17+ Large Duffle Bags For Guys that Pack Too Much

Updated on November 18, 2022 by Athisham Ulhaq

If you need extra storage space and like to pack things on the larger side, then large duffle bags are perfect.

They offer plenty of storage space without being so large that you cannot carry them when fully loaded, and they have handles and shoulder straps so you can easily transport them to your destination.

Whether you are planning a big trip or want more room in your luggage, here are some of the best large duffle bags.

 17 Perfect Large Duffle Bags for Your Travels

1. COOLBEBE Sports Duffle Bag

If you are looking for a bag that will hold everything and keep your clothes wrinkle-free, the COOLBEBE 47" Sports Duffle Bag is your best bet.

This waterproof duffel bag is large enough to fit all your clothes and has several pockets for storing shoes, toiletries, and travel documents.

2. Rockland Rolling Duffel Bag

The Rockland Rolling Duffel Bag is more than just a duffle bag.

This rolling bag has backpack straps, which makes it perfect for anyone who has to go through air travel and walk long distances with their luggage.

The wheels on this duffel bag are also equipped with inline skate-style bearings, making them easy to manoeuvre.

3. Amazon Basics Ripstop Wheeled Duffel

The Amazon Basics Ripstop Wheeled Duffel is the perfect addition to any traveler's luggage, with enough room for all essentials.

These large duffel bags are made of ripstop, durable, and lightweight material, making them easy to transport on your upcoming weekend trips.

This duffel bag also includes an extendable handle and wheels, making it even easier to travel!

4. Red Large Duffel Bag

The Red Large Duffel Bag is lightweight, made of 100% nylon, and includes an exterior pocket.

It is the perfect bag for carrying comfort your belongings to the gym or any other sporting event.

The best part? These large duffle bags are machine washable and come with a removable shoulder strap.

5. Wrangler Wesley Rolling Duffel Bag

The Wrangler Wesley Rolling Duffel Bag is one of the most popular duffel bags on the market.

It is large enough to fit everything you need for your trip, and its two-wheeled design makes it easy to pull around.

These large duffle bags come in various colors, so finding one that suits your style should be fine.

6. INFANZIA Zipper Travel Duffel

The INFANZIA Zipper Travel Duffel is perfect for frequent travelers looking to keep their clothing wrinkle-free and organized.

These large duffle bags are made of high-quality 600D Oxford cloth material, so it is durable and water-resistant.

The size of this waterproof duffel bag makes it great for short or long trips.

7. Whiteduck Hoptile Canvas Military Duffle Bag

The Whiteduck Hoplite Heavy Duty Canvas Military Duffle Bag is the perfect size for all your travel needs.

This large duffel bag holds up to 60 pounds, has removable shoulder straps, and measures 48" x 20", ensuring you have plenty of room to pack everything you need!

8. Travelers Club Upright Rolling Duffel Bag

The Travelers Club Xpedition 30 Inch Multi-Pocket Upright Rolling Duffel Bag is perfect for vacations and business trips.

This duffel bag has a spacious main compartment and six waterproof zipper pockets to organize everything you need.

With this Rei duffel bag by your side, you will be able to pack in no time!

9. TPRC Sierra Madre II Upright Rolling Duffel Bag

The TPRC Sierra Madre II Upright Rolling Duffel Bag is one of the more expensive options on our list, but this primary bag is worth every penny.

The duffel bag has a U-shaped, easy-opening, spacious main compartment and other exterior pockets that you might need quick access to during travel time.

10. Under Armour Signature Duffle Bag

It is not your average large duffle bag.

The Under Armour Signature Duffle Bag is made with the athlete in mind and features innovative features like an adjustable strap and a U-shaped zipper opening that allows you to reach in, grab what you need, and go.

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11. Eagle Creek Rolling Duffel Bag

The Eagle Creek Rolling Duffel Bag is one of the best duffel bags I have ever seen.

These duffel bags have removable shoulder straps and plenty of space and compartments to fit all your needs.

The wheels are sturdy and smooth-rolling, which makes it easy to transport on planes or through airports.

12. Large Handmade Leather Duffle Bag

This Large Handmade Leather duffle bag is perfect for any traveler!

The inside of this duffle bag is just as beautiful as the outside and has padded straps, external pockets, and a separate shoe compartment.

There is also a removable and adjustable shoulder strap to make carrying it more accessible.

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13. Buffalo Leather Duffle Bag

This large Buffalo Leather duffle bag has a spacious interior, so you can pack for your entire trip without worrying about space.

These large duffels are the perfect carry-on for long flights and is plenty big enough to hold your in-flight essentials.

It has an external shoe compartment, so you won't have to dig through your things to find that one shoe at the bottom of the duffel bag.

14. Sturdy Military Duffle Bag

The Sturdy Military Duffel is the perfect duffel for those looking for a durable duffel bag that can hold up to the weight of heavy items.

These duffel bags have backpack straps and are large enough to fit everything from winter dirty clothes to an inflatable mattress or camping gear.

15. Aldesaka Duffle-Full Grain Buffalo Leather

The Aldesaka's large handmade leather duffle bag is perfect for your next big trip.

This hefty duffel bag has compression straps and can hold up to 75 pounds of gear. It is made from thick, supple, full-grain Buffalo leather that will improve with age.

Its long, quick grab handles make it easy to toss in the back seat.

16. OGIO Endurance Duffle Bag

The OGIO Endurance duffel bag is perfect for the person on the go.

The large main compartment has enough room to store your gear, and the padded shoulder straps make carrying it around easy.

These waterproof duffel bags also have comfortable backpack straps and a single exterior pocket, which you can use to hold your toiletry bag or other items you need while traveling.

17. Easton Retro Equipment Duffle Bag

This Easton Retro Equipment duffle bag is great for any adventure you might have planned.

The Easton great bag features a vented shoe compartment, a single shoulder strap, and a side-zippered main compartment for your equipment and gear!

There is also an exterior pocket for valuables like your wallet or phone!

18. Large Canvas Duffle Bag

Large Canvas Duffle Bag

The man in your life deserves the best and that is why we made this Large Canvas Duffle Bag will be great for pack rats.

It is built with roomy side zippers so he can pack all of his goods into it without worry about getting everything back out again when packing is done! 


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