We know that every beer drinker has their own special style, so we offer a large variety of personalized beer mugs for you to choose from. Whether you prefer a classic monogrammed initial or a custom logo engraved onto your mug, we have a wide selection of unique options to suit all beer lovers tastes.

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24 Personalized Beer Mugs to Show Off Your Style

Giving gifts to the manliest guys in your life may be a bit tricky. So, to ensure that they will use and love what you will give them, hand them a personalized beer mug. Drinker or not, they can devour their own choice of poison and non-alcoholic drinks using the ones you will hand them. Plus, a personalized touch might add a little extra bro-code bonding vibe and make the perfect gift for a beer lover.  

To help you choose the most macho pieces, here is a list of the 24 best personalized beer mugs.

24. Engraved Birthday Beer Mug

Engraved Birthday Beer Mug

The engraved Birthday Beer Mug says It Took Me Years to Look This Good and is customized with your age/number of years inserted. Plays along with the old adage, of getting better with age and is a fun way to help someone special celebrate a birthday. Deeply carved using our sand carving technique, each of our custom beer mugs is meticulously custom-made to order making it the perfect gift for those seeking unique gift ideas for beer lovers - men and women alike.

23. Custom Football Beer Mug Set

Football Fan Gift Mug Set

Are you ready for some football? If you're throwing a Super Bowl party or even attending as a guest, we have the perfect football lover's gift for those men or women who are also beer lovers! 

We have designed a series of four football-themed mug designs including a referee, helmets, goalpost and pigskin to delight all you football fans. And the best part, these heavy football beer mugs are personalized with your name of choice. 

22. Beer Mug Personalized with Photo


Is your friend or significant other the type of guy that looks in the mirror and thinks “man I am one good-looking dude”? If so, this is a perfect gift.  Now he will be able to enjoy his delusional grandeur with each sip of beer he takes.  Warning….drinking several of these 22-ounce beer steins may result in reverse beer goggles in which he may look at his stein and realize he is average looking at best.  This is by no fault of the stein itself as the caricature on it is of the up most quality.

21. Engraved Brew Pub Beer Mug

Engraved Brew Pub Beer Mug

Personalized beer mug with the name has an old world European style label and an elegant name banner engraved across the hops design. Makes for a unique gift idea for the craft beer and home brewer or the man or woman who has everything and loves his or her beer. The label features the words stout, porter, pale ale, IPA, and lager to complete the design and cover all the bases. Deeply carved using our sand carving technique, each of our custom beer glasses with handles is meticulously custom-made to order making it the perfect gift for those seeking unique gift ideas for beer lovers - men and women alike.

20. Funny Personalized Beer Mug

Funny Personalized Beer Mug

Shut Up Liver You’re Fine is bound to become your favorite beer mug in the home bar or mancave. This funny beer mug a humorous gift for those who enjoy indulging themselves once in a while. After all, a good stiff drink after work or a stressful day could be just what the doctor ordered!

Deeply etched into the glass, our Shut Up Liver You’re Fine engraving will make your gift recipient laugh for sure.

19. Engraved Beer Mug Set

Engraved Beer Mug Set of 4

The engraved Beer Mug Set has an old-world European style shield with a monogram initial in the center and an elegant name banner engraved under the shield. Makes for a unique gift idea for the man or woman who has everything and loves his or her beer. Deeply carved using our sand carving technique, each of our custom-made beer steins is meticulously custom-made to order making it the perfect gift for those seeking unique gift ideas for beer lovers - men and women alike.

18. Personalized Huge Beer Mug

Suit Up Beer Mug - Design: BG1

The Suit Up Beer Mugis the perfect way to enjoy your favorite beer. This mug is 8 inches tall and has a 3" diameter, making it the perfect size for any beer lover. The Suit Up Beer Mug also holds 22 ounces, so you can enjoy your beer without having to worry about refilling your mug constantly. This mug is also perfect for anyone who loves to entertain, as it is the perfect size for serving beer to your guests. The Suit Up Beer Mug is also dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean and care for your mug.

