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  • 50 Sexy Gifts for Men to Drive Him Wild

    by Melissa Bajda June 15, 2024

    If you are looking for sexy gifts for men to drive them wild in the bedroom, look no further!

    This blog post will guide you through the top 35 gifts to spice up your relationship and bring excitement back into the bedroom. From sexy lingerie to tantalizing toys to romantic gifts, these sexy gifts will surely make them go wild with pleasure.

    Sexy Gifts for Men to Heat Up Your Relationship!

    1. Sex In A Box

    Sex In A Box

    Elevate the art of seduction and make an unforgettable statement with the Sexy Personalized Gift Set. This isn't just a gift; it's an experience crafted for the boldest hearts and the most daring souls. 

    This kinky gift set includes boxers, personalized restraints, and a candle to set the mood. Let your partner know that they're the center of your universe with a gift that's as intense as your love.

    2. Custom Boxers With A Twist

    Nothing says sexy like custom boxers! And these boxers have a unique twist that will make your man feel special. You can customize them with the words "This Cock Belongs To (Your Name)" for a fun, flirty gift that will make him laugh and blush at the same time.

    These sexy gifts are made from high-quality 100% cotton that is breathable and moisture-wicking, keeping him calm and comfortable all night.

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    3. Embrace Love's Light

    Transform your bedroom into a desired sanctuary with the "Embrace Love's Light" candle, designed to set the mood for an intimate evening.

    Choose from eight enchanting scents to fill the air with an aroma that matches your mood and preferences. This sexy gift for couples comes in four seductive design options, each with a playful message that ignites a spark of anticipation.

    The sleek black color adds a touch of elegance and mystery, perfect for creating a sensual atmosphere.

    4. Funny Valentine's Day Campfire Mug

    The Funny Valentine's Day Campfire Mug is a playful and humorous gift option for men, perfect for adding a touch of laughter to the romantic occasion.

    This sexy gift for him features a cheeky quote that combines love and humor, making it a unique and memorable present. With its enamel material and white coating with a silver rim, this mug is suitable for hand-wash only and adds a cozy campfire vibe to any moment.

    Ideal for those looking to gift something funny and affectionate this Valentine's Day.

    5. Lady Body Sculpture Decanter

    Lady Body Sculpture Decanter

    This decanter will make anyone admire the artfully detailed Sculpted Female Torso, it's unique shape and attention to detail.

    Our decanter sits at your bar as a symbol of desirability. This decanter is a must have for any household. It is classy and captures the beauty of a woman's body inside and out. It makes a great centerpiece or a great accent addition to a bar.

    6. Naughty Chocolate Box

    Nothing says sexy like a Naughty Chocolate Box! What better way to show your man how much you love and appreciate him than with a sexy gift of delicious Belgian chocolates?

    A Naughty Chocolate Box is the perfect gift for your man. This sexy gift is packed with Belgian chocolates and an I Love Your D lettered chocolate, adding an extra special touch. The beautiful and high-quality packaging ensures that your gift will make a statement.

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    7. Ignite Massage Candle

    Ignite Massage Candle transforms the ambiance of any room with its luxurious Island Passion Berry scent.

    Designed not only to scent the air but to melt into a warm, soothing massage oil, this candle offers a dual experience. This sexy gift for partner features a convenient pour spout.

    The warm oil provides a soft, smooth texture perfect for a sensual massage, elevating your romantic evenings to new heights.

    8. Best F**king Husband Pint Glass

    Celebrate your man with a cheeky sense of humor with the Best F**king Husband Pint Glass.

    This bold and playful glass holds a generous 16 ounces of his favorite brew, making it a perfect companion for game days, barbecues, or a quiet evening at home.

    This pint glass combines fun, functionality, and a personal touch, making it an excellent choice for a sexy gift that applauds the man in your life.

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    9. Naughty Scratch Card

    When you want to surprise your special someone with something sexy, why not give them a Naughty Scratch Card sexy game? It is fun and naughty to show them how much you care!

    These sex gifts for couples come in various designs and versions. They usually come with an envelope, a card, and a scratch-off set. You can choose from different versions.

    10. Thanks for All the Orgasms Keychain

    When giving a sexy gift to your man, nothing says appreciation quite like a "Thanks for All the Orgasms" keychain! This naughty gift for partner is the perfect way to show him you are grateful for all the pleasure he has brought you.

    Not only is it a thoughtful and unique gift, but it also serves as a reminder of all the pleasure he has given you!

