40 Unique Baseball Gifts for Dads Who Love the Game

Updated on April 18, 2024 by Melissa Bajda

Father's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to show your baseball Dad how much you care than with one of these great Father's Day Baseball Gifts?

Whether your Dad has been a sports fan since he was a kid or just recently caught the baseball bug, there's something here for every type of fan.

From Baseball-shaped Grilling Tools to personalized accessories, we have got it all. So, get ready to slide into home base with these awesome Gifts for Baseball-loving Dads and show your old man that he is a real MVP.

1. Baseball Bat Whiskey Decanter Set

If your Dad is a baseball lover, a great Father's Day gift idea is the Baseball Bat Whiskey Decanter Set. This baseball dad gift set includes a 750ml baseball bat decanter and four matching whiskey glasses.

These baseball gifts are sleek, stylish and perfect for displaying his favorite whiskey. He can enjoy pouring drinks in style with the included glasses. Your baseball dad will enjoy this classic addition to his home bar.

2. Slider Spatula

Slider Spatula is a great gift idea for the baseball dad. This spatula features a patented bat handle design with a laser-engraved handle that will make your baseball dad feel like he is stepping up to the plate every time he uses it!

These baseball gifts are made from heavy-duty stainless steel, so they are strong enough to stand up to all the grilling and barbecuing he may be doing this summer.

3. Custom Engraved Baseball Bat

Hit a home run with the perfect gift for any baseball loving dad: a personalized, engraved baseball bat. Crafted with care, each ball can be customized with a name, date, or special message, making it a one-of-a-kind memento. Whether celebrating a big win, a birthday, or any special occasion, this engraved baseball is sure to be a cherished keepsake for years to come.

4. Diamond Dugout Pint Glass

Elevate Dad's game day experience with the Diamond Dugout Pint Glass, a unique addition to his collection.

Each 16oz pint glass showcases a solid metal baseball, expertly cast by a U.S.-based jeweler, creating a stunning visual effect as if the baseball is mid-flight inside the glass. The glasses for baseball dads arrive individually packaged, and ready to be gifted.

This baseball dad gift serves as a functional drinking vessel and a conversation starter, perfectly blending the worlds of baseball and craftsmanship.

5. Baseball Whiskey Glass

Surprise your baseball dad with a unique and stylish gift: a whiskey glass with a Realistic Baseball Design on the Base this Father's Day.

These gifts for baseball dads will surely bring a smile to Dad's face. The base of the glass features a 3D baseball design, while the glass itself is made of quality glassware.

It is the perfect way to show your baseball dad you care on this particular day, as it makes for a beautiful and meaningful gift.

6. Personalized Photo Baseball 

This our Personalized Photo Baseball, the perfect Father's Day gift to capture cherished memories. This baseball dad gift features a full-color image of your choice, allowing you to showcase a special moment between you and your dad.

Whether it's a snapshot from a memorable game or a heartwarming family photo, this gift for your baseball dad will bring joy and nostalgia every time he sees it.

7. Baseball Shaped Whiskey Glass

If you have a baseball dad, these Baseball-shaped Glasses are for him. What is better than watching the game with his favorite drink in hand?

The round sturdiness of the glass will remind him of holding the ball and making the clutch throw to home plate stopping the game-winning run. Made with Lead-free glass, you can't go wrong with this Father's Day baseball gift.

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8. Baseball-Themed Tumbler

baseball tumblers

A Baseball-themed Tumbler is an ideal gift for a baseball enthusiast for several reasons.

First, its distinctive design, featuring elements reminiscent of a baseball, such as stitches or a ball pattern, resonates deeply with a fan's love for the sport, making it a special item that celebrates their passion. Furthermore, it acts as a practical and fashionable vessel for beverages, perfect for use at home, during a game, or on the go, thus serving as a constant, useful reminder of their favorite pastime.

This combination of functionality and personal appeal makes it a thoughtful and appreciated gift for any baseball dad.

7. Baseball Stitched Leather Wallet

This Rawling tanned leather baseball Embroidered Wallet will awaken your baseball dad or friend who loves baseball.

This Father's Day baseball gift has a spacious single bill compartment holder, two side pockets to eliminate layers of overlapping cards, an embossed logo with a timeless quote and 8 card slots.

This Personalized Wallet is accented with a baseball stitch for that sporty style. This wallet for baseball dads will be treasured for a long time.  

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8. Baseball Water Bottle 

These Baseball Water Bottle baseball gifts will keep dad from getting thirsty at the field.

