61 Best Groomsmen Gifts of 2021 To Show Your Appreciation

Updated on March 01, 2021 by Chris Bajda

Nothing says, “I love you, man” like asking someone to be a groomsman at your wedding. It’s the ultimate honor – why not show a little generosity and buy them groomsmen gifts as a thank you for being a part of your big day?

If you’re not sure what to buy, fret not! We have the best groomsmen gifts to suit all budgets and groomsmen. From football to homemade salsa, there’s something for every type of groomsman on this list!

Here is a list of the 61 best groomsmen gifts that you can get your guys:

61. To Sexy For This- Mug On A Mug

When your guys are too sexy and they know it these steins are the perfect gift. Sit back and watch with pride as your groomsmen  swig the night away with these awesome Mugs on Mugs.

60. Box O'Joy- The Termanator

Remind your guys of the joys of goodie bags with this box of swag. The Termanator is a thing of legends among groomsmen. What could go wrong putting a sharp object in your guys pocket when he's been swigging from his flask all night. Gift at your own risk.

59. Traveling Men- Muscle Duffle

Groomsmen gifts have never looked better. The Muscle Duffle is designed for the groomsmen on the go. This strong and rugged duffle bag will be with your guys for years to come and they will always remember your special day and the awesome gift you gave him.

58. The Tokers- Midnight Smoker

The Midnight Smoker gift set is a stogie lovers dream.  Packed with 5 cigar gifts your groomsmen will be in a hurry to light up and toast you and your bride. Coming in a handsome engraved wooden box this is the perfect one and done gift for your guys.


57. Smokin’ Groomsmen -Ash With Class

If your boys are all about that debonairJames Bondlifestyle, these smoking kits hit the bullseye. Sit back and sink into your favorite chair at the country club with these all-in-one sets, complete with an ashtray, cigar cutter, puncher, and holder.

56. Gifts For Your Casino Crew -Vegas In A Box

The Hangover is probably the greatest bachelor party movie of all time. But, if you and your buddies can’t hitch it all the way to Vegas, then this gift is for you. Bust out your favorite booze and practice your poker faces – this little treasure trove of toys has everything you need for that“It’s Vegas, baby!”experience.

55. Gifts For The Scribe Squad -Colonel Journal

You can’t go wrong with a unique groomsmen gifts for the boys. This posh leather journal’s not justhella freakin’ cool, but it comes with free personalization too. This gift idea is sophisticated and functional, what more can you ask for? 

54. The Sauciest SOBs -DIY Hot Sauce Kit

Thiscaliente gift has enough included for seven bottles of homemade hot sauce, ranging from mild to feeling like a volcano just erupted in your mouth. The manufacturer’s secret? Their peppers are plucked straight from a small farm.

53. Gifts For Your Band Of Bearded Brothers -Classic Shaver’s Kit


groomsmen gift box of shaving supplies


What’s the best groomsmen gift for the guys that are fussy about their facial hair? The answer: this classically charming shaving kit that echoes the beauty of vintage barbershops. While groomsmen gift ideas like this may seem old-fashioned, its top-of-the-line construction and modern razor chamber make it future-proof. 

52. The Big League Boys -Personalized Baseball Bat

The best gift from groomsmen is their presence on your big day, but what can you give them in return? This exquisitely crafted baseball bat – with free personalization – is a sure home run. Bring these bad boys out, and your groomsmen will havea ball (*badum tss*) at your wedding party. 

51. The Boys That Like A Buzz -Low-Profile Personal Flask


groomsmen gift flasks


No list of best groomsmen gifts is complete without a personalized flask. Made of stainless steel, this flask’s robust construction evokes the oldwild westsaloon fantasy while still remaining low-key enough to take just about anywhere! There will be no parched groomsmen on your wedding day. 

50. Groomsmen Gifts For Your Viking Horde -Beer Horn


Steady your goblet hand and unleash your horde of groomsmen at the nearest bar for a riotous good time, guaranteed. This Valhalla beer horn is the king of unique groomsmen gift ideas, perfect for a bacchanalian bachelor party to remember.

