Discover the perfect anniversary gifts for him with our curated collection that celebrates love and lasting memories. Find personalized and thoughtful presents that your man will treasure, expertly selected to make your special day unforgettable.
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101 Meaningful Anniversary Gifts for Him

The story of your love will always be remembered on your anniversary.

No matter how many years you’ve been together, anniversaries are perfect occasion recall all the memories you have had together. Make this anniversary memorable as you give him a gift that will always remind him of your love and devotion. Choose a thoughtful anniversary gift that will express your love for him and let him know you can't wait to spend the rest of your life with him.   

Here are 101 of the best anniversary gifts for him: 

101. Anniversary Men's Gift Box

anniversary gift box

Elevate his special day with a Sentimental Men's Gift Box, thoughtfully assembled to cater to his refined tastes.

This unique box features an elegantly crafted knife with an overall length of 8" inches, perfect for the practical man. For the modern gentleman, a sleek wallet with RFID that fits up to 12 cards. The tactical pen isn't just for writing; it includes an LED flashlight and a bottle opener, enhancing his everyday carry. Completing this exquisite set is a triple torch lighter with a built-in cigar rest and punch, all encased in a matte black solid metal body.

Each item is carefully nestled in a wood box lined with Spanish cedar, featuring internal locking hinges and a humidifier, making it a gift that's as sentimental as it is functional.

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100. Custom Anniversary Date Shirt

Hey, hot stuff! Put a shirt on him so you can take it off, this Fun Anniversary Shirt is the perfect way to show your love while being discreet. Walk around wearing your special date right over your heart in a cool and stylish way!

The anniversary present will keep him warm and cozy as you remind him of the best day of his life! Offered in two classic colors, this crew neck makes for a perfect anniversary gift.

99. Custom Year Anniversary Armed

Personalized Anniversary Knife

Celebrate your anniversary with the Custom Year Anniversary Armed, a distinct and robust gift that symbolizes the strength and resilience of your relationship.

This unique piece boasts an 8" titanium-coated stainless-steel blade, featuring a line lock mechanism for secure usage. The Damascus pattern printed on the blade adds an artistic touch, echoing the intricate layers of your shared experiences.

Personalized with the significant year of your choice, this thoughtful anniversary gift for him serves as a functional tool and a meaningful keepsake that commemorates the journey you've embarked on together.

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98. Watch with Custom Message 

Let him have this sentimental gift packaged in a watch box. This Engraved Wooden Watch is made of 100% natural wood. Don’t waste any time letting him know how much you care. A perfect choice for a five-year anniversary gift for him. 

Let this slick timepiece on his wrist remind him that you treasure every second that you get to spend with him.

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97. Custom Year Timeless Love Valet Tray

Crafted from high-quality faux leather, the Timeless Love Valet Tray offers an elegant solution for keeping his everyday essentials organized.

Available in a selection of 11 chic colors, this great anniversary gift for him adds a personal touch to any space. Perfect for holding keys, watches, and loose change, the tray's material ensures it is easy to clean and maintains its sophisticated look over time.

Personalization comes easy with this gift—simply provide any anniversary year, and the design will be customized to celebrate your special milestone.

96. Where We Met Sign

Love's Journey Anniversary Gift

The Custom Anniversary Sign is the perfect way to celebrate enduring love and mark the passage of time in a truly special way. This thoughtful anniversary gift for him is beautifully crafted with precision and attention to detail, allows you to capture the essence of your relationship and commemorate where you met.

Whether it's your first anniversary or a significant milestone, this sign serves as a daily reminder of your love story and the many adventures that lie ahead, making it a thoughtful and timeless gesture that any man would cherish for years to come.

95. Hidden Message Resin Wallet

anniversary gift ideas for men wallet

Discover the charm of the Hidden Message Soulmate Wallet, a masterpiece blending functionality with heartfelt sentiment. Constructed from an innovative mix of wood, aluminum, and resin, these unique anniversary gifts for him stand out with their durable yet elegant design.

Featuring elastic webbing that comfortably secures up to 12 cards and a built-in money clip on the back for quick access to cash, it’s designed with modern needs in mind. The RFID technology ensures his personal information remains protected.

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94. The Muscle Duffle

Crafted for durability and style, The Muscle Duffle features a spacious main compartment made from 100% cotton canvas, ideal for all his travel or gym essentials. Equipped with two large side zippered pockets for additional storage and a front zippered pouch with a flap and push button buckles for easy access to smaller items.

Personalize this rugged yet sophisticated bag with his custom initials, making it an unmistakably unique anniversary gift that combines functionality with a personal touch.

93. Signature Leather Wallet

No matter the year, the Signature Leather Wallet serves as a stylish and meaningful gift. Its quality craftsmanship and option for personalization make it versatile for any anniversary, symbolizing both your love and the memories you've created.

The option to add his initials and a personal message makes this wallet a versatile and heartfelt gift for any anniversary.

92. Heartfelt Harmony Puzzle Set

Heartfelt Harmony Puzzle Set

Unlock a world of connection with the Heartfelt Harmony Puzzle Set, an engaging and meaningful gift crafted for moments of togetherness.

