41 Unique Decanters That Will Up Your Drinking Game

Updated on September 24, 2023 by Chris Bajda

Are you looking for unique whiskey decanters to up your drinking game? Look no further! This blog will feature 41 unique whiskey decanters on the market.

From vintage-inspired designs to modern, contemporary shapes, these decanters will elevate your home bar or man cave and make for a great conversation starter.

41 Unique Decanters to Add to Your Collection!

1. Shanik Whiskey Decanter

If you are looking for a truly unique and elegant way to store and serve your whiskey, The Shanik Whiskey Decanter is the perfect solution. This stylish decanter includes an impressive decanter that holds your favorite beverage, a handsome storage box, and six shot glasses with wood drink coasters.

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2. Diamond Decanter

If you are looking for a unique whiskey decanter that makes a statement, look no further than the Diamond Decanter.

This stunning decanter features a gorgeous cut crystal diamond design and a stopper lid to keep your favorite liquor or scotch at the perfect temperature.

3. Whiskey Globe DecanterWorld Traveler Decanter

One of the unique whiskey decanters is the Whiskey Globe Decanter. These best whiskey decanters feature an intricately detailed glass globe with a hand-cut stopper. The 850ml unique decanter liquor great gift is perfect for showcasing your favorite whiskey or other spirits in style. Each Liquor Decanter is made of hand-blown glass and features intricate designs like maps.

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4. Kettlebell Decanter Set

The Liquor Kettlebell Decanter Set is perfect for you if you are looking for a unique and creative way to store your whiskey. This perfect gift comes with a 26oz whiskey decanter and two dumbbell glasses, making it ideal for sharing your favorite whiskeys with friends. These traditional best whiskey decanters inspired the design, creating a bold and distinctive look.

5. Nicole Hexagon Decanter

The Nicole Hexagon Personalized Whiskey Decanter is a stylish and modern whiskey decanter that will make a statement in any home bar.

These best whiskey decanters have a capacity of 500ml, allowing them to store plenty of whiskey for you and your guests. It also has a convenient spout for easy pouring.

This whiskey decanter will impress anyone who sees it and will be a great addition to any home bar.

6. Golf Club Whiskey Decanter

If you want a unique way to serve your favorite whiskey, why not try the Golf Club Whiskey Decanter? This golf-themed beautiful glassware is sure to be a hit with any whiskey lover.

Crafted from lead-free glass and in the shape of a classic golf club, this whiskey decanter is the perfect way to bring a touch of elegance and fun to your drinking game.

7. Large Gun Whiskey Decanter

The Large Gun Whiskey Decanter from The Diamond Glassware is perfect if you want a unique way to enjoy your whiskey.

These best whiskey decanters are gun replicas with four bullet shot glasses, making them the perfect addition to any man cave or bar for a whiskey lover!

8. Lion Whiskey Decanter

This Lion Whiskey Decanter is made from hand-blown glass and shaped into a beautiful lion. Its impressive 500ml capacity means you can store plenty of whiskey for all your guests.

The sleek, modern scotch decanter adds an elegant touch to any bar or home, and the lion's face personalized front will add a bit of character to the room.

9. Engraved Men Decenter

If you are looking for a truly unique whiskey decanter, the Engraved Men Decenter is an excellent option.

This personalized whiskey decanter holds up to 500ml of your favorite spirits and comes with its glass stopper, which makes pouring a breeze.

Whether you are hosting a dinner party or just looking to add character to your bar cart, these best Whiskey Decanters are sure to impress.

10. The Skyline Decanter Set

Unique Tall Whiskey Decanter Set

Looking for a unique and striking gift for a special occasion or for the person who has everything? Consider this handsome decanter with a detailed glass ship inside it. This stunning piece of glassware is not only functional but also a beautiful work of art. The intricate ship inside the decanter is made with meticulous attention to detail, with masts and sails. When filled with a favorite beverage, the ship appears to be floating on the sea, making for a captivating display. A tall decanter with a ship inside it is an excellent gift for collectors, seafarers, or anyone who appreciates finely crafted items. 

11. Antique Ship Decanter Set

The Antique Glass Ship Decanter Set is an ideal choice for those seeking a more classic look in the whiskey lovers' home bar.

Featuring a nautical-style ship decanter and four world map glasses, this great gift is sure to bring some vintage charm to your drinking game.

