27 Great Birthday Gifts for 70-Year-Old Men Who Are Young at Heart

November 10, 2022 by Eds Alvarez

Are you looking for great birthday gifts for 70-year-old men? Look no further than these presents.

With one of these items, he will get both practical benefits and a gift that shows how much you care about him and his interests.

If you know your family member well, you can tailor the choice to suit both his needs and personality, but if you need to know him better or are trying to decide what sort of gift he would like, this list should offer some great suggestions.

27 Birthday Gifts for 70-Year-Old Men That Show You Care

1. Golf Decanter Whiskey Decanter Set

This Golf Decanter Whiskey Decanter Set is made from 100% safe, lead-free borosilicate glass.

This liquor decanter has a vast capacity, and you can fit in a regular-sized whiskey bottle and most bottles of scotch, rum, wine, brandy, and other liquors.

Each piece produced is handcrafted by master artisans.

2. Personalized Charcuterie Board

This Personalized Charcuterie Board will definitely wow his guests!

This birthday gift is handmade by artisans in India, in Agra (home of the Taj Mahal and the famous marble!).

What is more, this is one of the giant cheeseboard/charcuterie boards in wood and marble!

It makes a perfect gift for a 70-year-old man.

3. Puff Daddy Caddy

This birthday gift for 70-year-old man is a solid sidekick for his pleasantries.

The Puff Daddy Caddy will be the perfect gift for him. Three is undoubtedly company when you bring it together in this triad of awesomeness.

His man cave would be stunning with this unique gift on display.  

4. Volcanic Rock Mezcal Flight Tray

This Volcanic Rock Mezcal Flight Tray includes three stone copitas, the traditional way to showcase the agave spirit's flavors, on a long stone flight tray.

These birthday gifts are handmade in Puebla in east-central Mexico and is stone sourced from the Popocatepetl Volcano.

Savor the well-loved tequila taste with your drinking buddies the old fashion way. 

5. Brew Bearer

The Brew Bearer has an attached bottle opener, beveled edges, and a steel handle.

You can personalize it with an engraved initial of your favorite chugger.

This birthday gift for 70-year-old man is made of firewood, with a rustic look, and engraved with an excellent deer antler design.

6. Personalized Whiskey Barrel

This Personalized Whiskey Barrel is one gift he will proudly display in his man cave. It is an excellent gift that brings manly all over.

Complete with curing, cleaning, and sanitizing instructions, he will be happy to prepare to use this barrel for his favorite drinking buddies. 

This 70-year-old man gift comes with its stand, spigot, and bung, making for easy serving and filling.

7. Ash with Class

Cigar Ash Tray Gift Personalized

This Ash with Class is made of walnut wood and includes a set of stainless-steel matching cigar accessories: a guillotine cutter, lighter, cigar bed, and stainless-steel ash reservoir.

This birthday gift for 70-year-old man is perfect for any cigar smoker.

8. Custom Whiskey Man Cave Sign 

This Custom Metal Man Cave Sign is handmade, and the design is lasered to perfection.

This birthday gift for 70-year-old man is the perfect addition to his whiskey collection. His man cave is not truly a man cave without the sign that proves it.

It will be the ideal time to show off this gorgeous metal sign whenever the boys come over. 

9. Personalized Cedar Picnic Cooler

This handcrafted Personalized Cedar Picnic Cooler has a cedar wood front that can be laser engraved and personalized for the recipient.

This birthday gift is made in Texas, it features a hand-sewn detachable liner to make cleanup a breeze.

Stock these interesting gifts with full of welcome items!

10. Combat Cooler

This Personalized Cooler will keep his beer ice-cold and safe from leakages while he enjoys himself outdoors or at sporting events!

It is the perfect gift for any man who loves to have a cold drink while enjoying the outdoors and the company of the people he loves the most. 

This cooler is durable, with a portable leather top handle and adjustable straps.

11. Man, Myth, Legend Whiskey Scotch Glass

Man Myth Legend

You can customize this Personalized Whiskey Glass gift with the engraving "man, myth, legend" and his name.

It comes with a large, heavy-bottom, engraved whiskey glass that makes a special gift for any whiskey lover in your life.

This whiskey glass will sit proudly on his shelf.

12. Electric Wine Opener Set 

This Meridia Electric Wine Opener Set is a powerful & rechargeable cordless wine opener set in a premium box.

These thoughtful gifts include an automatic wine opener kit that removes corks in 7 seconds!