17. Unique Beer Mug

Viking Mug

Looking for a brawny and exciting way to drink your beer? Look no further than the Mead MugTake yourself back to the medieval period where Vikings reigned and men are tough and rugged. Enjoy a cup of your favorite drink and go on cheering with the guys without a care in the world just like how a Viking would be. Watch your sports game or the Super Bowl with this cup in your hand. So break out your Mead Mug and start enjoying those cold beers today!

16. Big Slug Mug


Your best buds will enjoy a set of this Big Slug Mug, especially those who appreciate the fine qualities of a good brew. It includes a sturdy handle and a wide base to prevent spills during exciting sporting events and even during moments when everybody had enough to drink and tends to be clumsy. This mug can hold up to 18 ounces of your favorite liquor and can be personalized with a name and an initial.

15. Regal Crested Britannia Dimple Beer Mugs


Traditionally used in England, these unique Regal Crested Britannia Dimple Beer Mugs have become quite popular in America. Their design is easy to hold, and you can certainly fill it with to your content before getting a refill. These mugs are also called seidels and are ideal for stouts, porters, and German ales. The short, wide shape and wider mouth are ideal for taking larger, deep sips while the thick glass will help keep the beer colder. However, these particular mugs should not be chilled or frozen as they can cause unwanted condensation. 

14. Gold Rimmed Personalized Beer Mug


Sometimes, drinking beer doesn’t feel like a sophisticated activity, such as smoking a cigar and sipping top-shelf whiskey. But if you’re a classy guy and you prefer beer over any other spirit, you may upgrade your favorite beer glass to one with a little more sophistication, like this beautiful Gold Rimmed Personalized Beer Mug! It is clean-cut, good-looking, and impressive plus you can engrave with two lines of text in your choice of font!

13. Logo Beer Mug


Give your best buds a gift that was touched by the hands of amazing laser engraving artists and contains their most candid image to date. This Mug Shot offers personalization at its finest. Imagine the fun you will all have when their favorite beers are poured into a mug with their mugs on it. Surely the smiles that beer brings will double as they sip them on this mug that reflects their most unguarded facial expressions.

12. Midland Engraved Beer Mug


Unleash the hidden cowboys in your best buddies system with this Midland Engraved Beer Mug. Solidly built from premium glass, each personalized beer mug features our exclusive Midland design, inspired by the Old West. Made with sturdy glass construction with a thick base and handle, this mug is 100% dishwasher safe, so you can enjoy your favorite drinks again and again. Standing 6" tall, with a 4" diameter, and holding 25 fluid ounces, this midland-inspired beer mug can be personalized with a name, date, or title of your choice.

11. Personalized Wooden Beer Mug


Drink your beer like a knight or a medieval warrior in this handsome Personalized Wooden Beer Mug! Inspired by drinking cups in the medieval era, this natural wood beer mug has been crafted according to a traditional design. It looks as if it has been transported directly from the middle ages into the present day. Best of all, it has been fully varnished and the inside is lined with stainless steel, so you can use it to drink both hot and cold beverages. It is handcrafted with the best material to ensure that they are heavy-duty and long-lasting. And it is made from real oak wood that has been carefully selected for both strength and beauty.

10. Ultra Rare Edition Colossal Personalized Beer Mug

For men who love drinking but hates standing over and over for a refill, this Ultra Rare Edition Colossal Personalized Beer Mug is the best gift for them. It can be personalized with two lines of text and a year but not only does the customization make this mug special and classy, but also its huge size makes it even more amazing! Your best friends will love the way this mug feels in their hands as they sip on their favorite brew. Measuring 8” x 4”, this mug holds one liter (33.8 ounces).

9. Personalized 25 oz. Frosted Glass Beer Mug

When you want to subtly conceal what you are drinking but still want to look classy and manly, this Personalized 25 oz. Frosted Glass Beer Mug is for you. It is an oversized beer mug with a frosted glass body that can be personalized with your name, initials, monogram, or simple clipart image on one or both sides of the mug. Personalization is left crystal clear while the rest of the mug has a frosted look. The handle is left clear as well. The images printed will not fade away or wear off over time, and this mug is dishwasher safe.