49. The Chill Chaps -Super-Useful Supercooler

Few things are better than a pre-wedding day camping trip with the boys – just you, your crew, and the great outdoors. But when you’re roughing it in the wild, keeping the brewskies cold can be challenging. Make sure to snag these high-quality coolers (which make forgreatgroomsmen gifts) that also double as a rough-and-tumble chair.

48. Gifts For A Coordinated Crew -Complementary Cap Opener

What groomsmen gifts do you get for the friends you’ve known your whole life? With these matching bottle cap openers, your groomsmen will think of you every time they pop open an ice-cold beer – even after the wedding festivities are over.

47. Gifts For The Novelty Lovers-Groomsmen Bobbleheads

The most extraordinary people in history all have bobbleheads – Elvis Presley, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson...and now, you and your buddies can get in on it too. This quartet’s specially made for every order, guaranteeing each of you groomsmen a perfect little mini-me.

46. For The Red Blooded Groomsmen- Damascus Knife

personalized groomsmen gift knife

A perfect gift that is sure to last. Give your crew the knife, a heavy-duty burl wood with stainless titanium steel coated blade in the Damascus style. This Attack Jack gift can be custom engraved with one line of up to 10 characters. This is definitely a groomsmen gift worth remembering. 

45. The Watchmen -Crafty Wooden Watch

Make sure your groomsmen show up to your wedding on time with this unmistakably stylish and versatile wooden timepiece. This watch is one of our favorite groomsmens gifts because it balances rugged elegance with clean simplicity, resulting in an accessory that compliments any outfit. TL;DR? This watch rocks. 

44. Gifts For The Classy Groomsmen -Leather Phone Case And Wallet

All aboard the S.S. Best Gift Ever! This all-in-one leather iPhone case keeps your groomsmen’s cash, cards, and phone dry, even on the roughest of voyages. This gift is the perfect companion for a bachelor’s party out on the open seas.Yarr!

43. Beers For The Boys -Customizable Cap Trap


When a party’s in full swing, the last thing you need is to lose your trusty bottle opener. You will never have to struggle with another unopened beer ever again – with its compact design, this cap catcher fits in with every kitchen, man cave, or outdoor grill. Your boys are sure to love it!

42. The Great Drunk Outdoorsmen -Warrior’s Wineskin

Nothing says “a man’s man” like chugging drinks out of wineskin. Gather your best guys for a pre-wedding party to remember, and channel your inner warrior with this kooky gift for the groomsmen!

41. Your Forever Bromance -A Broposal Kit

Look, a 21st-century man isn’t afraid of showing his friends a little love. If you’re up for the challenge, consider getting your best man this broposal kit! Every box comes with a personalized label, a customized shot glass, and an entire bottle of booze for an instant celebration. With this groomsmen gift, he’s sure to say yes!

40. The Groomsmen That Keep It Clean -Canvas Carry-On

Traveling doesn’t have to be messy, and these canvas carry-ons are a testament to that. These unique groomsmen gifts pair perfectly with a destination wedding. Its many pockets make it easy to keep everyone’s things neatly stashed away while you’re on a plane, boat, or jetski.(Jetski not included)

39. Pyro Pals -Bazooka Torch

Maybe you won’t say it out loud, but bazookas are cool. Now imagine having several for each of your best men. While these lighters aren’texactly the same as explosives in a tube, the cool factor of having a blowtorch to light up a cigar does come pretty close. For guys that like to have fun, this is one of the best groomsmen gift ideas on our list!

38. Gifts For The Fashionable Fraternity -Embroidered Groomsmen Socks

There comes a time in life where men grow up and they realize that all theyreally want is a fresh pair of socks. While this may not be one of the more exciting gift ideas on our list, there is still something heartwarming about giving your groomsmen something functional that they can use on your big day. Oh, and did we mention that the word “groomsmen” is embroidered along the side? 