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    11. Personalized Hand Cuffs

    Show your man that you have the key to his heart with these Personalized Handcuffs. A romantic and sexy gift for partner that comes with a key.

    You can even personalize these sex toys with your name to add a special touch. These sexy gifts can be used for playful fun in the bedroom or as an accessory for a night out on the town.

    12. Engraved Picture Wallet Card

    The Engraved Picture Wallet Card offers a permanent reminder of your affection, easily fitting into a wallet.

    Made from durable black anodized aluminum that won't chip or peel, this card allows you to customize it with a chosen hot photo and personal text. It's a discreet yet powerful way to keep a piece of your love close, no matter where he goes.

    This unique accessory makes for a deeply personal and sexy gift for men.

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    13. Little Box of Smut

    The Little Box of Smut offers a playful and provocative way to communicate desires and fantasies.

    This unique sexy gift for men comprises 72 themed magnetic word tiles, each capable of stirring the imagination and igniting passions.

    Presented in a compact tin container, it's designed for couples to creatively rearrange the words, crafting poems or sultry messages for each other.

    14. Sexy Men's Apron

    Elevate the heat in the kitchen with the Sexy Men's Apron, a delightful choice among sexy gifts for men.

    This apron comes with a humorous Muscle Man print, sure to garner laughs and spark flirtatious banter. Crafted from 100% polyester, it promises durability and ease of care, being fully machine washable.

    It's not just an apron; it's an invitation to playful interactions and a reminder not to take things too seriously.

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    15. Romantic Rendezvous Gift Set

    The Romantic Rendezvous Gift Set is a luxurious collection designed for couples, emphasizing love and intimacy.

    This sexy gift set includes personalized items such as champagne flutes, a cutting board, and a candle, aiming to enhance romantic occasions with elegance and personal touch. The cedar crate packaging adds a rustic charm, making it a perfect gift for Valentine's Day or anniversaries.

    It's an ideal choice for those looking to celebrate their love with a unique and thoughtful gift.

    16. Cock-A-Doodle D

    Cock-A-Doodle D

    This fun and Sexy Tumbler is the perfect gift for any occasion! It's made of high-quality materials and features a funny rooster design that will make him laugh and maybe sweat a little.

    Plus, it keeps drinks cold or hot for hours on end, making it the perfect choice for any occasion. Order yours today and guarantee nobody will be disappointed!

    17. Custom People Magazine Cover

    For the man who has everything, the Custom People Magazine Cover allows you to crown him as your "Sexiest Man Alive."

    This unique gift lets you personalize a mock magazine cover with his name, the current date, and your own heartfelt or humorous text. It’s a digital download, so you can easily print and frame it to surprise him.

    18. Intimacy 150 Prompts Deck

    Dive deeper into each other's thoughts and desires with the Intimacy 150 Prompts Deck, a thoughtful and engaging sex gift designed to foster connection and understanding between partners.

    These sexy gift ideas contain 150 carefully crafted questions, ranging from playful to profound, aimed at inspiring meaningful conversations.

    It is perfect for couples looking to explore new dimensions of their relationship, whether they're celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying a quiet evening together.

    19. Whiskey & Frisky Gift Box

    For the whiskey connoisseur, this Whiskey & Frisky Gift Box will bring plenty of fun and excitement into the bedroom. These sensual surprises contain two custom whiskey glasses, a custom pine-scented candle, and engraved handcuffs with keys.

    Whether enjoying a nightcap with your partner or having naughty fun, this romantic gift box will make your evening memorable.

    20. Naughty Mug Set

    The Naughty Mug Set adds a dash of playful mischief to your morning coffee or evening tea. Featuring cheeky rooster and cat designs, these mugs bring a smile to your face and a spark to your conversations.

    Available for purchase separately, you can choose the one that best suits your partner's personality or collect them both for a matching set that will become a favorite for both of you.

    21. Kinky Birthday Card

    The Kinky Birthday Card is the ultimate tease, offering a hint of what’s to come with a special message from their favorite toy. The suggestive wording and vibrant design make it a perfect preamble to a night of exploration and fun.

    Ideal for adding an element of surprise to his special day, this card is a surefire way to spark excitement and show your adventurous side.

    22. First Kiss Whiskey Glass Set

    Nothing says sexy quite like a whiskey glass set. The First Kiss Whiskey Glass Set is a unique and intimate way to surprise your man with something special. This anniversary gift set includes two 11-ounce glasses, each etched with a passionate lip print.

    Whether you share a toast or a nightcap, these naughty gift ideas remind you of your first kiss.