8. Gallant Gunmetal Personalized Beer Mug

While the modern world is used to using glasses for drinking beer, metal mugs should be just as popular! This Gallant Gunmetal Personalized Beer Mug, for instance, is extra durable, naturally, ice-cold, and will keep your beer insulated and colder for longer than any other kind of mug. The classic stein shape is enhanced with a sculpted handle and sleek, shiny finish, reminiscent of polished gunmetal. Plus the ornate pewter crest bearing the initial of your choice gives this classic mug a traditional, vintage appearance and makes it ideal for drinking German ales.

7. Personalized Copper Beer Mug

Beer drinkers love keeping their brewed beverages cold. For that purpose, this Personalized Copper Beer Mug is on top of the chart for the choice of beer mugs. The use of pure copper provides all the necessary advantages in terms of coldness and such material is long lasting and durable. This mug has a smooth lip and a sturdy handle to make drinking more comfortable. Its inner surface is tin-plated for health reasons and its outer surface is polished to avoid darkening.

6. Nachtmann Noblesse Beer Mug

Your wife may have an entire crystal collection of wine glasses, plates, bowls, the works. But if you want to use a fine glass for your night beer and your wife just won’t let you touch her precious collection, then grab yourself your own Nachtmann Noblesse Beer Mug. With this gorgeous crystal beer mug, you’ll feel like a king when drinking your brew without fear of breaking a piece from your beloved’s crystal shelves. This spectacular piece is a touch of luxury in your everyday life bought at an affordable price.

5. Viking Drinking Horn Mugs

If you and your buddies are fans of Game of Thrones and Vikings, this Viking Drinking Horn Mugs may be the most fitting cup for you to drink your beers from. It is a carefully hand-made mug from a single piece of horn that has been cut to shape, heated, and shaped to form a handle. The wooden base is added for extra sturdiness especially if the mug needs to be put down while full. This mug achieved its rustic look by burning, with carefully polished, cleaned, and sealed inside making it safe to drink from.

4. Dog's Name and Paw Print on Beer Mug

It should be noted that a love of a Furr-Daddy must never be underestimated. Most men who have pets may not show how much they value their beloved fur babies. That’s why this Dog's Name and Paw Print on Beer Mug is created for those men who love to see the name of their pets together with a paw mark stamped on the mug they are drinking beer from. It will give them a sense of celebrating or spending fun times with their pets even when they are not there. This 6" High, 3.6" wide, 23 oz dog beer mug is dishwasher safe.

3. Oakhill Monogrammed Glass Beer Mug

You enjoy pilsners and you may be used to drinking from one. The trouble is, your drink tends to get warm quickly because the pilsner glass absorbs the heat of your hand from every sip. You’ll never have that problem again with this Oakhill Monogrammed Glass Beer Mug! It has a handle attached to the side so that you can enjoy your favorite type of beer in the proper glass but without the hassle of it getting warm too quickly and giving a bit of ease when holding the glass. The precision engraving is completed in the heartland of the USA and includes a first name, last name, and initial of your choice.

2. Magician

Let your hands feel the cold of your beer before it touches your lips and watch as your beer remains cold with this Magician. The smooth, chilly feel heightens the lift up to the lips, making this a personalized gift any man will treasure.  Made from stainless steel, this mug can be engraved with one single initial on the outside and wording of your choice on the inside. This 14 oz mug will surely bring the magical feeling of drinking something cold that you can hold.

1. Strasbourg Glass Mug With Personalized Crest

For the kings of their castle, you and your best friends deserve to feel like it and drink from a royal glass that this Strasbourg Glass Mug With Personalized Crest depicts. Designed to resemble medieval beer mugs and emblazoned with an ornate pewter crest bearing your initial, you’ll truly feel like a ruler as you drink from this incredible mug. Who does not want that? It is a reminder of days past when a king ruled his loyal subjects with an iron fist. Made of thick, sculptured authentic German glass, this personalized beer mug is a keeper and will make a great gift too.



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