37. Just A Bunch Of Hot Papas -Griller’s Arsenal

Picture a perfect sunny day with your friends, each of you taking turns at the grill. Wouldn’t this dream sequence be even better if everyone’s grilling tools matched? This useful gift is perfect for groomsmen that love a backyard barbeque with the bros!

36. Dressed To Kill- To the 9's Tripack

If you're looking for a classy combo that works magic in numbers, this groomsmen box set collection is a trio that will sing sweet music to any of your groomsmen. In the flick of a box top, you can into your groomsman with a set of metal accessories that will take any suit to new heights. This great groomsmen gift set comes with links, a money clip, and a tie clip that will splash formal wear with the needed touch. Put them in this awesome box and personalize all three and you have three gift perfection.

35. The Axe-tion Stars -Miniature Bone Handle Axe

How often do you get the opportunity to give your friends mini axes? These tools make for unique groomsmen gifts and can be used for everything you’d typically use a pocket knife for: carving meat, slicing cheese, or even just opening stubborn packaging. 

34. Gifts For Football Fratello -Customized Football

The best groomsmen gift ideas are the ones thatmean something, but it doesn’t hurt if the gift is also super cool. If you and your best man used to run lengths on the field together, this personalized pigskin football would be the perfect way to get him hyped up for your wedding. 

33. Gifts For The Modern Host-Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Wine night with the boys is about to get real fancy. This high-quality electric bottle opener has enough juice to open 60 bottles of your best red on one charge. It also has a foil cutter, bottle stopper, and wine pourer bundled in. Now, that’srealluxury.

32. Best Groomsmen Gift For The Beer Lovers-Combat Cooler

camo groomsmen stag cooler

    This is one beer tote your groomsmen will definitely adore! This combat cooler is made of 600-Denier polyester and has a PEVA (PVC free) lining. It is sure to keep his drinks cold and his food warm. It can hold up to 18 cans or 12 bottles of his favorite beer. It features a top padded carry handle and an adjustable shoulder strap complete with a front pocket for easy storage. You can even have it personalized up to 3 initials. This is an easy choice for any groom's party ready for a tailgate. Make it the best groomsmen gift ever and load it up for them.

    31. Gifts For Your Council Of Kings -Stainless Steel Whiskey Glasses

    Groomsmen gifts have never been so slick yetsouseful. Gather your boys for a night of fun before your big day, and pass these whiskey glasses out – they keep your drinks as cool as your friends are. 

    30. Gifts For Groomsmen With A Sense Of Humor -Beer Belly Fanny Pack

    Partying and drinking with your buddies is going to catch up to youeventually, so why not beat it to the pouch, er, punch? These beer belly fanny packs are the perfect mens groomsmen gifts for the guys that love to laugh, especially at themselves. 

    29. Party On The Go -Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

    This is something your best man can take to your wedding party, the great outdoors, or even into the bathroom if he wants to. The XLEADER Soundangel’s sleek low-profile construction means that it’ll fit any lifestyle. It can even survive a dunk in a pool! 

    28.  Drop the Hamburger Wallet- Stacking Benjamins

    best groomsmen wallet

    For the financially paranoid groomsman in your life, this slim body personalized minimalist wallet comes with military-grade RFID protection. We’re not 100% sure what that stands for, but we do know thieves won’t stand a chance trying to swipe your groomsman’s card information with this bad boy in their pocket. With this souped-up groomsmen wallet, your groomsmen may just feel like real-life James Bonds. Assuming, of course, James Bond carries $11 and a Wendy’s gift card. A groomsman can dream, right? joy!

    27. The Fantastic Four -Quartet Drink Set

    Wedding party of four? These whiskey glasses are the perfect groomsmen gift. Each finely crafted glass is shaped to bring out your drink’s robust flavors. Plus, it comes with the nice little touch of personalized initials.

    26. Make It Rain -Leather Money Clip

    This gift is for all of the groomsmen that insist on bringing a huge wallet with them. Get rid of wallet bulge with this small-but-functional wallet, fashioned from high-quality leather and sturdy steel. Even better? These groomsmen gifts fit right in your suit pocket, so your buds can keep their cards and cash close at your wedding.

