Bikes. Made from 1.5 mm steel, this sign can come in Black, Gold, Copper, Silver, or White. You also have 5 dimensions to choose from depending on where you intend to put this exquisite home sign.

2. Personalized Welcome Magnetic Yard Sign Set


Made of metal, this Personalized Welcome Magnetic Yard Sign Set will brighten any lawn or garden as it welcomes guests and visitors into your home. If your house opens in a garden, then this metal sign will make their entry a little warmer and help them identify who the owners are as they feast their eyes on the landscape. You can personalize it with any custom message, name, and year and will gladly welcome anyone who comes by.

1. Personalized Modern House Sign

For a modern yet classy touch on your home, this Personalized Modern House Sign will be the one you want to consider. Available in 5 sizes, this 3mm glass effect acrylic plaque will have Exterior gloss black vinyl with your choice of door number, street name, and text. Mount a dash of elegance and glossy visual into your home while leading your visitors to the right address and giving them a nice welcome.

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