19 Great Man Cave Decor Ideas

Updated on November 15, 2021 by Eds Alvarez

It's always a joy for him to add a little something to his man cave. Let him enjoy designing and redesigning that space in the house he can call his very own. Get him a gift that will be a conversation starter with family and friends who would visit his man cave. You of all people know what his man cave look like and what his interests are.  Let him serve food and drinks on trays and containers that perfectly match his man cave theme. Whatever gift you choose, you can be sure you will be putting a big smile on his face.   

Here are 19 man cave decorative ideas that you can choose from: 

19. Metal Wall Scrabble Board


It is decorative, stylish, functional, and fun that he can even play the game with any guest he wishes to in his life-size board. He will definitely enjoy having this Metal Wall Scrabble Board with this man cave. This set includes 23,6" x 23,6" ( 60 cm x 60 cm ) black matte plaque, 29,5 x 23,6" ( 75 cm x 60 cm ) with 4 black matte metal player cues, 100 wooden letter pieces and piece pouch, and 2 pieces of chalk. These pieces come packed in a sturdy box ready to be handed to him.

18. Super Bike Clock

This Super Bike Clock levels up the relevance of a wall clock with its manly design. It is crafted in vinyl with a motorcycle design and kph meter in the middle to add to the road trip feel. It requires 1 AA battery, and he is set to make his man cave even cooler. Silent clockwork will allow him to hang this gift on his bedroom wall without interrupting his sleep. That way, when he opens his eyes, he gets to know what time it is and be delighted with the visuals.

17. Barrel Bar Whiskey Shelf


housewarming gift for men whiskey barrel bar


Made from the top quarter of a spent barrel your whiskey loving guy can be proud showing off his prized collection in style. This one is especially made for the man that loves a good drink this Barrel Bar Whiskey Shelf. It makes an excellent addition to any home wet bar or man cave.

16. Double Cigar Holder and Coaster

This gift is perfect for him. Adorn his man cave with this double cigar holder and whiskey coaster gift.  It is handcrafted from a  barrel stave and features the galvanized steel from the barrel rings. You can order this gift with glasses included and have it personalized as well to make it extra special.

This Wooden Desk Table Clock would be perfect for his mancave wall. It is a handmade item that your baseball lover friend will surely love. Made from natural Walnut wood, the hands are made from beech wood. It's absolutely an eco-friendly product and is sure to put a smile on his face each  time he sees his favorite team on this clock.

14. Tequila Flight Board


This Tequila Flight Board is the perfectgift for him. He can settle in his new man cave better with presents such as this board that he can use when the need arises. This unique, one-of-a-kind, 4 glass tequila/shots flight board with handles is the perfect sampler board to add to his bar area. Made of Ash, this flight board has a live edge and green epoxy where the glasses stand for easy clean-up. Glasses and lime cups are included in this set. 

13. Atlas Carafe

This decanter will be a conversation piece on any whiskey lovers bar top. Functional Art is the best way to describe this high quality decanter. With hand blown lead free glass and an airtight ground stopper his whiskey will be preserved while looking good. 


It is finished with a clear waterproof varnish for added protection. Adorn his man cave with this Baseball Beer Flight Set.  This set includes 3 beer glasses each holding 5oz (150ml). The beer bat is perfect for beer tastings & sampling but can also be used for drinking games, serving beers at parties, or as a whiskey sampling set. It's one gift he will surely be delighted about!

11. Me Tray


He usually throws his keys and place his stuff anywhere after a long day outside. The next morning, he will make it a mission to find those essentials and find them scattered everywhere. This Me Tray is something that he can put immediately after the door so he can throw in his keys, his loose coins, and stuff. 

10. Globe Whiskey Decanter

Man Cave Globe Decanter

He is 100% whiskey lover. From the preservation of the liquor to the dramatic presentation, this beautiful decanter has him covered. Whether he's enjoying a drink on his own pondering life or serving his friends a glass he will be doing it with pride. Let this handsome decanter set impress him and don’t forget to bring a bottle of whiskey as you hand this gift to him.

9. Whiskey Bar Sign

This Whiskey Bar Sign is made from aluminum and can be personalized with his name. It is available in 3 sizes and ready to be mounted on his wall. This gift is a perfect finishing touch to his man cave! 

8. Brew Bearer

The Brew Bearer is constructed of fir wood, with a rustic look, and engraved with a cool deer antler design.  It comes complete with an attached bottle opener, beveled edges, and a steel handle. The carrier sizes at 9” L x 5.63” W x 11” H and holds up to 6 bottles. This can be personalized with an engraved initial of your favorite chugger.

7. Bar In A Box 

The Aficionado is simply perfect for his man cave. This set includes a personalized and laser engraved shot glass, corkscrew, flask, bottle opener, cigar holder and cigar cutter. Let him enjoy a drink and a smoke with this modern man toolkit that is sure to impress his best buddies and loved ones.  Placed in a wooden box with a rustic finish, this set is ready to be handed to your classy cigar aficionado friend.

6. Ship Decanter Set

Ship Whiskey Decanter Set Gift

This handmade decanter is presented with an artfully detailed antique ship and is beautifully set in the Cylinder Ship decanter. Impress him with the quality of this Ship Decanter Set.  Let him sail the seas with his favorite drink using this gorgeous ship decanter in any table or bar. This decanter has an amber hue which makes for a great decanter home piece.   

5. Bourbon Barrel Beerheader

This Bourbon Barrel Beerheader features a bourbon barrel back and casts iron opener hardware. It will keep your caps collected with this stud magnet set up. This beer header will find a prime place in any man cave and serve as a talking piece for drinking buddy eternity.   

4. Baseball Wood Sign

The baseball room wood sign is brand new but goes through a unique 10 step process to make them look like they have been around for hundreds of years. Each time he sees this gift in his man cave, he will not only remember how you appreciated all his efforts and support. It will also remind him how you chose this gift thoughtfully by remembering his love for sports.

3. Slide and Smoke-Humidor and Ashtray

ashtray and humidor

What else can your cigar lover need? It's everything he could need for great smoke. This sliding box set, is part humidor, part ashtray and all perfection. On one side you have a humidor that will keep his precious stogies in perfect condition and then close the top and slide the shelf over and it reveals an ashtray with a cigar bed. 

2. Viking Brew Horn

This one can contain up to 16 ounces of his favorite beer on a classic Viking horn shape and a rustic, sturdy wooden stand with a classic Viking knot engraved on it. Make this Viking beer horn a part of his collection and let him impress his beer buddies as he drinks like a true Viking. It comes complete with a leather strap for that tight grip.      

1. Bottle Cap Baseball Map

He would love to show off this Bottle Cap Baseball Map. Give your guy the ability to do that and make each six-pack chugged an opportunity to hold a memory. In today's world of exotic craft brews, the corresponding caps aren’t just for lying around your man cave anymore, they're for collecting and conversation.

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