Gifts for Football Fans: 45 Gift Ideas for Die-Hard Fans

Updated on March 10, 2024 by Tobey Bajda

We know that football fans can be die-hard supporters of their favorite teams, and they always love to show off their fandom. That's why we have compiled this list of the top 45 football gifts for football fans that will make any fan feel like a fantasy football champion!

Whether you are buying for yourself or someone else, we have plenty of football gift ideasPlus, if you are in a league with a fantasy football champion, we've got special rewards that will make their victory even sweeter. From unique memorabilia to football game-day essentials, we've got you covered.

Score Big with These Best Gifts for Football Fans

1. Football Design Water Bottle

football water bottles

A Football-Designed Water Bottle makes an excellent gift for a football fan for several reasons. Firstly, its unique design, mirroring the iconic look of a football, immediately connects with the fan's passion for the sport, making it both a practical item and a symbol of their love for the game.

Additionally, it serves as a functional and stylish accessory for hydration, whether at the gym, during a game, or simply as a daily reminder of their favorite sport, making it a thoughtful and practical gift that combines utility with personal interest.

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2. Champions Beer Mug

Champions Beer Mug

Whether sipping your preferred lager or enjoying a crisp ale, this gift for men is your championship chalice, a reminder of the hours spent strategizing and the sweet taste of victory. 

The Fantasy Football Champion Beer Mug is not just a mug; it is your trophy, reward, and emblem of triumph. So, raise it high, champion. You've earned it!

Crafted for style and durability, these football gifts are ideal for your favorite brew. Its generous size ensures you can savor every drop of your victory libation while the engraved title reminds you and those around you of your unmatched fantasy football skills.

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3. Tailgate Tools

Tailgate Tools

Elevate your tailgating game with our Tailgate Tools, where the game's thrill meets the grill's sizzle. These football gifts for football players are more than just cooking utensils; they express your love for football and are a testament to your unique style. 

Choose from two football-inspired designs, and then add your personal touch by engraving this set with three lines.

4. Personalized Football Sign 

You can be sure he will have this on his wall so that he can see it every day. This Personalized Football Sign is one good piece of football memorabilia that will always be appreciated at any time of year. 

As a football gift to your boy for his special day, get his personalized football sign to celebrate his love for the football game. 

5. Personalized Football Mug

personalized football glass

Game-day is just around the corner, and it is time for you to prepare. Show up to the tailgate with the perfect accessory to excite all the boys. 

This Football Pigskin Textured Glass will make heads turn when you walk into the room. What better way to throw beers back with the boys than with this special football beer glass?

fathers day gift image

The background is vintage and makes a great gift for Dad, wherever he chooses to hang it. This touching and Personalized Image is a perfect Father's Day gift. 

He will proudly display these best football gifts in his office or man cave. Personalize it with names and date.

7. Football Travel Tumbler

football tumblers

Elevate your game day while on the move with our Football Travel Tumbler. Meticulously crafted from premium, lead-free crystal, these unique gifts for football lovers feature intricate field etching along its base, capturing the essence of the sport you hold dear. 

The spacious design accommodates a generous serving of your preferred beverage and elevates its taste and aroma. The sturdy construction adds a touch of luxury to your sipping experience, no matter where you are.

8. It's Game Day Y'all Socks

It's Game Day Y'all Socks

Step up your game day attire with It's Game Day Y'all Socks, an embodiment of team pride and comfort. These socks come custom printed in your choice of team color, making them a unique gift for college football fans and football lovers alike. 

Crafted from a blend of cotton and nylon with a ½ cushion sole, they ensure your feet can play freely, whether you're at a stadium tour or watching from home. Available in four sizes, they're a perfect present for every family member.

9. Bourbon Blitz Glass

Bourbon Blitz

Unleash a touchdown of flavor with our "Bourbon Blitz" Personalized Whiskey glass. Crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life, both football and fine spirits, these best football gifts for football lovers bring the game to your sipping experience. 

With its elegantly etched football design and your name, the "Bourbon Blitz" glass is your winning play for enjoying your favorite bourbon or whiskey. 

Whether celebrating a victory or strategizing your next move, this glass is your trusty companion, ready to infuse every sip with the thrill of the gridiron.

