29 Electric Humidors for Every Cigar Aficionado

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Let his electronic humidor create an environment with suitable humidity levels and proper airflow for his cigars to thrive for a long time. A cigar humidor is an ideal option for him who wants a modern and upgraded humidification system for his office or home. Regardless of the weather, an electric humidor will be able to maintain the proper temperature.

Plus, the optimal temperatures and humidity levels do not permit pests to infest and harm his cigars. It is definitely one of the best cigar accessories a stogie lover can have in his collection. 

Here are 29 of the best electric cigar humidors you can choose from: 

1. Cigar Oasis Electronic Humidifier

Cigar Oasis Electronic Humidifier
Elevate your cigar experience with the Cigar Oasis Electronic Humidifier, the ultimate humidifier for your prized collection. Crafted for the aficionado, this state-of-the-art electronic humidifier promises to keep your cigars at their peak. The technology ensures precision humidity control, enveloping your cigars in an ideal microclimate.

Your cigars will be cradled in an environment that rivals the finest aging rooms, thanks to the seamless regulation that mimics the balmy breezes of the Caribbean.

2. Mill Glass Top Humidor

Mill Glass Top Humidor

Introducing the Mill Glass Top Humidor. This stunning humidor is all-around larger than our most popular Renzo model and comes finished with a black matte walnut wood grain texture. The inside is lined with solid cedar walls that lock in humidity, making your humidor maintenance effortless. All metal components are custom fabricated and finished in a light satin grey. Stack your cigars any way you want with the new patent-pending Peg System. The modular walls fit into a grid in the wood tray cover on the bottom of the humidor, giving you ultimate flexibility to sort and organize your cigars just how you like them.

This Stainless Steel Tempered Glass Cigar Humidor comes with interior light and includes humidification tray and sponge. It features matching stainless frame digital hygrometer with battery.

Plus, 3 removable sliding trays that can store individual cigars or entire boxes. It can hold up to 250 his cigars too. 

4. Military Glass Top Humidor

Military Glass Top Humidor

Introducing the Military Glass Top Humidor. This humidor is built like a tank with thick wood construction and cedar inlay, making it easier to maintain a constant ideal humidity for your precious stogies. The corners are protected with polished gunmetal corner guards, and the sides are fitted with lid latches. We have stenciled distressed graphics under the custom carrying handles, giving it that extra resemblance of a military foot-locker.

5. Renzo Glass Top Humidor

Renzo Glass Top Humidor

The Renzo Glass Top Humidor showcases the fine blend of practicality and elegance. This cigar humidor, featuring a lovely matte walnut finish and cedar lining, ensures consistent humidity level for optimal cigar preservation. Its full Hydro System™ is a cigar oasis, promoting extended freshness. 

The humidor cabinet also boasts a felt-lined accessory drawer, adding a touch of sophistication. For connoisseurs looking for the best humidor cabinets, Renzo Glass Top Humidor should definitely be considered.

6. Luca Humidor Cabinet

Luca Humidor Cabinet

The function and aesthetics you trust reimagined in a larger, more complete humidor–that’s Luca. This new humidor cabinet includes Klaro’s innovative features that pair high storage capacity with greater performance. The Luca cabinet has three removable drawers equipped with the PEG system making it easy to separate and access your cigars. We’ve added embedded 180-degree hinges, so you can effortlessly access the drawers without scratching the door. 

7. Smart Humidor

Smart Humidor

A standout among cigar humidors is the Klaro Valet. This Smart Humidor incorporates a HYGROMETER STYLE design, providing accurate humidity measurements. This innovative feature ensures your cigars remain fresh by consistently maintaining the right level of moisture. 

The Klaro Valet is an excellent investment for the modern cigar aficionado, blending traditional craftsmanship with digital convenience.

8. NEEDONE Electric Cooler Humidor

NEEDONE Electric Cooler Humidor

This NEEDONE Electric Cooler Humidor is an electronic cooler that helps avoid temperature and humidity fluctuations. It is stored in a natural environment and provides a user-adjustable temperature range (54 F to 74 F) suitable for longer storage and better flavor taste.