These best anniversary gifts for husband are made from double-sided, 3-layered plywood with a rich walnut finish, offering durability and elegance. The accompanying high-quality wooden box serves as storage and a testament to thoughtfulness, with the ability to customize each puzzle piece with your special messages.

Whether it’s an inside joke, a date, or a heartfelt note, this gift set transforms every piece into a token of your affection, creating a shared experience that brings you closer with every piece placed.

91. Engraved Slate Memory

Custom Anniversary Photo - Laser Etched Slate Decor

Elevate your anniversary gift with a highly personalized touch through an Engraved Slate Memory.

Choose a cherished photo from your wedding day or a memorable trip to be laser-engraved onto a piece of high-quality, natural slate. Each slate boasts a rugged, textured surface and raw, chiseled edges, providing an authentic, earthy appeal that complements any home decor.

This unique gift captures a moment in time on a canvas that is as enduring as your love, making it an unforgettable anniversary gift for him.

90. Hidden Message Leather Belt

Funny Anniversary Gift Belt

Crafted from premium European genuine leather and featuring a solid brass buckle, this Hidden Message Leather Belt offers a sophisticated accessory with a secret.

On the inner side, you can personalize it with a message that holds special meaning between the two of you. Whether it’s your wedding date, a private joke, or a heartfelt declaration, this belt carries your love discreetly every day. It is a blend of style and sentiment, perfect for the man who appreciates a touch of personalization in his everyday wear.

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89. Personalized Axe

anniversary gift axe

He is your tough guy. And what can be a more prefect anniversary than this Personalized Axe with an engraved anniversary message on the blade. These best anniversary gifts for him come with a stainless-steel blade and wood handle. 

Each hatchet comes with a nylon sheath to protect its sharp blade. Whether he's tending to the fire pit or out in the woods he will have a little reminder of your love with him.

88. Funny Motivation Water Bottle

Funny Motivation Water Bottle

Add a touch of humor to your workout routine, making every sip from this funny Gym Water Bottle a reminder of the motivation behind those reps. Showcase your love and appreciation for your hot spouse while staying committed to your fitness journey.

Surprise your spouse or workout buddy with a water bottle that combines motivation and laughter.

87. Forever Yours Copper Gift Set

The Forever Yours Gift Set is a testament to enduring love, perfect for celebrating your copper anniversary or marking 7 years together.

This exquisite collection features a leather bifold wallet with a sleek credit card pull, a triple torch lighter with a built-in cigar rest and cigar punch boasting a black matte finish on a solid metal body and a versatile wrench head multi-tool that includes an adjustable wrench, knife, file, hex nut wrench, and more.

All these essentials are neatly presented in a box lined with Spanish Cedar, featuring internal locking hinges and a humidifier, ensuring both functionality and elegance.

86. Paper Anniversary Custom Book Fold

Paper Anniversary Custom Book Fold

Consider a Paper Anniversary Custom Book Fold for a unique celebration of your 1st anniversary.

This exquisite piece of art is a custom folded book sculpture that elegantly displays your wedding date, transforming an ordinary book into a meaningful keepsake. Perfect for commemorating your first-year anniversary, it is a testament to your unfolding love story.

Each crease and fold are meticulously crafted to celebrate the beginning of your journey together, making it a stunning and heartfelt anniversary gift for him.

85. Hand-Cuffed Love

Ignite a spark in your anniversary celebration with Hand-Cuffed Love, a playful yet deeply romantic gift for him.

These romantic anniversary gifts for him come in a sleek black design, with a key for a trust-filled bedroom play. Personalize this daring present by engraving "Property of [Name]" on them, symbolizing a unique bond and exclusive connection.

It is a gift that promises excitement and a deeper exploration of your love, making every moment spent together unforgettable.

84. Cheeky Anniversary Pint Glass

Cheeky Valentine's Day Pint Glass

Create a memorable and light-hearted atmosphere with a Cheeky Pint Glass that brings humor into your romantic moments. Enjoy your favorite beverages with a side of laughter, making each sip a delightful experience.

Gift your partner a pint glass that expresses your affection in a fun and unforgettable way.

83. Melody Of Memories Shadow Box

The Melody Of Memories Shadow Box is a heartfelt commemoration of your love story, perfect for your 1st anniversary or paper anniversary celebration.

These one-year anniversary gifts for boyfriend feature a custom 3D house surrounded by your choice of sentimental text - be it the lyrics of your first dance song, your heartfelt wedding vows, or a personal message.

Enriched with the couple’s names, last name, established year, and the custom song or message, it’s a beautiful, tangible representation of your shared memories and a timeless keepsake of your love.

82. Built In Love

Built In Love

Unlock the magic of memories with our unique Photo Building Block Puzzle – a heartfelt and vibrant masterpiece for your loved ones. Fully functional bricks allow your loved ones to take apart and reassemble the puzzle, reliving the joyous moments over and over again. Whether for anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or any special moment, this custom printed Brick Photograph is a timeless and touching gift for anyone close to your heart.

