23 Great Gifts for Older Men

Updated on January 07, 2021 by Chris Bajda

You have been making him feel special with the gifts you shower him with every occasion. Now that he is old, it’s only right that you carefully choose a gift that will not only make him feel special but one that will also be functional and sentimental. Choose to pamper him with gifts that will help him relax, comfortable and even rejuvenated. You can also give him gifts that will be useful for remembering things or stuff that he might often forget. He will surely appreciate cigar or whiskey related gifts that will help him enjoy his favorite time of relaxation with his best buddies.   

Here are 23 gifts for older men that you can choose from: 

23. Naipo Siatsu Back and Neck Massager 


Seasoned men have more distinct needs especially in taking care of their bodies. Still, whatever age they may be, masculine species are almost always on-the-go so they want their health care to go side-by-side with them. This massager with advanced heat function brings relief to aching back, neck, shoulder, leg and waist without hampering activities such as driving, watching TV or even heading a meeting in the office.

22. Vodeson Item Finder


Forgetting where we put certain stuff is an issue not only for the senior citizens but for most of us as well. This item finder is a perfect gift for people who are prone to losing things like keys, wallets or even remote controls and cellphones. Just attach the receivers to items you usually lose and press the corresponding color in the transmitter to locate what you are looking for.

21. Old Lives Matter Whiskey Scotch Glass


All lives matter indeed but this novelty gift that has a comic message “Old Lives Matter” will surely bring laughter and put premium on the lives lived by men who walked the earth before us. It is made with premium quality glass befitting the mouth of the person drinking from it that has tasted both liquors and life experience beyond what we may know.

20. Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper


Walking may not be a favorite thing of older men but it is a necessity to keep their health and their agility in check. Bring ease to their stepping processes as you cushion their weight in this memory foam slipper. It has a sturdy rubber sole that allows our Dads and Grandpas to step outside the door to grab the paper without changing shoes.

19. Monogrammed Golf Towel

Monogrammed Golf Towel

Most men love golf, throw in retirement and it just means more time...for golf. This monogrammed golf towel will be a welcome addition any mans golf bag. This lightweight, quick drying, super absorbent towel comes in two color options; Navy Blue and Red. Whether wiping down his clubs for his hole in one shot or wiping the sweat from his favorite beverage this towel will come in handy.

18. Memory Mints For Senior Moments


It is an uncommon reality that seasoned smokers or oldies with dentures keeps mints in their pockets for any moment they will need to do some talking and maybe, some kissing. Give them a handy rescue for these unexpected “senior moments” by giving this mints that will surely freshen their breaths and tickle their minds with its comic and relatable message on the tin.

17. Traveling Cigarman Set

cigar travel set

A great gift for our senior cigar aficionados who are still movers and shakers.  This cigar gift carrying case comes with a cigar cutter so he can take his cigars when he is out and about. This travel-sized cigar case holds everything they need to enjoy a smooth smoke when the mood strikes them. This cigar case stores and protects up to three cigars at once, and comes with a compartment to carry the cigar cutter.  You can personalize with his initials on one side and a custom message on the other side. If you like the idea of getting him a cigar holder but would like to see a few other options, check out our post on the best cigar holders.

16. I Don't Get Older, I Level Up! Wrist Watch 


Indeed as men get older, they get wiser. This wristwatch is a great way to remind them that as time passes, as years are added to their lives, and as life adds to their years: they are not getting older but they are LEVELING UP! This is confidence and pride wrapped around their wrist from a man in his life who believes the message it conveys.

15. Personalized Decanter

Turn your seasoned man into a philosopher and keep the conversation going long into the night with this engraved decanter. The handmade crystal clear glass decanter will hold 24 ounces of their favorite whiskey or bourbon. Whether they choose to class up a bottle of whiskey from the well or show off their private stash, every time they pour a glass, they'll beam with pride over your great gift.  It's a perfect gift for the Patriarch of the family.  

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14. Older Than Dirt Necktie


Despite the days spent in the couch, some men still like to keep a tie or two to match their best suits when they attend parties or out of retirement corporate meetings. This novelty item may serve the purpose of adding on a vintage and professional touch to your old pal’s style; while creating a lasting impression of being subliminally comic and sleek.

13. The Whisker Dam-Mustache Drink Guard 


For some strange reason, most matured men prefer growing their beards and mustache. But drinking coffee or beer becomes less enjoyable when the foam gets stuck in that facial hair. This unique innovation in drinking keeps the frothy drips away from those precious mustaches while allowing men to enjoy their favorite drink. This whisker “dam” is made from 100% copper with patina finish for a vintage appeal.