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10. Passback Junior Composite Football

This Passback Junior Composite Football has a flat end that allows it to bounce right back to you. Throw the blunt end against a hard surface, and it spirals back! There is no need for expensive rebounder nets or throwing machines. 

Let him improve his passing accuracy, distance, and velocity while increasing arm strength and creating muscle memory.

11. Football Sports Blanket

Football Sports Blanket

Revel in your passion for football through our Custom Football Sherpa Blanket. This exceptional blanket is a canvas for your love, personalized with your chosen name. These football gifts for football players are perfect for him or her.

Experience comfort like never before as you embrace the soft and supple mink touch front, complemented by a soothing tan Sherpa back. The delicate yarn-stitched edges underscore its quality craftsmanship.

12. Football Picture Frame

Football Picture Frame

Capture game-day glory and personal milestones with a Football Picture Frame, a cherished football gift that freezes time for college football fans. This distinctive frame, tailored for football lovers, can be customized with team logos, colors, or special messages, making it a truly unique gift. 

It's an excellent way to display photos from memorable games, stadium tours, or moments with loved ones. Offering more than just a place to store memories, it's a testament to the spirit of the game, making it one of the best gifts for football fans, players, and anyone with a deep love for football.

13. Football Style Fridge Magnet Beer Opener

This Football Style Fridge Magnet Beer Opener can catch the cap when you flip the top off. No more worrying about mess bottle caps on the floor. These football gifts are super strong and can hold up to 40 caps for your NFL team lover.

The back of the bottle opener has strong magnetism, and it can be mounted on your fridge or any metal surface, which will not easily move or slip off as long as it's adequately installed.

14. Endzone Engraved Pint Glass

Endzone Engraved Pint Glass

The Gridiron Glory Pint Glass is a personalized masterpiece that combines your love for football and identity. Sip in style as your name is elegantly engraved on this pint glass, adorned with a dynamic football design. 

These football gifts are more than the glass. It is a celebration of your passion for the game, one refreshing sip at a time. At 16 oz, our Gridiron Glory Pint Glass will hold plenty of your favorite beverage.

15. Custom Football for Groomsmen

This Personalized Pigskin Football would be the perfect way to excite him for your wedding. 

The best groomsmen football gift ideas are the ones that mean something, but it doesn't hurt if the gift is also super cool, especially if you and your best man used to run lengths on the field together.

16. 20oz Football Personalized Tumbler

20oz Football Personalized Tumbler

Looking for a custom tumbler that will keep your drinks cold or hot for hours on end? Look no further than our 20oz Football Personalized Tumbler

This high-quality insulated stainless steel tumbler can be engraved with your font choice and comes in powder-coated colors. 

The double-wall insulation ensures that your drinks stay cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours, and the screw-on lid features an easy flip top.

17. Nerf Pro Grip Football

This Nerf Pro Grip Football is a classic foam football that's easy to catch and throw. It is made for outdoor and indoor play, so kids can get up and active inside or outside. 

These ideal football gifts for teen boys are designed and sized so everyone can have fun practicing catches and throwing spiral passes.

18. Embroidered Cooler

Embroidered Cooler

The Embroidered Cooler is a must-have for tailgates and game days, making it a standout among gifts for football fans. This cooler comes with an adjustable, padded shoulder strap and features a front zippered pocket alongside three large exterior mesh pockets for extra storage. 

The zippered, insulated main compartment can hold up to 36 twelve oz. cans, ensuring beverages stay cold from kickoff till the last play. Its easy-clean, leak-proof PEVA cooler lining adds to its appeal. Choose a color and personalize it with the logo of your favorite NFL team or college football team, making it an ideal football gift for football lovers and players.

19. Personalized Couple American Football

This Personalized Couple American Football is available in size A4. These football gifts are printed on a premium quality 300gsm card using quality inks. The quote reads: "Together is our favorite place to be." This can be changed to anything you prefer! 

All prints are dispatched securely in cellophane sleeves and a hardback; do not bend the envelope.

20. Fantasy Football Glass Beer Can

Fantasy Football Glass Beer Can

Elevate your football game-day experience with our Fantasy Football Football Glass Beer Can, crafted from premium, lead-free crystal. These best gifts for football fans showcase a detailed football field etching along its base, embodying the essence of the sport you love. 

