Looking for a truly unique gift for the beer lover in your life? Look no further than our personalized beer glasses! Custom beer mugs, tall pilsner glasses, and etched pint glasses are all available to be customized with your friend or loved one’s name, favorite team logo, or any other design you can imagine.

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1. How are customized beer glasses made?

Personalized beer glasses can be created through techniques like engraving, etching, sandblasting, or printing. The method chosen depends on the glassware type and the desired design.

2. What are some popular designs for custom beer glasses?

Frequently chosen designs for customized beer glasses include initials or monograms, logos, quotes, or images associated with the recipient's interests like sports, hobbies, or favorite beverage brands.

3. Are personalized beer glasses dishwasher-safe?

The dishwasher safety of personalized beer glasses varies based on the personalization method and materials used. While some glassware can be dishwasher-safe, others may require handwashing to maintain the design.

4. Can I customize a beer glass as a gift for someone who doesn't like beer?

Absolutely! Customized beer glasses make excellent gifts for various occasions and can be used for other beverages like water, juice, or soda. Just ensure to select a design that matches the recipient's preferences.

The Collection of Best Custom Personalized Beer Glasses!

Placing his favorite beer in a well-selected container will only make his happy hour with his beer buddies even more special. It can be in a form of a mug, a pilsner, or even a pint glass.

This gift will definitely be a welcome addition to his beer glass collection. Personalize it with his initials or his name so he can proudly show it off to his friends or have it displayed in his man cave. What's more, he would be having a hard time not remembering you each time he drinks from this beer glass. 

Here are 48 of the best-personalized beer glasses:   

1. Personalized Stainless Steel Beer MugCustom Beer Mug

The color alone of this Personalized Stainless Steel Beer Mug will put a big smile on his face. It will keep his beer colder, longer and this Customized Beer Mug holds 17 ounces of his favorite beverage.

The handle is made of acrylic plastic and can be engraved with the text of your choice or even your own logo.

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2. Tulip Beer GlassesCustom Beer Glass

This elegant Tulip Beer Glass adds a little character to his favorite beer lover's bar collection. The traditional, Belgian style is designed to enhance the aromas and characteristics of his beer.

These custom gifts are laser engraved with his inscription and the color comes out to be a frosty white for any special occasion.

3. Etched Beer Glass

This Etched Beer Glass is one gift that he will certainly cherish forever. This durable pub standard glass can hold up to 19 ounces of his favorite beer for any special event.

These personalized pint glasses can be engraved, each with his name and title. The text or logo will be engraved and not printed. He will truly love this awesome gift when he sips his refreshing pint of beer! 

4. Caricature Beer MugCustomized Beer Mug

He will certainly be refreshed with this gift. This Customized Beer Mug would be a fun way to drink down that glass of ice-cold beer on a hot day.

You will receive the digital format of his caricature so you can share it with him or create an art collection of your favorite beer buddies. This personalized beer mug is one creative beer gift he will surely love.

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5. Pic on a Pint Glass

Original Personalized Gift

This pint glass with his picture on it is the perfect gift idea. It is an original personalized beer mug for the beer lover. 

Just email a picture of your guy and a graphic artist will laser engrave it onto these pint glasses. It is a unique and funny beer mug that he will use for years to come and a great addition to his man cave!

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6. Extra Large Draft Beer Mug

extra large custom beer mug

This extra large, 25 oz, custom beer glass is what every beer-loving man needs for their draft beer mug. It will quickly become your guy's favorite.

This personalized beer glass can hold 25 ounces of his beer so he can pour 2 beers in one glass meaning fewer trips to the fridge, which makes for a happy man.

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7. The Big Boy

custom large pilsner beer glass

This extra large custom pilsner glass is bigger and better. It will definitely please any beer lover.

These personalized pilsner glasses can hold 22 ounces of his favorite drink in style. It is easily customizable with any guy's name or short saying. He will certainly love these custom beer glasses. 

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8. Custom Engraved Groomsmen Beer Mugs 

Customized Beer Mugs

The Custom Engraved Groomsmen Beer Mug is a gift your favorite buddies would love to drink from especially because it came from you.

These Customized Beer Mugs can hold 16 ounces of his favorite beer and comes beautifully etched. He would surely end up drinking his beer in style on a sunny afternoon.

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9. Great Brew Personalized Pint Glasses

These personalized pint glasses come in a set of four, perfect for a special event!

The Original Great Brew Personalized Pint Glasses can be personalized with one (1) line up to 12 characters. Each tavern-style personalized beer glass can hold up to 16 ounces of his favorite beverage and is packaged nicely with a gift card. 