He will be thrilled to have this durable personalized tumbler by his side. It is designed for sports enthusiasts for both indoor and outdoor activities.

This Father's Day baseball gift is 100% healthy, made from non-toxic materials, and safe. Totally BPA -free. It is easy to use and easy to clean.

9. Personalized Baseball Player Sign

These Personalized Baseball Player Sign baseball gifts will remind dad of his passion for baseball daily.

This Father's Day baseball gift will be his favorite room decoration with its unique etched design. This gift for baseball dad is handmade to perfection, and the design is lasered, so you can be sure you are hanging a quality piece on his wall.

You will genuinely hit a home run with this baseball-themed gift he will cherish forever.  

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10. Baseball Cuff Links

Game Used Baseball Cufflinks PICK YOUR TEAM image 4

Baseball dad will use these Baseball Cuff links for special occasions. These gifts for baseball dads are made from oxidized silver-plated charms on sturdy silver-plated cufflinks.

It also comes gift-wrapped and ready to be handed to your favorite buddy. Who says being sentimental can't go with his million-dollar look? Let this Father's Day baseball gift complete his elegant look as you give him this set of cufflinks.

11. Baseball Helmet Desk Caddy

Baseball Helmet Desk Caddy Gift

This Helmet Desk Caddy is the perfect gift for the baseball dad, who is a baseball fan. It is available in just about every MLB team.

Baseball dad will love using these baseball gifts to keep his desk organized. This unique and fun Father's Day baseball gift will be loved by kids and grown men alike.

12. Grand Slam Cooler

Ideal for the dad who loves to enjoy a cold one while watching the game, the Grand Slam Cooler is a home run among Father's Day baseball gifts.

These gifts for baseball dads feature a convenient 54-inch adjustable shoulder strap and an open top pocket, making them easy to carry and access. The sleek faux leather accents add a touch of class, while the zipper closure ensures the contents stay cool and secure. An attached bottle opener adds to its functionality.

For a personal touch, the cooler can be customized with dad's initials, making it a unique and thoughtful gift he'll cherish on game days.

13. Home Plate Cutting Board

Crafted from solid Western Maple and Black Walnut, the Home Plate Cutting Board is a distinctive addition to any baseball-loving dad's kitchen lineup.

Designed in the iconic shape of a home plate, these gifts for baseball dads offer both functionality and style. To make this Father's Day gift even more special, add a personalized touch with laser-engraved text.

Whether it's his name, a special date, or a message of appreciation, this customization turns the cutting board into a memorable keepsake.

14. The Signature Snapback

The Signature Snapback stands out as a stylish and customizable option for the baseball-loving dad.

This cap for baseball dads comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to select the perfect match for Dad's team or his personal style. You can further personalize this gift by choosing the patch color and adding Dad's initials or a significant date.

The adjustable strap ensures a comfortable fit, making it an ideal accessory for game day or any day.

15. Swing Style Tee

The Swing Style Tee is a perfect blend of comfort and durability, making it an essential addition to any baseball dad's wardrobe.

Made from 100% premium polyester, this T-shirt for baseball dads boast a soft, moisture-wicking fabric that keeps dad cool and dry, whether enjoying a game under the sun or practicing his swing. Its fade and snag-resistant qualities ensure the tee remains pristine, game after game.

With a relaxed fit and UPF44+ protection, it offers both comfort and sun safety.

17. Personalized Hand Made Baseball Key Chain

For the dad who takes his love of the game everywhere, the Personalized Hand Made Baseball Key Chain is a grand slam.

Expertly handcrafted in the USA from genuine, professional baseballs, not synthetic, this key chain for baseball dads exudes authenticity and quality. It's the perfect small but significant token that can be customized with Dad's initials and his favorite number, making it a truly personal gift.

This unique gift for a baseball dad ensures that a piece of the game is always with him, whether he's at home, at work, or on the go.

18. Baseball Stadium Map

The Baseball Stadium Map is a masterpiece crafted from Baltic birch wood, showcasing all the major league ballparks across the country.

Each map is accompanied by miniature baseballs, enough to mark every stadium represented on the map. This handcrafted piece for baseball dads is not only lightweight, allowing for easy wall mounting, but it also features a checklist of intricately detailed, iconic MLB stadiums.

It is the perfect gift for the baseball dad who dreams of visiting every major league ballpark, combining his love for travel and baseball in one elegant display.

