Engraved Cuff Links
Engraved Cuff Links
Engraved Cuff Links

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Personal Touch-Links

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It’s time for a short history lesson. The subject? – Fashion.  

So… You ladies out there know how much your fashions change over the years…Wait, more like months… or weeks for that matter.  

But Men? – Well, we’ve been wearing the same basic suit for hundreds of years.

See the difference?  

Sure, ask any man and he’ll tell you there’s nothing wrong with a classic suit… but while the Ladies get to showcase their individuality and style on almost any occasion, Men just put on the uniform.

So what makes a “uniform” individual or special then?  

One thing…the regalia.  It tells you who this guy is, what he’s accomplished so far, and it hints at where he’s headed in life.  (Hopefully somewhere classy enough to wear cufflinks)

That’s what these little Personal Touch-Links are, a shred of individuality in a world dominated by black-tie, penguin-suit oppression (Okay, maybe it’s not that bad…but you get it).

So custom cufflinks may not seem all that exciting if you’re used to donning glittering evening gowns, and Cinderella-style shoes…but to him, it may be the only shimmer of individuality in his ensemble.

Personalize this set for him, and give him a one more reason to actually like getting dressed up… This could be the start of something good…

The cuff links are standard size and wood box size is 3" x 2.75" x 2".  

Enter up to 3 initials for the personalzation. We will use monogram font and make the middle initial larger.  For example, if you enter RHE for the personalization, we will make the H larger.  If you only choose to personalize them with two initials, we will make them both the same size. 

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