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  • 49 Best Father's Day Mugs to Surprise Your Dad

    by Melissa Bajda April 29, 2024

    It's time to show your old man some love.

    If your dad loves a good brew of coffee, tea, or whatever hot beverage he fancies, then a mug might just be the perfect Father's Day gift. It's practical, it's thoughtful, and it's something he'll use every day (or maybe every hour).

    In this blog post, we've rounded up the funniest, quirkiest, and downright coolest coffee mugs out there, so you can find the perfect one to suit your dad's style and personality. From "World's Best Dad" to "Grill Sergeant," we've got coffee mugs that'll make him chuckle and smile with every sip.

    So, get ready to raise a toast to your dad and find the perfect Father's Day gift that'll have him grinning from ear to ear!

    1. World's Best Dad Coffee Mug

    For a father who has always been there for you, show him your appreciation this Father's Day with the World's Best Dad Coffee Mug.

    This dad coffee mug is custom engraved with glossy mocha stoneware that holds up to 15 ounces of your favorite drink.

    The design features raised letters from the surface in a stunning 3D manner, making it stand out among other gifts.

    2. Forever Daddys Little Girl

    daddys little girl mug

    The "Daddy's Little Girl Mug" showcases a charming design that will melt your dad's heart.

    Adorned with a beautiful illustration of a father and his daughter sharing a loving embrace, it is a touching reminder of the irreplaceable bond they share.

    3. Gone Golfing Mug

    For the dad who finds his joy on the greens, the Gone Golfing Mug is the perfect Father's Day gift.

    Crafted from durable ceramic, this Father's Day coffee mug features a vibrant color rim, inside, and handle, adding a pop of color to his morning routine. It's designed to be both dishwasher and microwave-safe, ensuring convenience and longevity.

    The Father's Day mug proudly displays the playful phrase "This is How I Roll," accompanied by a whimsical golf cart design.

    4. Dads Nutritional Coffee Mug

    Elevate your dad's morning routine with the Dads Nutritional Coffee Mug, a whimsical tribute to the essential ingredients that make up an amazing dad.

    This Father's Day mug, available in 11 oz and 15 oz sizes, features a unique nutritional label that lists "Dad Jokes," "Love," "Hardworking," "Leadership," and "Role Model" as the key components of a dad. With a colored rim, inside, and handle, it combines style with humor.

    Made from durable ceramic, it's designed to withstand both the dishwasher and microwave, ensuring it's as practical as it is charming.

    5. D.I.L.F Coffee Mug

    Celebrate the D.I.L.F. in your life with a Funny Mug that spells out exactly what he means to you: Devoted, Involved, Loving Father.

    This cheeky yet endearing acronym adds a modern twist to the traditional Father's Day gift. Available in both 11 oz and 15 oz sizes, this Father's Day coffee mug features a splash of color on the rim, inside, and handle, making it a stylish addition to his daily coffee routine.

    Its durability is assured with dishwasher and microwave safety, allowing it to become a staple of his morning or office desk without fuss.

    6. Best Dad By Par Mug

    Tee off Father's Day with the Best Dad By Par Mug, a salute to the golf-loving dad.

    This sturdy Father's Day coffee mug, available in both 11 oz and 15 oz sizes, sports a playful golf-themed design that’s sure to be a hit. With its vibrant colored rim, inside, and handle, it adds a dash of flair to his morning coffee or tea.

    Perfect for the dad who’s a golfer at heart, this Father's Day mug stands up to the demands of daily use being both dishwasher and microwave-safe.

    7. World's Okayest Dad Coffee Mug

    The World's Okayest Dad Coffee Mug is the ideal choice for dads with a great sense of humor and a laid-back attitude.

    This Father's Day mug, humorously acknowledging his perfectly adequate dad skills, is both a joke and a badge of honor he'll love. Its sturdy ceramic construction ensures durability, available in both 11 oz and 15 oz sizes to suit his coffee or tea needs.

    Featuring a unique colored rim, inside, and handle, it brings a lively touch to his every day.

    8. Best Dad Ever Stoneware Coffee Mug

    The Best Dad Ever Stoneware Coffee Mug is a cream-colored, ceramic campfire style mug with "Best Dad Ever" hand-lettered design on both sides.

    This 14oz Father's Day mug features a speckled design with a natural bottom, making each mug unique. It's dishwasher and microwave safe, designed in the USA, and measures approximately 3.31 x 3.93 inches.

    This coffee mug is a heartwarming gift for dads, perfect for Father's Day, birthdays, or any occasion to celebrate dad​​.

