18 Funny Gifts for Men

Updated on February 12, 2022 by Eds Alvarez

Life is too serious. Let your gift break the seriousness in you man's life with a funny gift that will make him laugh. The best thing you can get back aside from a big thank you is a loud laugh or a real big smile on his face. Choose from a variety of gag gifts that are not just funny but one that he can wear, display or use. Just make sure your funny gift accomplishes its goal to make him laugh and have an even better day! 

Here are 18 funny gifts for men that you can choose from: 

18. Ask Me About My Ninja Disguise

It fits like a glove and definitely feels like wearing a Saturday afternoon! This Ask Me About My Ninja Disguise is a preshrunk blend consisting of 60% ring spun cotton, 40% polyester, and 100% awesome. It is printed by hand with care using state of the art printing presses and ink. 

17. Personalized Comb For Bald Heads

This Personalized Comb For Bald Heads is perfect for the bald man in your life. Everyone loves a joke present at birthdays, Christmas and even father's day. This wooden bald head comb measures 16 x 6cm and is laser engraved onto a beautiful high quality natural birch wood. You can even personalize it  by leaving the name you wish to be engraved in the personalization box. 

16. Poop Knife Large The Original 

This Poop Knife Large The Original may come in the large size which is 13" overall, 8" blade. A gift guaranteed to bring smiles to anyone you give it to. The idea is that you would use it for chopping up large poops so they will flush. If you have no idea what I'm talking about you'll have to google the memes to learn the joke.

15. Emergency Whiskey Keyring

This Emergency Whiskey Keyring is a little glass bottle filled with fun. A colored glue-like liquid is used to imitate the whiskey. This ensures that it doesn't evaporate or soak up in to the cork over time. They can also be left empty for you to fill with real whiskey. Finished with a black and white 'Emergency Whiskey' label and silver keyring.

14. 2-Sided Bathroom Timer Funny Gag Gift

Let him have a bathroom buddy he can carry with him while being king of the throne. This 2-Sided Bathroom Timer Funny Gag Gift comes in white and black with a white sand timer in the middle. Comes assembled and ready to set out! He would be laughing for sure with this gift. 

13. Chuck Chug Norris Joke Coolie

He will never be this happy while relaxing with a can of beer. Anything Chuck Norris makes him happy. This Chuck Chug Norris Joke Coolie is made from quality neoprene that will not fade. The size fits 12oz & 16oz cans and bottles + slims. 

Nope. Normal does not exist in his vocabulary. Make this Tried Being Normal
shirt say it all. Let this shirt speak of how well you know him and accept him for all his not so normal ways. It will definitely put a big smile on his face.

11. Whiskey Flavored Lip Repair

This Whiskey Flavored Lip Repair speaks of how men need to protect their lips too, and what could better protect a gentleman's masculinity than a Lip Balm flavored like a fine Malt? It is made with 99% Organic ingredients. This one is free from Petroleum Jelly and that ladies and gentlemen will certainly make him smile. 

10. Funny Personalized Travel Luggage Tag

Surely it will make him grin. Add a little laughter on his journey all the time with this Funny Personalized Bag  Attention Travel Luggage Tag. Personalize this tag with his details and his name on the other side along with some lines like “this is your bag” or “woo-hoo here I am over here” and make the handlers and other people who will glance at it smile or even laugh. 

9. Fart Extinguisher

This Fart Extinguisher is a hilarious Novelty Candle from my Antisocial Candle Collection™. It can be sent either in Vanilla, Cotton, Jasmine Scent or Unscented depending on stock at the time of purchase! Candles will be sent in either a Mini Clear Jar, Clear or Grey glass depending on stock! The candle label is a set design and cannot be changed. The label design does not reflect the scent of candle you may receive...thank God! 

8. Funny Men's Colorful Dress Socks

It's one gift that will always make him look funky and fashionable. This Funny Men's Colorful Dress Socks is made from 90% Cotton, and 10% Polyester. It's stretchy and comfy and suitable for all seasons, especially spring and autumn. This socks is breathable and absorbent and so it has a comfortable skin touch. 

7. Funny Coffee Tumbler

You can almost hear him say it. This Funny Coffee Tumbler comes in pastel teal color in white print text sayings that  creates a vibrant quirky look. It comes with press-in lid to prevent accidental spill while allowing for easy sipping so he can enjoy his built tumbler coffee mug funny drink while in the office or on the road. 

6. Daddy's Diaper Duty Device

It's one gift he will truly appreciate and remember you by and have a good laugh with it too. He's on duty. But this time as a first time dad. Give him this Daddy's Diaper Duty Device that includes diapers and wipes, plastic tongs, safety glasses and travel-sized baby products, all tucked into a fun apron tool belt and accented with a funny new dad poem.  

5. Funny Tea Towel

Don't mess with him when he starts using this towel to clean up any part of the house or even his own body. You might just get what you deserve! This Funny Tea Towel is manufactured and printed in the UK and is 100% cotton. He'll surely have a good laugh with this gift. 

4. MySack Golf Ball Storage Bag

This MySack Golf Ball Storage Bag is made with high-quality, ultra-suede fabric & industrial-strength stitching. It has a heavy-duty Velcro closure and sturdy clasp which are both double stitched to ensure longevity. It makes a great golf bag accessory – just hang from the clasp & have a laugh. 

3. Adult Humor Gift Soap

This Adult Humor Gift Soap is a glycerin soap and is gender neutral.  but fruity citrus KUMQUAT scent. Each order is one 3.75 oz. soap with the following ingredients: coconut oil, certified sustainable palm oil, *babassu oil, *cottonseed oil, safflower oil, castor oil, vegetable glycerin, *soy wax, sorbitol, *ethanol,  sorbitan oleate, oat protein, micas or natural colorants fragrance or essential oils, *titanium dioxide. It's one gift that will literally clean his dirty bod! 

2. Be Rational, Get Real Funny Coffee Mug

This Be Rational, Get Real Funny Coffee Mug is an 11 OZ durable coffee mug. Printed on both sides with premium ink, it will not fade over the years. Its a very unique gift for every occasion, party or gift for the office. YOu can be sure he will have a good laugh with this gift. 

1. King of the Throne


Let that title remain exclusive for him. This King of the Throne is a funny, random and unique gift for those with a great sense of humor. This comes with 1 roll of toilet paper. Vinyl is placed directly onto the roll of toilet paper -FIRST SHEET ONLY - please do not flush !

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