The wide bowl accommodates a hearty portion of your favorite brew and enhances its flavors and aromas. You can personalize it with their favorite team.

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21. Football And Helmet Wall Sign

Football And Helmet Wall Sign

Football And Helmet Wall Sign is the ultimate football gift that immortalizes team pride in any space. Tailored for college football fans, it’s a distinctive way to display love for the game, making it among the best gifts for football lovers. 

Customize it with team colors, logos, or a football player's name, creating a heartfelt connection for your loved ones. This unique gift not only celebrates football fans but also serves as a stylish reminder of memorable stadium tours and victories.

22. Football Loving Man

    The beautiful leather is chosen for its sturdiness and grip while allowing its natural characteristics to show. 

    Does your guy love tossing the ball around on Sunday afternoons? Or holding it like a security blanket while watching his favorite team. Either way, this Leather Head football was made to be played with. Your guy will be thrilled to unwrap these coolest football gifts.

    23. Custom Football Trophy

    Custom Football Trophy

    Celebrate the victories of your favorite football fan with a Custom Football Trophy. This trophy allows you to choose a plate color and personalize it with a name, team logo, or special message, making it among the best football gifts for any enthusiast. 

    Ideal for recognizing the achievements of football players, teams, or simply as a unique football theme decor, this trophy stands out as a thoughtful football gift. Tailor it to represent NFL teams or college squads, making it one of the most cherished gifts for football fans and a symbol of excellence in the sport.

    24. Football Split Necklaces

    These Football Split Necklaces fit together perfectly like a puzzle. They are great for best friends. All coins are cut by hand with a small coping saw. It uses new real silver quarters that are new and in mint condition! 

    The art is really enhanced by using these best football gifts. You also can choose a specific state that has sentimental value. This adds special meaning to the gift.

    25. Fantasy Football Pint Glass

    football pint

    There's no way to commemorate this season's CHAMPION and LOSER(S) than with these personalized badge pints! 

    Fill your pint glass with your favorite beer and sip away as you congratulate and celebrate with your football teammates. These coolest gifts for football fans make perfect for all occasions!

    26. Fantasy Football Socks

    Fantasy Football Socks

    The perfect gift for that person on your list who has everything. These game-day gifts for football fans will be appreciated for the classic styling that can be dressed up or down.

    Walk into your fantasy football draft wearing these Personalized Crew Socks, and you'll get everyone's attention. 

    Print-to-order football socks can be ordered with your favorite team color printed on the helmet. Have a great season!

    27. Football Coach Gift Gold Glitter Mug 

    This Football Coach Gift Gold Glitter Mug is specially printed with the design as shown. It can contain up to 10oz of his favorite drink. It is sent in a secure polystyrene mailing box and is dispatched within 24 hours.

    He would love to use these best football gifts for a long time.

    28. Fantasy Football Whiskey Glass

    Fantasy Football Whiskey Glass

    Elevate your game-day ritual with our Fantasy Football Whiskey Glass. Crafted from premium, lead-free crystal, these unique gifts for football fans feature intricate favorite football team's history etched around the base, capturing the essence of the sport. 

    The wide bowl enhances the aroma and flavor of your whiskey, while the heavyweight construction adds a touch of luxury to your sipping experience. 

    Whether celebrating victory or soothing the sting of defeat, this glass is the perfect accessory for any fantasy football enthusiast's collection.

    29. Sunday Funday Tumbler

    Sunday Funday Tumbler

    Elevate game-day hydration for college football fans with the Sunday Funday Tumbler, a stellar option among gifts for football lovers. This 20oz stainless steel, double-wall tumbler ensures drinks stay at the perfect temperature from kickoff to the final whistle. 

    Offering a choice of colors, it’s customizable to match team spirit or personal style, making it a unique gift for football fans and a thoughtful present for football players. Its durability and design make it a great option for tailgates, home viewing parties, or even a stadium tour.

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    30. Football Fan Gift Mug Set

    Football Fan Gift Mug Set of 4 | 23 oz Sports Beer Mugs

    Are you ready for some football? If you are throwing a Super Bowl party or even attending as a guest, we have the unique gifts for football fans who are also beer lovers! 