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    23. Romantic Sex Dice

    Nothing says romance like a game of dice! These Sex Dice are the perfect way to add fun and excitement to your bedroom. This sexy or naughty gift has two action dice, two body part dice, and two very special position dice.

    With this sensual gift for him, the possibilities for your sexy playtime are endless. Give it a try and see where the dice take you!

    24. Cum Rag

    funny sexy gift rag

    The Cum Rag Towel is the ultimate funny gag gift for your boyfriend or husband. With its cheeky embroidery, this towel will have you both in stitches. These sexy gifts for your person are hilarious and keep things lighthearted and playful in the bedroom.

    Get ready for some laughter-filled moments and endless surprises!

    25. Kinky Truth or Dare

    Spice up your nights with the Kinky Truth or Dare game, designed to ignite passion and deepen your connection. These sexy gifts for him feature 100 cards with daring challenges and revealing truths that will push your boundaries and bring you closer together.

    Perfect for adventurous couples looking to explore their fantasies, this game is a tantalizing addition to your intimate moments.

    26. Adult Naughty Sexy Card

    When it comes to sexy gifts, a naughty and sexy card is an absolute must-have for your sex life.

    This Adult Naughty Sexy Card measures 6x6 inches and is perfect for setting the mood right! From the romantic and provocative line art to the seductive text, this card will spice things up in the bedroom.

    27. Personalized Sexy Illustration Art

    Personalized Sexy Illustration Art is a unique and creative gift idea that can drive your partner wild in the bedroom. This naughty gift allows you to customize a sexy illustration of you and your partner's sexy body, giving them a truly personalized gift they can appreciate for years.

    The illustration itself can be anything from naughty and risqué to romantic and heartfelt, depending on what you are looking for.

    28. Sexy Time Candle

    Light up the night and make sure your partner knows what's on your mind with this Sexy Time Candle. With an 8-oz size, this sexy gift is perfect for setting the mood in any bedroom.

    Crafted from a soy wax blend and infused with a pine scent, this naughty gift will create an alluring atmosphere. Whether for relaxation, romance or more X-rated activities, this candle is the perfect addition to any intimate evening.

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    29. Custom Love Is Art Kit

    Elevate your intimate moments with the Custom Love Is Art Kit, a sensual and creative way to capture your passion. These sexy gifts for couples allow you and your partner to create a personalized masterpiece on canvas, using your bodies as the brushes.

    Perfect for adding an erotic touch to your bedroom decor, this sexual gift for your partner is playful and romantic that transforms your love into a stunning piece of art.

    30. Funny DILF Pint Glass

    Funny DILF Pint Glass | 16 oz Mustache Pint Glass - Design: DILF

    Looking for a gift for the DILF in your life? Look no further than this DILF Pint Glass! These sexy gifts are perfect for enjoying a cold beer or other beverage and is sure to be a hit with any dad who likes to have a little fun.

    The versatile 16-ounce size is perfect for any occasion, and the sturdy construction means it can withstand plenty of use. 

    31. Kinky Sexy Gift Box

    If you want to surprise and entice your special someone, look no further than the Kinky Sexy Gift Box.

    The Sexy Gift Box includes a love battleship, a blindfold to highlight all other senses, love card with scratch-off, and a little feather for teasing and tickling. Let the game guide you through the pleasure of a romantic night in with your special someone. 

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    32. Edible Anus Chocolates

    Nothing says sexy quite like Edible Anus Chocolates. These naughty treats are sure to drive your man wild with excitement. This sexy gift is a fun and flirty way to spice up your next romantic evening.

    These sexy gifts are cute and delicious and provides a great conversation starter leading to a night of passion.

    33. Men's Romantic Gift Set

    The Romantic Gift Set is a thoughtfully curated collection designed to impress any man. It features a versatile wood humidor box that can hold up to 20 cigars and is lined with Spanish cedar to ensure freshness.

    The sexy gift set includes a personalized electric lighter with a sleek black matte finish, a pine-scented candle made from a soy blend, and a minimalist wallet crafted from wood, aluminum, and resin with RFID blocking protection. The wallet also comes with a money clip and can accommodate up to 12 cards.

    This set is perfect for adding a personal touch to romantic occasions, offering both practicality and sentimental value.

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    34. Kinky Tic Tac Toe Bedroom Game

    This sexy gift for men is a great way to spice up your bedroom life. The Kinky Tic Tac Toe Bedroom Game includes 28 foreplay cards, 30 intimate cards, two fabric bags, and a game board with the game's rules.

