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At Groovy Guy Gifts, our mission is to strengthen the bonds between people by crafting and delivering sentimental, personalized gifts that resonate with the heart. We believe in the power of meaningful gestures to forge connections that last a lifetime.

Drawing from our experience in the wedding industry, where we specialized in meaningful groomsmen gifts, we recognized the need for more readily available, personalized gift options to strengthen connections between people looking for gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and all the other gift giving occasions. This inspired us to establish Groovy Guy Gifts, a platform dedicated to offering a diverse range of unique and sentimental gifts for men, all rooted in the idea of fostering meaningful connections through thoughtful gestures.

We understand that every gift has the potential to tell a unique story, and we are here to help you express your sentiments in a way that leaves a lasting impression. 







Chris Bajda - Chief Adventure Officer - Chris is a savvy entrepreneur who knows his way around the wedding industry.  He's also a man who understands the ways of the web.  Chris combines those attributes to create and run Groovy Guy Gifts.  it takes a highly analytical mind with a keen internet savvy to uncover new sites.  Chris had the the vision of Groovy Guy Gifts and ran with it.  He is a guy that knows how to build a site, and manage it along the way.  Chris has an undergrad from the University of Vermont in Information Systems where he played for the baseball in the frigid Vermont weather, and is a lifelong aspiring entrepreneur. 





Tyler Carter - The Master Opportunitator -Tyler has been working side by side with Chris from almost the beginning. Tyler is our Jack of All Trades, so-to-speak.  He is a pivotal part of the development and growth of Groovy Guy Gifts.  Between page designing, data entry, customer service manager, and vendor relation, Tyler does it all.  Tyler brings a great millennial vantage point to help understand our market, all while a skill set that aids in pushing our Groovy brand out in the guy world. 


Kaleigh Panek - Head Customer Whisperer - Meet Kaleigh Panek , the ultimate night owl and morning person all rolled into one! This go-getter is a true workhorse, always putting in 110% to ensure that projects are done to perfection. But watch out, if you need her for a 9am meeting, good luck! She considers sleeping in a superpower and burning the midnight oil her hobby. But don't let her nocturnal habits fool you, she's a true creative genius and well respected by her colleagues and bosses. Just make sure to schedule all important meetings after lunch time. 


Karen Bajda - Minister of Marketing Propaganda - Karen has a customers always come first attitude and it shows in the success of Groovy Guy Gifts.  She adds a women's touch to a site run by and for men.  Karen has the Midas Touch when it comes to compassion for the details to drive how we serve.  Her old soul brings the necessary touch to our team to ensure that no guy is left behind.  The Mom of our squad, her nurturing demeanor ensures that among all the other work, we are always putting the needs of our customers at the very top of the every day priority list. 


Melissa Bajda

Melissa Bajda - Chief Gifting Officer - Melissa Bajda is a gift-giving expert and entrepreneur who has been running a successful gift-selling website for the past 10 years. With a passion for thoughtful, personalized gifts that truly make an impact, Melissa has built a reputation as a go-to source for unique and meaningful present ideas. Melissa's expertise in gift-giving comes from years of experience and a deep understanding of what makes a gift truly special. She is committed to helping her customers find the perfect gift that will bring joy and create lasting memories.



Our Offices

Interested in seeing our gifts in person before you buy?  We are located in the quaint New England town of Monroe, Connecticut.  If you would like to visit us, be sure to stop by our offices at the address below:


484 Pepper St
Unit A
Monroe, CT 06468

Our standard business hours are 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST.  

Our Blog

We try to find the best gifts for your man, that is our job.  

Here at Groovy Guy Gifts, we spend a lot of time developing our own products that we sell on our website, but we are always on the hunt for other products that would make a great gift for your man.  Based on our countless hours of research, if we find a product we like on another website we will add it to our blog posts.  When you click on a gift idea from one of our lists and you make a purchase, sometimes the company you purchased from pays us a commission. It does not change the price you pay. By being a member of the Amazon Associates program we earn money from qualifying purchases you make that we refer. 

We hope we can help you on your journey to find the best gift your man has ever received!

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