    We have designed a series of four football-theme mug designs, including a referee, helmets, goalpost, and pigskin to delight all you football fans. And the best part is that these Heavy Football Beer Mugs are personalized with your name.

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    31. Personalized Football Keychain

    This Personalized Football Keychain is shaped to an American football. these best football gifts are stamped on the front side: My Dad Loves NFL and on the back side the name of a Football NFL team.

    The length of the aluminum keychain is 5.5 cm, wide 3 cm, and a thickness of 3 mm. These Thank-You gifts are made with pure aluminum that is super safe, sturdy, and lightweight, and it doesn't tarnish!

    32. 24oz Football Personalized Bottle

    24oz Football Personalized Bottle

    Introducing the 24oz Football Personalized Bottle! These best football gifts are perfect for staying hydrated during those long football games. 

    You can customize your bottle with your name, team name, or favorite player's name. Choose from a variety of fun fonts to make your bottle truly unique. 

    The double-wall insulation will keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. This bottle is available in various powder-coated colors and will stand out from the crowd.

    33. Fantasy Football Champions Decanter

    Celebrate your triumphant reign as the Fantasy Football Champion with the ultimate token of victory, the Fantasy Football Champions Decanter Set

    Inside the finely crafted box, you'll discover a beautifully personalized football whiskey decanter and two matching glasses, each adorned with a distinctive football design that captures the essence of the football game you've conquered. 

    The attention to detail in the engravings pays homage to the exhilaration of touchdowns and the camaraderie of a well-fought season.

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    34. Custom Football Teams Logo Toiletry Bag

    Custom Football Teams Logo Toiletry Bag

    Craft a personalized carry-all for the die-hard college football fans in your life with a Custom Football Teams Logo Toiletry Bag. Made with robust full grain leather, a durable nylon lining, and featuring a high-quality YKK zipper and waxed nylon thread, this bag is designed to withstand the rigors of travel and tailgating. 

    The option to customize size and color, along with adding any college football team’s logo, makes it one of the best gifts for football fans seeking functionality and style. It’s a unique gift that serves as a perfect present, especially with the football season right around the corner.

    35. Man Cave Football Wall Sign

    If you're searching for the perfect gift for a sports fan, look no further than a Man Cave Football Wall Sign. This metal sign is a must-have for any die-hard football enthusiast.

    With its bold design and vibrant colors, it will surely make a statement in any room. Hang it up with the four nail holes for easy installation.

    Whether they are watching the big game or reminiscing about their favorite football memories, these best football gifts will transport them back to the excitement of a live game.

    36. Personalized Football Docking Station

    Personalized Football Docking Station is the perfect gift for the ultimate football fan. These ideal football gifts are not only practical, but they also add a touch of football flair to any desk or nightstand.

    With its football-themed design, it will impress any football fanatic. Personalize it with your football player's name to add a special and thoughtful touch. It is the perfect way to organize all their essentials, from keys and wallets to their phone and headphones.

    Every time they use it, they'll be reminded of their love for the game and their game days spent cheering on their favorite team.

    37. Canvas Duffle Bags for Men

    Looking for the ultimate gift for a football fan? Look no further than the Canvas Duffle Bag for football essentials. This practical duffle bag makes it the perfect gift for any die-hard football fan.

    Its padded shoulder strap, and two side-panel compartments make it ideal for game day or any football-related activity. The main compartment is spacious enough to hold all their essentials, from jerseys and footballs to snacks and drinks.

    College football fans will especially love this duffle, as it is perfect for tailgating and showing off their team pride during football season.

    38. Custom Football Jersey

    For the ultimate football fan, nothing beats a Custom Football Jersey. Imagine wearing your favorite NFL teams with your own name and number proudly displayed on the back.

    Made of high-quality polyester, these thoughtful football gifts are comfortable and durable, perfect for cheering on your NFL team at a game or watching from home.

    Show your love for the football game and your favorite team by wearing a custom football jersey and feel like a true part of the NFL team action.

    39. Football-Shaped Water Bottle

    Stay hydrated in style during football season with a Football-Shaped Water Bottle. This collapsible and squeezable silicone bottle is the perfect accessory for any football player or fan. Its unique design makes it easy to carry around and show your love for the football game.