81. Funny Love Campfire Mug

For a lighthearted twist on your iron anniversary, consider the Funny Love Campfire Mug.

Crafted from durable enamel with a classic white coating and silver rim, this mug brings humor and warmth to any moment. Its cheeky message, "I love you for your personality, but that d**k is a huge bonus," is sure to bring a smile to his face with every sip.

Ideal for cozy evenings by the campfire or a morning coffee routine, this hand-wash only mug combines romance with a touch of playfulness.

80. Love's Journey Serving Board

Our Journey Serving Board

Gift him a piece of your shared story with the Love's Journey Serving Board, a unique anniversary present that commemorates your most cherished milestones together, from first dates to family birthdays, through custom engravings.

Perfect for the man who values both sentiment and functionality, it transforms every meal into a celebration of your journey.

Order now to add a touch of personal love and warmth to his daily life. 

79. Custom Year Anniversary Lure

Celebrate your special anniversary with a unique gift that blends sentimentality with functionality - a Custom Year Anniversary Crank Bait.

This real fishing lure, measuring 3.25 inches in length and approximately 2 inches in width, isn't just a decorative piece; it's designed for the catch. Tailored to commemorate your unique milestone, it comes in various designs, including the option to customize with your specific anniversary year.

Whether he's an avid angler or enjoys the occasional fishing trip, this lure, available as a ready-to-fish piece complete with hooks or as a distinctive keyring.

78. Engraved Picture Wallet Card

Elevate his daily essentials with an Engraved Picture Wallet Card, a sleek and durable token of affection crafted from black anodized aluminum.

This robust material ensures the wallet card won't chip or peel, maintaining its elegant appearance over time. Personalize this heartfelt gift by selecting a cherished photo to be engraved on the front and accompanying it with a meaningful message on the back.

The combination of a custom image and your chosen text creates a one-of-a-kind memento that he can carry with him, keeping memories of your love close at hand.

77. Travel In Style Set

For the couple celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary, the Travel In Style Set offers a sophisticated way to embark on new adventures together.

This exquisite gift set features a multi-layer leatherette passport cover and a matching luggage tag, customizable with your names or initials. The passport cover not only protects your most important travel document but also opens to reveal a personalized message on the inside cover, making it a truly intimate gift.

Elegant and practical, these travel essentials ensure you both look stylish as you create new memories around the globe.

76. 8-Inch Engraved Cast Iron Skillet

8-Inch Engraved Cast Iron Skillet

Celebrate your sixth wedding anniversary with the iconic 8-inch Cast Iron Skillet (L5SK3), a symbol of enduring American craftsmanship.

Perfect for the couple who treasures tradition and culinary exploration, these best anniversary gifts come pre-seasoned and enhanced with two additional layers of seasoning over the custom names and year engraved on it.

Ideal for those who love to cook, it promises to be a cherished item for meals and memories alike.

75. Naughty Rooster Mug

Add a playful twist to his morning routine with the Naughty Rooster Mug.

Made from high-quality ceramic, these funny anniversary gifts for him are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use and is conveniently dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. Featuring a cheeky "I Love Your Rooster" design, it's a humorous yet affectionate way to start the day.

This gift is perfect for adding a bit of levity and love to his morning coffee or tea, ensuring he thinks of you with every sip.

74. 9th Anniversary Cigar Tray

9th Anniversary Cigar Tray

Celebrate your 9th year together, also known as the pottery anniversary, with a refined and sophisticated gift that is as practical as it is beautiful.

The 9th Anniversary Cigar Tray, crafted from durable stoneware ceramics, is the epitome of elegance and durability. Its surface is easy to clean with just soap and water, making it a hassle-free accessory for any cigar enthusiast.

This anniversary gift for men not only commemorates nine years of shared memories and love but also adds a touch of class to his smoking experience.

73. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Ignite a fiery adventure with the Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit, a perfect gift for the culinary enthusiast.

This anniversary gift kit provides everything needed to craft custom hot sauces at home, including assorted ground and whole spices, distilled white vinegar, and six 5 oz glass bottles with lids for packaging your creations. Also included are labels for personalization and an instruction booklet filled with recipes to get started.

Whether he's a spice aficionado or a budding chef, this kit promises a fun and flavorful experience.

72. Custom Song Lyrics Paper Flowers

Custom Song Lyrics Paper Flowers

Transform your 1st-year celebration into a memorable one with Custom Song Lyrics Paper Flowers, an ideal gift for the paper anniversary.

These 1st anniversary gifts for husband are intricately handcrafted and inscribed with lyrics from a custom song that holds a special place in your heart, possibly from your wedding day. This sentimental and creative gift encapsulates the essence of your first year of marriage.

It is a touching way to commemorate the lyrics that echo the love shared on your wedding day, making it a truly personalized and heartfelt anniversary gift for him.

71. Sexy Truth or Dare

Sexy Truth or Dare

Spice up your anniversary celebrations with the Sexy Truth or Dare game, a romantic gift designed to add an exciting twist to your date night. This captivating game features 50 double-sided pick-up sticks, each printed with a sultry seduction, offering a total of 100 racy challenges to explore together.