    9. Like Father Like Son Mug

    If you want to give your Best Dad a special Father's Day gift this year, the Like Father Like Son dad coffee mug is perfect!

    Made of ceramic, these coffee mugs have a capacity of 11 fluid ounces and features a beautiful design. It comes with an inspiring quote: "Like father, like son, blessed be the bond".

    This dad coffee mug makes an excellent gift for any dad on Father's Day.

    10. Best Dad in the Galaxy Mug

    For the ultimate Star Wars fan, the "Best Dad in the Galaxy Mug" is a must-have.

    This 12 oz glass coffee mug is not only dishwasher safe for easy cleanup but also features permanent engraving, ensuring the message stands the test of time. Its clear glass design, paired with a classic Star Wars theme.

    Whether he's sipping morning coffee or evening tea, these coffee mugs are a constant reminder that he's your hero, akin to the legendary figures of his favorite galaxy far, far away.

    11. Loading Dad Jokes Coffee Mug

    Energize every morning with the Loading Dad Jokes Coffee Mug, designed specifically for the king of dad humor.

    These coffee mugs for dad are available in both 11 oz and 15 oz sizes and features a unique loading bar graphic that playfully warns everyone around that dad’s gearing up with his best jokes. It is accented with a colored rim, inside, and handle, available in a variety of shades to match his personal style.

    This mug not only serves as a fun gift but also as a daily reminder of the joy and laughter he brings to your family's life.

    12. Birdie Juice Golf Coffee Mug

    For the golf-loving dad, the Birdie Juice Golf Coffee Mug is a hole-in-one Father's Day gift.

    This 15oz stainless steel travel mug keeps beverages at the ideal temperature, featuring a laser-etched design that can be personalized with his name. The charming golf ball motif is a nod to his favorite pastime, making early mornings and days on the green even more enjoyable.

    Available in various colors, it is a stylish and practical choice for dads who wouldn’t miss their tee time for the world.

    13. Dad's Elixir Travel Mug

    Ideal for the dad on-the-go, the Dad's Elixir Travel Mug is a robust, stainless steel travel mug designed to withstand the rigors of daily use.

    The double-walled vacuum insulation means his morning coffee or evening brew stays at the perfect temperature twice as long, whether hot or cold. Plus, this travel mug is dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.

    This tumbler's sleek design and durability make it an essential accessory for any dad looking to keep his drink just right, no matter where the day takes him.

    14. Too Early For Wine Coffee Mug

    The "Too Early For Wine" Coffee Mug caters to dads with a witty sense of humor about their daily grind. Crafted from durable stainless steel, these 20oz personalized coffee mugs for dad feature sophisticated double-walled insulation, ensuring his morning joe remains hot for extended periods.

    Adorned with the playful message, "Coffee Because It's Too Early for Wine," and the option to add a custom name, this mug strikes the perfect balance between practicality and personality.

    It is an ideal pick for dads who enjoy a laugh with their caffeine kick, offering a daily reminder of the lighter side of life.

    15. Father Snoring Mug

    Celebrating a humorous take on a dad's notorious nighttime habit, the Father Snoring Mug is a cheeky yet endearing choice for a first Father's Day gift.

    Available in 11 or 15oz sizes, these coffee mugs boast a vibrant colored rim to add a pop of joy to any beverage. Its playful inscription, "No one else in the world I’d rather have snoring loud as f**k beside me," captures the affectionate bond shared, despite the sleepless nights.

    These coffee mugs serve as a loving nudge and a daily reminder of shared moments and inside jokes, making it a unique gift that blends humor with heartfelt sentiment.

    16. Can't Remember Stuff Dad's Mug

    Laughing off those forgetful moments, the "Can't Remember Stuff Dad's Mug" is a lighthearted take on the occasional memory slip that comes with fatherhood.

    These novelty coffee mugs proclaim, "I am not getting old, I just can't remember stuff," bringing a smile with every sip. Made to hold up to 20oz of his favorite beverage, it features the option to personalize with his name, making it an amusing yet endearing Father's Day present.

    Perfect for dads who enjoy a good chuckle over their sporadic forgetfulness, it's a humorous reminder that it's all part of the dad experience.

    17. Personalized Dog Breed Coffee Mug

    For the dog-loving dad, the Personalized Dog Breed Coffee Mug offers a heartwarming way to show off his furry friend while enjoying his morning brew.

    Featuring a customizable option to select his preferred dog breed, these tall glossy mocha stoneware coffee mugs hold 15oz of his favorite coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. The detailed illustration of the chosen breed, paired with the option to add his pet's name, makes this mug a thoughtful and unique gift.