19. Dad's Special Baseball Memento

Crafted with care from eco-friendly PLA 3D print, Dad's Special Baseball Memento stands out as a cherished keepsake.

This piece for baseball dads uniquely captures the bond between father and child with a gold-tone engraved message, "I hit a HOMERUN scoring you as my DAD," complemented by a personalized signature from the child.

The laser-etched engraving on leather ensures that this message of love and appreciation remains permanent and wear-resistant.

20. Personalized Baseball History Book

Dive deep into the annals of your dad's favorite MLB team with the Personalized Baseball History Book.

This expansive chronicle features comprehensive newspaper histories from the team's inception to the present, all bound in a lavish A3-sized leatherette hardcover. To add an even more personal touch, the cover is gold foil embossed with the recipient's name, making it a unique keepsake.

Ideal for baseball historians and fans alike, this book for baseball dads brings the thrilling legacy of the team to life, right in the hands of your baseball dad.

21. MLB Stadium Illustration Playing Cards

Deck out Dad's game nights with MLB Stadium Illustration Playing Cards, a collectible set that celebrates all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums.

Each card for baseball dads is a vibrant canvas, featuring detailed illustrations of every stadium, allowing fans of any team to feel represented. This eclectic deck is perfect for adding a touch of baseball magic to poker night, solitaire sessions, or any card game.

Whether baseball dad is a fan of the bustling energy of Yankee Stadium or the historic charm of Fenway Park, these cards ensure he's always playing with a full deck of his favorite pastimes.

22. Baseball Charging Station

This Baseball Charging Station will welcome baseball dad each time he gets home. This docking station for baseball dads will be called "home" for everything he needs: car keys, phone, watch and other essentials.

This custom baseball gift is not only functional but one that reminds him of his love for baseball. It has everything he needs in one place as he leaves for the office and comes home daily.

What's more, these baseball dad gifts are available in different colors and styles.

23. MLB Stadium Blueprints

For the dad with a keen eye for architecture and history, the MLB Stadium Blueprints are a perfect blend of sport and artistry.

These detailed blueprints for baseball dads provide a unique glimpse into the design and construction of his favorite ballpark, showcasing its architectural intricacies and the stories of legendary games played within its walls.

This baseball dad gift is crafted to resemble an authentic vintage document, complete with an antiqued finish that enhances its historical allure.

24. Team Logo Bat Mug

Celebrate your dad's love for his favorite MLB team with this Wooden MLB Team Logo Bat Mug, a standout Father's Day gift.

Handcrafted from premium wood, this unique mug for baseball dads showcases the official logo of his beloved team, adding a touch of sports fandom to his morning coffee or evening beverage.

With its sturdy construction and eye-catching design, this bat mug will become his new go-to for game days and beyond.

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25. MLB Ballpark Map Glasses - Set of 2

Raise a toast to Dad's favorite MLB team with these unique MLB Ballpark Map Glasses.

Each glass in this set of two is elegantly etched with an overhead view of an iconic stadium, meticulously detailed in the team's primary colors. But the magic doesn't stop there – as Dad enjoys his drink, a pleasant surprise awaits at the bottom: the team's logo, revealed only once the glass is empty.

These unique gifts for baseball dads serve not just as a nod to his team spirit but as a sophisticated addition to his home bar collection, making every sip a celebration of baseball's greatest moments.

26. Home Plate Doormat

Welcome guests into your home with the playful charm of the Home Plate Doormat.

This baseball dad gift shaped like a home plate, sets a fun, sporty tone right at your doorstep. Crafted from durable materials designed to withstand the cleats and spikes of daily life, it's a subtle yet delightful nod to Dad's love of the game.

Perfect for the baseball-obsessed family, it's a great gift that's both practical and filled with personality, inviting everyone to step up to the plate.

27. Flyon Baseball Lamp

He will remember you right before he sleeps. Light up his bedside with these Flyon Sea Baseball Lamp baseball gifts.

This Father's Day baseball gift has red, blue, green, cyan, yellow, white, and purple gradually changing colors and is powered by 3-AA batteries or a 5V USB cable connected to a PC or your home adaptor.

This simple and stylish gift is perfect for a dad who loves baseball.

28. Bat Tie Bar

You will hit a home run with this customized Bat Tie Bar.

Made of premium sterling silver with an antiqued brass finish, wearing a tie all day will become more accessible with this trendy clip to keep everything in place.

Baseball Dad will surely be delighted with this baseball gift.

