35 Unique 10-Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Husband

Updated on June 10, 2024 by Melissa Bajda

As time goes by, it is incredible to think that you and your man have been together for 10 years. Through all the ups and downs, he has been your rock, your best friend, and your partner in crime. And now, as your 10-year anniversary approaches, it is time to show him just how much he means to you.

Choosing the perfect gift for such a special milestone can be a daunting task, but don't worry - we've got you covered. We'll explore 10-year anniversary gifts for him that will make him feel loved, appreciated, and cherished on this momentous occasion.

So, get ready to shower your man with love and celebrate your beautiful journey together with these perfect 10-year anniversary gifts for him.

10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

1. Love You To Infinity Sign

Price: $39.99

Celebrate a decade of love with the Love You To Infinity Sign, an elegant piece of art that speaks volumes.

These personalized 10th anniversary gifts for couple are crafted with care and precision and can feature both your names and the anniversary date, intertwined with the infinity symbol.

Perfect for hanging in your shared space, this wall art is a visually stunning gift that reaffirms your commitment and love, decade after decade.

2. Engraved Picture Wallet Card

Price: On Sale for $41.99

An Engraved Picture Wallet Card offers a unique and intimate way to keep memories close at hand.

These unique 10-year anniversary gifts for him can be engraved with a favorite photo on one side and a personal message on the other, making it a constant reminder of your shared love and history.

It is an ideal keepsake that he can carry in his wallet daily, ensuring that no matter where life takes him, a piece of your heart and the essence of your 10-year journey together is always with him.

3. Funny Love Campfire Mug

Price: $19.99

For a blend of humor and romance, the Funny Love Campfire Mug hits the mark.

Crafted from durable enamel with a classic white coating and silver rim, it's the perfect choice for sipping coffee by the campfire or at the kitchen table. The mug features a playful and slightly risqué quote that adds a touch of spice to your morning routine.

It is a lighthearted 10th wedding anniversary gift that will make him chuckle every time he takes a sip.

4. 10th Anniversary Wine Glass

Price: $22.99

Toast to ten years of love and companionship with this exquisite 10th Anniversary Wine Glass.

Designed to celebrate a decade of togetherness, these wonderful 10-year anniversary gifts feature a dishwasher-safe design that's as practical as it is beautiful. The glass stands 4.5" high and holds 16 oz, making it the perfect vessel for your favorite wine.

The most striking feature is the 3D design raised from the glass surface, commemorating your anniversary in a way that's both visually stunning and deeply personal.

5. 10th Anniversary Aluminum Card

Price: $12.49

This 10th Anniversary Aluminum Card stands out as a heartfelt expression of love and a decade of togetherness.

The unique combination of materials - an aluminum wire heart intricately attached to a leather cloth with delicate threading, then affixed onto the card - creates a striking 3D effect that is both visually stunning and deeply meaningful.

The craftsmanship involved in its creation ensures that it's not just a card, but a keepsake to be treasured.

6. Personalized Anniversary Lure in a Tin Box

Price: $29.99

Capture the essence of adventure and shared passions with the Personalized Anniversary Lure in a Tin Box.

This traditional 10th anniversary gift is perfect for the angling enthusiast and offers not just a token of affection but a functional tool for his next fishing expedition. Measuring 3.25 inches long and about 2 inches wide, it's designed to attract a variety of fish, from largemouth bass to trout.

These 10-year anniversary gift ideas come in a commemorative tin box, which can be customized with your names and the special date.

7. Aluminum Cupid Capper

Price: On Sale for $39.99

Elevate his everyday carry with the Aluminum Cupid Capper RFID Blocking Wallet.

Crafted from a blend of 100% carbon fiber and aluminum, these best 10-year anniversary gifts not only lightweight and durable but also stylish. It features RFID blocking technology to protect personal information stored on cards from unauthorized scans.

Additionally, it cleverly incorporates a bottle opener, blending functionality with convenience.

8. 10 Years in & She hasn't Killed Me Yet Shirt

Price: $17.98

Inject a touch of humor into your 10th anniversary with the "10 Years in & She hasn't Killed Me Yet" Shirt.

These 10th anniversary gifts celebrate a decade of love with a cheeky nod to the trials and triumphs of marriage. Made from soft, breathable fabric, it ensures comfort and a fit that's perfect for casual outings or cozy evenings at home.

It is a fun way to commemorate your journey together, showcasing a blend of affection and humor that will bring a smile to his face every time he wears it.

9. Wedding Song on Tin

Price: Starting at $80.10+

Commemorate your decade-long journey with a piece that sings the melody of your love: the Wedding Song on Tin.

This artistic creation features two brushed-tin panels, one showcasing the lyrics of your song from the wedding day and the other serving as a sleek, metallic backing. It's a visual and sentimental reminder of the vows you exchanged and the music that accompanied your first steps as a married couple.

Ideal for display in your living space, it brings a touch of modern elegance and heartfelt nostalgia into your home, making it a unique and deeply personal tribute to your ten-year milestone.