These best whiskey decanters will look great in any style of home.

12. Stackable Whiskey Decanter Glass Set

Are you looking for a unique way to display and serve your whiskey? Look no further than the stackable whiskey lead-free and dishwasher-safe decanter glass set.

This conversation piece allows you to store and display up to three of your favorite whiskeys in one convenient liquor decanter set.

13. Triangle Decanter Set

If you want to make a statement with your whiskey decanter, then the Triangle Decanter Set bottle from Krian is just what you need.

This whiskey decanter includes a decanter, four glasses, and a wooden box, and the decanter comes in a beautiful triangular shape.

14. Pistol Decanter

The Pistol Decanter is a unique and stylish way to serve whiskey.

This eye-catching whiskey decanter has a glass finish, with two bullet glasses that fit right into the handle.

This whiskey decanter holds 100ml of whiskey, and its compact design makes it an excellent choice for home bars or carrying on the go.

15. Snake Decanter

The Snake Decanter is an excellent choice for a unique, eye-catching whiskey decanter.

These best whiskey decanters feature a striking snake shape with a large base. It is constructed of high-quality lead-free glass and has a capacity of 1 liter.

Make sure you get your hands on this one-of-a-kind whiskey decanter and up your whiskey neat game today!

16. Glass Barrel Whiskey Decanter

The Glass Barrel with Stand whiskey decanter is an elegant and functional barware that will impress your guests.

This whiskey decanter features a tall, slender glass barrel with a wooden stand, perfect for serving your favorite whiskeys.

17. Unique Skull Decanter

When it comes to unique whiskey decanters, the Unique Skull Decanter is one of the most distinct designs you can find.

This whiskey decanter looks like a classic skull from the 1800s. It is crafted from a single piece of crystal and is entirely hand-engraved.

The Unique Skull Decanter is perfect for anyone looking to give their whiskey drinking a bit of extra flair.

18. Porto Decanter Set

Porto Decanter Set

This Port Decanter and Sippers set makes a fabulous gift for any wine drinker. Elegant and sophisticated, sip your wine through these unique port sipper glasses while admiring the glass blown tumblers.

Decorate any bar or table with this aesthetically beautiful set of 4 sippers and a porto decanter.

19. Italian Whisky Decanter Set

Adding a touch of Italian elegance to your home bar, these Italian Airtight Seal Best Whiskey Decanters Set is a must-have for whiskey lovers!

The Italian Decanter is beautifully crafted with a hand-painted base and raised geometric designs, while the glasses feature an intricate ribbed pattern.

20. Stormtrooper Decanter Set

Stormtrooper Decanter Set

Bring a touch of the Star Wars universe into your home bar with the impressive Stormtrooper Helmet Decanter. This decanter pays homage to the iconic helmet from the original 1977 film, making it a must-have for any Star Wars enthusiast.

21. Golfer Decanter

Golfer Decanter

For a unique gift for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion, our Golf Decanter is perfect. This decanter is a must have for the avid golfer who enjoys relaxing with a glass of whiskey or anyone that just wants to add more luxury to their homes. In addition, this captivating decanter also makes an impressive addition on your home bar.

22. Porron Wine Decanter

Porron Wine Decanter

Crafted from high-quality glass, this decanter features a classic and timeless design that beautifully showcases your favorite wine. Its unique shape allows for optimal aeration, enhancing the aroma and flavor of your wine and giving you a more refined drinking experience.

But what sets this decanter apart is its spout, which makes it easy and convenient to pour wine without any spillage or mess. The spout is specially designed to prevent dripping and ensures that every drop of your precious wine goes straight into your glass.

23. The Stag Decanter

The Stag Decanter

Elevate your bar set with the captivating presence of the Stag Liquor Decanter. Step into the world of equine elegance as this exquisite whiskey decanter takes center stage. The majestic stag figurine proudly stands atop a hallmarked mahogany base, creating a striking display that commands attention. Crafted with precision from fine borosilicate glass, this decanter is a true statement piece, paying homage to one of nature's most magnificent creatures. Inspired by the grace and beauty of horses and deer, it is the perfect addition to the barware collection of any discerning connoisseur.

