19 Fun and Memorable 1-Year Anniversary Ideas

Updated on February 14, 2024 by Melissa Bajda

It is time to celebrate your one-year anniversary with your significant other! Whether you're looking for a romantic evening for two or a fun and unique activity, there are plenty of 1st wedding anniversary ideas.

From simple and classic to creative and unique, here are 19 fun and memorable 1 year anniversary ideas that will make your special day even more special!

1 year anniversary ideas

Best First Anniversary Ideas to Keep the Spark Alive

1. Go on a Second Honeymoon

Nothing says, "happy anniversary," like getting away for a weekend and enjoying quality time together! It is the perfect way to celebrate your first-year wedding anniversary.

Book a stay at a luxurious resort. Spend the day soaking up the sun by the pool or exploring the sights. Have fun and make lasting memories that you'll cherish forever! 

2. Get a Couple's Tattoos

Tattoos are a great way to commemorate special occasions and what better way to mark your first wedding anniversary than with a couple's tattoo? It will serve as a reminder of your commitment to each other and give you a lasting symbol of your love and connection.

3. Take a Romantic Bath

A romantic bath is a perfect way to celebrate your one-year anniversary together. Fill a warm bath with rose petals, scented candles, and essential oils for a special and soothing experience.

Add some relaxing music in the background and take turns giving each other massages to make the bath even more special.

4. Cook Dinner Together

One of the most romantic things to do on your 1-year anniversary is to cook dinner together. Cooking can be a fun and intimate activity, as it allows you to take the time to bond with each other while creating something delicious.

If you are feeling adventurous, try recreating your first date night meal or something you ate on your honeymoon!

5. Go Stargazing

What better way to celebrate your 1-year wedding anniversary than a romantic night of stargazing? Stargazing can be a great way to share a special moment, whether you go out to a dark field or stay in your backyard.

Pack a blanket, snacks, and a bottle of wine. To make the experience even more romantic, bring a pair of binoculars to examine the stars closely.

6. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Nothing is more romantic than soaring above the clouds with your special someone. A hot air balloon ride is a unique and exciting way to celebrate your first wedding anniversary.

As you float high in the sky, you'll be able to marvel at the breathtaking views of the countryside below. If you're lucky, you might even glimpse wildlife from above!

7. Revisit Your Wedding Day

What better way to celebrate your first anniversary together than by reliving the best day of your lives?

You can start the day by grabbing a slice of the exact wedding cake you had for dessert on your special day. Then, look through all your wedding videos and photos to remember the most beautiful memories from that day. After reminiscing, recreate the first dance song to revisit your wedding night romantically.

8. Couples Spa Date

Celebrating your first anniversary is a special time, and what better way to commemorate it than by treating yourself and your significant other to a luxurious spa day? Not only will you get the opportunity to relax and unwind together, but it is also a great way to show appreciation for your partner.

9. Movie Night

A movie night is one of the most fun and romantic ways to celebrate your first wedding anniversary. Choose a favorite movie or genre to watch together and create a cozy atmosphere with plenty of snacks, pillows, and blankets.

If you want to add a little extra romance, you can watch a classic romantic movie like Casablanca or The Notebook.

10. Go Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a great way to escape it all and explore the countryside with your significant other on your first wedding anniversary.

Whether in the city or country, there are plenty of places for a romantic horseback ride. Going horseback riding can be exciting and romantic; you can enjoy the scenery while spending quality time with your partner.

11. Make Homemade Gifts

For a truly unique gift on your first wedding anniversary, why not make something special for each other? Whether you are a crafty couple or a novice DIYer, making homemade gifts is a great way to show appreciation and commemorate your first year together. If it is your paper anniversary, consider making something with paper!

12. Play a Tourist in Your City

One of the best wedding anniversary ideas is to play a tourist in your city. It will make for a great day out and give you something new to do, and it can also help bring you closer together as a couple.

Start your day by booking a tour of your city's main attractions. You can even book a bike tour if you're feeling adventurous! After the tour, find somewhere to relax and have a bite to eat.

13. Create an Anniversary Journal

A keepsake journal is a beautiful idea for a first-anniversary gift. You can make the journal yourself or buy a special, personalized one. Include all the special memories of your first year together and have fun writing down everything you love about each other. Make your 1st-anniversary celebrations memorable by adding photos and mementos of your time together.

14. Celebrate Anniversary with a Paper Theme

The traditional first-anniversary gift is paper! The thought behind the paper gift is that it symbolizes a new beginning and how relationships are fragile but can grow over time. A paper theme gift can be a great way to commemorate your first year together.

Here are 10 first-anniversary gift ideas that you can use to celebrate your first year of marriage:

  1. Create scrapbooks or wedding photo albums.
  2. Make a unique piece of art featuring your name and your anniversary date.
  3. Have personalized stationery printed with your initials and wedding date.
  4. One of the best anniversary gifts is making a paper flower.
  5. Put together a collage of pictures throughout the year and create a unique gift wrapping.
  6. Frame a special letter your partner wrote you before you married.
  7. Get an original copy of a book or magazine released on your wedding day.
  8. Have a professional calligrapher write out a meaningful poem or quote.
  9. Purchase a pair of custom paper cufflinks for him or a piece of jewelry for her.
  10. Buy an antique map of the place you met or your honeymoon destination for your first anniversaries.

No matter which paper anniversary gift ideas you choose, it will show your partner how much you love them and appreciate all you have shared during the past year.

15. Go on a Bike Ride

Biking is a great way to celebrate your wedding anniversary. The first-anniversary activity encourages you to connect with your partner, get fresh air, and explore a new area. You can even pick up a picnic lunch on the way or take a break at a nearby local park.

16. Try New Positions

If you and your partner want to spice up your first anniversary, why not try something new? Trying new positions can be a great way to excite the celebration! Consider exploring the Kama Sutra and picking out a few intriguing positions. This can be a fun way to explore each other's bodies and get creative.

17. Go for a Picnic

Picnics are a great way to celebrate your 1-year anniversary together. Not only are they romantic, but they also offer a chance to get outside and enjoy some fresh air.

Pack a picnic basket with all your favorite treats, like sandwiches, fruit, and desserts, and head to your favorite natural spot. You can make a picnic blanket from an old quilt if you feel extra fancy.

18. Plant a Tree Together

Planting a tree together is a great way to celebrate your 1st anniversary. It is an activity that symbolizes love, growth, and strength, making it a perfect anniversary activity.

Choose a tree native to your area that has special meaning. Try to find a place where the tree will grow for many years as a reminder of your special day.

19. Volunteer Together

Volunteering together is a great option to celebrate your 1-year anniversary meaningfully. It will make you feel good about yourselves and can be a great bonding experience. You can search online for local volunteer opportunities or contact an organization to see if they need help.

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