The 52 Best Golf Head Covers in 2020

Updated on October 15, 2020 by Chris Bajda

Looking for the perfect golf club headcover for a golf lover?

A golf club head cover is the best way for a golfer to show of his personality. From completely inappropriate (and funny) to cute animals, there is a  head cover out there that fits every personality. 

His love for golf will always be there no matter what. With the number of games he has played, it’s evident that he’s really into golf. Let him know you are in full support of his love for golf by giving him a thoughtful golf gift that will add to his collection of golf accessories.

Give him the best golf-themed gift and continue cheering him on. One of the best gifts you can give him is a golf headcover. Choose from different designs (and materials) that would fit his personality and preference. You can be sure he will appreciate this gift that will provide the needed protection for his clubs.

Here are 52 of the best golf head covers you can choose from: 

52. Fun Animal Golf Driver Headcover

Animal Golf Head Cover

The ProActive Fun Animal Golf Driver Headcover fits 460 cc drivers. This adorable headcover protects clubs from scratches and scuffs. A great gift for any golfer, it simply adds character and personality to his golf bag. This gift comes with a plush material featuring a unique clipping system that clips easily to club shaft.

51. USA Flag Head Covers

The USA Flag Blade Putter Cover is made from high quality PU leather. It comes in Red/White/Blue USA Flag design with a strong magnetic closure. This gift fits most brand blade putter. A gift he is sure to treasure for a long time.

50. Black Skull Skeleton Set

The Black Skull Skeleton White Driver will make hus golf bag stand out. It is made of Synthetic Pu Leather material and comes with elastic built into the headcover for a firm fit and excellent protection. This set includes 3pcs Headcovers (1pc #1 Driver Cover,1pc F Wood Covers,1pc H Hybrid Cover). 

This Cartoon Bulldog Head Cover is made of PU Leather. With great craftsmanship, this headcover comes with embroidery letters & cartoon graphics. It has Black Velvet interior with excellent cushion for the putter head plus a magnetic closure that keeps the putter head covered safely when outdoors. 

    48. Grandpa Rick Driver Headcover 

     Give him this Grandpa Rick Driver Headcover. Grandpa Rick doesn't really care about Morty, in the rational sense, but he sure does "need" his help on his adventures. Don't make him jump into a vat of acid or golf another round without this headcover set. 

    This Fairway Wood Hybrid Putter Head Cover Headcover is built with elastic material for a firm fit. Its durable and stylish yet provides excellent protection. It features a Blue Skull Design that will definitely make his golf bag stand out.

      46. Personalized Golf Club Cover


      What can be more interesting than a Personalized Golf Club Cover! This one allows all golfers to encapsulate their very own Personalized Photo Head Cover with memories of the best times on the course or their favorite pictures of friends and family. It is created by professional digital designers and produced with some of the most high quality fabrics on the market. 

      45. London UK Flag Style Head Cover

      Made with great craftsmanship, this London UK Flag Style Head Cover comes with a waterproof fabric and numbered tag attached to fairway wood hybrid. It fits 460cc Drivers and will definitely treasured by your golf lover friend. 

      44. Daphne's Donkey Headcovers

      This Daphne's Donkey Headcovers fits up to 460cc driver. Each headcover is made of the highest quality materials and is the best protection for his golf head. This gift will surely add individuality and personality to his golf bag. 
      The Big Teeth Golf Head Covers is waterproof, dustproof, and protects his golf head from the dings and damage. Each headcover has a number tag to make clubs more identifiable at a glance. The PU leather feels tough and flexible while also being wear-resistant and resilient to dirt and staining. 

        42. Trump Driver Head Cover

        Make golf great again! Be the envy of the greens while showing your support with this great Trump gift. Made with durable synthetic leather this high quality club cover won't scratch your club head. Handmade and hand sewn this cover is made to last.

        41. T-Rex Golf Head Cover

        Show off your style with this cool driver head. Wether you are a Dinosaur lover or have on in your life you can't go wrong with this plush cover. Makes a great gift for kids and kids at heart.