    25. The Boyband Effect -Groovy Groomsman Kit


    custom groomsmen gift box


    Hot tip: psychological research has found that when a bunch of guys band together in matching outfits, everybody comes off more attractive than usual. Harness the power of The BoyBand Effect with matching sunglasses, flasks, and even pocket knives with this Groovy Groomsman Kit!

    24. The House Party Crew -Selfie Beer Glass

    What’s better than your mug on a mug? Why, your mug on a beer glass, of course! You and your boys can chug down your favorite IPA beers knowing you won’t have to do the dance of “is this my glass, or yours?” There’s also enough space to engrave your best friend’s embarrassing childhood nickname engraved, but you didn’t hear that from us. 

    23. Gifts For Barista Bros -French Press Coffee Maker

    What’s the best groomsmen gift for a guy that loves his coffee, but is also incredibly particular about how it’s made? Gift your discerning coffee-drinker with this French press coffee maker. It’s a great way to thank them for agreeing to be in your wedding party! 

    22. Gifts For Bear Grylls’ Biggest Fans -LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

    This next groomsmen gift is not for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach. This LifeStraw personal water filter is a great gift for any backpacker or survivalist. You won’t have to carry gallons of water with you when you can just stick this bad boy into a body of water and sip straight from nature. 

    21. Game Night Groomsmen-Football Cocktail Shaker

    What should you give your boys when your weddingand the big game are coming up? This kickoff football cocktail shaker will keep your drinks fresh and topped off in game-day style. Even if your team totally bombs the first half, your and your groomsmen will still have something to celebrate with this cool groomsmen gift.

    20. Bartending Buddies -Mixology All-In-One Kit

    No bachelor party is complete without two things: booze and your best men. Now add this unique groomsmen gift, and agood time becomes agreattime. Encased in a high-quality wooden box, these gorgeous bartending kits are bound to bring out the inner mixologist in every man, making it the perfect gift for your tipsy troop. 

    19. The Future-Tech Obsessed Groomsmen -Holographic Track Pad

    The future is now, and this groomsmen gift is hard proof of that. Set this holographic trackpad on any surface andvoila – you instantly have a quick and cool way to surf the web. Who says groomsmen gifts can’t fulfill aStar Trek tech fantasy, right? 

    18. The Beer-Brewin’ Groomsmen -Premium Beer Brewing Kit

    Your groomsmen can take this gift with them to the wedding party. This brewing kit can make up to 2 gallons of beer at a time in as quick as 30 minutes! Your wedding guests will be blown away by howcrafty your groomsmen are. 

    17. Gifts For The Closet Bootlegger-(Not Scary) Spirit Infuser

    Whether they’ve dreamt of starting their ownmoonshinin’ business or just love making something their own, your DIY-savvy groomsmen will appreciate this refreshing spirit infusion kit

    16. Gifts For The Handy Groomsmen -Magnetic Wristband

    What groomsmen gifts can you get for the guy who can build and fix just about everything? This magnetic wristband is a one-size-fits-all wonder that holds all the loose nuts and bolts in a safe and easily-accessible place – your wrist! Gift this to your handy best bud and he’ll wonder how he ever went without it. 

    15. For The Groomsmen That Really Love Pizza -Pizza Stone

    Pizza represents everything that’s great about being alive. This Pizza Stone groomsman gift lets you make your own authentic personalized pie at home, even without a high-powered pizza oven. Gift? Given. Heart? Warmed. Stomach? Full of pizza. 

    14. Gifts For The Cinephile -Scratch-Off Movie Poster


    This scratch-off movie poster is the groomsmen gift that keeps on giving. Movie night with the boys can sometimes get stale when you don’t know what to watch next, but this cleverly designed wall hanging makes sure that never happens again! Next time you can’t pick a film, you can always turn to this poster for a no-fail recommendation.

    13. Gifts For The Groomsmen With A Green Thumb -Hydroponics At Home

    Growing your own plants can be easy and idiot-proof with the right tools. This miniature hydroponics system comes with an automatic timer, full “weather” control, and 7 pods for whatever herbs you want.