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10. Ten-Year Valet Tray

Price: $24.99

The 10 Year Valet Tray is the epitome of elegance and organization, designed to keep his essentials in one place.

Constructed from high-quality faux leather, it's not only easy to clean but also exceptionally durable for everyday use. With inside dimensions of 6" x 6" when the snaps are in place, it provides ample space for keys, coins, and watches.

Personalization elevates this great gift, allowing you to choose from 11 color options and add custom names and a significant date.

11. The "Tortuga" Ring

Price: $234.99

The "Tortuga" Ring is a masterpiece of craftsmanship designed for the adventurous spirit.

Symbolizing endurance and the journey of life, these jewelry anniversary gifts are crafted from the finest materials, offering both durability and elegance. This sterling silver jewelry perfect for the man who appreciates the symbolism behind a piece of jewelry and views it as more than just an accessory.

The unique design and the story it represent makes it an unforgettable 10-year anniversary gift that embodies the essence of your shared adventures and dreams for the future.

12. Aluminum Map with Custom Markers

Price: Starting at $109.00+

Travel through your memories together with the Aluminum Map with Custom Markers encased in a sleek black wood frame.

This striking piece features a world map meticulously etched onto brushed aluminum, providing a contemporary and sophisticated touch to any space. Accompanied by 10 customized adhesive memory markers, you can pinpoint and commemorate the most memorable locations in your decade-long journey.

These DIY anniversary gift ideas also include a description of the aluminum symbolism, highlighting the durability and malleability of your relationship.

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13. We Still Do Tumbler

Price: $24.99

Celebrate your unwavering commitment with the We Still Do Tumbler, a durable and stylish option for your beloved to enjoy his favorite beverages.

These perfect 10-year anniversary gifts for men keep drinks at the perfect temperature, whether hot or cold, making it ideal for any season. The design proudly displays the "We Still Do" message with a custom anniversary year and names, a testament to a decade of love and commitment.

Perfect for daily use, it's a constant reminder of the bond you continue to strengthen with each passing year.

14. Custom Photo on Tin

Price: Starting at $49.70+

Immortalize a cherished moment with a Custom Photo on Tin, a gift that elegantly captures the essence of your ten-year journey together.

Whether in a vertical or horizontal orientation, these special gift ideas for couples offer a versatile and personal way to display a favorite photograph. The image is delicately transferred onto a high-quality tin plate, ensuring durability and a timeless aesthetic while following the anniversary theme.

Each photo tin comes beautifully framed in real wood, adding an extra layer of sophistication to this unique anniversary gift.

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15. 10 Year Anniversary Candle

Price: $16.99

Illuminate your decade of love with the 10 Year Anniversary Candle, a symbol of warmth and enduring affection.

Crafted from eco-friendly soy wax, this gift for tin anniversary stands as a beacon of your shared commitment, offering a gentle glow that mirrors the strength of your bond.

It is a romantic gesture that beautifully encapsulates the essence of your ten years together, providing a tranquil backdrop to your anniversary celebrations.

16. Tin Periodic Table Element Whiskey Glass

Price: $16.95

Celebrate your 10-year milestone with the Tin Periodic Table Element Whiskey Glass.

This good gift for him incorporates a tin (Sn) symbol from the periodic table, cleverly acknowledging the traditional anniversary gift of tin for a decade of marriage. It's an ideal choice for the whiskey aficionado, adding a scientific twist to his evening drink.

The glass is expertly crafted to enhance the whiskey tasting experience, making it a sophisticated yet fun tribute to your ten years together.

17. 10th Wedding Anniversary Engraved Sundial

Price: On Sale for $109.47

Celebrate a decade of time spent together with a 10th Wedding Anniversary Engraved Sundial.

This traditional gift for a 10th wedding anniversary not only serves as a symbol of the days you've cherished but also as an elegant garden accent or interior decoration. Personalize it with your names, wedding date, or a meaningful quote to make it truly unique.

As the sun casts its shadow, be reminded of the enduring nature of your love and the infinite moments yet to come. It is perfect for tin anniversary or other special occasions.

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18. License Plate Signs

Price: Starting at $30.00+

Embrace the charm of Americana with a License Plate Signs Handmade rustic style sign, a creative twist on commemorating your ten-year anniversary.

These signs feature numbers cut from various license plates and are meticulously attached to a sanded and stained 1-inch board, creating a vibrant mosaic of colors and textures. Each piece tells a story, capturing the spirit of adventure and the journey you’ve shared.

It is an eclectic and personal gift that adds a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to any space, making it an ideal keepsake that celebrates your unique path together over the past decade.

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19. Wedding Song Sound Wave Tin Art

Price: Starting at $64.95+

Capture the rhythm of your love with the Wedding Song Sound Wave Tin Art.

This minimalist masterpiece transforms the sound waves of your wedding song into a visual display etched onto tin. The brushed aluminum surface that is accentuated with black ink, presents a modern and sophisticated aesthetic for your anniversary theme of tin.