        40. USA Golf Head Covers


        It comes with a classic USA inspired design. This USA Golf Head Covers is styled with American flag-inspired colors & detailed designs. Let him honor USA with pride on the golf course! These USA headcovers are uniquely handmade from the highest quality PU Leather. Durable, weather-resistant and easy-to-clean. Each set includes one Driver & two Fairway covers.

        39. Lucky Cat Cartoon Animal Head Cover

         The Lucky Cat Cartoon Animal Head Cover is made from high quality PU leather. It has a Cute LUCKY CAT design that is believed to bring him good luck in any competition and offer great protection for his wood. It also comes with interchangeable number tags 2,3,4,5,7,X. 

        38.  Spiderman Head Cover

        This Spiderman Head Cover protects his clubs in style and lets him show off his love for all things Marvel. Spiderman's headcover features fits your driver while black Spiderman fits your fairway woods. This headcover is handcrafted. Bring out your inner kid on the greens.

        37. Sword &Shield Golf Skull Headcover

         It's in black and white plus it's artistically designed. This Sword &Shield Golf Skull Headcover is made with high quality materials. It's water-proof and more thick to better protect his putter. It's one gift that will definitely end up as one of his favorite golf accessories. 

        36. Captain America Golf Headcover


        He's not just a golf lover but a Captain America fan too. Help him protect his golf midsize mallet and blade putter. This Captain America Golf Headcover set comes with a midsize mallet cover and blade putters. It's made of synthetic white PU leather with black velvet lining and comes with Velcro closure. 

          The Ace of Spades Driver Head Cover is fully lined with protective padding and comes with a magnetic closure. It's one great great looking cover that will surely protect his club head. It features synthetic leather body and soft inner lining that fits 460cc drivers.

          34. The Hedgehog Golf Head Cover

          The Hedgehog Golf Head Cover is designed to fit up to a 460cc driver. It is made from soft and durable fabrics and will surely be a great conversation starter! His golf bag will look extra sharp with this gift. It is designed to fit up to a 460cc driver. It's one fun and functional gift he won't easily forget.  

          33. Team Golf NFL Contour Golf Club Headcovers 

          Protect your clubs in style and show off your team spirit on the course with the Team Golf NFL Contour Golf Club Headcovers. It features 3 location team embroidery and fits all oversized drivers, utility clubs, rescue clubs, and fairway clubs. The nylon sock protects shafts from damage plus it comes velour lined for extra club protection.

          32. USA Stars and Stripe Head Cover

          This USA Stars and Stripe Golf Club Wood Cover is made from high-quality Pu leather. This headcover comes with an embroidery American flag style design. It is super waterproof, durable, and wrinkle resistant. It can easily be put on and taken off as a sock. 

          31. GOLF Joker Smiley Face Black Putter Cover

          This GOLF Joker Smiley Face Black Putter Cover fits all blade / Anser style putters. It is made from high-quality fur pile lining and has strong easy on and off magnetic closure. This headcover is going to protect his putter with better looks.

          This is one stylish logo design for the golf player. The Monogram Golf Head Cover can be personalized with his name and initials. It is made of polyester, cotton, and marine vinyl and easily fits most standard drivers. You can choose from 15 different piping colors. 

          29. SIM Fairway Head Cover


          Our 2020 SIM Fairway Headcover features a white, grey, and black design with vibrant, blue accents of the 2020 Sim Family. It has high-contrast stitching and is also very easy to put on and off the driver. With its functionality and very nice design, you can never go wrong with this gift. 

          The Craftsman Golf Stars and Stripes is made of the highest quality Pu Leather & Neoprene. Each piece is guaranteed and can protect the graphite shaft. This cover is for the wood club. It's one gift that will truly be appreciated by your golf lover friend. 