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10. Engraved Tankard Pint Mug with Handle

Personalized Beer Mugs

It is the perfect gift for the golf lover in your life. This Engraved Tankard Pint Mug with Handle will look fantastic on a table filled with pilsner.

These stylish Custom Beer Mugs make for a  superb personalized golf gift for men. It is one gift that can be used again and again to enjoy a cold beer.

11. Capture Can

These personalized beer glasses will definitely put a big smile on his face. The Capture Can is a beautiful beer can glass touched by the hands of our amazing laser engraver.

This is personalization at its finest, a keepsake that will be endeared while sipping any choice of beer. 

12. Branded Beer MugCustomized Beer Mugs

Let him share a mug of beer or two with his favorite buddies using these Branded Beersteins?

Get a whole set of Personalized Beer Mugs for that next beer session with his buddies. They will surely be delighted to drink their beer on the classic heavy glass feel of this mug.

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13. Custom Beer Glass

This Custom Beer Glass is a stylish pint glass that is laser etched to provide a permanent marking. It will never fade with washing. All the text shown in this design can be updated to show the recipient's information.

The custom logos or designs can be sent to the email address, then a digital proof of your own design will be sent back to you.  

14. Oakhill Personalized Beer SteinPersonalized Beer Mugs

These personalized beer mugs can contain up to 16 ounces of beer and can be personalized with his initials or his first name.

Your beer buddies only deserve the best Custom Beer Mugs so why not give them this Italian glass complete with a pewter lid made in Germany?

15. MugicianCustomized Beer Mug

No matter how many mugs he may have, this Mugician will certainly end up as his favorite. These 100% stainless steel Custom Beer Mugs can contain up to 14 ounces of his favorite beer.

These personalized beer mugs are engraved at the bottom with the words, “You are not drunk enough?” It can also have your beer buddy’s initials engraved on the front of the mug.

16. Personalized Custom Craft Beer Glass Tumbler

These Personalized Custom Craft Tumbler beer glasses can be personalized with a maximum character limit of 5 lines of 20 characters each.

It is a high-quality tumbler glass with an engraved design and can contain up to 16.5 ounces of his favorite drink. The design is engraved on one side of the tumbler.

These custom beer glasses are perfect for beer, gin, wine, or whatever his favorite drink might be.

17. BenShot Pint Glass with Real Bullet

These BenShot with Real Bullet personalized pint glasses can contain up to 16 ounces of his favorite beer. Each pint glass is hand-sculpted to create a unique drinking masterpiece.

It makes use of a real 0.50BMG bullet in making this personalized beer glass. It is solid copper, (completely lead-free). You can be sure you are giving a high-quality, heavy glass that is simply perfect for him.  

18. Beer Glass - Fish and Forest Illustration

This Beer Glass - Fish and Forest Illustration is a durable pint glass that features our original illustration showcasing a trout and pine tree forest brought together in perfect harmony.

The perfect glass for any drink out on the water. The stainless steel pint glasses are great for his home or office barware.

19. Beer Glass with Real Golf Ball Embedded

It has a unique design style. This Beer Glass with Real Golf Ball Embedded has a real golf ball inlaid on the outer wall of these beer glasses.

Let him enjoy more fun when he's resting on the golf course. This handmade beer glass can be used with any beer like malt wine, cocktail, whisky, Guinness, stout, craft, lager, or ale in golf course pubs, bars, restaurants, or hotels.

20. Personalized Glass Mug

This Personalized Glass Mug is a perfect gift for him. These custom beer mugs are custom-made to order with your own design on both sides.

Designs and wordings are permanently sublimated heat bond printed on the item. These engraved beer mugs can be used for both hot & cold beverages. 

21. Dumbbell Beer Glass 

This Dumbbell Beer Glass is the perfect manifestation of his multitasking dreams.

These beer glasses are guaranteed to add inches to his biceps and are a must-have if he is looking to put out the vibe and let the party people know he's here for the business and pleasure.

He simply can't afford to pass this up.

22. Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Kit Glasses

These Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Kit Glasses are the perfect three essential beer glasses for the craft beer lover. These beer glasses are designed to enhance a specific beer style: IPA, wheat beer, and stout.

Let him drink his beer in the glass he deserves. You can be sure that the sparkling lead-free crystal construction and elegant modern design will enhance his beer-drinking experience.

23. Monogram Initial Beer Mug Glass

Custom Beer Mugs

This handmade Monogram Initial Beer Mug Glass is a 1-pint glass beer mug measuring 6.5" tall. These custom gifts feature a superb hand-cast pewter badge in the style of a wax seal.

You just need to choose the initial you require to make these engraved beer mugs a great personalized gift. 

