17 Sexy Gifts for Men to Drive Him Wild

Updated on May 31, 2023 by Melissa Bajda

If you are looking for sexy gifts for men to drive them wild in the bedroom, look no further!

This blog post will guide you through the top 17 gifts to spice up your relationship and bring excitement back into the bedroom.From sexy lingerie to tantalizing toys, these sexy gifts will surely make them go wild with pleasure.

17 Sexy Gifts for Men to Heat Up Your Relationship!

1. Custom Boxers With A Twist

Nothing says sexy like custom boxers! And these boxers have a unique twist that will make your man feel special. You can customize them with the words "This Cock Belongs To (Your Name)" for a fun, flirty gift that will make him laugh and blush at the same time.

These sexy gifts are made from high-quality 100% cotton that is breathable and moisture-wicking, keeping him calm and comfortable all night.

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2. Thanks for All the Orgasms Keychain

When giving a sexy gift to your man, nothing says appreciation quite like a "Thanks for All the Orgasms" keychain! This naughty gift is the perfect way to show him you are grateful for all the pleasure he has brought you.

Not only is it a thoughtful and unique gift, but it also serves as a reminder of all the pleasure he has given you!

3. Personalized HandCuffs

Show your man that you have the key to his heart with these Personalized Handcuffs. A romantic and sexy gift, they come with a black finish, and a key included.

You can even personalize these sex toys with your name to add a special touch. These sexy gifts can be used for playful fun in the bedroom or as an accessory for a night out on the town.

4. Naughty Chocolate Box

Nothing says sexy like a Naughty Chocolate Box! What better way to show your man how much you love and appreciate him than with a sexy gift of delicious Belgian chocolates?

A Naughty Chocolate Box is the perfect gift for your man. This sexy gift is packed with Belgian chocolates and an I Love Your D lettered chocolate, adding an extra special touch. The beautiful and high-quality packaging ensures that your gift will make a statement.

5. First Kiss Whiskey Glass Set

Nothing says sexy quite like a whiskey glass set. The First Kiss Whiskey Glass Set is a unique and intimate way to surprise your man with something special. This anniversary gift set includes two 11-ounce glasses, each etched with a passionate lip print.

Whether you share a toast or a nightcap, these naughty gift ideas remind you of your first kiss.

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6. Romantic Sex Dice

Nothing says romance like a game of dice! These Sex Dice are the perfect way to add fun and excitement to your bedroom. This sexy or naughty gift has two action dice, two body part dice, and two very special position dice.

With this creative combination, the possibilities for your sexy playtime are endless. Give it a try and see where the dice take you!

7. Adult Naughty Sexy Card

When it comes to sexy gifts, a naughty and sexy card is an absolute must-have for your sex life.

This Adult Naughty Sexy Card measures 6x6 inches and is perfect for setting the mood right! From the romantic and provocative line art to the seductive text, this card will spice things up in the bedroom.

8. Naughty Scratch Card

When you want to surprise your special someone with something sexy, why not give them a Naughty Scratch Card sexy game? It is fun and naughty to show them how much you care!

These sex gifts come in various designs and versions. They usually come with an envelope, a card, and a scratch-off set. You can choose from different versions.

9. Personalized Sex Towel

Nothing makes a bedroom more intimate and romantic than a Personalized Sex Towel for both you and your sexy woman. Whether you want to surprise your man with something special or give him a unique gift, this is a perfect way.

These naughty gift ideas are made of luxurious cotton and can be customized with an embroidery of your choice.

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10. Whiskey & Frisky Gift Box

For the whiskey connoisseur, this Whiskey & Frisky Gift Box will bring plenty of fun and excitement into the bedroom. These sensual surprises contain two custom whiskey glasses, a custom pine-scented candle, and engraved handcuffs with keys.

Whether enjoying a nightcap with your partner or having naughty fun, this romantic gift box will make your evening memorable.

11. Personalized Sexy Illustration Art

Personalized Sexy Illustration Art is a unique and creative gift idea that can drive your partner wild in the bedroom. This naughty gift allows you to customize a sexy illustration of you and your partner's sexy body, giving them a truly personalized gift they can appreciate for years.

The illustration itself can be anything from naughty and risqué to romantic and heartfelt, depending on what you are looking for.

12. Sexy Time Candle

Light up the night and make sure your partner knows what's on your mind with this Sexy Time Candle. With an 8-oz size, this sexy gift is perfect for setting the mood in any bedroom.

Crafted from a soy wax blend and infused with a pine scent, this naughty gift will create an alluring atmosphere. Whether for relaxation, romance or more X-rated activities, this candle is the perfect addition to any intimate evening.

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13. Kinky Sexy Gift Box

If you want to surprise and entice your special someone, look no further than the Kinky Sexy Gift Box.

The Sexy Gift Box includes a love battleship, a blindfold to highlight all other senses, love card with scratch-off, and a little feather for teasing and tickling. Let the game guide you through the pleasure of a romantic night in with your special someone. 

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14. Edible Anus Chocolates

Nothing says sexy quite like Edible Anus Chocolates. These naughty treats are sure to drive your man wild with excitement. This sexy gift is a fun and flirty way to spice up your next romantic evening.

This sexy gift is cute and delicious and provides a great conversation starter leading to a night of passion.

15. Naughty Mug for Him

Look no further than this Naughty Mug for the man who loves a bit of naughty fun! Crafted from ceramic with an 11-fluid-ounce capacity, this coffee mug features a funny and naughty design to make him smile this Valentine's day.

With their cheeky message and eye-catching design, these sexy gifts will become a favorite piece in his collection.

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16. Kinky Tic Tac Toe Bedroom Game

This sexy gift for men is a great way to spice up your bedroom life. The Kinky Tic Tac Toe Bedroom Game includes 28 foreplay cards, 30 intimate cards, two fabric bags, and a game board with the game's rules.

These sexy games are easy to play on any special occasion: the two players take turns drawing cards from the fabric bags. On each card, there is a sensual task for the other player.

17. Custom Face Boxers

There is nothing sexier than a pair of personalized boxers for your man! Custom Face Boxers is a great gift idea for any guy looking to add spice to their wardrobe. The boxer shorts feature an imprinted face of your choice, making them a truly unique and fun gift.

This sexy underwear is made of a high-quality cotton and polyester blend, comfortable and breathable against the skin.

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