This cooler cigar humidor uses cedar wood drawer and shelves. Spanish Cedar Wood can help mediate humidity and offers an excellent cedar wood fragrancy. It provides 2 adjustable wooden shelves and 1 adjustable wooden drawer and can store up to 150 amount.

9. MAG Humidor

MAG Humidor

The MAG Humidor is an exceptional choice for cigar aficionados. The beautiful walnut finish and solid Spanish cedar construction make it not only functional but also a luxury piece. This cigar humidor includes a full Hydro System™, featuring a Hydro Tray™ and two bottles of Klaro Humidor Solution. 

This complete system ensures your cigars remain fresh and flavorful. Truly, the MAG humidor is a staple in the realm of electric cigar humidors.

10. Black Edition Military Humidor

Black Edition Military Humidor

The Black Edition Military Humidor embodies elegance with its matte black finish and polished gunmetal hardware. This electric cigar humidor showcases a stunning diamond patterned EVA foam, a testament to its exquisite craftsmanship. Made from durable wood and Spanish cedar, this humidor cabinet ensures optimal preservation of your stogies. 

A perfect blend of style and functionality, it sets a new standard for humidor cabinets and cements its place among top electric cigar humidors.

11. Eljeczt Electric Cigar Humidors

Eljeczt Electric Cigar Humidors

Eljeczt offers an impressive electric cigar humidor, cigar humidor cabinets that boast a 150-200 cigar capacity. This electric cigar humidor, lined with aromatic Spanish cedar, ensures optimal conditions for your cigar collection with its advanced cooling humidity control system. 

The humidor's digital hygrometer accurately monitors the humidity levels, while a drawer provides additional storage. With the Eljeczt Electric Cigar Humidor, your cigars will reach peak condition in just two weeks, revolutionizing your cigar experience.

12. Belmont Glass Top Humidor

Belmont Glass Top Humidor

The Belmont Glass Top Humidor, crafted from robust wood, is a striking choice for cigar lovers. Its saddle brown vegan leather and slim wood trim around the glass exude sophistication. 

The full Hydro System™, including a Hydro Tray™ and two bottles of Klaro Humidor Solution, ensures cigar freshness. Alongside, the Peg System caters to the needs of serious cigar aficionados. This electronic humidor is a worthy addition to the top-tier electric cigar humidors in the market.

13. Luca Humidor Cabinet

Luca Humidor Cabinet

The Luca Humidor Cabinet is a masterclass in elegance and efficiency. Boasting solid Spanish cedar construction and premium gold-plated hardware, this humidor cabinet has a striking black ash wood finish. The tempered glass door and drawer fronts reveal a generous cigar capacity, with a quiet operation making it a superb addition to any elegant bar. 

Its electronic humidor system includes a full Hydro System™, while the felt-lined drawer adds a touch of luxury. Known for its preservation prowess, the Luca Cabinet is a standout among electric cigar humidors.

14. Schmécké 250 Cigar Cooler Humidor with 3 in 1 Precise Cooling 

Schmécké 250 Cigar Cooler Humidor with 3 in 1 Precise Cooling

This Schmécké 250 Cigar Cooler Humidor with 3 in 1 Precise Cooling will keep his cigars in pristine condition. He can set the ideal temperature and RH levels allowing him to enjoy smoother flavor, burn and draw.

What's more it comes in a stunning stainless steel and cedar wood with free standing design and temperature stabilization that allows for use both indoors and outdoors. It's the ultimate gift for cigar lovers. 

15. NewAir 250 Count Electric Cigar Humidor

NewAir 250 Count Electric Cigar Humidor

This NewAir 250 Count Electric Cigar Humidor will allow his cigars to maintain their full flavor when stored at the right humidity level. This thermoelectric system keeps his cigar collection cool while also locking in humidity.

NewAir wineadors come with a quality door seal that helps hold in moisture, so he is guaranteed a stable humidity level to preserve the flavor of his cigars.

16. Fridgador Electric Cooler Humidor

Fridgador - Electric Cooler Humidor

Elevate your cigar collection with the Fridgador Electric Cooler Humidor. This advanced humidor cabinet features a built in digital touch screen for active humidification system and temperature control, ensuring your cigars stay fresh. 

Its double-paned glass door and internal LED light showcase the solid Spanish cedar drawers, preserving the aroma of your cigars. The compressor-based technology is what sets this electronic humidor apart, providing consistent climate conditions for up to 400 cigars.