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24. Kocent Freeze Beer Pint Glass

No need to worry about ‘losing cool’ when he enjoys his beer this summer. This Kocent Freeze Beer Pint Glass works great as a beer chiller when frozen.  Just slam it with our Tall Beer Glass right away.

These pint glasses will give you a great feeling and that energy kick. Pop in the refrigerator for two hours to keep the beverage between forty-three and fifty-three degrees Fahrenheit.

It is not just the perfect beer glass, these are great all-purpose drinking glasses for water, cocktails, and all beverages!

25. Frosted Beer Mug

Modelo Frosted Mug

This Frosted Beer Mug is perfect for the Modelo lovers out there. It will definitely be the conversation starter on your next barbecue with the boys.

The engraved beer mugs are real glass that will make your beverage taste great and holds up to 16 full ounces.

26. IPA Beer Glass

This classic IPA Beer Glass has wavy sides that promote beer aeration and that means more flavor and stronger aromas from your beer with every sip.

The wide mouth allows you to get your nose in the glass when you take a long sip of good beer enjoying every citrusy note from your IPA. The heavier bottom makes this IPA glass sturdy when empty.

This beer glass is certainly a must-have for avid craft beer drinkers and explorers.

27. Craft Beer Glassware

This one-of-a-kind handblown glass is the latest addition to a series of cold-worked styles. This Craft Beer Glassware comes out of the annealer using a lathe and special diamond wheel attachments.

These beer glasses have a deep, textural engraving that is as appetizing to the hand as the eye. It can hold up to 16 ounces of his favorite beer.

This glass is designed to highlight virtually any IPA, especially those Hazy Bois that he loves. 

28. Pilsner Beer Glasses Set Of 6 

These Pilsner Beer Glasses Set Of 6 will have him and his buddies enjoy any type of beer - Craft, Belgium, German, British, English. It has a round shape and stemmed for a luxurious look and durability.

These pilsner glasses are abrasion resistant and are made with 100% superior lead-free crystal glass. This Tall Beer Glass can hold up to 12.8 ounces of his favorite drink. 

29. USA Beer Glass

USA Beer Mug

This USA Beer Glass has an American Flag design and is perfect for his favorite drink. This style of beer mug is very durable and is a favorite beer mug to many. 

This traditional-style beer mug is generously sized, with plenty of room for beer or any other choice of beverage.

30. Nucleation Etched Bottom Glass 

The Bottom of these beer glasses is Laser Etched in a hop leaf Pattern to create over 100 Nucleation points.

This Nucleation Etched Bottom Glass helps with head retention, enhances the aroma, and provides a better taste and more intense flavor. It is essentially a wine aerator for beer. This glassware is also easily stackable and durable. 

31. Large Beer Boot 

Take the boot with this unique beer glass. You will be sure to impress your friends with this large glass.

These beer glasses will hold up to 2 liters of your favorite lager or IPA to make sure that your time with the boys is at the max capacity of fun.

It is a unique and funny beer mug that he will use for years to come, and one of the best beer gifts out there.

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    32. King of Everything Mug

    King of Everything beer mug

    This King of Everything mug is a beautiful and modern take on the classic beer mug. These engraved beer mugs are perfect for your man's real ale and make the ideal personalized birthday gift for a boyfriend from a girlfriend unique to him.

    The single personalized tankard holds a full pint and can be completely customized to adorn any name to tell him how special he is. 

    33. Engraved Beer Mugs with BEST DAD EVER 

    This high-quality Engraved Beer Mug with BEST DAD EVER can contain 16 ounces of his favorite beer. It is made of lead-free glass which is a substantial mug, and is comfortable to hold and use. 

    This beer mug is wrapped and individually placed in a sturdy gift box to ensure the safest delivery.

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    34. Personalized Wooden Beer Mug


    This Personalized Wooden Beer Mug is hand carved for him with great love and mastery.

    This personalized beer mug features custom engraving that can be a really great gift for him. It's made from natural wood oak and has a copper plaque.

    The insert of the mug is stainless steel which helps to keep your beer cold for a long period of time.

    For Tall Beer Glasses check out our Personalized Pilsner Glasses

    35. Engraved Tankard Wooden Mug

    This Engraved Tankard Wooden Mug is made out of natural oak wood, one of the most solid and valuable species of timber. Tankard has a large and fancy handle for a comfortable grip and is decorated with a thread.

    The product does not lose its original appearance for a long period of operation. It can be used for beer, water, and other cold beverages. Outside, it is covered with a water-based varnish, and inside is covered with oil.

    36. Groomsman Wooden Beer Mug

    This Groomsman Wooden Beer Mug is hand carved for him with great love and mastery. These engraved beer mugs are made from natural wood oak.

    The insert of the personalized beer mug is made of stainless steel, which helps to keep his beer cold for a long period of time. It can also be used for hot drinks.

