52 Best Cigar Humidors Boxes for Your Stogie Lover

Updated on June 17, 2022 by Chris Bajda

Cigar aficionado's are hard to shop for.

Although it is a challenge to find a cigar themed gift for your cigar lover, since you never know what accessory they already have, you can never go wrong with a cigar humidor so he can stash his stogies in style. Cigar humidors are essential to a good smoke. With that in mind we have found the best cigar humidors that will be treasured by your cigar lover.  A cigar humidor is , not just a great gift because it preserves his precious cigars, but he will think of you every time he opens it and has a smoke. 

Here's a list of the 52 best cigar humidors your cigar lover will be excited to receive. 

52. High Class Humidor

Give your cigar lover a humidor he can be proud to display. The High Class Humidor features a beautiful cherry wood finish and beveled glass windows. Big enough to hold 120 cigars your favorite cigar aficionado can really step up his hobby.

51. Classy Personalized Humidor 


Relaxing with a glass of bourbon and a cigar is his kind of relaxation. He's the classy guy who deserves to have this Personalized Humidor. This engraved humidor is not only functional but also elegant. It's lined with Spanish Cedar and can contain up to 20 cigars. Have it personalized with 1 line up to 20 characters to make it extra special.    

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50. Ammo Can Custom Cigar Humidor

Ammo Can Personalzied Humidor

Any guy will love this ammo can personalized humidor, but if your cigar smoker is into guns then then he will especially love this unique laser engraved humidor.  This four-piece set includes a 50 caliber ammo can, wooden insert, hygrometer, and humidifier. 

49. Luxury Techwood Humidor

luxury Humidor with removable bed

When you are looking for luxury this humidor is the one for you.  Made from African Obeche Techwood that gives it a classy and beautiful finish that makes this one of the best looking humidors out there. Any cigar aficionado will be proud to display their collection in one of these.

48. Black Piano Finish Glass Top Humidor

 It can hold up to 100 cigars. The Black Piano Finish Glass Humidor spells elegance in every way. It features the front digital hygrometer, magnetic lid, and accessory drawer. The Octodor has a meticulously crafted octagonal shape and comes finished with an elegant high-gloss black piano finish. A gift he won't easily forget specially because it came from you. 

47. Engraved Glass Top Humidor 

Personalized Glass Top Humidor

He is a cigar aficionado. Want him to have a really special gift? Then let him have this Cigar Stash that allows him to store and enjoy his favorite cigars for the long haul. This gift functions not only as a storage box but also as a humidifier retaining the freshness of cigars. It is made with top of the line Spanish Cedar to guarantee its quality and can be engraved with his name or initials.  

46. Slide and Smoke-Cigar Humidor and Ashtray

Humidor and Ashtray

What else can your cigar lover need. This sliding box set, is part humidor, part ashtray and all perfection. On one side you have a humidor that will keep his precious stogies in perfect condition and then close the top and slide the shelf over and it reveals an ashtray with a cigar bed. Everything he could need for great smoke.

45. Large Luxury Display Humidor

large humidor

This one is for the serious collector. With three drawers that can hold up to 150 of his precious stogies, no cigar lover will be left wanting with this large luxury humidor. The three drawers make sorting and separating a breeze and this humidor even includes a built hygrometer so you can track the interior humidity without having to worry about opening and checking yourself. This makes one for one special gift for any cigar lover.

44. Palermo Desktop Humidor with 3 Drawers


It's a large desktop humidor.  This Palermo Desktop Humidor with 3 Drawers is made for precise organization. It can hold up to 150 cigars and is lined with premium kiln-dried Spanish cedar for excellent aroma and moisture retention. It has a tempered glass top for showing off his best cigars plus gold plated handles and drawer pulls. 

43. Luxury Digital Cigar Humidor

Luxury Brown Cigar Humidor

When your guy loves his cigars and is ready to class up his game. This 120 cigar ebony finished humidor will look good in any room. With a beautiful Spanish Cedar lining and digital hygrometer you can't go wrong in choosing The Suit and Tie Humidor for your cigar lover.