Perfect for couples looking to deepen their connection and indulge in playful intimacy, these anniversary gifts for men promise to bring laughter, love, and a little bit of naughtiness into your special occasion.

70. Star Wars Anniversary Frame

Star Wars Anniversary Frame

Immerse yourselves in a galaxy, far away with the Star Wars Anniversary Frame, a perfect blend of romance and fandom.

These best anniversary gifts feature a precision-cut aircraft from the beloved series, uniquely tailored to represent your journey together. Personalize it further with your first names, the episode number that correlates with your anniversary years, and your special date in numeric form.

Ideal for Star Wars enthusiasts, it’s a creative way to celebrate your special bond and shared interests.

69. Customized Anniversary Wine Gift Set

Customized Anniversary Wine Gift Set

Celebrate your special day with our Customized Anniversary Wine Gift Set, a carefully curated collection of elegant and thoughtful treasures.

It includes two stemless wine glasses, customized with your chosen name and initial, setting the mood for a romantic toast. Complement the ambiance with a scented candle in your preferred scent and design, adding a touch of elegance to your evening. For wine lovers, we've included a Mini Wine Barrel Bottle Opener Set, a charming and practical addition.

68. The Keepsake

Celebrate your leather anniversary with The Keepsake, a personalized Men's Leather Wallet.

Crafted from premium split leather, this wallet is not only durable but also stylish, available in classic brown and black. It features a clear ID sleeve for convenience and offers customization options like an inside hidden message and an outside name or initials, making it truly unique.

Perfect for daily use, these best anniversary gifts for him serve as a constant reminder of your special bond.

67. Anniversary Dopp Kitt

anniversary Dopp kitt

Looking for a unique gift for your husband or boyfriend? Check out our Stylish Travel Kit! These 2nd anniversary gifts for men are perfect for the guy on the go. Inspired by the classic military Dopp bag, it features 100% cotton canvas with brown leather trim and polyester lining with a custom message inside.

The center divider keeps his things organized, and the brass zipper and two side snap buttons make it convenient to use. Plus, the custom message reminds him where home is. Order yours today and surprise your special guy!

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66. Personalized First Anniversary Comic Book 


Personalized First Anniversary Comic Book

Dive into the adventure of your love story with the Personalized First Anniversary Comic Book, an imaginative and heartwarming way to commemorate your 1st wedding anniversary.

Printed on beautifully soft 90gsm paper, these 1-year anniversary gifts for men offer an authentic feel as you flip through the pages, each one a testament to your unique journey together.


65. Anniversary Heirloom Gift Box

Anniversary Gift Box Set

This Anniversary Gift Box Set is a heartfelt anniversary gift that symbolizes the depth and strength of your relationship.

With items like a premium leather wallet and a sleek knife, it represents both the durability and the cutting edge of your love. Personalizing the wooden box adds a deeply sentimental touch, making it a cherished keepsake for years to come.


64. Our Adventure Book

Once you add the pictures of your and your guy's journey together, the Our Adventure Scrap Book is a perfect anniversary gift for your man.

You have shared so many special moments together and taken tons of pictures, pick out the best ones and have a memory that will last forever with this anniversary gift.

63. Love Song Picture Plaque

Love Lyrics

Transform your most treasured musical memory into a tangible keepsake with a Custom Song Plaque.

These best anniversary gifts for couple allow you to select a special photo, perhaps of a moment that resonates deeply with your love story, alongside your song of choice.

You can further customize it by adding the song's name, the artist's title, and a significant date that marks an important milestone in your relationship.


62. Anniversary Gift Set

anniversary gift set for men

The Anniversary Whiskey Gift Set is the perfect way to celebrate a special milestone in a man's life. This thoughtfully curated gift combines the timeless elegance of a crystal whiskey decanter with a set of premium whiskey glasses and whiskey stones, all beautifully presented in a luxurious wooden crate.


61. Custom Year Copper Penny Keychain

Custom Year Copper Penny Keychain

For a meaningful nod to your copper anniversary, consider the Custom Year Copper Penny Keychain.

These unique anniversary gifts are a genuine copper penny, showcasing the year of your special milestone. It is securely attached to a solid stainless steel keyring, ensuring durability and longevity.


60. Special Message Anniversary Decanter

Special Message Anniversary Decanter

Anniversaries are meant to be special. Why not add a special message he can display with pride. This decanter is the type of anniversary gift any man can get behind.

The Special Message Decanter has a personalized front and back message to let you add your own special touch. You are sure to remind him of your love each time he pours a drink.

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59. Wood You Be Mine Cutting Board

Celebrate your wood anniversary or mark your 5th anniversary with a personalized touch in the kitchen with the "Wood You Be Mine" Cutting Board.

Crafted from durable, high-quality wood and available in various styles and sizes to fit any kitchen's aesthetic, this cutting board can be custom-engraved with your first names and your special anniversary date.