29. Yeti Cup

With this Father's Day baseball gift, dad can carry his favorite drink and show off his love for baseball. This Baseball Tumbler is both airbrushed and hand-painted.

High-quality paints are used to make sure that the product is made to last. It can contain up to 20 or 30oz of his favorite drink. This cup for baseball dads can also be personalized with the logo of dad's favorite team.

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30. Custom Baseball Dad and Child Blanket

Show your appreciation to the baseball-loving dad in your life with this Baseball Dad and Child Custom Blanket.

This personalized gift for baseball dads is a heartfelt expression of gratitude, featuring a custom design that showcases the bond between a dad and child.

Made with soft, cozy fabric, this blanket is perfect for cuddling up during movie nights, game days, or simply to show baseball dad how much he's loved.

31. To My Dad Baseball Ball Gift

Your Dad loves baseball, and you want to show him how much you appreciate him with a special Father's Day gift. What better way to do that than with a To My Dad Baseball? But not just any baseball, one that is personalized just for him.

Whatever you choose, your baseball dad will know that this custom baseball gift is from his son or his beloved daughter, which he will cherish for years to come.

32. God Hit a Homerun Father's Day Sign

If your dad is a big baseball fan, then a God Hit a Homerun Father's Day Baseball Sign is his perfect gift. This sign for baseball dads is an eye-catching reminder of his love for the game, and it will look great hanging up in any room.

These baseball gifts are made from sturdy wood, and its distressed look gives it a rustic vibe. The sign can be customized with your baseball dad or your name.

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33. Major League Dad Watch

For the ultimate gift to give Baseball Dad on Father's Day, get him the Major League Dad Watch. This watch for baseball dads is made from the stainless-steel silver case.

Its classic design and sleek look will surely be a hit with any baseball dad. The face of the watch is customized with the team's name. These custom baseball gifts also feature a quartz movement to be reliable and accurate.

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34. Baseball Dad Tumbler

If your dad is a baseball fan, a stainless steel Baseball Dad Tumbler is the perfect Father's Day gift!

Not only is it stylish and sleek, but it also helps keep his drinks cool for hours. This 20oz tumbler is made with vacuum insulation, allowing your dad to take it to the beach, pool, or ballpark.

These baseball gifts also come with a removable lid and a sliding closure so he can keep his drink safe and secure. Get your dad ready for summer with this stainless steel tumbler for baseball dads. He'll love it!

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35. Wooden Baseball & Glove Puzzle

Celebrate favorite sport of your baseball dad with this unique 3D interlocking puzzle.

This Wooden Baseball Jigsaw for baseball fans is made of lacquer-finished Asian rosewood, a lasting and memorable gift mounted on a display base. Your baseball dad is going to love this delightful display in his room. 

36. Baseball Fan Skinny Tie

If Ties are his thing, these sharp and timeless Baseball Skinny Tie baseball gifts will undoubtedly become his go-to tie for any occasion.

Made with premium stitching and lining, and an impressive 1200 needle count, this Father's Day baseball gift perfectly showcases his love of the game.

37. Father-Son Baseball Cartoon Drawing

For the dad who loves baseball, a unique gift is a Cartoon Drawing of him and his son playing baseball.

A digital download of a hand-drawn cartoon of your own photos will provide a one-of-a-kind memory that will last for years.

Whether your baseball dad is a Little League coach, an avid fan, or enjoys a family game, this is the perfect gift for baseball dads.

38. Baseball Dad Throw Pillow

If you are looking for the perfect gift to give your baseball dad, look no further than this Baseball Dad Throw Pillow!

With its double-sided print and 100% spun-polyester fabric, this pillow for baseball dads will keep him comfortable and stylish.

These Father's Day baseball gifts are sure to hit a home run with your baseball dad.

39. Baseball Bat Wall Mounted Hat Rack

If your dad is a true baseball fan, he will love the Baseball Bat Wall Mounted Hat Rack as a Father's Day gift. This unique wall-mounted hat rack for baseball dads is made of wood and have eight hooks, giving it a classic yet modern look.

It is a great way to store your favorite hats and display them in style. Give him the perfect combination of style and function with these Father's Day baseball gifts.

40. First Base Bottle Opener

The First Base Bottle Opener is a great Father's Day gift for the baseball-loving dad in your life. This bottle opener for baseball dads has a patented bat handle design and professional-grade stainless steel.

These baseball gifts also feature a riveted all-natural wood handle for extra strength and durability. With this bottle opener, your baseball dad can show his love for baseball in style.

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