It is the best housewarming gift!

13. Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager 


Help him relax and take a break with this thoughtful gift.

He is almost always on the go, so he wants his health care to go side-by-side with him.

This Massager with advanced heat function relieves aching back, neck, shoulder, leg, and waist without hampering activities such as driving, watching TV, or even heading a meeting in the office. 

14. Me Tray


This Me Tray is something that he can put immediately after the door to throw in his keys, his loose coins, and stuff.

He usually throws his keys and places his property anywhere after a long day outside.

Say goodbye to mornings when he will make it a mission to find those essentials and find them scattered everywhere. 

15. Barrel Bar Whiskey Shelf


housewarming gift for men whiskey barrel bar


This Barrel Bar Whiskey Shelf makes an excellent addition to any home wet bar or man cave. It is made from the top quarter of a spent barrel.

Your whiskey-loving guy can proudly show off his prized collection in style.

This birthday gift for 70-year-old man is specially for those who loves a good drink.

16. Midnight Smoker

cigar gift set


He likes to smoke cigars. Let him kick back, relax and enjoy a cigar with this Gift Set.

This birthday gift has everything he needs for those nights out, including a lighter humidor inside the lid so he can keep his favorite cigars fresh without worrying about drying them out too much.

17. Atlas Carafe

This Atlas Carafe decanter will preserve his whiskey while looking good.

This birthday gift for 70-year-old man will be a conversation piece on any whiskey lover's bar top. Functional Art is the best way to describe this high-quality decanter.

Plus, it features hand-blown lead-free glass and an airtight ground stopper. 

18. 70th Birthday Newspaper Poster Sign

No matter your dad's interests, he'll love it when you put them on a Personalized Newspaper Poster Sign to hang up in his office or workshop.

The last thing he wants to do is sit around and think about how old he is!

19. Dopp Kit

A Dopp kit is a perfect gift for 70-year-old man who travels frequently.

These best gifts can hold all of their toiletries, and it is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear that comes with frequent travel.

A Dopp kit is an excellent gift idea to ensure they remember everything when packing their bags!

20. Vintage Cotton Twill Cap

This Vintage Cap is the perfect present to give a guy who's young at heart.

This classy gift has a great vintage look with a unique cotton twill fabric, and the adjustable strap in the back makes it easy to find that perfect fit.

This birthday gift for 70-year-old man is made of cotton, so it won't itch like wool or make your head hot like fleece.

21. 70th Birthday Apron

The perfect gift for a 70th birthday is something the recipient can wear with pride.

A Personalized Apron will be treasured by the recipient and loved by those who see it when they come over to do chores.

Please choose from one of our many colors to create your custom apron to make it even more special!

22. Toilet Paper Gag Gift

Know any seventy-year-old men who are still young at heart?

This gag gift is perfect. It is a toilet paper roll with the words Holy Poop You are 70 printed on it.

You can use the paper to make someone laugh or as a practical joke if they forget their birthday!

23. TOLOCO Massage Gun

If you want to pamper your dad this Father's Day, the Toloco Massage Gun is a great way to do it.

The gun is lightweight and easy to hold, with a comfortable grip.

This thoughtful gift is cordless and comes with a digital meter, making it easy to use.

24. Engraved Tea & Biscuits Board

SEVEN-TEA is a unique and fun way to enjoy tea with friends. This wood board engraved with years of your life is the perfect gift for a man who's young at heart.

If your dad is a food lover and always up for tea and some biscuits, he might enjoy this SEVEN-TEA board.

You cannot go wrong with this unique gift.

25. 70 is only 13 in scrabble

One way you could make a great, heartfelt gift is to put together a Scrabble Board that says seventy in words.

It would be perfect for someone who loves the game and can't get enough of it.

These birthday gifts are handmade and actual scrabble tiles!

26. 70th Birthday Funny Socks

These Funny Socks are an excellent gift for a man who is still young at heart!

This funny and unique gift is made with a cotton and polyester blend, and these light grey socks are ideal for everyday wear.

You can pack it up in the colourful gift wrap, making it look like you spent more than you did!

27. Golf Balls Seventy and Still Swinging

A good Golf Ball is a great gift idea, and a golf ball that says it is designed for people seventy years old or older can show that you're paying attention.

It also makes it clear that the person you are shopping for still has enough energy to go out and play.

Not only does this make a great gift, but it shows that you are paying attention and want to get something the person will enjoy and be able to use.

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