          It's one golf accessory that he will truly appreciate. This Head Cover keeps his putter in optimal condition while representing his favorite brand with the Tempest III Mallet Putter Headcover. This gift is designed to fit most standard-sized mallet putters, the soft interior cloth keeps your putter protected on and off the course. The durable exterior prevents scratches to the mallet while the Odyssey® brandmark design leaves that lasting impression.

          26. Golf NCAA Contour Golf Club Headcovers

          The Golf NCAA Contour Golf Club Headcover is the #1 fits all oversized drivers and the nylon sock protects shafts from damage. It is made with buffalo vinyl, polyester knit, and mesh. This headcover comes with velcro closure and fits all utility, rescue, and fairway clubs. It also has 3 stylish contoured headcovers made of buffalo vinyl and synthetic suede perfect for your golf lover friend. 

          25. Leather Iron Head Covers

          These Leather Iron Head Covers are made from PU leather. It has iron numbers on the covers for easy club identification and comes with easy to attach and remove, velcro closure. This headcover is designed to protect your golf head from dings and damage during play or travel. 

            24. Thin Blue Line American Flag Head Cover

            This Thin Blue Line American Flag Head Cover is protection in style. It features a black and white police thin blue line American flag. This item can be personalized by replacing the sample name with your own officer's name. You don't want your precious clubs getting banged around on the course. This cushioned and cozy cover is just the trick to keep them safe. 

            23. British Open Putter Headcover

            This commemorative British Open Putter Headcover pays tribute to the host course with navy, maroon, and gray colors. Whiskey enthusiasts will note the multiple references to the continent’s oldest distilled beverage on the interior lining, too.

            22. Dog Head Cover

            Show off your best friend while golfing. This cool driver cover will be the talk of the fairway while keeping your clubs protected. Made with high quality plush material your clubs are in good hands with this cover.

            21. Rescue Headcover


            Specially designed TaylorMade headcovers bring style and simplicity to protecting your clubs. Made from semi-perforated synthetic white PU leather, TaylorMade’s quality construction and thoughtful design make each headcover a stylish accessory for your bag.

            20. Black Leather Golf Iron Head Covers Set Headcover

            Give him this high-quality Black Leather Golf Iron Head Covers Set HeadcoverThe colorful number is embroidered and easy to recognize on the club. It comes in 12pcs/set (3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,S,P,L,L) and will definitely be a favorite as he sees his name embroidered on it.  

            19. Skull Skeleton Black Golf Putter Club Head Cover 

            This Skull Skeleton Black Golf Putter Club Head Cover is made from high-quality PU leather. It has an easy ON and OFF magnetic closure, heavy fur pile lining and fits all blade and Anser style putters. 

            18. TaylorMade M5 460 Driver Headcover Golf Head Cover 

            Let him have this TaylorMade M5 460 Driver Headcover Golf Head Cover that comes with high-contrast stitching. It has a soft, padded lining for additional protection and comes with an integrated elastic band for a snug fit and secure hold. It features a black design with vibrant, blood orange accents. With the slim & sleek design, it will definitely end up as one of his favorites. 

            17. Leather Golf Iron Head Covers 

            The Leather Golf Iron Head Covers is made from thick material iron headcover. It is waterproof and oversized for extra protection. It features premium lychee pattern leather and is water & stain resistant. It has a durable and soft design plus its easy to put on and take off the iron clubs. 

            16. Driver Headcover Head Cover Golf 


            The Titleist Driver Headcover is stitched on the front, top, and the backside of the headcover, 917D is written on both the right and left sides of the headcover. It has an easy-grab pull tab and a nice long neck that provides good shaft protection. 

            15.  Bass Driver Head Cover

            This Golf Club Head Cover combines your two favorite past times, what could be better. Made from durable plush fabrics this fish is made to last. Be the envy of the greens with this club cover.

            14. Golf USA Head Cover

            The Star Design can make his golf bag stand out. The Golf Driver Headcover Fairway Wood Cover comes with strips that are sewn on the cover so you can be sure it never fades. It is also elastic to ensure the head covers stay secured onto your clubs.

