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14 Great Gifts for Members of the Marines

They are the first force on the ground in most conflicts. This is one of the many reasons why he takes first place in your heart. What better way to let him know that by giving him a gift he can be reminded of his duty to country and the love and friendship he shares with you. Marine gifts are a great way to let him know that you have his back, from beginning to end. Choose a gift that he can practically use, or display but always remember you by. 

Here are 14 of the best marine gifts you can choose from:  

14. Marines Puzzle Box

This Marines Puzzle Box is a beautiful hand made wooden puzzle box. A hidden pin holds the secret opening of this little wonder. This is lined with red velvet, great for keepsakes and jewelry or keep it out for guests to solve. It's one gift that will be enjoyed not just by him but even his home guests. 


This Marine Shirt can be customized or personalized depending on your request including name, color, design change, etc. It features a ribbed and double stitched collar and is machine-wash safe. You can be sure this will end up as his favorite shirt that he can use for a long time. 

12. Marine Corps Ring

This Marine Corps Ring is a handmade item that uses silver material. The band color is gold and is adjustable. The best part is yo can have this gift personalized especially for him. It has a solid back and a deep and detailed engraving that he will surely love. 

11. Royal Marines Set 


This Royal Marines Set is a handmade item that makes use of 24K pure gold as its material. The readout is analog and can be personalized to your liking up to 50 characters. It comes complete in a solid pine-wood hand-crafted, magnetic closing, hinged case. It's one amazing luxurious gift he will surely love. 

10. USMC Catchall Tray

This USMC Catchall Tray is handcrafted and comes with a solid black walnut wood. This valet tray is perfect for the home or office. Great for dropping off EDC items when you walk in the door, holding a few office essentials at work, and an excellent addition to any any USMC collection. Each piece of wood is unique, making each tray one-of-a-kind. Grain pattern, knot placement, and color may vary.

9. ID Dog Tag Necklace

This ID Dog Tag Necklace comes with FREE diamond engraving to the back of ID tag with a maximum 40 characters. The front of this beautifully polished 24k Gold Clad Tag features a detailed Royal Marines Crest while the rear of the tag is plain polished gold.

8. Bad Ass Marine Watch Gift

This Bad Ass Marine Watch Gift is a personalized gift that can withstand constant use. This engraved design black chronograph watch is the perfect gift for the special Marine in your life. It's a versatile piece that is sure to warm hearts and create smiles. It features a three-dial face, calendar function, and luxury pointer in a water-resistant and scratch-proof vessel. It's one gift he will surely adore. 

7. Marine Corps Customized Beer Glass

This Marine Corps Customized Beer Glass can be personalized to a specific regimen. Its a beer can glass that will be appreciated by any Marine in your life.
This beer glass can contain up to 16 ounces of his favorite drink. It can also come with a lid and a straw.

6. Veteran Case Cover

This Veteran Case Cover will accessorize his phone without sacrificing security. This tough case uses impact resistant polycarbonate outer shell and inner TPU liner for extra impact resistance. Keep his phone secure & stylish. It has a dual layer case for extra durability and protection. Plus it is impact resistant as it comes with a Polycarbonate outer shell.

5. Military Mug

This Military Mug is the perfect gift for your military or veteran friend or family. Let him warm-up with a nice cuppa joe out of this customized ceramic coffee mug. It's made of white, durable ceramic in 11-ounce size. Its Orca Coating allows the design to come to life with incredibly vivid colors. It's one gift he will truly love. 

4. Bamboo Cutting Board Set

This Bamboo Cutting Board Set is a laser-etched bamboo cutting board gift set. It used as a cutting board, cheese board, or as a serving tray! Each board has been conditioned with food grade mineral oil to ensure long-lasting durability. The natural grain of the wood will cause each board to etch slightly differently and result in a unique product. 

3. Marine Corps Leather Koozie

This Marine Corps Leather Koozie captures the heart and soul of the American people. That's what makes this the perfect gift for any Marine Corps veteran or friend of the U.S. Military that you know. is made of genuine, top-grain leather, sourced and made in the USA. This premium leather material feels good in your hand, and is built to last for decades. The rustic, patriotic leather design will always remain just as charming as the day he first laid eyes on it.

2. Engraved Marines Pub Pint

This Engraved Marines Pub Pint is the perfect way to show your appreciation for the marine in your life. It is custom-made to order and each pint glass is deeply carved using the sand carving technique. This pint glass is sure to be a hit.  

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