See this beautiful humidor up close in this video below:


42. Burl Engraved Cigar Humidor 


He deserves the best. This awesome burl wood box functions as a humidor and is sure to impress him. The Ultimate Box Set can be purchased separately or you can pick one or more items to go inside. You can have the humidor personalized along with the items chosen that go inside it. It's one gift that will truly put a smile on his face.  

41.  Patriotic Humidor

patriotic humidor

This Patriotic humidor gets it right from style to function. Made to represent what matters to your guy this humidor will be a gift he will use with pride for years to come. Lined with solid Spanish cedar, this humidor comes equipped with a rectangular humidifier, an analog hygrometer, and a Spanish-cedar tray and divider. Also boasting sure seal technology your stogie lover will enjoy a perfectly preserved cigar with every smoke.

40. Carbon Fiber Humidor

carbon fiber personalized cigar humidor

When you are looking for a humidor that can double as a display piece look no further than this slick carbon fiber humidor. A perfect marriage of design and function this humidor is made to be front and center on any cigar lover's desk or countertop. Nobody puts this baby in the corner.

39. Fancy Desktop Cigar Humidor

This Solana Desktop Cigar Humidor is in high-gloss rosewood with a maple-burled wood inlay. It can hold up to 100 cigars and lined with premium kiln-dried Spanish cedar for excellent aroma and moisture retention. It's convenient and features a front-mount glass hygrometer with brass ring plus brass inset carry handles on the side. 

38. Old World Desktop Humidor

Let his cigars stay fresh in this historic and sturdy Old World Desktop Humidor . Help him feel like Columbus with discovering the new world with this attractive Walnut finished humidor. With room for 100 cigars each smoke could take him on a new journey.


The Cross-Inlaid Maple & Iron Wood Cigar Humidor features a hidden steel under lid that allows humidifier and hygro to attach magnetically. It's a 
6 piece divider set that comes with a d
igital hygrometer with calibration feature. Plus, your man will appreciate the high polished gold humidifier with matching gold lock and key. 

This Leather Cigar Humidor Case is made from highest quality leather. This cigar case comes with stitching and can hold up to 5 cigars. It will definitely be an instant favorite among his cigar accessories.  

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    35. High Gloss Lacquer Humidor w/ Beveled Glass


    It can hold up to 300 of his cigars. This High Gloss Lacquer Humidor w/ Beveled Glass comes with Mahogany finish and 2 removable trays. It also features 6 adjustable drawers with an ideal size of 19 1/2” W x 12” D x 12 1/2” H. It's one gift that will definitely be for keeps. 

    34. Burlwood Cigar Humidor

    burlwood cigar humidor

    When you need a smooth looking humidor to hold its on desktop nothing beats Burlwood. With its rich smooth finish this is one good looking humidor that will be displayed with pride by your stogie lover. Holding 25 cigars at the perfect humidity this makes for one great gift for your cigar lover.

    33. Visol Barclay Personalized Travel Humidor 


    It comes with free engraving of his name or initials on this cigar case. The Visol Barclay Personalized Travel Humidor will carry up to 10 of his favorite cigars. This humidor will keep his treasured items safe wherever he goes. The cedar interior holds in moisture to create a comfortably humid environment. Outside, a polished black finish shines with reflection. You can even add a personal message to the brushed stainless steel engraving plate to make it more special. 

    32. Treasure Chest Humidor

    treasure chest cigar humidor

    X marks the spot with this Treasure Chest humidor. Your bounty will be stashed safe inside.  Lined with solid Spanish cedar, this humidor comes equipped with a rectangular humidifier, an analog hygrometer, and a Spanish-cedar tray and divider. Also boasting Sure Seal technology your stogie lover will enjoy a perfectly preserved cigar with every smoke.
    This Rugged Air Tight Waterproof Travel Cigar Humidor can hold up to 25-30 cigars. It is made from super strong abs molded plastic and includes 1 humidifier disc in lid, and 2 side "Flying" locking clasps. It is crushproof, airtight, dustproof and waterproof. 