58. Personalized Slate Coaster Set

Custom Coasters Anniversary Gift for Men

Gift him a blend of practicality and personalization with a set of 4" Round Slate Coasters. Each coaster in this set of four can be custom engraved with his name and a significant year, making it an ideal addition to any home bar or living space.


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57. Pokémon Anniversary Card

Pokémon Anniversary Card

Capture the spirit of adventure and companionship with a customizable Pokémon Anniversary Card. Dive into nostalgia and celebrate your love with a playful twist by selecting your favorite Pokémon characters to feature on the card.

Choose a background that resonates with your journey together, making it uniquely yours.

56. This Is Us Key Holder

Custom Keychain Holder

Celebrate the uniqueness of your relationship with a handcrafted "This Is Us" Key Holder.

Made from durable MDF hardboard and adorned with metal hooks, this great gift for him is personalized with your couple's names, digitally printed in beautiful script. Measuring at 11 inches wide, it's the perfect size for keeping keys organized in style.

55. Funny Boxers

Funny Anniversary Boxers

If you want to surprise your man with a unique and exciting anniversary gift, consider gifting him these Personalized Boxers that come with a sexy twist! These 2-year anniversary gifts for boyfriend are designed to add a little extra spark to your man's life, and they are perfect for a cotton anniversary.

54. Custom Anniversary Picture Frame

anniversary frame

This Personalized Anniversary Picture Frame is a perfect way to remember your most cherished memories.

You simply enter your special dates that are important to you and your loved one, and our clever designers will take care of the rest! The end result is a beautiful piece of personalized keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.

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53. Customized Sign with Anniversary Date

Infinite Love Personalized Sign

To show your infinite love for your significant other, get him something that you both can enjoy for infinity and beyond.

This unique couple's Infinite Love Personalized Sign is the perfect gift for an anniversary where you want to show your loved one how infinite your love is for them. Show off your love to anyone who walks by with this very special sign.

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52. 'The Story of Us' Collage Photo Frame

'The Story of Us' Collage Photo Frame

Make it a gift that constantly reminds him of the greatest thing that happened to his life - your love story. 'The Story of Us' Collage Photo Frame is a celebration of your relationship that features a plastic frame finished in crisp white.


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51. Photo Car Air Freshener

Photo Car Air Freshener

Give a daily drive a personal touch with a high-quality clear acrylic, heart-shaped Photo Car Air Freshener.

This unique gift allows you to embed a custom photo within its design, making every journey feel accompanied by a cherished memory. Ideal for clipping on an air vent, it not only serves as a visual reminder of special moments shared but also keeps his vehicle smelling fresh.


50. Wedding Waltz Personalized Art

Wedding Waltz Personalized Art

Capture the elegance and emotion of your first dance with the Wedding Waltz Personalized Art.

This bespoke artwork immortalizes your magical moment in stunning detail, incorporating the venue, city, date, and the couple's names. The colors of your tresses are thoughtfully woven into the design, creating a vibrant, lifelike representation of your special day.


49. Best Husband Ever Coffee Mug

Celebrate your 9th anniversary with a humorous twist by gifting him the "Best Husband Ever" Coffee Mug. This sturdy ceramic mug features a playful message that will start his day with a smile. Available in either 11 or 15 ounces, it's perfect for his morning coffee or evening tea. 

A funny gift for him that blends practicality with a personal touch, making every sip a reminder of your love and appreciation.

48. Date Night Box

Date Night Box

This Date Night Box for Couple will create the most FUN date night ever. It's the perfect gift idea for your anniversary. Get ready for an adventure and take this complete art kit anywhere. On a mountaintop, winery, or your backyard.

This set includes two wine glasses, two canvasses, two palette knives, five assorted acrylic paints, two bamboo palettes, and one instruction card.

47. Engraved Photo On Wood

Custom Photo on Wood

Craft a lasting memory with a Custom Photo On Wood, where your cherished moment is intricately engraved onto a high-quality wood panel using advanced laser technology.

The natural grain of the wood adds a unique, organic touch to your selected image, enhancing its warmth and character. Choose the size that best fits your space and add a custom message to further personalize this heartfelt gift.


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46. Personalized Anniversary Keepsake Box

Anniversary Gift Box

This Personalized Anniversary Keepsake Box is the perfect gift for a guy celebrating a milestone in his relationship. Crafted with high-quality wood and customizable, it adds a personal touch to his special day.

Its elegant design and practicality make it a meaningful and functional gift that he can cherish for years to come, storing cherished memories and mementos from his journey with his loved one.

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45. Personalized Lover's Blanket

Personalized Blanket Anniversary Gift

Wrap yourselves in the warmth of shared memories with the Personalized Lover's Blanket.

Crafted from luxurious 280 GSM Polyester Coral Fleece, this best anniversary gift for couple offers unparalleled softness and comfort. Its rolled hemmed edges add a touch of elegance and durability, ensuring it remains a staple of your cozy evenings together.


44. Custom Anniversary Bracelet

anniversary bracelet

Is it your anniversary coming up and you want to find a gift that is both stylish and romantic? Well, look no further than this Custom Bracelet! This best anniversary gift for men is perfect for the rugged man in your life who appreciates a little style.

