Tie to Shine

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Dad gifts. — Don’t get me started.  Sometimes dad would be better off square-knotting that constantly increasing collection of cravats together, tying it to the bedpost, throwing the other end out the window, and finally making his escape…

That is of course, withthoseties.  

Those ties didn’t come in a customized wooden case, and theydidn’t come with a customized tie bar and cufflinks.  No,those ties just don’t have the same appeal; not when compared to a juggernaut likethiselegant-yet-classically styled, blended wool-silkset.  

So don’t just get himanother tie.  Give himThe Collar Concierge.Mendo love agood tie… Especially when it comes with a great set of links, and a tie-bar.  

The Collar Concierge is a high class neck tie, cuff links, tie clip, and gift box. The cuff links, tie clip, and old-fashioned box can be engraved how you see fit. It’s a really cool gift for any guy that appreciates looking like a pro. The box is 15″ x 5.50″ x 1.65″ and the tie fabric is a wool silk blend.

Trusted Quality

Trusted Quality

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