24. Locked, Stocked & Cocked Decanter

Locked, Stocked & Cocked Decanter

The Shotgun Wine & Whiskey Decanter Set includes a shotgun shaped decanter, four shotgun bullet glasses, and a mahogany base. It is an exciting gift for the true collector or lover of fine wines and whiskeys and any gun enthusiast. This combination would make a great centerpiece on any bar cart or kitchen counter. An excellent housewarming or birthday gift for anyone who enjoys fine spirits and ideal for anyone who likes to go hunting, target shooting or just loves guns!

25. Baseball Bat Whisky & Wine Decanter

Baseball Bat Whiskey & Wine Decanter

Step up to the plate and indulge in the Limited Edition Baseball Set. This exquisite set features a beautiful mahogany bat-shaped holder, accompanied by a large baseball decanter and four baseball whiskey glasses. It's a collector's dream and a true homage to the timeless sport of baseball.

26. Fire Dragon Decanter

Fire Dragon Decanter

This decanter will make anyone admire the artfully detailed dancing dragon, it's unique shape and side colors. Our decanter dances into your bar as a symbol of abundance and prosperity With a fierce jaw and arched back, this majestic dragon is beautiful as an unfilled decanter,yet doubly dramatic when filled with your favorite spirit. 

27. Black Hawk Decanter

Black Hawk Decanter

A beautifully detailed Helicopter decanter for your home bar! Showcase your admiration for the military and it's fearless choppers with this elegant helicopter decanter. The decanter features an original decanter body with the blades as a stopper. This helicopter decanter is a daring hallmark of our patriotic glass collection. Mouth-blown and hand-cut borosilicate from master glass blowers.

28. Motorcycle Whisky Decanter

Motorcycle Whiskey Decanter

Experience the thrill of the open road and elevate your room or office with the Motorbike Decanter. Handcrafted with precision using borosilicate glass, this 750mL whiskey decanter is a true masterpiece that is sure to impress anyone who sets their eyes on it.

29. Unique Skull Head Decanter

Unique Skull Head Decanter

Great for vodka, liquor, whiskey, and more, this is one set that will make you stand out Arr, matey, there's whiskey to be found! Drink like pirates with this eerie skull-themed decanter.

Crafted of fine crystal for timeless shine and durability, guests won't be able to resist talking about this set long after they're done drinking. Great for vodka, liquor, whiskey, and more, this is one set that will make you stand out.

30. Scotch Stag Decanter Set

Whiskey Stag Decanter Set

Elevate your bar set and add a touch of glamour with the Stag Liquor Decanter. Whether it's a starter or a finishing touch, this handcrafted decanter is a true masterpiece that will captivate anyone who lays their eyes on it. The carefully constructed stag decanter is accompanied by classic stag handle glasses, creating a harmonious and visually stunning set.

31. Labrador Whiskey Decanter

Labrador Whiskey Decanter

Elevate your room or office with the exquisite 500ml Dog Whiskey. Meticulously handcrafted with borosilicate glass, this masterpiece is designed to impress anyone who lays their eyes on it.

Every aspect of this decanter is carefully thought out, with intricate details that bring it to life. Watch as your whiskey gracefully pours in from the tail of the dog and slowly fills the intricately designed parts of the glass. It's a mesmerizing sight that enhances the experience of enjoying your favorite whiskey.

32. The Iridescent Diamond Decanter

The Iridescent Diamond Whiskey

This beautiful diamond decanter and it's elegant mahogany wooden base is something you’d definitely see on the giant mahogany desk of a Bond villain. The Center diamond decanter will beautiful decant your whiskey and aesthetically changes a whole office or bar setting, it will be the centerpiece of your conversation. Carefully hand crafted and artistically constructed. The decanter and diamond glasses will make anyone admire the artfully detailed diamond shape and it's aesthetic mahogany base.

33. Galactic Spirits: The Blaster Decanter Set

Galactic Spirits: The Blaster Decanter Set

Immerse yourself in the intergalactic world of Star Wars with the extraordinary Galactic Spirits Blaster Decanter Set. This fun and unique set pay homage to the iconic blasters from the beloved franchise and features specially designed Stormtrooper glasses. Get ready to pour your favorite spirits in style, transporting yourself to a galaxy far, far away.

