Copper Couple

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It’s not difficult to sell shiny things to men.  

That’s why I’m gonna make this one real simple. — If he doesn’t yet ownhis set of genuine-copper, customized Moscow-Mule glasses… he wants them. In fact, he wants them whether or not he’s ever had a Moscow Mule.  

He wants them whether or not he even knows where Moscow is,and whether or not he knows how amule is made…theanimalthat is (but that goes for the drink too). They just look that good.

And when they sit behind the bar, they add that special touch of shiny satisfaction that goes perfectly with the smell of post-cold-war glory, and unbridled wagon-drawing testosterone.

At 4” tall, and 20 fluid ounces, thesearethe classics that make the drink.  They come in teams of two, so he’ll always have enough pulling-power to make sure his bar is carrying its weight.

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