    30. Cigar Humidor Box


    This Cigar Humidor Box is the gift that will keep both your cigars and your style fresh. Fully lined with Spanish cedar, this cigar box oozes class and sophistication. It can hold 75-100 cigars has a beveled glass top with border inlay, removable tray, two adjustable dividers and internal locking hinges. This is one fancy cigar humidor any stogie lover will appreciate.

    This Cigar Oasis Excel 3.0 Electronic Humidifier makes it the perfect system fit for any style humidor of 1-4 cubic feet (75-300 cigar count) be it a classic wooden desktop humidor, foot locker humidor, cigar cooler, coolidor or wineador. It powers up via streamlined thin electronic ribbon/micro-usb connector to standard USB AC power adapter with no drilling necessary. Plus, it removes the “musty” odors from the usual buildup of dead air in passively humidity controlled humidors.

    28. Cigar Humidor Case with Humidifier and Hygrometer


    This Cigar Humidor Case with Humidifier and Hygrometer is made of Spanish cedar lining for excellent aroma and moisture retention. It is sturdy and durable plus it protects from tobacco worms, and has high humidity absorption capacity. It also supports the cigar aging process definitely a good partner for his cigars.

    This Medici Premium Quality Humidor can hold up to 500 Cigars. It has 2 large rectangle humidifiers, 1 analog glass hygrometer with elegant brass ring plus 2 Spanish cedar trays with dividers. It's also lined with premium Kiln dried Spanish cedar. 

      26. Waterproof Travel Cigar Humidor 



      The Waterproof Travel Cigar Humidor can hold up to 15 churchill cigars. It is made from super strong abs molded plastic. It also floats on water, airtight seal, and is waterproof up to 100 feet deep. It also features 2 removable/replaceable locking clasps, stainless steel latch hinges and 1 humidifier disc in lid. 

      25. Electronic Cigar Cooler Humidor


      electronic cigar humidor


      For the guy who doesn't trust anybody with his cigars. This high tech Electronic Humidoris the ultimate gift for your aficionado. Lined with Spanish Cedar Wood this humidor can accommodate 150 of his prized Cubans.

      24. Wooden Barrel Cigar and Pipe Tobacco Humidor


      Keeping his cigars and tobacco fresh will never be a problem again. This Wooden Barrel Cigar and Pipe Tobacco Humidor is beautifully designed to replicate a rustic wooden barrel, and is designed with a beautiful latch and handle. It shuts airtight, and also comes with a humidifier to keep the humidity and freshness strong. It's the perfect gift for your cigar aficionado friend. 

      23. Portable Cigar Carry Case

      portable cigar gift case

      This Portable Cigar Case Humidor has a strong aluminum casing that is great for travel or the cigar smoker on the go. It features an anti-slip rigid side grip and a built In hygrometer & humidifier. It can fit 3 regular cigars, or 2 large one. This is one of those cigar gifts thats practical and stylish all in one. 

      22. Cubana Premium Cigar Humidor


      The La Madera Cubana Premium Cigar Humidor Luxury Humidor will make preserving and storing his precious cigars a genuinely luxurious experience. It is tailor-made to cater to his every requirement and is definitely an exceptional and indispensable cigar accessory.

      21. Scotte Leather & Cedar Wood Cigar Canister


      This Scotte Leather & Cedar Wood Cigar Canister is a portable cigar humidor/cigar moisturize canister, travel cigar case that is made of high-quality leather(appearance)+Cedar(inner). Simple but fashionable, this gorgeous humidor is very durable. It can hold 12-16 cigars and is perfect for home or business use. 

      20. Shotshell 12-Gauge Cigar Humidor


      12 gauge cigar humidor


      It's one cool gift he will be thrilled about! This Shotshell 12-Gauge Cigar Humidor is lined in Spanish cedar and can hold 7 Churchill cigars. It comes with an anodized aluminum top and an exclusive access humidifier that can maintain 70% of humidity. Now he can travel without having to deal with crushed cigars.  

