17 Affordable and Unique Gifts for Men Under $20

January 09, 2024 by Melissa Bajda

Are you tired of scrolling through endless gift options for the men in your life, only to find out they are way over your budget? Well, worry no more because we've got you covered. In this blog post, we will be exploring some of the best gifts for men under $20 that are guaranteed to not suck. That's right, we're talking about thoughtful, practical, and fun gifts that won't break the bank.

Whether it is for your dad, brother, friend, or significant other, we've got something for every man on your list. So, sit back, relax, and let's dive into the world of cheap gifts for men.

1. Legendary Drinkware

Introducing ourLegendary Drinkware collection, where you can spoil your man with a touch of mythology. Our glass is the perfect blend of man, myth, and legend. With the option to customize with his name on the other side, this glass is a truly personalized gift. The modern text style adds a contemporary twist to these classic legends.

And with an 11-ounce capacity, he can enjoy his favorite hot beverage in style. Don't miss out on these affordable gift ideas that will make him feel like the mythical hero he truly is.

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2. Bullet-Shaped Whiskey Stones

Looking for a cool and practical gift under $20 for the whiskey-loving guy in your life? Look no further than theBullet-Shaped Whiskey Stones.

Made from edible 304 stainless steel, these bullet-shaped stones are the perfect way to keep your drink cool without diluting it. The set of six stones comes in a sleek and stylish box, making it a great addition to any home bar or man cave.

Whether you're enjoying a glass of whiskey or a bottle of beer, these unique gifts for men under $20 will add a touch of sophistication and style to your drinking experience. Cheers!

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3. Mini Golf Pen Set

TheMini Golf Pen Set is a unique and fun gift for the golf enthusiast in your life. This high-quality aluminum alloy set includes three ballpoint pens shaped like golf clubs, complete with rubber handles for a comfortable grip.

But that's not all, the set also comes with two golf balls, a flag, and a golf gift box that doubles as a mini putting green! It is the perfect desk accessory for any golf lover, providing hours of fun and a stylish addition to their workspace.

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4. Wooden Wine Opener

Upgrade your wine game with ourWooden Wine Opener. This best home gift under $20 is a must-have for any wine lover. Made from durable faux leather or wooden materials, it adds a touch of sophistication to any wine-opening experience. Plus, you can personalize it with their name for an extra special touch.

With its multi-tool design, it not only opens wine bottles but also includes a corkscrew, bottle opener, and foil cutter. Give the gift of convenience and elegance with this Wooden Wine Opener.

5. 18-in-1 Snowflake Multitool

The18-in-1 Snowflake Multitool is every handyman's dream gadget. Made from durable stainless steel, this snowflake-shaped tool packs a whopping 18 functional tools in one compact design, making it perfect for holidays.

Whether you need a screwdriver, bottle opener, wrench, or any of the other included tools, this multitool has got you covered. It is the perfect pocket-sized companion for camping trips, DIY projects, or just everyday fixes.

6. Man Card Opener

TheMan Card Opener is a unique and personalized gift for the man in your life. This stylish bottle opener not only opens bottles with ease, but it also doubles as a man card. The front can be personalized with his name and date of birth, while the back features the rules of the Man Card.

It is the perfect accessory for any man who wants to show off his manly credentials while enjoying a cold beverage. Give him the gift that combines functionality with a touch of masculinity with our Man Card Opener.

7. Foot Roller Massager

Treat your feet with the ultimate relaxation tool - theFoot Roller Massager. Designed to target pressure points and promote blood circulation, this dual foot massager roller features two different types of acupressure nubs and five rows to ensure a thorough and effective massage.

With its arched design and ten different moving rollers, it's like having a personal foot masseuse at your fingertips. Whether you've been shopping all day or just need some relief after the holiday rush, it is one of the best gifts to help soothe tired feet and relax your body.

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8. Piggy Back Bank

ThisPiggy Back Bank sleek and slim leatherette wallet attaches securely to the back of his phone, allowing him to conveniently carry his cards and cash wherever he goes. With its highly adhesive backing and easy storage pockets, it won't slip or fall off.

And the best part? It can be personalized with his initials, adding a custom touch. Spoil your man with these great gifts for men under $25 that combine functionality and practicality.

9. American Flag Tumbler

Stay hydrated in style with theAmerican Flag Tumbler! This 17-ounce stainless steel tumbler is not only practical, but it also showcases your patriotism with its eye-catching American flag design.

This best outdoorsman gift under $20 fits perfectly in most car cup holders, making it convenient for on-the-go Dads during the holiday season. Whether you're sipping hot coffee or enjoying a cold beverage, this tumbler is the perfect accessory for any occasion.

10. Personalized Bourbon Glass

For the whiskey connoisseur in your life, thisPersonalized Bourbon Glass is the perfect gift.