12. Scotch-Infused Toothpicks Gift Set  

Talk about a subtle surprise to your scotch-drinker old pal. This toothpick is soaked in premium scotch and then kiln dried infusing flavors throughout. The flavor is released by gently biting the wood allowing the user to have just a snippet his old-time favorite. This way, he may miss the taste less without worrying about the consequences of actually drinking. Now that is a treat.

11. Wall Mounted State Bottle Opener 



Men will always love their bottle of beer at whatever age. However, opening one becomes a struggle as the grip becomes loose as they age. This wall mounted bottle opener will never reveal the real reason for not using hands to open that cold beer because this geographically appealing and handy set of utility, made in birch plywood is just too cool not to use.

10. Senior Citizen Texting Code Mug 


Older men can be old and still keep some code. This mug keeps a list of texting codes that are only applicable to senior citizens. The practical and comic printing outside, keeps the mind of your old man active while having fun, as he memorizes the codes and uses them in texting. This novelty gift is also a functional cup so feel free to fill it up with healthy liquor.

9. Gun Muscle Massager 

If your guy is getting up there in years and his muscles ache a little more every year, this is a gift he will love. With its high-quality lithium battery rechargeable battery,  this Sylphim Percussion Massager is designed to be powerful and quiet. With 6 speed settings and 7 massage heads to choose from, the user can customize the intensity of each massage for maximum relief and relaxation. This is one kind of massage gun that he'll surely come to love. Age is nothing but a number for your tough guy and this massage gun will keep his body going!

8. Dainty Old English Initial Necklace 


 A classy accessory is never out of style nor is it ever out of season. This Old English necklace that carries an initial of your old man’s name or maybe his beloved’s in gothic style is a guaranteed heart warmer. It comes in gold, rose gold and silver and its personalized pendant hangs in a 9 millimeter pendant. Allow your dad or grandpa to wear your treat close to his heart.

7. Grandfather Gift Box Set 


It’s never too late to give your grandfather or dad a pampering kit. This gift box set screams of your care for his hygiene and overall physical wellness. The box includes a Charcoal Cedarwood Soap, a Deep Woods Deodorant, a Sandalwood Citrus Pomade, a Bergamot Sandalwood Hand Balm, an American Bourbon Lip Balm and a greeting card that highlights why grandpa deserves this amazing gift box. 

6. Making the World A Better Place Mug 

A man’s legacy is important to him whether one may admit it or not. This mug says what his life purpose has been since the day he walked the earth. The year printed in this 11 ounce ceramic mug may be changed according to the birth year of your dad, grandfather, uncle, mentor or boss. Everybody may read the message on this cup as the wordings are printed on both sides.

5. Copper Tag Label 


Every older man keeps a bottle or two in their closet. They may not be an alcoholic beverage but a tag is appropriate for each precious bottle. May he be your dad or your mentor, this copper label that contains the initial of the birthday celebrant, the word “Aged to Perfection” (speaks of the wine and the person) and the initial of the gift giver with a number representing the celebrant’s name is a guaranteed charmer.

4. Funny Birthday Shirt 

Of all the gift ideas, you may never go wrong with clothes or apparels. This one though, levels up your game. You are giving a gift of confidence to the old man you will be handing it to. No matter how obviously aged he may be, the sign in this shirt “I’m not old, I’m a classic” ditches all the negative attributes if being old and highlights the idea of aging with class.

3. Dad Glass

Has your father ever really owned anything in the house that has his name on it? If the answer is “no” then it is time to give your old man his own “Dad” glass. It is a 10 oz glass that may hold any beverage your dad prefers. This one though is engraved with the word “DAD” and the year you prefer to put under his name.

2. Personalized Humidor


If some men keep bottles of their finest liquor, some keep their tobacco stash like a treasure. So for those who love to smoke their tobaccos fresh, this humidor is a perfect gift. It comes with one round of humidifier and can hold up to 50 cigars. It is also made with SureSeal technology that ensures proper lid seal for perfect cigar storage.

1. Monogrammed Watch Box 


There is something about monogrammed items that is appealing to older people. For men, items with their initials eventually becomes a memoir of the things they own and achieved in their lives. This black leather watch box may hold the precious watch collection of your dad while flaunting his identity in the initials on top of the box. It is customizable up to 15 characters.

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