18 Snazzy Clip on Bow Ties for Men

Updated on November 03, 2022 by Eds Alvarez

If you're like me, you own a ton of bow ties, but you don't wear them as often as you'd like because they're a pain to put on. Well, not anymore!

With the best clip-on bow ties, you can add that touch of class to any outfit without all the hassle.

Check out our favorite picks for the best clip-on bow ties below. You'll be glad you did! 

Here are 18 of the best clip on bow ties for men:    

18. Floral Reversible Cloth Bow Tie


Let him look all dapper with this gorgeous gift.  This Floral Reversible Cloth Bow Tie is a stylish and adjustable cotton bowtie. This versatile piece can be dressed up or down. It's a must-have accessory that is comfortable to wear. He would really love this awesome gift! 

17. Real Feathers Men Bowtie

This Real Feathers Men Bowtie is available in 19 special designs. It is a pre-tied bowtie with a hook and a loop for easy on & off plus it features an adjustable strap length with matching feather brooch available - attached with a pin and a Butterfly Clutch. It is pre-made and packaged ready to be shipped within 2 working days.

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16. Cork Fly


It's a guaranteed eye-catcher for every outfit, whether at the wedding or on other occasions! This Cork Fly will give your loved one lasting pleasure, natural materials and careful workmanship. Due to the adjustable polyester strap, the bow tie is suitable for every neck width. It is also placed in a wooden box ready to be handed to your man. 

15. Amazing Wooden Floral Bow Tie 

A stunning bow tie that will complement his overall look and make him stand out. This Amazing Wooden Floral Bow Tie is made from 100% Walnut Wood and went through a meticulous multi step process that transforms a beautiful Walnut piece of wood into this gorgeous bowtie.  

14. Caramel Brown Knitted Bow Tie

This Caramel Brown Knitted Bow Tie will give your look an instant style upgrade. He can wear this bow tie with formal suit, jacket or with just jeans, shirt and sweater. The unique texture of the bow tie makes it an ideal addition to his suit at rustic and boho weddings. It has hook fastening, so you don't have to tie it and comes in a gift box ready to be handed to him. 

13. The Clovis Griffin


With its classy design, you can be sure he will turn heads wherever he goes. The Clovis Griffin will have him look cool and in style. It is made from 100% cotton, and is perfect for weddings, formal events, or just a night out on the town. It will definitely end up as his favorite. 

12. Contemporary Concrete Bowtie


It has a unique look and beautiful grain texture that  will look great no matter the occasion. This Contemporary Concrete Bowtie is a unique handmade accessory. It is an  elegant regular bow tie combined with the urban-raw style expression of individuality. It goes well with the suit or casual with jeans.

11. Leather Personalized Bow Tie

It has a minimalist design and is made of 100% genuine cowhide leather (calf leather) made in Italy.This Leather Personalized Bow Tie is an accessory that gives an opportunity to play with style, change its appearance, be fashionable, extravagant, and presentable all at the same time.The strap is regulated and is very comfortable to use. It is a unique accessory that completes the look of your man on formal occasions. 

10. Triple Layers Concrete Bowtie 

It's gives him a unique look with the beautiful grain texture that assures him it will look great no matter the occasion. This Triple Layers Concrete Bowtie is a unique handmade accessory where the elegance and fragility of a regular bow tie are combined with the urban-raw style expression of individuality.

9. Men's Bowtie Black Paisley

This Men's Bowtie Black Paisley is a beautiful pre-tied and adjustable double tiered banded bow tie. It can adjust from 13" through 20" neck. It is always made by hand and to your special order. He will really look dapper with this gift.

8. Boho Bowtie

You can be sure he will look great wearing this gorgeous looking tie. This Boho Bowtie is made from black walnut. It is a handmade wooden bowtie, made from quality local and exported woods. The color and grain can differ as it is made from upcycled or salvaged wood. 

7. The Moss Huckleberry 

This bowtie is perfect for weddings, formal events, or just a night out on the town. The Moss Huckleberry are extra soft to the touch as they are made with 100% cotton. It's a stylish and unique way to dress up your man. You can be sure he will be turning heads wherever he goes.

6. Handmade Male Mallard Duck Feather Bow Tie

This Handmade Male Mallard Duck Feather Bow Tie are feathers on black satin bow ties. It is adjustable to fit up to 18". Most Importantly, all feathers are ethically sourced at a range of UK Shoots. It's a gift that is great for formal events, weddings, balls, parties etc. Other feather combinations can be done just ask for details.

5. Black and Gold Men's Leather Bow Tie

This Black and Gold Men's Leather Bow Tie can be bought as a set with gold and black boutonniere lapel flower, matching pocket square, and gold suspenders. These are genuine soft leather bow ties and lapel flower combinations. A unique and eye-catching leather bow tie handcrafted in Slovenia in Europe with high quality soft Italian leather. It suits a variety of styles, from a casual look with a simple shirt to formal wear.

4. Black Bat Bow Tie For Men

This Black Bat Bow Tie For Men is a simple easy to wear bowtie. It attaches by means of a metal clip with a simple gesture. It is perfect for the big evening or for the life of every day. This bowtie brings a touch of distinction to every man.

3. Plaid Bow Tie

This Plaid Bow Tie is made of soft Polyester fabric material. It is handmade and has the following size details: 12 cm (4.72 inch) x 6 cm (2.36 inch). It comes in a gift box ready to be handed to your man. 

2. Brick Bowtie


This Brick Bowtie is unique, cool and made from authentic building bricks. It's one of the best gifts you can buy for him. You can choose from 4 designs. The necktie strap comes in black, elastic and adjustable. All the pieces have been glued together. 

1. Gold Metal Leaf Vine Leather Bow Tie


This Gold Metal Leaf Vine Leather Bow Tie is a high-quality hand-made bow tie made of PU leather with gold hardware. It has a unique and rare design and is pre-tied with an adjustable neck strap. It comes in the color black and is presented in a gift box ready to be handed to him. 

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