    The durable design ensures it can be cherished for many Father's Days to come, perfect for dads who treasure their canine companions.

    18. Custom Dad We Love You Mug

    The Custom Dad We Love You Mug captures the essence of familial love in a simple, yet profoundly touching design.

    Available in both 11 oz and 15 oz sizes, these coffee mugs showcase adorable stickman figures representing his children, babies, and even family pets, each one conveying a heartfelt "Dad, we love you" message. It's a tender reminder of the love and joy his family brings, making every coffee break a moment to cherish.

    This personalized mug is not just a gift but a keepsake that celebrates the irreplaceable bond between a dad and his loved ones.

    19. Thanks for Wiping my Butt Mug

    Embrace the cheeky side of fatherhood with the "Thanks for Wiping my Butt" Mug, available in both 11 oz and 15 oz sizes.

    These funny coffee mugs for dad feature the laugh-out-loud declaration, "Thanks for Wiping My Butt and Stuff," printed boldly on both the front and back, ensuring the message is seen no matter how Dad holds it. Crafted for durability, it's 100% dishwasher and microwave safe, making it as practical as it is funny.

    A perfect blend of gratitude and humor, this mug is sure to become a favorite in any dad's collection, reminding him of the loving, and sometimes messy, duties of fatherhood.

    20. One Awesome Dad Funny Mug

    Delight your father with the One Awesome Dad Funny Mug, a humorous yet heartfelt way to express your admiration.

    This 11 oz coffee mug is perfect for his daily coffee, featuring a witty message that celebrates his awesomeness in a lighthearted manner. Packaged in a special gift box, it’s ready to be presented on his special day.

    The mug’s design ensures it can withstand the rigors of both microwave and dishwasher use, making it as functional as it is entertaining.

    21. Coffee Mug with Wrench Spanner Handle

    Ideal for the handy dad who always has a tool in hand, the Coffee Mug with Wrench Spanner Handle is a nod to his DIY spirit.

    These 13.5oz porcelain coffee mugs come in a ready-to-gift box, making them an effortless choice for Father's Day. The Father's Day mug boasts a unique handle shaped like a wrench and is adorned with a funny quote that's sure to bring a smile to his face each morning.

    A playful yet practical tribute to the fixer in every family.

    22. Dads Morning Boost Mug

    We all know that mornings can be challenging. And dads have to start their day with much energy to help the family get off on the right foot.

    This dad coffee mug is perfect for the special Dad in your life to start his morning right! Featuring a funny phrase that reads, "It's Not a Dad Bod, It's a Father Figure", this Father's Day mug will surely bring a smile to Dad's face first thing in the morning.

    23. Face Coffee Mug

    Transform your gift into a personal masterpiece with the Face Coffee Mug, an option that lets you customize with your chosen images.

    Available in 11 oz and 15 oz sizes, this Father's Day mug allows for a single face or multiple faces, making it a versatile choice for capturing memorable moments or inside jokes. After selecting your mug size and style, ensure to send us a message with your image(s) to kickstart the customization process.

    This coffee mug is a daily reminder of special moments, bringing a personalized touch to his morning coffee routine.

    24. Trump Dad Mug

    Inject a bit of political humor into your Father's Day celebration with the Trump Dad Mug.

    This Father's Day mug is available in either 11 oz or 15 oz and comes emblazoned with the tongue-in-cheek endorsement "You Are A Great Dad!" mimicking the former president's iconic speaking style.

    It is a playful gift that's sure to get a chuckle out of dad, especially if he appreciates a good laugh or is a fan of political satire.

    25. World's Best Dad Mug

    Show your dad how much he means to you with the World's Best Dad Mug. Crafted from durable stainless steel and available in sleek black or silver, this travel mug is adorned with the proud declaration "World's Best Dad" on its face.

    This double walled travel mug with a lid is the perfect way to remind him every day that he is appreciated and loved, especially over his favorite morning coffee or evening tea.

    26. Dad's Little Shit Funny Mug

    The gift is a humorous, personalized Father's Day mug titled "Dad's Little Shit," making it a funny and unique gift for dads.

    These custom coffee mugs can be customized with names, adding a personal touch to the gift. It holds 11 fluid ounces and is both dishwasher (top rack) and microwave safe.

    It is a perfect choice for Father's Day, birthdays, or any occasion to celebrate dads with a bit of humor​​.