But the best part of this bracelet is the message underneath. This heartfelt message will remind your guy that you are always thinking of him, no matter what.

43. Custom Portrait Painting

This Custom Family Portrait Painting will be a perfect present for newlyweds or serve as a vow renewal gift. It's an ideal item to give to your significant other or as a wedding/anniversary gift for a friend or loved one. Your print will be created, carefully packaged, and shipped in a strong mailer within 2-3 days after approval. It's one gift that will truly be appreciated.

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42. Photo Vinyl Coasters

Personalized Photo Vinyl Coasters

The Photo Vinyl Coaster is a charming addition to any table setting.

With a diameter of 4.2 inches, these coasters feature a custom photo of your choice, encapsulated in eco-friendly, high-quality plastic for durability and clarity. The thickened rubber bottom ensures friction resistance, offering a non-slip and solid base for your beverages.


41. Wooden Box Personalized Gift Set

Shopping for an anniversary gift for a guy is hard. This beautiful wooden box is a gift in of itself and still it comes with 3 personalized guy items inside. You really can't go wrong with the Gift Box; from the presentation of the box, to engraved knife and bottle opener, and of course the watch with your anniversary and special love message on it.


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40. Where We Met Map

Where We Met Map

Capture the beginning of your journey together with a "Where We Met Map", meticulously crafted from high-quality, non-glare acrylic.

This exquisite piece illuminates your cherished memory with an LED light stand, bringing the magic of that pivotal moment to life. Customize it with precise coordinates, your names, a meaningful title or place name, and the date of your unforgettable encounter.


39. Hidden Message Minimalist Wallet

anniversary gift wallet

For the man who appreciates both elegance and efficiency, the Custom Minimalist Wallet strikes the perfect balance.

Constructed from premium materials like aluminum and stainless steel, it's designed for durability and style. The wallet features elastic webbing to securely hold cards and a money clip on the back for easy cash access. Enhanced with RFID-blocking technology, it ensures his personal information remains protected.


38. Luminous Love Keepsake

Illuminate your cherished memories with the Luminous Love Keepsake, an exquisite fusion of wood and acrylic materials elegantly backlit by a soft, ambient LED light.

This bespoke piece is meticulously customized to include your intertwined names and a significant year, representing milestones or anniversaries shared between the two of you. Its gentle glow casts a warm, inviting light, making it a perfect nightstand or mantlepiece addition.

37. Custom Family Charcuterie Board

anniversary themed cutting board

Gather your loved ones around this Custom Cutting Board that not only delights the palate but also adds a touch of sophistication to your table.

Crafted with care, the Slate cutting board is embraced by a stylish frame of Acacia Wood, creating a charming backdrop for your culinary creations.

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36. Pint With A Pic

anniversary pint glass with picture

When you are searching for just the right anniversary gift for your guy, the one that hits the right note between making him tear up and something he will actually use, the Pic Pint is it!

The Pic Pint is, a beautiful beer glass engraved with a pic of your choice. Beer makes men smile without much help, but pouring it into a mug with a special moment between the two of you on it...he might need a tissue.

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35. We Still Do Tumbler

We Still Do Tumbler

Celebrate your unending commitment with the "We Still Do" Tumbler, an emblem of your lasting love.

This tumbler is crafted from durable stainless steel and features double-wall vacuum insulation, keeping beverages at the perfect temperature. Safe for everyday use, it's both dishwasher safe and BPA and lead-free.


34. Anniversary Golf Ball Set

Anniversary Golf Ball Set

Elevate his game with the Anniversary Golf Ball Set, designed for the golf enthusiast with a taste for the personal.

This exclusive gift set includes six high-quality golf balls, each meticulously customized to feature the couple's initials, names, and significant anniversary date. You can choose a design color that aligns with his style, ensuring each swing is a reminder of your special bond.


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33. Fun Anniversary Bottle Opener

Anniversary Bottle Opener Gift

This Anniversary Bottle Opener will be the perfect way to celebrate your love and devotion for each other every time you pop open a bottle. The sturdy metal construction ensures that you'll have years of happy memories together!

32. Knife With Love Message

anniversary gift knife with love note

Give him an anniversary gift that he won't be embarrassed to show off to his friends. This Handsome Knife makes the ideal gift for any man with its burlwood handle and Hudson wood inlay. 

Laser engraving in a deeper tone of the wood shade shows up in style on the handle. Sharp silver lettering on the blade adds style to a gift that any outdoor enthusiast or those who just like to be ready will be sure to love.

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31. Love Coupons

Love Coupons

Men love freebies. So giving them Love Coupons they can claim anytime they want speaks of love in a very cute way.

But seriously, these coupons can either be their pass to be the boss of you for a day or a loving excuse to spend more time bonding with you. Either way, it’s a guarantee they will love this and use it.

30. Cheers To The Years Decanter

Cheers To The Years Decanter

Raise a toast to the years of love and shared memories with our "Cheers To The Years" Crystal Decanter. This exquisite decanter is the ideal gift for any anniversary, capturing the essence of a lasting commitment in every detail. Whether celebrating a milestone anniversary or a special occasion, this crystal decanter is a timeless expression of enduring love. Cherish the moments and savor the memories with every pour.