    Whether at a tailgate party or cheering from the sidelines, these ideal football gifts are a fun and practical way to stay refreshed throughout the game.

    So, grab your football-shaped water bottle and tackle the day with hydration and team spirit!

    40. Fantasy Football Championship Ring

    Take your fantasy football obsession to the next level with a Fantasy Football Championship Ring. This stunning championship ring features a cubic zirconia gemstone and can be customized with the gemstone color of your NFL teams.

    Whether you are a seasoned fantasy football player or just starting, these unique football gifts are the perfect way to show off your skills and celebrate your victories.

    Wear it proudly to symbolize your dedication and love for the game. It is the ultimate accessory for any football player or fan who wants to feel like a champion.

    41. Football Leather Bracelet With Natural Lava Stones

    Add a touch of style and football fandom to your wardrobe with a Football Leather Bracelet With Natural Lava Stones.

    These unique football gifts feature natural lava stones and a football charm, making it the perfect accessory for your favorite football fan. The genuine leather strap adds a rugged and masculine touch, while the magnetic clasp ensures a secure and comfortable fit.

    Whether you are heading to the game or want to show off your love for the sport, this football charm bracelet is a stylish and meaningful addition to your collection.

    42. Football 3D Lamp Optical Illusion Night Light


     This Football 3D Lamp Optical Illusion Night Light is a unique home decor lamp available in red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, pink, white, and color changing. 

    These gifts for football fans are energy-saving, too, with the LED having a life span of up to 10,000 hours. He can proudly display this in his room or his man cave.

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    43. Football Necklace

    Football Necklace

    For football fans who cherish elegance with a touch of their passion, a Football Necklace makes the best gift. Crafted from quality silver, this unique gift is perfect for both game days and everyday wear, symbolizing their love for the sport. 

    Available in various sizes and lengths, it serves as a great option for football lovers looking to keep their favorite sport close to their heart. Whether gearing up for a stadium tour or seeking the perfect present for football players and enthusiasts, the timing couldn't be better to score this perfect gift.

    44. Football Cutting Board

    Football Cutting Board

    Ideal for the football fan who loves to entertain, the Football Cutting Board is a touchdown in the kitchen. This unique gift, designed with player man and stadium accents, is not only functional but a conversation starter. 

    Made from durable wood, it's available in various sizes to fit any kitchen or tailgate party. For football fans, football players, and those who enjoy a stadium tour, now is the perfect time to grab this great option. A Football Cutting Board stands as the perfect present, offering a blend of utility and passion.

    45. Player Man Night Light

    Player Man Night Light

    Illuminate the night with a Player Man Night Light, a beacon for every college football fan's bedroom or fan cave. Customize this unique gift with their favorite player's name and number, choosing from an array of designs to fit their fan fervor perfectly. 

    Not only is it a great option for those midnight moments when you need a little light, but it also stands as the perfect present for football fans and football players alike. It's the perfect time to gift this football lover's dream, adding a glow to their game-day celebrations or a stadium tour reminiscence.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What gift to get a football fan?

    Finding the perfect gift for a football fan can be a challenge, but there are plenty of options to consider. From team jerseys and hats to personalized memorabilia and game-day accessories, countless options will make any football fan jump with excitement.

    Q2. What to gift guys who like football?

    When it comes to gifting guys who love football, the options are endless. Consider tailgating gear like portable grills and coolers or football-themed snacks and treats like popcorn tins and candy gift baskets.

    You could also consider books or video games related to their favorite teams or even tickets to a game or stadium tour.

    Q3. What do you get an NFL lover?

    For someone who loves the NFL, consider gifts like team merchandise such as jerseys, hats, or hoodies. You could also consider NFL-themed home decor like bedding or wall art, or even tickets to an NFL game or a subscription to a sports streaming service so they can watch their favorite team live.

    Q4. What to get a female football fan?

    For a female football fan, consider gifts like team-themed jewelry or accessories, such as earrings or a purse. Other options include clothing items like leggings or tank tops featuring their favorite team's logo. Consider a subscription to a sports magazine or a book on the history of the game.


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