    27. Custom Picture Beer Mug

    Celebrate Father's Day with a personalized touch using the Custom Picture Beer Mug. This high-quality beer mug can be laser-engraved with your dad's favorite photo, turning an ordinary beer session into a memorable experience.

    Perfect for dads who cherish a cold beer and a warm memory, this big mug ensures his favorite beverage and his loved ones are always within reach.

    28. Mead Mug

    Transport your dad back to the times of Vikings with the robust and exciting Mead Mug.

    Designed to invoke the spirit of ancient warriors, this Viking mug for dad is ideal for dads who enjoy a hearty drink in a mug that celebrates toughness and tradition. You can also personalize it with a custom message that will be engraved at the bottom of the mug.

    It is not just a drinkware item but a nod to the medieval era, making every sip a historical journey.

    29. Just Meet My Family Coffee Mug

    The "Just Meet My Family" Coffee Mug is a playful nod to the chaotic, love-filled life of being part of a unique family.

    Made from durable stainless steel and boasting a generous 20oz capacity, these coffee mugs feature double-wall insulation to keep drinks at the desired temperature for longer. It's the perfect gift for dads who appreciate a bit of humor with their morning coffee or evening tea.

    With the option to customize with a name, it adds a personal touch that celebrates the special bond he shares with his family, making it an unforgettable Father's Day gift.

    30. World's Best Farter I Mean Father Mug

    Are you seeking a unique and humorous gift for your Best Dad this Father's Day? Look no further than the 'World's Best Farter I Mean Father' dad coffee mug!

    These 11oz coffee mugs feature an adorable design printed on both sides. The dad coffee mug is microwave and dishwasher-safe to last him a long time.

    31. World's Best Daddy Mug

    This World's Best Daddy dad coffee mug is perfect for showing your Best Dad how special he is.

    The dad coffee mug is made of durable ceramic, with a capacity of 11 fluid ounces. It is white in color with the words "World's Best Daddy" written in a signature hand-lettered style.

    The handle is designed to hold comfortably, making it easy for Dad to enjoy his favorite hot beverages.

    32. Funny Daddy's Favorite Swimmer Mug

    fun fathers day mug

    Do you have a super dad with a great sense of humor? Show him how much you appreciate his silly antics by gifting him this humorous dad mug.

    The Funny Daddy's Favorite Swimmer Dad Mug features a fun design and a message of love for your favorite pops.

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    33. Personalized Father and Daughter Art Mug

    If you want a truly unique Father's Day gift for your best Dad, consider this fantastic Father and Daughter Art Father's Day mug.

    You can personalize the dad mug with a special message and photo, making it a truly one-of-a-kind gift. This dad mug is made of high-quality ceramic and is sure to last for years to come.

    34. Dada Bear Mug

    The Dada Bear Ceramic Mug is perfect if you want a unique Father's Day gift for the animal-loving Dad.

    This 10oz Father's Day mug features a cute bear design with an image of holding a small bear and "Dada Bear" written across it.

    The dad coffee mug is also microwave and dishwasher-safe, making it easy to use and care for. This dad mug makes a great addition to any man cave or bar.

    35. Custom Photo Mug

    If you are looking for a truly unique and thoughtful gift for your best Dad this Father's Day, consider a Custom Photo Mug.

    Custom photo travel mugs allow you to take a funny or heartfelt picture of your head and print it on a coffee mug! Whether it is a funny baby or a goofy mother head, your new Dad will love seeing your family's face and knowing you put so much thought into his gift.

    36. Dad Fuel Mug

    Let this Ceramic Mug speak for him. This unusual Dad Fuel dad coffee mug is witty enough to make him smile.

    Whether he uses it at home or his workplace, these tea mugs are sure reminds him of that incredible feeling that is a dad. This high-quality, smooth glass resists scratches and lasts a long time.

    The custom imprint is permanent and won't lose its luster or fade. The double-sided design makes an ideal gift for a new dad.

    37. Husband Father Hero Father's Day Mug

    He's the checklist kind of guy. And if there's one perfect gift that shows where everything about him being a dad is checked, it is these Husband Father Hero Father's Day mugs.

    This ceramic coffee mug is available in white 11oz with plain or black inner handles/inner color.

    This dad coffee mug will remain a glossy white, yield vivid prints, and retain its quality, so you can be sure he will have this for a long time.  

    38. Personalized Fathers Day Beer Mug

      Let him enjoy his beer by giving him this Personalized Frosty Beer Dad Mug with his own caricature.

      Hand-drawn and digitally printed, he will treasure this personalized perfect gift for dads. You can even add a caption or a personal message to this awesome gift.