17. YZABEL Electric Cooler Cabinet Humidor

YZABEL Electric Cooler Cabinet Humidor

Indulge in the YZABEL Electric Cooler Cabinet Humidor, an exquisite addition to your cigar collection. Featuring a digital hygrometer for meticulous humidity control and an advanced air circulation system, this electric humidor keeps your cigars fresh. 

High-quality materials and natural cedar wood construction preserve the delicate flavors of your cigars. This humidor embodies the future of cigar storage solutions with its top-tier electronic control system.

18. BODEGA Electric Cigar Cooler Humidor

BODEGA Electric Cigar Cooler Humidor

TheBODEGA Electric Cigar Cooler Humidor is a top-tier humidor cabinet with an impressive 82L capacity, fitting up to 550 cigars. The cabinet features three layers of Spanish cedar wood shelves and a drawer, ensuring optimal storage conditions. 

The double-layer tempered glass insulated door and quiet operation guarantee a refined cigar experience. Boasting LED lighting, a cooling function, and touch screen control, this humidor merges traditional cigar preservation with modern technology.

19. Silver Cigar Humidor

Silver Cigar Humidor

This Silver Cigar Humidor has a black stainless steel frame that shows an extraordinary artistic sense.
It adopts low temperature control and humidity function, provides high quality constant temperature and humidity cigar humidor for cigar enthusiasts and collectors.
Utilizing humidor cabinets will effectively maintain the optimal conditions necessary to keep your cigars fresh.

20. Qausou Electric Humidor

Qausou Electric Humidor

Qausou’s 50L electric cigar humidor is the perfect addition to your cigar collection. Its black stainless steel case, complete with a humidity monitor store and LED touch screen, offers top-tier humidity control. The Spanish cedar wood interior, featuring Spanish cedar shelves, maintains an adjustable temperature between 54-73℉. 

This electric cigar humidor cabinet caters to your cigars' needs, using a digital hygrometer to ensure optimal conditions. The gift-worthy Qausou Electric Humidor guarantees a pristine home for your cherished cigars. Add your cigar collection in this cigar humidor.

21. Raching C150A Climate Control Electric Humidor

Raching C150A Climate Control Electric Humidor

Add sophistication to your elegant bar with the Raching C150A Climate Control Electric Humidor. This 400-cigar, black wood humidor cabinet features a tempered glass front and a humidor cabinet cooler, offering both style and functionality. 

With a built-in thermoelectric cooling system and precise temperature control, it ensures your cigars stay fresh. The exterior LCD panel enables you to set and monitor the interior conditions of your electronic humidor. This innovative electric cigar humidor embodies the future of cigar storage.

22. HumidiCup Electronic Cigar Humidifier

HumidiCup Electronic Cigar Humidifier

The HumidiCup Electronic Cigar Humidifier is an excellent choice for smaller cigar humidors holding between 40-150 cigars. Its slim profile makes it perfect for desktop humidors. It has a 40% to 90% setting range for adjustable humidity levels. Constructed from durable plastic and powered by corded electricity, it is designed to last. 

With a capacity of 2 cubic feet and a runtime of 2 hours, it is an efficient and reliable addition to your cigar collection.

23. KingChii Electric Cigar Humidors

KingChii Electric Cigar Humidors

TheKingChii Electric Cigar Humidor is a versatile option for cigar enthusiasts. It offers a temperature control system with both cooling and heating capabilities, keeping your cigars at optimal conditions. 

The cabinet is fitted with Spanish cedar wood shelves and a hygrometer to monitor humidity. Its capacity to store 100 cigars across 2 layers makes it an ideal Father's Day gift. Its size option further allows for personalization based on your collection size.

24. Electric Travel Humidor 2.0

Electric Travel Humidor 2.0

Revolutionize your cigar collection with the Electric Travel Humidor 2.0. This cutting-edge electric cigar humidor boasts a built-in lock system, ensuring your cigars' security while on the go. A backlit LED capacitive keypad quickly locks and unlocks the unit, with backup keys provided in case of battery failure. 