34. The Gunslinger Bourbon Set

The Gunslinger Whiskey Set

Elevate your home bar with The Gunslinger Whiskey Set, a stunning ensemble that combines a double Pistol Gun Decanter, four Shot Glasses, and a sleek wooden display stand. Prepare to make a lasting impression on your guests with this unique and classy addition to your bar collection.

The set features two gun-shaped decanters, each capable of holding 300ml of your favorite wine, whiskey, or spirits. Accompanied by six 3 oz pistol shot glasses, this set ensures you can enjoy your drinks in style. It's the perfect gift for anyone in law enforcement, the military, or police officers, adding a touch of charm to their drinking experience.

35. Pug Bulldog Decanter

Pug Bulldog Decanter

Introducing the exquisite 500ml Whiskey Pug Dog Decanter, a stunning piece intricately handcrafted with borosilicate glass. This remarkable decanter is designed to elevate the ambiance of any room or office, leaving a lasting impression on all who behold it.

36. Vintage Car Decanter and Glasses Set

Vintage Car Decanter and Glasses Set

Introducing the Limited Edition Large Whiskey Car Decanter Set, complete with 2 Tumbler Glasses. This extraordinary set features a meticulously crafted car decanter with intricate parts, making it truly one-of-a-kind in design. The centerpiece of this set is the large 750 mL capacity decanter, designed to hold the contents of a standard whiskey or wine bottle, as well as most bottles of scotch, rum, and other hard liquors.

37. Cannon Wine & Whiskey Decanter Set

Cannon Wine & Whiskey Decanter Set

Indulge in the vintage charm of this whiskey decanter set, perfect for serving your favorite spirits at home or during entertaining. The set features a wooden replica cannon mounted on an intricately carved wooden base, accompanied by Cannon Ball Whiskey Chillers to keep your drinks refreshingly cold. Whether it's for your man cave or den, this set adds a touch of allure. Get ready to witness the awe on your friends' faces as they behold this impressive and weighty set adorning your bar or dining room table.

38. Dog Decanter

Dog Decanter

Introducing the Dog Decanter, a truly unique and exquisite piece that captures the essence of man's best friend. If you have a deep love for dogs, this decanter is the perfect addition to your bar, combining artistry and functionality in one stunning design.

39. Guitar Bourbon Decanter

Guitar Whiskey Decanter

Introducing the Guitar Whiskey Decanter, the perfect addition to any music lover's home bar. Whether you strum a tune or simply enjoy sipping whiskey while taking in the sunset, this beautifully handcrafted decanter is the ideal accessory for indulging in your favorite spirits.

40. Wine Tower Decanting

Wine Tower Decanting

Unlike traditional wine aerators, The Wine Tower Aeratoremploys a unique method that guarantees a more complete aeration experience. The set includes three glass aerators that work in harmony to optimize both the taste and bouquet of your wine. Simply pour your wine into the top chamber, and it cascades past each aerator in sequence, opening up more of its rich flavor with each step. As the wine flows through the second glass and down the spiral into the decanter, its flavor and aroma are significantly improved.

41. Lady Body Sculpture Decanter

Lady Body Sculpture Decanter

This decanter will make anyone admire the artfully detailed sculpted female torso, it's unique shape and attention to detail. Our decanter sits at your bar as a symbol of desirability. Great for vodka, liquor, whiskey, and more, this is one set that will make you stand out. 

What Type of Decanter Do You Use for Whiskey

There are many different types of decanters that can be used for whiskey, and the best choice will depend on your personal preferences and the needs of the specific whiskey you are serving. Some common options include:

  1. Crystal decanters - These elegant decanters are made of high-quality glass and are often used to serve special occasions or as decorative pieces.

  2. Glass decanters - These decanters are a more affordable option and are often made of thicker, more durable glass.

  3. Stainless steel decanters - These decanters are more modern and sleek in design, and are often preferred by those who prefer a more minimalist look.

  4. Ceramic decanters - These decanters have a more rustic or traditional feel and can be a good choice for serving whiskey at a casual gathering.

  5. Wood decanters - These decanters are made of wood and can have a rustic or vintage look. They can be a good choice for serving whiskey in a more traditional setting.

Ultimately, the best decanter for serving whiskey will depend on your personal style and the specific needs of the whiskey you are serving. It's important to choose a decanter that is the right size and shape for the amount of whiskey you will be serving, and that is made of materials that are appropriate for the type of whiskey you are serving

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