18 Best Gifts for Tequila Lovers

Updated on December 23, 2021 by Ria Estrada

Tequila lovers will always appreciate anything that has a dash, an ounce, or a connection to their favorite drinks. The wedding team will be delighted to receive such awesome tokens of appreciation, and they may even add them to their collection. So, for your tequila-infused gift ideas, here are the 18 Best Tequila Gifts you may get drunk from:

18. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses

Who says you cannot drink your favorite tequila and feel the vibe of the Himalayas? These Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses may be pretty in pink but they can certainly hold a beverage and kick some liquor into your system. Crafted from Himalayan salt, these awesome glasses give your tequila or mezcal a delicious, salty finish. Since salt is a natural antibacterial element and is super stable, you will be up for more rounds with these glasses. Give this to your tequila-loving friends and bring more fun on their next shot.

17. Tequila Bottle Lamp

You don’t need to wake up from a drunken night to see the light with this Tequila Bottle Lamp. Tequila aficionados will find the glow of an 1800 tequila bottle soothing and relaxing especially on their bedside. This limited edition 1800 silver tequila bottle bespoke lamp will be a great addition to any tequila-friendly home bar. The fixture comes with a 6’ rayon cord and can be turned on and off with a toggle switch embedded into the wooden base. 

16. Monterrey Personalized Tequila Shot Flight Set

When it comes to drinking shots, sharing them with your best friends will always be better. So, if you intend to drink with your tequila-loving friends, ensure your spot at the table by giving them this Monterrey Personalized Tequila Shot Flight Set. It comes with four finely flared shot glasses and a sturdy red-brown sampler paddle that has cutouts to safely carry the shots. The handsome sampler serving tray may also be laser-engraved with two lines of text of your choice making this set a great housewarming gift, party present, or added piece for a collector.

15. Volcanic Rock Mezcal Flight Tray

Have your tequila-fan friends uniquely serve you their favorite liquor by giving them this Volcanic Rock Mezcal Flight Tray. This set includes three stone copitas, the traditional way to showcase the agave spirit’s flavors, on a long stone flight tray. The said copitas are handmade in Puebla in east-central Mexico and is stone sourced from the Popocatepetl Volcano. You and your buddies will be drinking the old fashion way while savoring the well-loved tequila taste.

14. Power Up Tumbler

Whether your favorite guy is fueled by caffeine or tequila give him the perfect tumbler to hold his beloved beverage. This custom tumbler is easily personalized by adding your guy's information and blood type into the personalization box at the top of the page as shown in the example below.

13. Final Touch Agave Tequila Decanter


Every spirits lover needs a good decanter, and for Agave spirit enthusiasts, this Final Touch Agave Tequila Decanter is specially crafted for them.  Inside each decanter is a beautifully blooming green agave plant, inspired by the aged agaves that make mezcal, sotols, and tequilas. The said detail inside is made from blown green glass.  Each lovely container holds 850 ml which is perfect for an entire bottle of you and your friends’ 25-ounce tequila bottle. The intricate visuals and elegance of this decanter make it a must-have.  

12. Tequila Mockingbird Beach Towel


A pun intended for tequila lovers who also happen to love the classic book “To Kill a Mocking Bird” and enjoys going to the beach. Tequila Mockingbird Beach Towel gives plenty of room to lay down, whether the beach is underneath, or it is just an imagination, especially during quarantine. They are soft and absorbent for whether your friends are in a lounging or swimming kind of mood. Made in soft polyester-microfiber front and white cotton terry back, this towel is a triple treat that your buddies will not pass off. 

11. Tequila & Tacos: A Guide to Spirited Pairings


Some men like to search the net or ask experts, but when it comes to pairing their favorite tequila, others may still resort to reading. This Tequila & Tacos: A Guide to Spirited Pairings speaks gives away its value on the title alone. It is a guide on the most tantalizing tacos recipes paired with equally inventive tequila-inspired cocktails from a seasoned food writer and libation enthusiast. Your best buddies can invent and reinvent, copy, try or mix on their own will the most mouthwatering ensemble of ingredients and be their own bartender at home.

10. Agave at Noon

Make your friends drunk in tequila without needing to sober up the day after with a painting of a plant from which their favorite beverage is made. This Agave at Noon illustrates the Agave plant when the sun is at its highest point. The brightness during that time of the day creates sharp contrasts between light and shadows. In this artwork, however, they are depicted in soft yellows, cool green tones, and subtle blues that shape the smooth forms of the agave.