These 10th anniversary tin gift ideas for your husband stand as a testament to the harmonious blend of art, memory, and the enduring nature of your relationship.

20. 10-Year Anniversary Gift Set

Price: On Sale for $79.99

For the man who loves practicality blended with sophistication, this 10 Year Anniversary Gift Box is unparalleled.

It begins with a Tactical Pen, not just any pen but one that doubles as a survival tool. A Triple Torch Lighter, which not only lights up in style but also features a built-in cigar rest and punch. An elegant wallet offers a sleek way to organize cards and cash, while a knife with a Damascus pattern printed on the stainless steel blade adds a touch of adventure and craftsmanship.

The 10th wedding anniversary gifts are elegantly housed in a keepsake gift box along with a personalized print, its interior lined with Spanish Cedar, preserving the essence and quality of any item inside.

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Experience Wedding Gifts for Him

Celebrating a 10-year anniversary is a significant milestone, and planning a memorable experience can make it even more special. Here are some thoughtful and unique milestone anniversary ideas to consider:

21. Adventure Trip

Plan an adventurous trip like hiking, camping, or exploring a new city. Think about activities he enjoys, such as rock climbing, kayaking, or a road trip to a scenic destination.

22. Luxury Getaway

Book a stay at a luxury resort or a boutique hotel. Look for places with amenities like spa treatments, gourmet dining, and beautiful surroundings.

23. Gourmet Dining Experience

Reserve a table at a high-end restaurant or arrange for a private chef to cook a special meal at home. Consider pairing the dinner with wine or whiskey tastings.

24. Sports Event

Get tickets to a major sports event or a game featuring his favorite team. For an extra touch, arrange for a behind-the-scenes tour or a meet-and-greet with players.

25. Movie Night, Concert or Theater Show

Surprise him with tickets to see his favorite band, musician, or a Broadway show. This could be a local event or a trip to a major city known for its entertainment.

26. Weekend Getaway

Plan a weekend getaway to a romantic destination. This could be a cozy cabin in the mountains, a beachside cottage, or a vibrant city he loves.

27. Adventure Sports

Treat him to an exhilarating experience like skydiving, bungee jumping, or driving a race car. These 10th anniversary gift ideas can create unforgettable memories.

28. Culinary Class

Enroll in a cooking class together, such as a gourmet cooking workshop, a baking class, or even a mixology course to learn how to make craft cocktails.

29. Outdoor Adventure

Organize an outdoor adventure that aligns with his interests. This could be a fishing trip, a day of golfing, or a guided tour through a national park.

30. Memory Lane Tour

Revisit significant places from your relationship. Start with the place you first met, then go to where you had your first date, and end at a place that has special meaning for both of you.

31. Personalized Experience Day

Create a day filled with his favorite activities and experiences. This could include visiting his favorite spots in town, engaging in hobbies he loves, and ending with a surprise party with close friends and family.

32. Wine or Brewery Tour

Take him on a wine tasting tour in a renowned wine region or a brewery tour if he prefers beer. Some places offer guided tours, tastings, and the opportunity to learn about the brewing or winemaking process.

33. Historical Tour

Plan a trip to a historical city or landmark that interests him. Explore museums, historical sites, and cultural attractions to create an enriching and educational experience.

34. Custom Experience

Arrange for a custom experience like a hot air balloon ride, a helicopter tour over scenic landscapes, or a private yacht rental. These 10th wedding anniversary gifts can be thrilling and memorable.

35. Creative Workshop

Sign up for a creative workshop together, such as a pottery class, painting session, or photography course. This can be a fun and artistic way to bond and create something together.

These additional ideas offer more variety and cater to different interests, ensuring you can find the perfect way to celebrate your 10-year anniversary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the traditional gift for the 10th anniversary for him?

The traditional gift for the 10th anniversary is tin or aluminum. These materials symbolize the durability and flexibility needed to sustain a long-lasting relationship. For him, you might consider gifts like personalized tin or aluminum items, such as engraved keepsakes, custom tin signs, or aluminum cufflinks.

Q2. What do you give your spouse for a 10-year anniversary?

For a 10-year anniversary, you can give your spouse traditional gifts made of tin or aluminum. Modern options include diamond jewelry, which represents the strength and beauty of a decade-long marriage. Personalized gifts, experiences like a romantic getaway, or items that reflect shared interests can also make meaningful presents.

Q3. What do you get for an anniversary by year 10?

For a 10th anniversary, you traditionally give gifts made of tin or aluminum. Modern gift alternatives include diamond jewelry. Additionally, personalized items, experiences, or something that reflects a shared hobby or memory can make great gifts.

Q4. What is the gift for Year 10 marriage?

The traditional gift for a 10-year marriage is tin or aluminum, symbolizing durability and resilience. Modern gift often includes diamonds. You could also consider personalized gifts, experiences, or items that hold sentimental value to celebrate a decade together.


For more best and unique 10th wedding anniversary gifts, go to our collection page.

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