With a capacity of 10 oz., this glass is ideal for sipping on their favorite bourbon or whiskey. It is dishwasher safe and comes in a variety of stylish designs, so you can choose the one that best suits their taste. And don't worry about it arriving damaged, we ensure it is well protected in a sturdy mailbox.

Personalize it with their name and initial for that extra special touch. Raise a glass to your man with this thoughtful and unique gift.

11. Southern Whiskey Soap

If your man enjoys a good cigar and boozy bourbon, then ourSouthern Whiskey Soap is the perfect gift for him. This handcrafted soap is made with real whiskey, giving it a unique and enticing scent. Not only does it smell amazing, but it also leaves his skin feeling soft and refreshed.

The rich lather and moisturizing properties make it a luxurious treat for his daily grooming routine. Spoil him with this one-of-a-kind soap that will transport him to the world of smoky whiskey and relaxation.

12. Telescoping Back Scratcher

If you are looking for a practical and budget-friendly stocking stuffer, look no further than theTelescoping Back Scratcher.

This handy tool comes with 3 detachable scratching heads, giving you options for different levels of pressure. With its dual-sided design featuring a claw and rake, it's perfect for relieving those hard-to-reach itches.

Whether you've been shopping all day or just need some instant relief, this great gift idea for a man is a must-have for anyone who enjoys a little self-indulgence.

13. Mulligan Mender

TheMulligan Mender is the perfect gift for the golf lover in your life. This personalized divot repair tool is not only practical but also stylish. Made with anodized aluminum, it is durable and built to last. The best part? You can have it personalized with their name or initials, adding that extra special touch.

Whether they are a seasoned golfer or just getting started, this Mulligan Mender will become their new favorite accessory on the green.

14. Custom Boxer Brief

Add a personalized touch to your man's underwear collection with thisCustom Boxer Briefs.

This funny gift under $20 is made from high-quality polyester material, ensuring durability and a soft feel against the skin. The best part? You can customize them with custom faces with hearts, adding a touch of romance and fun to his underwear drawer.

Give him a gift that is both practical and sentimental with our Custom Boxer Briefs. He'll love wearing them and will appreciate the thought and effort you put into choosing such a unique and personal gift.

15. LED Flashlight Gloves

When it comes to cool and practical gifts for men,LED Flashlight Gloves are a game-changer. These great gifts for men are perfect for outdoor activities or working in dark spaces. With an adjustable strap, they can fit any hand size comfortably. Made from durable carbon fiber, they are built to last.

Whether you are looking for a stocking stuffer or a unique gift, these LED Light Gloves will impress. Get them for the man who loves adventure and practicality! It is one of our unique gift ideas for men under $20.

16. Clever Fox Password Book with Tabs

If you are tired of forgetting your passwords or scrambling to find them in scattered notebooks, theClever Fox Password Book with Tabs is here to save the day. This compact and stylish password book allows you to store all your important login information in one secure place.

With its organized tabs and room for over 400 passwords, this password book is the perfect gift for the tech-savvy recipient in your life. Plus, it comes in other fun colors, making it one of the best gift ideas for every occasion.

17. Personalized Apron

If you are looking for a unique and practical gift that will impress, look no further than thePersonalized Apron.

This great gift features multiple pockets, perfect for holding tools or utensils while cooking or grilling. Available in red, blue, and black, it's easy to find the perfect color for any recipient. The adjustable neck strap ensures a comfortable fit, while the personalized name adds a special touch.

Whether you are looking for a gift for a friend or your Dad, this personalized apron is a great option. And the best part? It is an affordable option, making it one of the best Christmas gifts under $20.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are good gifts to give men?

A good gift for a man often depends on his interests and lifestyle. Tech gadgets like a smartwatch, multitool pen, or wireless earbuds are popular for tech-savvy men. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, consider camping gear, a sturdy tote, a high-quality pocket knife, or sports equipment.

Men who appreciate style might like a classy watch, leather wallet, or stylish sunglasses. Books, subscription services, or a quality bottle of whiskey or wine can also make excellent gifts.

Q2. What small gifts do guys like?

Small gifts that guys often appreciate include practical and functional items. Keychain tools, quality pens, pocket-sized notebooks, and multitools are both useful and compact. Other options include gourmet snacks or a selection of craft beers, stylish socks, or grooming products like beard oils or nice shaving kits. Small tech accessories, like USB drives or portable chargers, are also well-received.

Q3. What do grown men like for gifts?

Grown men typically appreciate gifts that align with their hobbies or enhance their lifestyle. High-quality kitchen tools for those who love to cook, a good book or a subscription to a magazine in their area of interest, or a fine bottle of liquor can be great choices. For those interested in fitness, consider gym equipment or a fitness tracker. Other thoughtful gifts include a quality leather briefcase, a watch, or a gift certificate to a favorite store or restaurant.


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