      19.Leather Cedar Wood Lined Cigar Humidor


      He's always after having stuff that is of high quality. And having high-quality accessories as a cigar aficionado is not an exception. Give him this Leather Surface Cedar Wood Lined Humidor made of great leather and premium kiln-dried Spanish cedar lined that comes with a magnetic rectangle humidifier and magnetic glass hygrometer. This travel humidor can hold 10 to 20 cigars and can be one reliable case for his cigars during travel. 

      18. Desktop Cigar Humidor Box


      glasstop cigar humidor


      Adorn his office table with this small Desktop Humidor with walnut finish. This humidor is lined with premium kiln-dried Spanish cedar for excellent aroma and moisture retention. It is excellently designed with gold-plated corner hardware on lid with front-mount clasp lock, tempered glass top, and a scratch-resistant felt-lined bottom. It's one gift he will treasure for a long time. 

      17. Leather Hygrometer and Rectangle Humidifier


      Anything leather is worth keeping. That is why this Leather Hygrometer and Rectangle Humidifier is the best gift you can give him that he can always remember you by. This gift comes with a hygrometer and humidifier, to ensure the proper humidity for cigars inside. It can contain 20 -25 cigars all well-preserved for his enjoyment. 

      16. Acrylic Cigar Humidor Box


      plastic cigar humidor



      It's transparent and his collection of cigars is there for all the world to see. This Acrylic Cigar Humidor Box comes with the latest adjustable hygrometer, making it easy for you to adjust the humidity count value. It is installed on the top of the lid for easy viewing of humidity counts. It's one gift that will truly impress the cigar aficionado in him. 

      15. Cigar Travel Humidor and Cutters Cigar Gift Set


      Traveling with his cigars will never be the same with this Cigar Travel Humidor and Cutters Cigar Gift Set. This set includes travel humidor, 80 ring gauge cutter, 58 ring gauge cutter, V-Cut cutter, and cigar punch. It can hold up to 5 cigars with a 52 ring gauge up to 7 inches long and comes with a built-in humidifier. A gift he won't be able to let go of for a long time. 

      14. Acrylic Jar Humidor


      This decorative humidor will allow your guy to proudly show off his stash of cigars at all times.  Forget the humidors that keep his cigars concealed, this humidor allows his cigars to be the centerpiece of his man cave.  

      13. Personalized Stogie Stasher 


      The art of the cigar comes with culture and breeds an ambiance that draws men in. It's rich, it's hardy, it's manly. Treat your guy to a humidor that will protect his stash of cigars. Personalize it with his name and this Stogie Stasher is one he will be excited to use for years to come.  

      12. Travel Cigar Humidor


      This exquisite portable leather humidifier can hold 5 cigars and comes complete with a humidifier and a hygrometer. The PU leather outside and the cedar wood inside keep your cigars fresh. It is also packaged in a stylish gift box that your cigar lover friend will truly appreciate and use for a long time.

      11. Custom Cigar Box 


      Complete his joy and let him enjoy his cigars alone or with good friends as soon as day 1 of his retirement day. This stogie stacker is simply perfect for your cigar lover retiring friend. The rustic cigar box is made of birch plywood and can be custom engraved with your friend’s name. It comes with a durable swing latch and a bed of wood excelsior for that super cool presentation. Let him enjoy his cigars whenever and wherever carrying this cigar box that will definitely remind him of how thoughtful you were for giving this awesome retirement gift.     

      10. La Madera Cubana Humidor Cedar and Ash Tree Cigar Humidor


      This La Madera Cubana Humidor Cedar and Ash Tree Cigar Humidor will have the perfect condition for his cigars. Sensational and elegant, this set is going to guarantee the ideal conditions for his elite Cuban cigars. It will surely keep his exclusive cigars at an optimal temperature and maintain the desired humidity levels. It is meant to become his most treasured cigar companion.


