19 Touching Pet Memorial Gifts

Updated on March 23, 2022 by Eds Alvarez

Losing a beloved pet is a painful experience for him. Make sure you are there to provide comfort and a shoulder he can cry on. Make him know that you are not just there for him. Help him grieve and overcome his sadness by giving him a pet memorial gift. Choose one that would lovingly remind him of his pet. It could be a portrait, a stone, keychain or even a keepsake box where he can keep photos of their times together. Anything that would remind him of good old memories will be a perfect pet memorial gift for him. 

Here are 19 of the best pet memorial gifts you can choose from:   

19. Custom Pet Portrait

This Custom Pet Portrait prints in a range of sizes. This artwork is digitally painted and printed in Matte paper. It is rich ink tones that provide a polished look. You can be sure you will be reminded of all the fun and loving memories with your favorite pet with this special memorial gift. 

18. Pet Memorial Garden Slate and Hook

This Pet Memorial Garden Slate and Hook is a beautiful engraved PET memorial slate with hanging hook, especially for hanging at a special place in the garden or graveside. It is made from hand cut natural slate and you can choose from oval or rectangle designs. It comes with a name of your choice, paw print and the following quote: 'You left pawprints on our hearts' or 'You left pawprints on my heart'.

17. Pet Ashes & Keepsake Frame

This Pet Ashes & Keepsake Frame is beautifully crafted. It is made from Italian veneer solid wood mouldings from managed resources. They include the professional printing of your treasured photos and printed personalization. The tag and collar are beautifully displayed and easy to put into the frame. The collar compartment is 30cm long and 5cm wide and is designed to hold a collar which is fastened and pressed flat. 

16. Custom Watercolor Pet Portrait 

This Custom Watercolor Pet Portrait is a digital painting and not made with real paint. You will receive a high-resolution JPEG for you to print yourself. No physical item will be shipped. A proof will be sent to allow for final review and revisions, if desired. Only once the proof is approved by the customer should the final product be sent. The file will be 300dpi High Res, so you can have it printed at your local print shop to suit your needs.

15. Capti Rainbow Bridge Dog Memorial Gift

This Capti Rainbow Bridge Dog Memorial Gift let's you and your loved ones remember a special moment in time. From the moment they see a pet owner bending down to touch foreheads to their special pet, they’ll understand how much you care. Bold, Beautiful & Sturdy, these 3-tone stained wood dog memorial gifts each boast a unique variation in color, cut and size, sparking joy in the hearts of grieving pet owners as they perfectly perch atop the mantle, shelf, nightstand or table. A meaningful, unforgettable dog memorial gift.

14. Pet Picture Frame Cat or Dog Frame

This Pet Picture Frame Cat or Dog Frame is a 100% natural dog or cat picture frame. There are no harmful chemicals or paints used for this product. You can put it anywhere you like - bedroom, living room, shelf, desk and so on. Engraved are the words "No longer by my side but forever in my heart." This dog bereavement picture frame has folding easel back for tabletop display, and a hanger to hang the frame on the wall.

13. Capti Dog Memorial Gifts Plant Pot 

This Capti Dog Memorial Gifts Plant Pot has thoughtful features you won’t find anywhere else. This unique pet memorial gift plant pot comes in a beautiful wooden saucer, drain hole dirt screen for the pot bottom, and a spiral stake for displaying a photo or hanging a dog tag. Giving the gift of CAPTI's dog loss sympathy gift pot isn’t just acknowledging their loss, studies show house plants promote stronger mental health while giving off oxygen; they’ll remember you every time they see this treasured planter for a small plant or succulent.

    12. Dog Cat Pet Memorial Gifts Keychain

    This Dog Cat Pet Memorial Gifts Keychain contain the words  “Once by my side, forever in my heart.” keychain. Saying goodbye to a beloved pet family friend is a difficult and painful thing. This pet memorial keychain is a perfect comforting gift to help you or your friend or family members to help alleviate the pain of loss. Show your love and support by giving them this little keychain to remind them of their animal friend.

    This Paw Print Pet Memorial Stone is a simple yet meaningful gift that will feature a special companion in their happiest moment. It provides sympathy to a grieving friend or loved one after the passing away of their special pet. The quote is elegantly etched on the grave marker above a customizable photo frame slot. Place your favorite photo memory of your beloved pet during their happiest moment in this personalized headstone. What's more, this remembrance keepsake comes in a beautifully designed box ready for gifting.

    10. Sculpted Hand-Painted Keepsake Box

    This Sculpted Hand-Painted Keepsake Box has this ”Truly a friend” written inside the box. This hand-painted resin box has Bas-relief carving of seated figure in cream dress, playing with yellow dog on lid (not attached) fitted to a cream square box. Plus, it is packaged in fitted box ready for gift-giving.

    9. Pet Pint 

    This Pet Pint is a truly original gift idea. It is a beautiful beer glass touched by the hands of our amazing laser engraving artist. This is personalization at its finest, a keepsake that will be endeared while sipping any choice of beer. Beer makes men smile without much help, but pouring it into a mug with their best friend on it, now that is nirvana.  

    8. Puppy Love Picture Frame 


    This Puppy Love Picture Frame is a vegan leather picture frame perfect for any 5x7 favorite photo of your puppy. The folding stand on the back will make displaying this frame easy, no matter where you choose to put it. You can make this picture frame even more special by adding your and your puppy's name into the text box above to be displayed on the frame.

    7. Whiskey Pup Cup

    This Whiskey Pup Cup is for the guy in your life that loves his pup and loves his whiskey, give him a glass that will remind him of both. This large, heavy-bottom, engraved whiskey glass makes a special gift for any whiskey lover that loves to show off their dog or even as a pet memorial gift. What makes this whiskey glass special is the sand-carved pawprint design that can display your personalization onto the front. 

    6. A Man's Best Friend Sign

    This A Man's Best Friend Sign deserve to be part of your man cave memorabilia too. It is handmade and the design is lasered to perfection so that you can get the most out of this work of art. To make this sign as perfect as can be, add your pup's name and the year he/she was born and you have in your hand a very special pet memorial gift for him. 

    5. Dog Golf Headcover

    This Dog Golf Headcover will add some funky flair to your golf bag. Get him a gift he will be proud to use when out on the course. Pick his favorite animal and make him look stylish on the golf course. Ot's a special pet memorial gift he will always remember your thoughtfulness by. 

    4. Dog Portrait Glass

    This Dog Portrait Glass is a sand-carved dog design that can display your dog's breed onto the front. Your man will proudly sip from this glass on every occasion. It can be easily personalized by adding your puppy's name into the personalization box at the top of the page.

    3. In Loving Memory Pet Stone

    This In Loving Memory Pet Stone will have him carry the memory of his sweet pet. Although they are gone physically, they will never fade from your memory, so use this stone as a memorial for his cherished family pet and let it bring peace and love to those who need it. 

    2. Pet Memory Dog Tag                                                

    This Pet Memory Dog Tag is made of metal so that it will last long around his neck. This dog tag necklace can be personalized with his pet's name and memorial years. His pet was like family, so get something that will make him smile out of love every time he touches and looks at it.

    This iHeartDogs Dog Memorial Gifts will keep the memories of his precious pup alive with the “Forever My Guardian Angel” garden solar light. Featuring a dog, resting peacefully, this charming angel will compliment his garden and add a subtle glow once night falls.

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