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Mens Backpack Buyers Guide

How do I choose the right backpack size for my body size and intended use? 
  1. Your body size: Make sure the backpack fits comfortably on your shoulders and doesn't hang too low on your back. You should be able to adjust the straps so that the backpack sits snugly against your back.

  2. The intended use: If you'll be using the backpack for everyday use, a smaller size that holds just the essentials may be sufficient. If you're planning on using it for outdoor activities such as hiking or camping, you'll likely need a larger size to hold more gear and supplies.

  3. Volume: The backpack volume is measured in liters, choose the right size based on the amount of items you need to carry.

  4. Additional features: Some backpacks have specialized compartments or pockets for specific items, such as laptops or water bottles. Consider what you'll be carrying and choose a backpack with the right features to suit your needs.

It's important to physically try on a backpack and adjust the straps and other settings to ensure a good fit and comfort. Also, when trying it on, it's good to fill the backpack with some weight similar to the weight you intend to carry, in order to check the comfort level.

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