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17 Stylish Rectangle Sunglasses to Help Men Look Square

He is an eyewear fanatic. He especially loves collecting sunglasses of all shapes, colors and designs. What better way to let him know that you are 100% in on this by giving him a sunglass with rectangular frames. It's a super common and trendy style of eyewear worn by many today. These glasses can be traced back to the mid 1960's with some of the most iconic Hollywood stars and then became wildly popular again in the 1990's.The trending shape is neither too big nor too small. It has the right proportions, a low-key accessory that still can make a statement. The style is being offered in an array of colors that will make a welcome addition to his collection. 

Here are 17 of the best rectangle sunglasses for men that you can choose from: 

17. Men's Rectangle Gold Frame

This Men's Rectangle Gold Frame has a dark black tint in Hip Hop fashion design. The frame is made from metal while the lens is made from Polycarbonate material. It's one of those rare and unique shades he will gladly wear and add to his collection. 

16. Mini Black Rectangle Sunglasses

This Mini Black Rectangle Sunglasses is an everyday classic. It features a black frame with transparent blue lens. This genuine vintage sunglasses from the 90s will give his eyes 400 UV protection. What's more it comes with a handy sunglass pouch for safekeeping. 

15. Top Gun Sunglasses

Groomsmen Sunglasses with Personalized Box

He will definitely be impressed with a super slick giftThese fun sunglasses are one of the nicest pairs you can give to your man. Make him look dapper whatever the occasion with this awesome gift. The box can be personalized with his initials, and a date. 

14. The Crush


The Crush is a rectangle shaped frame that gives you a vintage feel with an updated flair. It is handmade from Premium Italian acetate and features 5-Barrel hinges with a stainless-steel core. It works well on round-shaped faces and is sure to upgrade his style. 

13. Laid-Back Wayfarer

This Laid-Back Wayfarer comes with handcrafted frame with Italian acetate. The five-barrel hinges comes in a stainless-steel core plus lenses that are scratch resistant providing 100% UV protection. What's more it comes with a tri--fold case, and microfiber pouch and cloth for best handling and protection.

12. Gold Vintage Deadstock Sunglasses

This Gold Vintage Deadstock Sunglass is an authentic vintage deadstock 1990s sunglass. It comes with thick high quality frames and glass lenses that provide UV 400 protection for his eyes. It also features a metal wire frame for durability. It's one extremely limited and rare gift just for him.

    11. Silver Metal Frame Rectangle Eyewear


    This Silver Metal Frame Rectangle Eyewear is a vintage from the 1990s and is made in Italy. It comes in a Matte Silver metal frame and temples plus smoky lens with UV 100 protection for his eyes. Choose from a variety of cool 1990 models. It is a unique piece he would gladly welcome to his sunglass collection.

    10. Personalized Sunglasses & Case

    This Personalized Sunglasses & Case has a laid-back, cool California vibe.  Level up his sunglasses with a stylish wood frame and old-school design. This one is made from 100% original zebra wood, each pair has a unique grain, and it is 100% handmade. It will add a touch of retro style to any outfit.

    9. Rectangle Framed Sunglasses

    These Rectangle Framed Sunglasses are super trendy retro shades that will come handy on a sunny day. These sunglasses will make him feeling and looking cool in the summer heat. They come in multiple colors, so pick and choose which one fits his style the most. 

    8. Silver Surfer Shades

    This Silver Surfer Shades is a Sebring wood grain sunglass in silver blue shade. It comes ready with UV400 protection for his eyes.  Make this gift extra special by adding his name or initials. Choose from a variety of design options that will fit his style and personality. 

    7. Vintage Y2K Style Rimless Sunglasses

    This Vintage Y2K Style Rimless Sunglass is a trendy and unique piece that serves as the perfect touch to all his outfits. Protect his eyes and make him look great and a head turner all at the same time. It's one gift that he will gladly wear no matter the occasion.       

    6. Gold Standard No. 451

    This Gold Standard No. 451 has the quality and style that he will love. It comes with an  acetate frame designed to be lightweight and comfortable. This sunglass has a translucent brown finish that's perfect for any season. The smoke lens is 1mm TAC polarized and blocks out 100% of UVA and UVB light. Plus, the flexible hinge ensures a perfect fit every time. 

    5. Rectangle Retro Rimless Luxury Tinted Glasses 


    This Rectangle Retro Rimless Luxury Tinted Glass is a luxury rimless unisex sunglasses with Jaguar temple design. It comes with a metal frame material and UV400 protection lenses. You're all set to hand him a gift he will definitely use and show off for a long time. 

    4. Men's Wooden Sunglasses

    This Men's Wooden Sunglass comes with a styling swag. It has an iconic wayfarer design and comes with a polarized polycarbonate lens and 100% UVA/UVB protection. It is made from recycled and upcycled skateboard pressed wood, bamboo, or rosewood and has just the right casual high-quality touch to pair up with any suit.  

    3. Bose Frames Tenor

    This Bose Frames Tenor has an exclusive open ear audio technology that produces a sound that is quite rare for sunglasses. It features polarized lenses and won’t easily scratch or shatter as it is crafted from ultramodern materials making it look and feel luxurious. Let this gift leave him completely satisfied looking great while listening to his favorite music.

    2. Epoch Eyewear Delta

    This Epoch Eyewear Delta makes it possible for him to replace his heavy anti-glare specs. This one is a low-light pair designed for overcast conditions on the golf course. Improve his game by easily seeing the field’s contrast with its high-definition lenses without taking away any protection for his eyes with its 100% UVA and UVB protection. 

    1. Custom Top Tier Shades

    Custom Top Tier Shades

    These Custom Top Tier Shades will surely impress him. This one is far from the ordinary wooden frame glasses that he sees. It has a unique shape frame that will make him a certified head turner. Not only will he be protected from the sun but this gift is sure to remind him of you wherever he goes. 

    What are the different shapes of sunglasses?

    There are many different shapes of sunglasses, including:
    1. Round sunglasses: These sunglasses have circular lenses and are often associated with a retro or vintage look.

    2. Aviator sunglasses: These sunglasses have large, teardrop-shaped lenses and a thin metal frame. They were originally designed for pilots and are now a classic style.

    3. Wayfarer sunglasses: These sunglasses have rectangular lenses and a thick plastic frame. They were popularized by celebrities in the 1950s and 60s and are now a timeless style.

    4. Cat eye sunglasses: These sunglasses have a distinctive upward-sloping frame that resembles the shape of a cat's eye. They are often associated with a glamorous or retro look.

    5. Oval sunglasses: These sunglasses have an oval-shaped lens and are often associated with a sophisticated or elegant look.

    6. Square and rectangle sunglasses: These sunglasses have square-shaped lenses and are often associated with a modern or trendy look.

    7. Wrap-around sunglasses: These sunglasses have a curved frame that wraps around the face, providing extra protection from the sun. They are often associated with an active or outdoor lifestyle.

    8. Butterfly sunglasses: These sunglasses have a distinctive wing-shaped frame that extends outwards from the face. They are often associated with a feminine or stylish look.

    9. Shield sunglasses: These sunglasses have a large, curved lens that covers the entire eye area. They are often associated with a sporty or futuristic look.

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