Designed for mobility, this humidor ensures your cigars' optimal humidity levels during travel. Ideal for those seeking compact desktop humidors, this electric travel humidor is perfect for storing cigars securely without sacrificing quality or style.

Employing advanced technology, this storage solution guarantees to keep your cigar fresh, maintaining optimal flavor and quality over time.

25. Elegante MON3800A Precision Climate Controlled Humidor

Elegante MON3800A Precision Climate Controlled Humidor

Enhance your elegant bar with the Elegante MON3800A Precision Climate Controlled Humidor. This state-of-the-art humidor cabinet has a built-in humidification system to maintain a consistent temperature, keeping up to 1,500 cigars fresh. It features Spanish cedar shelves and airtight seal ensuring optimum conditions. 

The humidor’s sophisticated temperature control is part of what makes it one of the best electric cigar humidors on the market.

26. MAG Humidor

MAG Humidor

Introducing the black MAG humidor, featuring a one-of-a-kind matte black textured finish, blacked-out metal hardware, and unique black stenciling on the sides. The MAG includes our newest humidity technology, the Hydro Channel, the easiest, most economical, and most effective humidification system out there. It takes up only one cigar width of space while creating the perfect cigar-storing environment. The base is curved so that you can stack cigars next to the tube. It comes equipped with our hyper-accurate, built-in digital hygrometer, gasket-sealed to maintain accurate readings in any environment.

27. Prestige Thermoelectric Cooler Humidor

Prestige Thermoelectric Cooler Humidor

The Prestige Thermoelectric Cooler Humidor is a gem among humidor cabinets. With a capacity to house up to 250 cigars, this thermoelectric humidor can even accommodate entire cigar boxes. Its digital hygrometer displays both temperature and humidity, which can be adjusted between 51°F - 64°F. 

Three removable trays, stainless steel tempered glass door, and adjustable feet enhance functionality. Despite its remarkable features, it operates quietly. Dimensions are 19"H x 14"W x 20"D.

28. VIVOHOME Updated 8L Electric Humidor

VIVOHOME Updated 8L Electric Humidor

TheVIVOHOME Updated 8L Electric Humidor is a top-notch electronic humidor with an 8-liter capacity. This corded electric cigar cabinet is crafted with tempered glass and features a digital hygrometer. Equipped with a touch control method, it offers both cooling and heating temperature control systems. 

The built-in water tank and Spanish cedar wood drawer shelves add to its appeal. A high-end gift for men, this humidor cabinet is suitable for any cigar enthusiast.

29. KOBI Glass Top Humidor

KOBI Glass Top Humidor

The KOBI Glass Top Humidor stands out among cigar humidors for its stylish, dark gray wood slat exterior. The humidor cabinet features an easy-view internal hygrometer holder to monitor the humidity level. It includes a full Hydro System™ with a Hydro Tray™ and two bottles of Klaro Humidor Solution, providing a top-notch humidification system. 

With its precise temperature control and felt-lined drawer, this wood-constructed cigar humidor keeps your stogies in optimal condition.

What is an Electric Humidor?

An electric humidor is a device designed to store and preserve cigars in optimal conditions. Using electrical components, it automates the regulation of humidity and temperature within the storage area. This advanced solution for cigar storage maintains the freshness and flavor of cigars by providing a controlled environment. 

Typically equipped with a digital hygrometer and a humidifier, electric humidors can also feature temperature controls and air circulation systems. They come in various designs and sizes, accommodating diverse needs of cigar enthusiasts.

How Electric Humidors Work?

Electric humidors operate on the basis of regulating humidity levels to create an ideal environment for storing cigars. Let's break down how they function: 

1. Humidity Control

The core function of an electric humidor is to maintain the humidity within the box. This is achieved through an in-built hygrometer, which measures the humidity levels. The ideal humidity for cigar storage is between 68-72%. 

2. Automatic Adjustments

Once the hygrometer determines the current humidity level, if it deviates from the optimal range, the humidifier automatically kicks into action. It releases moisture into the box to elevate humidity levels or reduces it to lower the humidity. 

3. Temperature Regulation

Many electric humidors also come with temperature regulation features. Temperature fluctuations can affect humidity levels, hence, by maintaining a constant temperature, electric humidors help ensure consistent humidity. 