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29. Date Night Ideas

Date Night Ideas

Do you need a contingency plan for future planning endeavors? This Date Night Ideas will save you from ill-planned dates as it stocks your date night ideas in one time capsule. Write all the crazy, fun, or simple date ideas you can think of and hand it to your man. You can almost be sure; the date idea will be something you truly like.

28. Personalized Leather Journal

While your man is busy with his job, it would be great if he had something that he used every day that would keep his family near him at all times. This Leather Pocket Journal does just that! This thoughtful anniversary gift for your spouse is a place where he can write down all his notes and be reminded every time, he opens it about how much he means to you.

27. Personalized Keychain With Initials

Men carry their keys all the time so why not make it special for your guy with this Personalized Key Holder. Be the one to give that something they never leave the house without, and you can practically guarantee you will strike a memory in them within the day.

Your husband will love knowing daily that you are always thinking of him.

26. Night We Met Star Map

Night We Met Star Map

Your story began at a special place, a unique moment in time when destiny brought you together. Now, you can commemorate that unforgettable encounter with our Acrylic Meeting Point Map.

This elegant piece is not just a sign; it's a cherished memory, beautifully captured forever.

25. Personalized Wearables Gift Set

Let this functional Gift Set express how much you care for him.

Each tie gift set comes with a money clip that can be personalized with one line of up to 10 characters, cuff links up to 3 initials, a tie bar personalized with one line up to 20 characters and the box itself personalized with one line up to 15 characters.

Definitely enough space to write your favorite short love messages.

24. What I Love About You: Fill in the Blank Book

What I Love About You: Fill in the Blank Book

This What I Love About You: Fill in the Blank Book brings out the funny, witty, sweet and nasty side of both of you. Give this to your husband and you will tease his brain for the best answers to fill in the blanks.

Just be ready with your answers too. This great anniversary gift will bring out your competitive, honest, and romantic side so enjoy the whole experience.

23. The Royal Moon Watch

The Royal Moon Watch

The Royal Moon Watch is an exquisite combination of elegance and precision.

This distinguished timepiece features a 44mm case crafted from exotic walnut, complemented by a reinforced steel backing for unmatched durability. At its heart lies a world-class Japanese Quartz movement, ensuring impeccable timekeeping, powered by a battery with a lifetime of 2 - 3 years and is easily swappable.


22. Custom Sentimental Compass

This Custom Anniversary Compass hits just the right note and is guaranteed to get him in his feelings. A beautiful personalized nautical compass with a leather pouch and chain makes this piece the perfect anniversary gift for him.

Coming in a handsome style to suit every mans personality you really can't go wrong with this sweet gift for him this anniversary.

21. Sensual Massage Oil

Treat your man with a soothing massage and let this sensual massage oil be a preview of the relaxing moment he is yet to embark in. This Sensual Massage Oil has Jajoba oil and almond oil with Vitamin E. Each bottle is a perfect combination of therapy and vanity.

Enriched with aromatic compounds and therapeutic grade-oils, this massage oil seals the deal for a sensually relaxed session. 

20. Engraved Luxury Tie Bar

Your beau wears a tie. Whether he wears it occasionally or daily, so long as your stylish and professional boyfriend or husband wears that accessory, you need to give him this Engraved Luxury Tie Bar

This dainty treat comes with a gift box and can be engraved with a hidden message that will surely put a smile on his face all the time.

19. Anniversary Mug Love

Anniversary Coffee Mug

Elevate his morning routine with the personal touch of a 15 oz Mug Love, designed with a high curved grip for comfortable handling.

These anniversary gifts can be customized with your intertwined initials, making every sip a reminder of the love and memories you share. Its generous size is perfect for his favorite coffee or tea, ensuring a warm start to his day.

The customization adds a unique flair to this everyday essential, making it a thoughtful and practical anniversary gift for him.

18. I Pick You

I Pick You

Just when you thought that musically inclined gifts can no longer be cleverer, this I Pick You gift suggestion suddenly breaks the ice. This thoughtful anniversary gift for him can be personalized by a photo.

You can even give different designs for different occasions. Now every strung of his guitar will have a melody of love from you. Pick this gift for the man you picked.

17. Anniversary Journal

anniversary gift journal

Keeping track of everything is one thing, and keeping the memories alive is another. This Anniversary Journal allows you to do both. Give this gift to your man and see how he fills it with dates, events, experiences, and thoughts.

This may be his personal memory book for his relationship with you. Preserved and constantly relived memories are gifts that are worth keeping.

16. Custom Anniversary Date Mens Bracelet

bracelet anniversary gift for him

This Custom Genuine Leather Bracelet is one that your guy will be thrilled to wear. Engraved with roman numerals to represent your special day this bracelet makes for one good looking anniversary gift.

Available in 5 different colors to suit your guys personal style.

