Check out our custom koozies! We have a style for every occasion, whether you're looking for a golf cousy, skinny can koozie, or custom bachelor party koozie they are the perfect custom touch for any adventure. Check out our personalized leather koozies they are a great gift for that rustic touch.

17 Best Custom Personalized Koozies 

It's one functional and aesthetic gift. Giving him a drink koozie as a gift is just perfect for any given occasion. For one, it can be dressed up to fit any aesthetic and come in any hue to perfectly match his color palette. With a variety of design options, from incorporating simple monograms, clever one-liners, or even beautiful illustrations, the choices are endless. The best part is it can be displayed with a selection of drinks including canned or bottled beer, canned wine, and even canned cocktails. He will thank you for helping keep his drinks cold while letting him enjoy the party.  

Here are 17 of the best custom koozies that you can choose from: 

17. Personalized Koozie

    Make his "me time" even more special. This personalized koozie features double-wall insulation and steel construction. It has a top of the line cooling technology combined with a really cool design. Have it personalized with the first letter of his last name and you’re all set to giving a beer gift he can treasure for a long time.

    16. Koozied Up

    Golf Tournament Custom Koozie

    He is sure to enjoy his beer from the first sip to the last with this custom personalized koozie. It comes in a variety of colors: maroon, black, and white. This essential gift can be used just about anywhere while enjoying his favorite drink with his favorite buddies. 

    15. Leather Koozie

    This Leather Koozie is made of leather. It is both stylish and functional. This customized, all leather, silver detailed, and super-insulated koozie is his kind of gift for any occasion. It can hold up to 12 ounces of his favorite beer and can be personalized with two lines of up to 15 characters each line. 

    14. Beer Can Holder

    This Beer Can Holder will keep his beverage cool, and his hands dry.  This leatherette offers the look and feel of genuine leather at a fraction of the price. This richly textured, synthetic material is water-resistant, easy to clean and durable enough for the rigors of daily use. Best part is, it's available in different colors and sizes too. 

    13. Personalized Beer Koozie

    He wouldn't want sweaty hands when trying make a clutch shot. Give him this personalized golf koozie and save his game. Lets face it golf and beer go hand in hand and its important to keep those hands fresh. He will love taking a swig and seeing a special message coming from you.

    12. Leather Bottle Holder

     This Leather Bottle Holder has a dark brown sculpted effect. This leather can holder is the perfect gift with high quality leather to make it durable and easy to maintain. This key case has a personalized design that makes it more stylish and personalized. Laser engraving process is used to put the unique design that will last forever.

    11. Send Insulated Koozies

    These Send Insulated Koozies are insulated drink koozies that are perfect for the groomsmen proposal idea. Each groomsmen proposal box comes with a cooler and message. You can pick the wedding title to include, whether it's best man or groomsman. It's a simple, practical gift that they can use for bachelor party, birthdays, and other special get-togethers.

    10. SEWN EDGE Leather Beer Cozy

    This SEWN EDGE Leather Beer Cozy has every cut and every stitch done 100% by hand. It is made with the toughest materials, all and only durable, full grain, and premium USA tanned leather. This particular design is hand-sewn along the edges with durable, high quality thread that will last a lifetime. Best part is it can be personalized with your own fire-branded name, quote, or initials. 

    9. Personalized Leather Pint Sleeve Koozie

    This Personalized Leather Pint Sleeve Koozie has an original design and is handmade in Largo, Florida. The Wynwood is inspired by the simplicity of a cold drink on a warm day. This engravable drink holder provides a stylish insulated barrier between his hand and beverage. The distressed leather will take on more character as he reaches for his drink again and again.

    8. Engraved Can Coolers

    These Engraved Can Coolers are beautiful laser engraved can coolers. It is a perfect gift for an engraved product with the best lasers around so none of the wording will chip or peel off. This mustache design comes on all the holders. You can also add any name, date, or wording. 

    7. Personalized Leather Drink Holder

    This Engraved Can Cooler is a personalized drink holder. It is a gift that will be remembered and can be used for any type of event whether it be weddings, birthdays, holidays, and groomsman proposals. It can be engraved with any name, date, wording, or even logo. It will keep his beverage cool and his hands dry. It truly is a gift that keeps on giving!

    6. Personalized Leather Can Koozie

    This Personalized Leather Can Koozie will make cracking open a cold brew even more exciting! This personalized leather drink holder is perfect for him who wants his favorite drink served in style. It is made with quality vegetable-tanned leather and hand-stitched with waxed thread. The leather is cut, engraved, conditioned, and sewn to create a unique product that will last a lifetime.

    5. Engraved Can Coolers

    This Engraved Can Coolers will keep his favorite fizz perfectly cool till the last drop. It is crafted of supple genuine leather and offers a comfy grip on the hand and withstands frequent use. It has a slim, portable design that makes an ideal companion for a 12 oz can for any outdoor activity. It is finished on the bottom for stable standing and no sweat rings on the table.

    4. SNAP EDGE Leather Beer Cozy

    This SNAP EDGE Leather Beer Cozy has every cut and every stitch done 100% by hand. It is made with premium full grain and durable USA tanned leather. The design is built with quality, durable, antique-brass colored snaps that snap together to provide a nice rustic look to his cozy.

    3. Beer Cooler

    This Beer Cooler is a beautiful laser engraved can cooler. It's the perfect engraved gift for him with the best lasers around so none of the wording will chip or peel off. It can have his name, date, or wording on it. It's one gift that he will proudly use for a long time.  

    2. Personalized Leather Can Coolers

    This Personalized Leather Can Coolers are uniquely designed. You can customize your B&T beer holder according to his preference and requirement such as his name, initials, etc. The material used is top quality 100% vegetable-tanned Crazy Horse leather. The leather is an authentic-looking leather that naturally adopts marks and scuffs over time giving it a classy look and will last for a lifetime. 

    1. Engraved Can Cooler

    This Engraved Can Cooler is a beautiful engraved product with the best lasers around so none of the wording will chip or peel off. It can be engraved with his name and is available in different colors. It's one gift he will always remember you by.   


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