                13. Big Teeth Iron Head Cover

                It's easy to take on and off and not slip off. The Big Teeth Iron Head Cover is waterproof and dustproof, protecting your golf head from the dings and damage. Each iron cover has a degree number tag to make clubs more identifiable at a glance. It is designed to fit most iron golf heads. 

                  12. Putter Blade Boot'E Golf Club Head Cover


                  This patented design fits blades, half moons, and classic mallets. He will be happy with this Putter Blade Boot'E Golf Club Head Cover. The exceptional quality and ease of use make this cover a winner. It's guaranteed to ensure a secure fit and tucks into the pocket during play. 

                    11. Old Leather Look Monogram Golf Head Cover

                    It can come with matching gloves. This Old Leather Look Monogram Golf Head Cover is made from polyester, cotton, and marine vinyl. It easily fits most standard drivers, but not meant for fairway woods or hybrid clubs. The print, cut, and sew construction are made entirely by hand for maximum quality. Choose from 15 different piping colors. 

                        10. Putter Head Cover

                        This Head Cover is designed to protect the heads and shafts of the wood from the damage which may happen when the clubs jostle around in his bag. Jostling is inevitable especially when carrying his clubs or when pulling or attaching them on a power cart. A gift that he'll surely find functional. 

                          9. Neoprene Hybrid Golf Club Head Cover

                          This Neoprene Hybrid Golf Club Head Cover is the best protection available for your expensive golf head. It comes with 4 pcs hybrid club covers and has an interchangeable number. It's one gift that will be used for a long time by your golf lover friend.

                          8. Personalized Putter Head Cover

                          The man the myth the legend golf head putter cover

                          The man the myth the legend golf head putter cover is a trendy golf club head protection gift for your golf aficionado friend. Personalize this sports equipment with a humorous golfing quote and add his custom name, monogram, or fun nickname. Customize the template design in green or custom colors. 

                          7. Team Golf NFL Contour Golf Club Headcovers

                          This Team Golf NFL Contour Golf Club headcover is made from 85% vinyl, 10% acrylic nylon, and 5% PVC. Help him protect his clubs in style and show off your team spirit on the course. It features 3 location team embroidery and fits all oversized drivers, utility clubs, rescue clubs, and fairway clubs. The nylon sock protects shafts from damage. It is also velour lined for extra club protection. 

                            6. Stealth 3HC Headcover

                            Let this Stealth 3HC Headcover reduce bag overcrowding as his clubs sit compactly for easier access. Made from neoprene, it has a superior fit regardless of club manufacturer. It's easy to use and the stretch allows smooth glide keeping coves secure. You can be sure you're giving a gift of excellent quality, durability, and protection. 

                              4. Metal-Look Custom Name Putter Cover

                              He won't have to worry about getting his clubs banged around on the course.  This Metal-Look Custom Name Putter Cover is protection with serious style. It easily fits most standard putters. These cushioned and cozy covers will surely keep them safe. 

                                3. Monogram Golf Head Cover

                                This Monogram Golf Head Cover features a horizontal blue stripe on a black background and a monogram initial in white for you to personalize. Made from polyester, cotton, and marine vinyl, it can easily fit most standard drivers, but not meant for fairway woods or hybrid clubs. 

                                2. Long Neck Iron Headcovers Set

                                This Long Neck Iron Headcovers Set is made from high-quality PU leather. What makes this headcover unique is that it is extended and can protect his club more carefully. The number is embroidered on two sides for easy recognition. It is suitable for right and left-handed people and comes with a magnetic closure. 

                                1. Callaway Golf Iron Headcovers

                                These Callaway Golf Iron Headcovers include 8 oversized headcovers specifically designed to fit oversized and hybrid iron sets. It fits both right and left-handed clubs. This item is made from breathable fabric and reduces moisture build-up. It also provides excellent protection for all irons. 

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