15. DIY Hand Casting Kit

DIY Hand Casting Kit

Holding hands and supporting each other forever is how you both see each other in the years to come. This DIY Plaster Statue Molding Hand Holding Kit for COUPLES has a unique rubbery mold that captures every fine line and fingerprint for a perfect one-of-a-kind gift. 

It has more working time, forms a stronger mold, provides better detail, and has bolder color changing properties than other craft brands.

14. Romantic Rendezvous Gift Set

Romantic Rendezvous Gift Set for Couples

Celebrate the essence of love with our luxurious Wine Lovers Anniversary Gift Set—a curated experience that unfolds in elegance and romance. Enclosed in a finely crafted wooden crate, this set is a symphony of thoughtful details. Indulge in the Wine Lovers Gift Crate —a testament to the beauty of shared moments, personalized expressions, and the timeless celebration of love. 

13. Cupid's Travel Mug

Anniversary Tumbler

Crafted from robust stainless steel, the Cupids' Travel Mug is designed for durability and ease of use. Its double-wall vacuum insulation ensures your beverages stay hot or cold for hours without the exterior sweating. Tailor this travel companion by adding your initials and anniversary date, creating a personal touch that celebrates your journey together.

Dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning and BPA and lead-free for your peace of mind, this mug epitomizes practicality and sentiment in one sleek package, making it an ideal anniversary gift for him.

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12. Couple's Photo Keychain

Couples Photo Keychain

Capture your most treasured moments together with a customizable Couple's Photo Keychain.

Crafted from durable acrylic, this keychain is available in various colors to match any style. Select from numerous designs to frame your chosen photo, which can be beautifully complemented by engraving your couple’s names and a significant date.

Ideal for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, or any special occasion to express your love.

11. Personalized Survival Kit

Personalized Survival Kit

Let this Personalized Survival Kit contain everything he needs to be reminded of your love for him. Each item in the kit represents something as described in the script. Verses can be removed should you find it unsuitable.

The bag will arrive in a box stating his name in the “to” portion and your name on the “from” portion. You can even work with the supplier on what items you’d like for his survival kit.

10. Love Message Flask

anniversary gift flask

Celebrate your anniversary by adorning his jacket pocket with this Sleek Flask Gift. This gift is perfect for his office too or wherever he would need a quick drink. It is 6 ounces of grown man drinkware.

You can order this gift with front engraving and have the back personalized as well to make it extra special.

9. Special Scrapbook

Anniversaries are the perfect time to remember the places you’ve been to, special occasions, and those sweet moments you’ve shared. There’s no better way to remind him of all the times spent together and other special memories by compiling it in a High-Quality Scrapbook made of hard cardboard cover, superior black pages, non-fading, and thick craft paper.

8. Ultimate Organizing Box 

The Personalized Sunglass & Watch Storage Case is the perfect addition to dressers, nightstands, or desks. This black vegan leather box features four watch slots with pillows, two cufflinks, and ring slots, and three sunglasses' slots.


7. Custom Bookmark

Custom Bookmark

Let this anniversary remind him of your love with every reading moment. Give him this Custom Bookmarker. This quality faux leather engraved bookmark makes for very unique and adorable keepsake. It’s customizable and you can have a variety of colors to choose from.

Reading his books will always remind him of how thoughtful you’ve been and the love that you have for him.

6. Messages in a Jar

This Messages in a Jar gives him a word of encouragement on a weekly basis with 52 ready quotes and special messages that inspire and motivate. This is one gift that he’ll surely appreciate and enjoy all throughout the year.


5. Custom Year Carbon Cutter

Carbon Is Forever

The Custom Year Carbon Cutter is an exceptional choice for the man who values functionality.

This 8-inch tool is not just a knife; it's equipped with a seat belt cutter and window breaker, making it a versatile companion for any unexpected situation. It arrives in a customized anniversary box, which can be engraved with a heartfelt message, and the knife itself can be personalized with your special year and initials.


4. Personalized Photos on Wood

Personalized Photos on Wood

Get him an anniversary gift that is unique but definitely romantic! This Personalized Photo on wood is made of wooden slices from birch. Your personal message can also be added below the photo or at the back.

3. Hidden Message Bracelet

Hidden Message Bracelet

This Hidden Message Bracelet will make him carry your sweet message anywhere he goes. Made of high quality European genuine leather, it also has a strong hypoallergenic magnetic clasp. You don’t have to worry if he is the active type as this bracelet stays on securely.

Comfortable and easy to put on and take off too.  

2. Fun "Fork Now, Spoon Later" Set

Fun Vday Gifts

This Fork Now, Spoon Later set makes for a fun add on to your anniversary gift. It adds a charming and sentimental touch to every meal they share together.

It is a fun and thoughtful way to celebrate their love and create lasting memories during your anniversary celebrations.

1. Custom Anniversary Gift Box Set

custom anniversary gift box set for men

This Men's Anniversary Gift Set offers a perfect solution to keep your loved one equipped with everything he needs.

This gift box includes a range of practical items, such as a tactical pen and a customized bifold wallet, ensuring that he is prepared for any challenge that may come his way.

It is the perfect gift for any man who wants to stay organized and ready for anything.


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