    12. Groomsmen Gifts For The Vintage Veteran -Old-Timey Bluetooth Radio

    Buying vintage is really trendy right now, but sometimes they don’t measure up to our modern standards of quality. If your groomsman loves the old-timey aesthetic but is also a total audiophile, this gift will fit perfectly with his lifestyle. This vintage-themed Crosley radio can catch AM/FM signals or connect to your devices!

    11. Groomsmen Gifts That Save The Environment -Reusable Smart Notebook

    Everyone that’s ever used a notebook will know that actually filling them up to the very last page is next to impossible. But buying new notebooks for every purpose can be costly and waste paper, so why not gift your groomsman-scribe this smart notebook that can be reused again and again?

    10. For The Secretive Stan -Secret Book Safe

    We all have secrets and important items that we need to keep safe. This Secret Book Safe gift is a tribute to the old trope of “a book that opens the secret door”, making it a fun and accessible way of keeping your most prized possessions away from prying eyes. 

    9. Gifts For The Guy That Loves Breakfast -Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

    Is your groomsman that one guy that wakes everyone up early so they can catch the breakfast buffet? If the answer is yes, then he’ll think this dual breakfast sandwich maker is probably the greatest gift he’s ever received. With a minimal amount of prep and the push of a single button, he’ll have two delicious breakfast sandwiches that he can eat right then or take with him on the go! 

    8. For The Sleepless In Seattle (Or Anywhere Else) -White Noise Machine

    Getting in a full eight hours of sleep can be challenging for many adults. Enter the white noise machine, which lulls you to sleep using preprogrammed background noise. Your groomsmen will be recharged and ready to take on the duties of being your best men.

    7. The Groomsman That’s Always Working -Smart Mug

    Most people work to live, but some just live to work. If this sounds like your groomsman, then we have the perfect gift idea for you. This smart mug sits pretty on any desktop set-up and can keep any drink at an app-controlled temperature. Your buddy can leave it plugged in, but it also has a 1.5 hr battery life! This is the ultimate groomsmen gift for the coffee loving guys.

    6. The Caffeinated Wedding Goer -Grady’s Cold Brew Kit

    Cold brew coffee takes so long to prepare, but boy is it worth it. Grady’s cold brew kit has everything a patient man needs to brew 36 cups of coffee for later...all in one bag!

    5. Gifts For The Brewmasters -Pressurized Beer Keg

    What’s manlier than making your own brew to enjoy by yourself, or share with your friends at a stay-home kegger? Encourage your groomsmen to bring out their inner brewster with this smart keg that keeps their beer tasting fresh for weeks! The uKeg also has a viewing window patched into the side so you’ll always know when it’s time to brew another batch.

    4. Groomsmen Gifts For The On-The-Go Glutton -Bamboo Utensils

    Everyone knows what plastic utensils can do to the environment. Every environmentally-friendly decision can make a difference. This Bamboo Utensils groomsmen gift provides every single one of your chosen men with everything they need on the go: chopsticks, a straw, eating utensils, and even a toothbrush to clean up when they’re all done! 

    3. The One Who Would BYOB At Your Wedding -Hyper-Portable Mini Fridge

    This next groomsmen gift is perfect for the discerning drinker thatneeds their bottle of beer or iced coffee to stay at a very specific temperature. This hyper-portable mini fridge can keep the cold in or the heat out, one drink at a time. 

    2. A Gift For The Gym Bro -Vortex Premium Shaker Bottle

    Lots of folks hit the gym right before a wedding. Help your friends get those enviable groomsmen gains – this premium shaker bottle takes any protein powder and turns it into a smooth post-workout shake. 

    1. Groomsmen Gifts For The Perpetual Showerer -Shower Beer Holder

    When the hustle and bustle of life get too much, there’s nothing like a good long shower and a refreshing beer. This Shower Beer Holder groomsman gift combines both! Gift this to your stressed-out friend, and he’ll emerge refreshedand a little tipsy.

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