 9. Riedel Bar Ouverture Tequila Glass

Give your tequila lover and spirits connoisseur friends a classy gift that they will use and enjoy any time of the year. This Riedel Bar Ouverture Tequila Glass gives an experience of tasting tequila in a proper tasting glass and takes it to another level. Designed specifically with tequila in mind, these glasses open up the liquid, allowing the alcohol to evaporate slightly so that all aromas can shine through for that ultimate sip and gulp experience. This glassware is a worthy investment for you and your buddies.

8. Agave Sculpture


Make your Tequila enthusiast friends feel the spirit and presents of an Agave plant from which their favorite liquor was made from and let it be functional with this Agave Sculpture. It is a sophisticated and trendy sculpture that may be a paperweight, a boo end, or simply an eye-catching piece of art. Your giftee can decide how this piece can serve him more than an added collection. Completely outdoor safe, this sculpture presents leaves that have a subtle, linen-like texture that enhances the natural look. It is great for tabletops or it can simply nest among natural garden plants. 

7. Spirits of Latin America: A Celebration of Culture & Cocktails, with 100 Recipes from Leyenda & Beyond

An award-nominated bartender offers her insights into Latin America’s broad culture with this book Spirits of Latin America: A Celebration of Culture & Cocktails, with 100 Recipes from Leyenda & Beyond. Since this print leans heavily on tequila, it may be a nice read or coffee table book addition to your tequila aficionado buddies. It has over 100 and more irresistible cocktails featuring tequila, rum, pisco, and more. Also, this book explores the history and culture of Latin America and covers stunningly photographed travelogues. When your buddies aren’t drinking, they can feast their eyes and feed their minds on the most relatable images and data about tequila.

6. Agave Worm Salt and Sal De Chapulin


Most bars probably have these spices, but it will be best to give your tequila fan pals their own stash of these Agave Worm Salt and Sal De Chapulin. This exquisite duo of salt made from agave worms and salt made from grasshoppers is a nice gift for your buddies and loved ones who enjoy sipping their agave spirits neat. These salts are traditionally sprinkled over wedges or slices of orange to be snacked upon in between sips of tequila, mezcal, or raicilla as a complementary flavor enhancer and palate cleanser.

5. Jalapeno Tequila Lime


Win over your spice and tequila inclined friends with an unexpected and exciting stocking stuffer made from the fine quality balsamic vinegar from Modena. This Jalapeno Tequila Lime is a green hot sauce made withjalapeños and tequila for that smooth, pleasant, and brooding heat amplified by the agave-based spirit. Since it complements well for beef, chicken, fish, roasted vegetables, and fruits, this sauce may be used as a garnish for entrees and to create attractive plate designs.

4. Tequila Worm Suckers Box

This Tequila Worm Suckers Box may seem a little extreme as a gift for your tequila sucking buddies but the signature product that the makers offer is a tried and tested delight. This tequila flavored sucker with a real worm inside started giving joyful goosebumps and satisfied palates since 1982. Creative insect-based sweets flavored in your friends' most loved beverage is a fun, adventurous, and clever way of getting on their good side.

3. Casamigos Tequila Custom Label

Drinkers and enthusiasts of tequila may simply want to sip and enjoy the drink for a time. But after a long season of enjoying the beverage, a glimpse of wanting to mix or have a brand of their own may come to view. Bring their thrill back and vision to life in a subtle way. Give them this Casamigos Tequila Custom Label attached to their favorite bottle of tequila and make it seem like it’s their brand. No worries though, since this is merely for fun and friendship, no patent problem should arise. The label will be printed on thick glossy paper with your choice of design and wording.

2. Tequila Master Personalized Bar Sign

Let this Tequila Master Personalized Bar Sign find a home in the heart and the house of your certified tequila-loving buddies and make their home bars or kitchen be dominated with a brag. This sign features a traditional bee design that is associated with long-established tequila brands. Each bar sign is custom-made to include the last name, full name, and year of your choice and is crafted from the most outstanding natural birch. Printed with realistic and UV-protected colors, this personalized bar sign comes with pre-drilled holes for easy wall mounting.

1. Tequila Shooter Set


Most of your giftee may have already sipped tequila in any glass they can find that serves the purpose, but it is time to have them drink it with something that is especially appropriate. This Tequila Shooter Set is a set of thick textured glass shooters that will make the agave spirit sit snugly in an elegant, mission-style wrought iron stand. This caddy also features a handy tray at the base to make room for fresh lime and salt garnishes.

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