    37. Engraved Tankard Pint Mug with Handle

    The Engraved Tankard Pint Mug with Handle is the perfect gift for the golf lover in your life. These engraved beer mugs will look fantastic on a table filled with pilsner.

    These stylish personalized beer glasses make superb personalized golf gifts for men. It is one gift that can be used again and again to enjoy a cold beer and will even look great displayed in his home. 

    38. German Beer Stein

    german beer stein

    The German Beer Stein features a detailed ancient design. It is not just a real beer mug but can be used as a decoration.

    This personalized beer mug will keep his beer cold for beer lovers. This premium beer stein comes with a convenient handle for holding. Perfect for your Man's Birthday!

    39. Bottom's Up Beer Glass

    Let him turn the party upside down with the coolest beer glass! These custom beer glasses have a double-wall design that keeps his favorite brew chilled for a long time.

    You can choose any message or the "Bottoms Up" version. Personalize it with any 1 or 2-line message up to 16 characters each.

    You can also choose the font color between black and red. Definitely, one functional gift your groomsman will treasure for a long time.

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    40. "I'm Not Rude I'm"Social Distancing"

    Pandemic? No problem! Let him have his time of relaxation with this "I'm Not Rude I'm"Social Distancing" beer glass. Make him laugh & just imagine the smile on his face when he receives this unique beer mug.

    These 16-ounce custom beer glasses have the perfect feel for the perfect drink. It's your special way to wish him a Happy Social Distancing!

      41. Double Wall Plastic Frozen Pint Glass

      He won't have to drink warm beer anymore. This Double Wall Plastic Frozen Pint Glass will let him enjoy this Tall Beer Glass Set with his favorite pilsner, IPA, stout, cider, and more.

      If it would be good out of a frosty mug, it is even better out of a Host Freeze Cooling Pint Glass.

      He just needs to pop into the freezer, pour his beer, and enjoy. This insulated pint set keeps beer colder than just using chilled-down beer glasses or mugs.

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      42. Branded Beer Mug

      Wouldn’t it be nice to share a mug of beer or two with your favorite buddies using these Branded Beersteins? Get a whole set of the same brand or representation of each for that next beer session with your buddies.

      They will surely be delighted to drink their beer on the classic heavy glass feel of this custom beer mug.

      43. Baseball Park Map Pint Glasses - Set of 2

      This gift is intended for the baseball fan in him.

      The Baseball Park Map Pint Glasses - Set of 2 features an overhead map of an iconic MLB stadium in the team's two main colors. The best part is when he's taken his last sip, he'll see his team's logo at the bottom.It's the perfect gift for your baseball lover friend.  

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        44. Baseball Beer Flight Set

        Adorn his man cave with this Baseball Beer Flight Set. This beer gift is perfect for his office too. It is handcrafted and made from 100% hardwood and is sure to last a lifetime. It is finished with a clear waterproof varnish for added protection.

        This set includes 3 beer glasses each holding 5oz (150ml). The beer bat is perfect for beer tastings & sampling but can also be used for drinking games, serving beers at parties, groomsmen gifts, or as a whiskey sampling set. It's one gift he will surely be delighted about!

        For more Tall Beer Glasses check out our Personalized Pilsner Glasses

        45. Engraved Wine & Beer Glass

        Drinking with the love of his life will be the best way to chill and relax on a sunny afternoon. Give him this Engraved Wine & Beer Glass.

        It is a 24-ounce pilsner beer glass and a wine glass that will pass for a personalized wedding gift set. It's one gift he will treasure for life.

        For more Tall Beer Glasses check out our Personalized Pilsner Glasses

        46. Set of 4 King of Pints Gold Rim Beer Glass

        This Set of 4 King of Pints Gold Rim Beer Glass is crafted from thick and durable glass. It features a sophisticated gold rim that sets itself apart from the rest of his bar glassware.

        It measures approximately 5.75 x 2.75 and can hold a refreshing pint amount of 16 ounces. This gift can be customized with a single initial and name of your choice topped with royal crown detailing.

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        47. Foto FlagonCustomized Beer Mugs

        This Foto Flagon is a beautiful beer glass touched by the hands of amazing laser engraving artists.

        All custom beer glasses are engraved by artists, who extract your groomsmen out of the pictures you send them and engrave them on the glass. The beer mugs hold 16 ounces of your groomsmen's favorite beverage.

        48. Oakhill Personalized Beer SteinCustom Beer Mug

        Your beer buddies only deserve the best beer gifts so why not give them this Italian glass complete with a pewter lid made in Germany?

        This personalized beer glass can contain up to 16 ounces of beer and can be personalized with their initials or their first name.


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