17 Best 5 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Updated on March 18, 2021 by Chris Bajda

Remembering 10 years of being with him is the best thing in the world. It may not be a perfect relationship, but every part of the journey with him has made your relationship stronger than ever. What can be more fit than to walk down memory lane and remember all the good and not so good memories with him. Give him something he can always remember your 10th anniversary by. Or something sentimental that he would always see hanging on the wall. Or probably something he can wear on any given occasion, one that says you are constantly thinking about him.

Here are 17 of the best ten year anniversary gifts for him: 

17. 10 Year Anniversary Gift Wedding Photo on Tin 

 This 10 Year Anniversary Gift Wedding Photo on Tin is one unforgettable anniversary gift. This personalized gift is sure to bring back memories for years to come. It comes ready to hang, the metal print is mounted to black gatorboard and will float ¾” out from the wall. By the way, tin is the traditional 10th anniversary gift making this one symbolic gift as well.   

16. Happy 10th Anniversary Aluminum Plaque

Celebrate your ten years of love with this Happy 10th Anniversary Aluminum PlaqueThis 10 year anniversary cold cast aluminum anniversary plaque is sculpted with a family of four on it! It's a perfect gift to give especially if your husband, wife or friends have two children The family figures can be personalized by choosing the genders of the children. 

15. Willow Tree Around You

This Willow Tree Around You is a 6.5” hand-painted resin figure of a couple seated across from each other, touching heads and hands. It's one gift that expresses love and caring. It is beautifully packaged in a fitted box ready for gift-giving. You can be sure he will have it displayed on a shelf, table or mantel. 

14. Ten Years Down Forever to Go

This Ten Years Down Forever to Go is a personalized custom art piece. It is ideal for your 10th wedding anniversary gift, as the traditional tenth wedding anniversary is a gift of aluminum or tin. It also makes a beautiful keepsake gift for any anniversary or relationship milestone. He will love you forever for this one, as it will be adored and appreciated time and again, day after day.

13. Romantic Couple Figurines in Love

 This Romantic Couple Figurines in Love is an expression of gratitude to him for being your companion over the years. This hand-painted figure has a unique appearance to represent an emotion or mark a memory, express love, closeness, healing, courage, hope, all the emotions of a life well lived.

    12. And So Together They Built A Life They Loved

    This beautiful And So Together They Built A Life They Loved sign would look great over a bed and makes a perfect 10th anniversary gift. This 10th anniversary gift is made in a tin color. This canvas is hand stretched onto a thick wooden frame and comes ready to hang straight out of the box. 

    11. Wine Glasses and Photo Frame Gift Set

    This Wine Glasses and Photo Frame Gift Set is one ideal gift for your tenth wedding anniversary. It comes with a clear glass photo frame and washable wine glasses hand painted in the UK in 3D with infills of color. The glass stands 8" high and can hold 12 ounces of your favorite drink.

      10. Happy 10th Anniversary 3D Pop Up Greeting Card 

      Simple but sentimental. This Happy 10th Anniversary 3D Pop Up Greeting Card is a perfect card for anyone celebrating their 10th, tin wedding anniversary. Inside this card, you will find a couple kissing on a bridge accompanied by a couple of lovebirds by their side. Two swans swimming in a clear sky-blue water pond under the bridge is about to make a heart shape by tucking their heads together. Even the cherry blossom turns pink making this card perfect for the perfect couple.

      9. Custom Personalized Minimalist Wallet

      Black Personalized Minimalist Wallet

      This is one anniversary gift he will surely remember you by. Once he tries using this custom personalized minimalist wallet, he will wonder why he hasn't been using one all along.  This wallet can be personalized with his name or initials and can fit up to 12 credit cards.  He will thank you, and think of you, every time he takes a bill out of his new wallet.  

      8. White Travel Mug Stainless Steel

      This White Travel Mug Stainless Steel is a stainless steel silver that can contain  14 ounce of his favorite drink. It's the perfect gift for putting a smile on his face. It has a gag quote on it  that will get him a great laugh. Let him enjoy seeing this great design every time he makes a cup of coffee or tea.

        7. Celtic Heart Wall Clock

        Time flies. But you sure had a great ten year with him.  Let this Celtic Heart Wall Clock be your way of telling him how you cherish every moment spent with him. It is truly meticulously hand-punched and cut (using hand shears) one at a time. The clock measures 10 inches in diameter, features a quartz clock movement with sweep second hand, a 5-year warranty and is powered by a single AA battery.

        6. The Kiss Aluminum Figurine Collectible Gift

        The Kiss Aluminum Figurine Collectible Gift is a great gift for the 10th "aluminum" wedding anniversary. It is hand cast from molten aluminum. Casting leaves pits and imperfections that add character to this symbol of love. It's one gift he will treasure for life. 

          5. Personalized Tin Star Map

           Let this Personalized Tin Star Map help him remember all of the wonderful times in your relationship. He will love this nostalgia print marking the big dates in your relationship. The star map recreates what the stars looked over you during your special night -- the night you got married, your first date, etc. All of the stars are specific to the date and location of life's greatest moments, so it's a completely unique gift.

          4. Dime Coin Cufflinks

          This Dime Coin Cufflinks are made from US mint 10 Cent cufflinks from 2011. If you are celebrating 10 years being married in 2021, the 2011 Cufflinks make a perfect Tin gift. The coins are inset into the Cufflinks and come in a silver presentation box. It features Franklin D. Roosevelt on one side and  on the other side the Torch, oak branch, olive branch which is a symbol of peace.

          3. Custom Money Clip

          This Custom Money Clip is the perfect traditional 10th Anniversary gift. These handcrafted money clips are sure to be treasured for years to come! The inside/back of the money clip can hold a short message or date (12 spaces on 2 lines) if the upgrade is elected. This money clip bars are cut, stamped, oxidized and finished by hand and measure approximately 1'' wide by approximately 2'' long.

          2. 10th Wedding Anniversary Memory Book

          This 10th Wedding Anniversary Memory Book is printed on thick high-quality paper. It's a thoughtful and imaginative present that commemorates love and celebrates  your tenth anniversary! With this eco-friendly & high-quality scrapbook, you are guaranteed a smile from that special person since you have immortalized all those special moments with your soulmate!

          1. De Cube Brass Compass with Engraved Photo

          It's the perfect choice for a gift on your tenth anniversary. The De Cube Brass Compass with Engraved Photo is a compass sundial made with finest quality materials, a combination of heavy duty metal brass with a gorgeous antique finish and a superb leather case which protects your compass from scratches or dust, while allowing for a gorgeous display.

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