4. Air Circulation

To prevent the cigars from getting too moist or too dry, it's important to have even distribution of humidity. Electric humidors often include a fan for circulating air evenly across all the cigars. 

5. Electronic Display

This gives real-time feedback about the current temperature and humidity levels within the humidor. It's a handy feature allowing you to monitor the conditions without having to open the humidor. 

Understanding how electric humidors work is important in maintaining the quality and flavor of your cigars. The combination of automated humidity control, temperature regulation, and air circulation ensures your cigars age optimally.

Benefits of Electric Humidors

Electric humidors offer a wealth of benefits for cigar enthusiasts: 

1. Consistent Humidity

Electric humidors automatically adjust to maintain optimal humidity levels, ensuring the preservation of your cigars' flavors and quality. 

2. Temperature Regulation

With a built-in feature to control temperature, these humidors help avoid adverse effects on your cigars caused by temperature fluctuations. 

3. Effortless Maintenance

Unlike traditional humidors, electric ones automate the maintenance process, giving you peace of mind and saving you time. 

4. Enhanced Air Circulation

The integrated fan in electric humidors facilitates even humidity distribution, preventing over-moistening or drying out of cigars. 

5. Real-Time Monitoring

The digital display allows you to keep track of the internal conditions without the need to open the humidor, preventing unnecessary humidity and temperature changes. 

6. Aesthetic Appeal

Many electric humidors have a modern and sophisticated design, adding an element of style to your cigar collection. 

7. Diverse Capacities

Electric humidors come in various sizes, catering to different storage needs, whether you have a small personal collection or a large assortment of cigars.

Types of Electric Humidors

There are various types of electric humidors in the market, each suited for different needs and preferences: 

1. Cabinet Humidors

Known for their large storage capacity, cabinet humidors are perfect for serious cigar enthusiasts or commercial purposes. They come with multiple shelves and drawers, offering an organized way to store and display your cigar collection. 

2. Tabletop Humidors

These compact humidors are ideal for personal use or for those with smaller collections. Despite their size, they offer the same high-quality humidity control and temperature regulation features. 

3. Portable Humidors

Designed for travel, portable electric humidors maintain your cigars' condition while you’re on the go. They are lightweight, durable, and have a tight seal to protect your cigars from external conditions.

4. Wineador

A hybrid of a wine cooler and humidor, wineadors are perfect for storing both cigars and wines. They offer precise humidity and temperature control, ensuring the optimal aging process for your cigars and proper storage for your wine.

5. Coolerdor

A coolerdor is a cooler converted into a humidor. It's an economical choice for those needing large storage space. Despite being a DIY option, it can provide effective humidity control with the addition of an electric humidification system. 

6. Desktop Humidors

These humidors are a popular choice for office settings or small personal collections. They often feature a stylish design that can enhance any decor, while providing excellent cigar preservation capabilities. 

By understanding the various types of electric humidors, you can choose one that best fits your cigar storage needs and lifestyle.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Electric Cigar Humidor

When purchasing an electric humidor, consider these key factors to make the most suitable choice for your cigar needs: 

1. Storage Capacity

This will depend on the number of cigars you want to store. Assess your current and future collection to determine the size of the humidor you need.

2. Humidity and Temperature Control

Ensure the humidor has accurate and automatic humidity control, preferably with temperature regulation for optimal cigar preservation.

3. Air Circulation

A built-in fan for air circulation is a desirable feature for evenly distributing humidity.

4. Digital Hygrometer

Choose a humidor that includes an electronic display to allow you to easily monitor the internal conditions. 

5. Seal Quality

The seal should be airtight to prevent external air from influencing the internal humidity. * 

6. Design

Consider the aesthetic appeal of the humidor. It should match your style and the decor where you plan to place it.

7. Portability

If you travel frequently, a portable humidor would be a suitable choice. It should be durable and lightweight, with a tight seal.

8. Budget

Electric humidors come at various price points. Determine your budget and find a humidor that offers the best features within your price range.

9. Warranty

Check for warranty information. A good warranty can offer peace of mind in case of any technical issues. 

10. Reviews and Ratings

Lastly, read customer reviews and ratings to gain insight into the humidor's performance from other users’ experiences. This can help in making an informed purchase decision.


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