    These sexy games are easy to play on any special occasion: the two players take turns drawing cards from the fabric bags. On each card, there is a sensual task for the other player.

    35. Fun "Fork Now, Spoon Later" Set

    Fun Vday Gifts

    This Fork Now, Spoon Later set is a fantastic and sexy Valentine's Day gift for your guy. This intimate gift adds a personal and seductive touch to your romantic dinners.

    This sexy gift for partner is a sensual and memorable way to ignite the passion and create an unforgettable dining experience for both of you. 

    36. Photo and Hearts Boxers

    Photo and Hearts Boxers

    Looking for a unique gift for the man in your life? Look no further than our Photo and Hearts Boxers! These sexy gifts for him feature a photo of your face on the butt, perfect for birthdays, holidays, bachelor parties, any occasion! Plus, they're made of high-quality fabric that will keep him comfortable all day long.

    So, make him laugh with a pair of our Photo and Hearts Boxers - he won't be disappointed!

    37. Risqué Romance Gift Set

    Risqué Romance Gift Set

    Get ready to add some spice to your love life with our Risqué Romance Gift Set, the ultimate laugh-out-loud gift set for couples who aren't afraid to turn up the heat in a hilarious way! This side-splitting ensemble includes everything you need for a wild night of naughty shenanigans.

    Unleash your inner self as you explore the art of romance with a pair of playful handcuffs that'll have you both in stitches. The accompanying candle sets the mood with a flickering flame and a scent that's as irresistible as your partner's charm.

    Intimate Adventures: Experience-Driven Sexy Gifts

    Here are some activities to drive him wild with sexy gifts:

    38. Sensual Massage Session

    Create a romantic and intimate atmosphere with scented candles and soft music. Use aromatic massage oils and focus on his tension points to give him a deeply relaxing and sensual experience.

    39. Personalized Boudoir Photoshoot

    Surprise him with a personalized boudoir photoshoot album. Capture intimate and tasteful photos that showcase your beauty and confidence.

    40. Erotic Game Night

    Spice things up with an erotic game night. Choose from a variety of adult games that encourage intimacy, exploration, and fun. This can include card games, dice games, or even a customized scavenger hunt with sexy rewards.

    41. Romantic Getaway

    Plan a romantic weekend getaway to a cozy cabin, luxurious hotel, or a secluded beach. Pack a bag with sexy lingerie, sensual oils, and other intimate items to set the mood for a passionate escape.

    42. Sensual Bath Experience

    Run a hot bath with rose petals, essential oils, and bath salts. Join him in the tub and enjoy a relaxing soak together. Follow up with a steamy shower to wash away the stress and heat things up.

    43. DIY Love Coupons

    Create a booklet of DIY love coupons that he can redeem for special favors and activities. These can range from massages, intimate dinners, and private dance sessions to more adventurous bedroom activities.

    44. Customized Intimate Playlist

    Curate a playlist of songs that evoke romance and passion. Play it during a candlelit dinner or a cozy evening at home, setting the mood for a night of intimacy and connection.

    45. Adventurous Bedroom Accessories

    Introduce some adventurous accessories into your bedroom life. This could include silk ties, feather ticklers, or other items that encourage playful exploration and new experiences.

    46. Erotic Role-Playing

    Step into a new persona and engage in an erotic role-playing scenario. Choose characters that excite both of you, such as a seductive nurse and patient or a daring spy and captive.

    47. Custom Lingerie Surprise

    Surprise him with a new set of custom lingerie tailored to his tastes. Whether it’s lace, silk, or something more daring, the thoughtfulness and effort will not go unnoticed.

    48. Surprise Strip Tease

    Plan a surprise strip tease for him. Choose seductive music, set the lighting just right, and let loose.

    49. Sensory Deprivation Play

    Experiment with sensory deprivation by using blindfolds or headphones. This sexual gift can heighten his other senses and create a more intense and thrilling experience.

    50. Personalized Audio Message

    Record a personalized, intimate audio message for him. Share your desires, fantasies, and loving thoughts, and send it to him to listen to whenever he wants to feel close to you.

    These additional activities will further enhance your intimacy, create lasting memories, and bring a new level of excitement to your relationship.

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    Melissa Bajda

    About the Author

    Melissa Bajda is an gift-giving expert with a decade-long track record of curating gifts that create lasting memories. Her insight into the art of gifting and staying on top of trends by her consistent presence at major gifting trade shows, including her annual participation in NY Now trade show in New York City. With a passion for thoughtful, personalized gifts that truly make an impact, Melissa has built a reputation as a go-to source for unique and meaningful present ideas.

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