      9. Humidor With Ashtray


      cigar humidor box with ashtray


      Complete your retiring colleague’s cigar collection with this awesome humidor and ashtray combination. This is one gift that is sure to stay with him for many years. This two tone Brazilian wood humidor comes with two compartments, with a sturdy lid that keeps cigars fresh and a sliding lock to open and reveal a hidden ashtray. It’s definitely the ideal gift for the retiring cigar fanatic.

      8. Glass-top Humidor


      The guy in your life is a classy gentleman who enjoys relaxing with a glass of bourbon and a cigar every evening. This glass-top humidor will make his routine even better! The beautiful humidor is as breathtakingly attractive as it is functional, making for a great gift for any cigar lover.

      7. Leather Humidor


      Amaze him with the exquisite workmanship of this leather humidor. Lined with premium cedar wood and surrounded with soft leather, it perfectly protects your tobacco from worms. It has a high humidity absorption capacity and supports the cigar's aging process. It also enhances the flavor of his cigars. This gift is easy to use and is equipped with a humidifier and a dropper for convenience and control precision when it comes to the humidity of his cigars. It also has a large capacity with 2 removable cedar wood trays in different sizes. It can contain up to 6 pieces of cigars. This case is portable with a zipper-lock and is nicely packaged in a black carton box and placed in a black fabric bag ready to be handed to your cigar aficionado friend or loved one.

      6. Waterproof Cigar Travel Humidor


      This gift is sure to put a smile on his face. The Waterproof Cigar Travel Humidor comes with 2 trays for a total of 10 large cigars. It has a built-in hygrometer and humidifier. This humidor is airtight and waterproof with a silicone seal. It also has an easy open and close latch. It’s definitely a must-have for all his travel adventures. Your cigar lover friend will truly appreciate this gift.  

      5. Glass-Top Digital Cedar Humidor


      This Glass-Top Handcrafted Cedar Humidor is sure to stay with your cigar lover friend for a very long time. This gift is unique for it has the only built-in digital hydrometer in the market. Its interior is made from a real Spanish cedar that makes this humidor hold enough moisture to keep his cigars fresh at all times. Having this mean he will have an accurate way to monitor and ensure that his humidor is properly seasoned. It also comes complete with accessory storage for your cigar cutter, lighter and even a travel case in the large bottom slide-out drawer. The best part is it has a top lid made from tempered glass that shows off his fine collection of cigars.    

      4. Cigar Travel Humidor

      great cigar gift humidor

      The perfect humidor for the outdoor or water sports aficionados. Not only it is watertight to depths well beyond 100 feet, it is made with a fiber-glass reinforced ABS resin that is virtually indestructible. Protects up to 10 Churchill length cigars. Includes humidifier. Please note that the clasps for the Cigar Caddy brand are designed to be easily removable for easy replacement.

      3. Leather Cigar Humidor Case 


      leather cigar humidor


      This Leather Cigar Humidor Box is stylish and definitely something he can show off to his buddies. It has a light tan color and comes complete with a pocket travel cigar tube cabinet humidifier kit set. It can also fit all cigar brands and sizes personalized travel cigar case can hold up to 2 cigars and double as a humidor. It’s convenient and practical storage for cigars that will keep them moist and fresh at all times. This elegant looking gift is perfect for cigar lovers.

      2. Glass Etched Humidor


      Having a fresh cigar handy is what every cigar lover desires. Give him this well-designed glass etched humidor. This special gift can hold up to 50 cigars. It properly stores and makes cigars stay fresh all because of the SureSeal Technology. This gift is made of Macintosh Oak with a mahogany walnut finish and a tempered beveled glass top. It has a felt-lined bottom and comes with 1 round humidifier. Its interiors are divided interiors for maximum versatility. Have this gift personalized and choose from 3 monogram designs to make it extra special for your retiring friend or loved one.   

      1. Leather Cigar Humidor 


      It's a combination of leather and Spanish cedar. No cigar lover would be able to resist this Leather Cigar Humidor. It can hold up to 18 cigars depending on size and comes with a humidifier. The leather folding of this cigar humidor can be personalized with his monogram, a quote or other text of your choice.

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