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    Club Comedian Head Cover

    Free Personalization Free Shipping on Orders Over $75

    This custom personalized golf head cover is a truly distinctive way to make your mark on the green. Perfectly marrying style and functionality, this unique accessory is a hole-in-one gift for golfers of all levels.

    Personalize Your Presence

    What sets our Barrel Head Golf Cover apart is its personal touch. With a range of customization options, you can emblazon your cover with your initials, name, or a witty catchphrase. Imagine the envy of fellow golfers as you stride up to the tee box with a cover that reflects your unique identity. It's more than a cover; it's an extension of your golfing persona.

    How to Personalize

    To personalize this head cover, follow the instructions below:

      1. Pick the color of the head cover you would like from the drop-down that appears above the add to cart button. This will change the image that is displayed.


      1. Type in the custom text you would like to appear on the head cover.  As you start typing, you can see your text appear on the head cover in the picture.


    1. If you would like to change the color of the text, click on the color that appears under the "custom text" field.


    • Comes in black or white
    • Customize with your saying
    • Fits all drivers including 460cc

    If you need help coming up with a few ideas, here are some of our favorites: 

    • Born to golf, forced to work
    • The slice is right
    • Caution: Slices and Hooks Ahead
    • Grip it and rip it
    • Golfaholic
    • The fairway is my runway
    • Golf is a game of inches, and I'm a ruler
    • Par-tee time
    • Caution: May cause sudden urge to yell 'fore!
    • Drive for show, putt for dough
    • Swing hard, or go home
    • Golf is a four-letter word
    • May the course be with you
    • Bombs Away
    • Grip it and rip it
    • The only shaft I pull out
    • I can't, I have golf
    • Pound Town
    • Golfing is cheaper than therapy, and you get to drink


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    Trusted Quality

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    Fast Shipping

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