Grooms Crew Socks

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When it comes to the perfect groomsmen stocking stuffer, it's hard to beat a cool, fun pair of socks. Socks were the worst gifts when we were kids and now they are the best gift. Guys are always losing socks, forgetting to pack them or going to hard and ripping through them.  Squeeze your mans tootsies into a set of personalized socks that will put a fun accent to their suit. 

There are a few places a guy can really go creative without going overboard, but the ankles are amazing that way. Make sure you give your groomsmen a sweet pair of socks for the wedding day this way they have one less thing to remember.  The coolest thing about these socks is the fact they can be worn a wedding day and all weekend.  Give your photographer more area to take photos of with these styling socks. 


- One size fits most, comfortably fits men size 6 through 11, but larger size feet can also fit into them.

- 70% Soft Cotton, 28% Polyester, 2% Elastic

- Chose between "Groom's Crew" and "The Groom"

- The sunglasses and cigar in the pictures do not come with the socks


Trusted Quality

Trusted Quality


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