      39. Financial Burden Dad Mug From Daughter

      The Dad Mug From Daughter is a custom two-tone coffee mug to accommodate all his favorite pick-me-up elixirs in style.

      Its durable ceramic build is microwave & dishwasher-safe, as is any printing on these mugs. These custom dual-color Father's Day Mugs are available in 2x sizes: 11oz and 15oz, as well as in 3x different color schemes: white with red inside, white with pink inside, and white with black inside.

      This Father's Day Mug is one of the best Father's Day Gifts from a Daughter.

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      40. Father's Day Mug - Personalized Mug

      The Father's Day Mug - Personalized Mug is the perfect gift to celebrate your first Father's Day. You can add any text or image to these Father's Day Mug designs.

      These Father's Day Mugs look great with just text or a photo of your choice, ready to gift or to simply surprise your other half. 

      41. Dad By Day Gamer By Night Mug

      He is a gamer, and there's no doubt about that. This Dad By Day Gamer By Night dad coffee mug would be a perfect gift he will treasure.

      You even have a choice as to what type of Dad Mug he prefers: ceramic, camping mug, mug latte, or a glass mug.

      Whichever kind of Dad Mug you choose, this Father's Day Mug is his perfect buddy for drinking hot drinks, such as coffee, hot chocolate, or tea.  

      42. Fathers Day Photo Mug

        Love You Dad | Two Photo Handwritten Text Coffee Mug

        This Two Photo Handwritten Text dad coffee mug is simple and stylish.

        This dad coffee mug says "Love you Dad" in trendy, handwritten black text with a matching heart and a spot for your name. There is also room to show off two of your favorite personal photos.

        These Father's Day Mugs are something dad will always have by his table. 

        43. Dad's Travel Mug

        Personalized Tumbler Fathers Day Gift

        Let dad have this Personalized Tumbler that he will happily use daily. Engrave this Father's Day Mug with his name and a custom message below his name.

        Dad will feel proud to carry this dad tumbler around as he talks non-stop about you and your siblings.

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        44. Father's Special Mug

        surviving fatherhood fathers day beer mug

        This Father's Special Mug is made in classic bar style. The extra-large size means these dad mugs are durable and easily hold two beers in one glass.

        That one made best dad put on a big smile. Well, that is what Father’s Day is about, making dad happy and all smiles!  

        45. Father's Day Mug

        Make Father's Day special for your hunter dad with this Father's Day Mug. This fun-hunting dad custom coffee mug makes a wonderful Father's Day gift from kids.

        This can be customized to sons or mix sons/daughters, change to Papa or Daddy depending on your preference. You can add multiple kids too. 

        46. Extra Large Draft Beer Mug

        extra large beer mug

        He loves drinking beer to relax and have fun. This Extra Large Draft Beer dad mug will quickly become your Dad's favorite, alone or with his drinking buddies.

        Holding a total 25 ounces, he can pour two beers in one glass, meaning fewer trips to the fridge, which makes for one happy dad!

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        47. Pictured Dad Coffee Mug

        fathers day coffee mug

        Create your photo ceramic mug, choose from a collection of the funniest joke coffee mugs, personalize your dad's Mug with a monogram, or express yourself with one of the 10 million designs with this Photo Collage Coffee Mug.

        This custom-printed coffee mug will make any dad smile. It will end up at the top of his favorite coffee mugs list.

        48. Personalized Ultrasound Daddy Mug

        Let him enjoy his favorite hot beverage at home or work with this coffee mug.

        This Personalized Ultrasound Daddy ceramic mug is made of high-quality white ceramic and uniquely designed. This first Father's Day mug comes in just the perfect size to start his morning right.

        The print will never fade, no matter how often it is washed, much like your love for him.

        49. Because He Really Is-Best Dad Ever Mug

        Fathers Day Gift Mug

        You have the best dad ever, and it is time to remind him of that. These travel mugs are designed to keep his beverages at just the right temperature and includes a sealed cover for easy drinking.

        This quality Father's Day Mug is one that he can use for years to come, all while being reminded how much he means to you. 

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        Melissa Bajda

        About the Author

        Melissa Bajda is an gift-giving expert with a decade-long track record of curating gifts that create lasting memories. Her insight into the art of gifting and staying on top of trends by her consistent presence at major gifting trade shows, including her annual participation in NY Now trade show in New York City. With a passion for thoughtful, personalized gifts that truly make an impact, Melissa has built a reputation as a go-to source for unique and meaningful present ideas.

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