12 Best Gifts for Baseball Lovers

June 30, 2019

Gift For Baseball Lovers

You don’t have to be baseball fan yourself to let him know that you care about the things he loves. He loves baseball and there’s absolutely no denying it. He’s even tried to convince you to love the game. And whether you have fallen in or out of love for this sport, it is high time to show him that you support for his love for baseball.

Go ahead and indulge him when he asks you to watch a game or better yet surprise him with a gift that will let him know you embrace everything about him including his love for this game.  Here are 12 of our favorite gifts for baseball lovers that you can choose from:

12. Baseball Opener

It will always be a reminder that you understand and support his love for this sport. Why, because this gift sticks to the fridge and doubles as a bottle opener. It catches the bottle cap so it doesn’t fall on the floor. This baseball opener is made from real regulation leather baseball. Functional, convenient and specially made for your baseball fanatic loved one.   

11. Baseball Keychain

Let your gift carry his keys and remind him of his love for baseball. This nice looking baseball keychain is the best gift for your baseball fanatic friend. It is made of genuine leather and red yarn just like the real ball. Make it a gift that will be treasured for a long time. This is one item that can really show your support to your friend or loved one’s local team.

10. Personalized Baseball

This personalized baseball will be a personal favorite of your loved one. This gift can be laser etched with his name or initials and then your message on the other side. What’s more, is that each ball comes with a floating display stand. It certainly won’t fail to impress his baseball buddies. This is one gift that will be treasured by your loved one who is really into baseball. 

9. Baseball Leather Bracelet

He loves baseball and you want to give him something that reminds him of the common ground connecting you and him. Your baseball fanatic friend or loved one will be able to wear this stylish baseball leather bracelet no matter where or what the occasion is. This bracelet comes with a handstitched red baseball seam and is made from black genuine cow leather. This is one gift he will surely remember you by.

8. Tanned Leather Baseball Embroidered Wallet

Your friend or loved one who loves baseball will definitely be awed with this Rawling tanned leather baseball embroidered wallet. The sturdy bi-fold is made from supple leather and is finely crafted to secure his essentials. It has a spacious single bill compartment holder, 2 side pockets to eliminate layers of overlapping cards, an embossed logo with a timeless quote and 8 card slots. For that sporty style, this wallet is accented with a baseball stitch. This is one gift that will be treasured for a long time.        

7. Baseball Bag Tag           

Your little slugger will definitely be delighted with this gift. This baseball bag tag is made from durable and top-quality fiber reinforced plastic and comes with a durable stainless steel metal screw clasp to make sure it stays where it’s supposed to be. It’s thick and sturdy with just the right size (the size of a credit card). No matter where he goes, finding this on his bag means remembering that you are all for his love for baseball. This gift can also be customized to make it extra special.     

6. Baseball Charging Station

Let this personalized charging station welcome him each time he gets home. It will be called “home” for all the stuff that’s important to him - car keys, phone, watch and other essentials. This gift is not only functional but one that reminds him of his love for baseball. It has everything he needs in one place as he leaves for the office and as he comes home each day. This gift is available in different colors and styles. You can even have this gift personalized by engraving or laser cutting.

5. Baseball Beer Can Cooler

Would you agree that baseball fans love leather? Well, at least most of them. What better gift can you give your baseball enthusiast friend or loved one than this personalized beer can cooler with the logo of his favorite team on it. Let him wrap his old boring beer with this custom leather cooler. Let him relax, kick his feet up and watch his favorite team with his favorite beer. The sleeves of this gift are hand laced with a baseball-inspired stitch and then laser engraved. You can be sure he will never drink his beer again without it.

4. Baseball Yeti Cup

Let him carry his favorite drink and show off his love for baseball. This baseball tumbler is both airbrushed and hand-painted. High-quality paints are used to make sure that the product is made to last. It can contain up to 20 or 30oz of his favorite drink. It can also be personalized with the logo of your friend or loved one's favorite team. This is one gift he will use for a very long time.    

3. Baseball Whiskey Glass

This baseball whiskey glass has a unique baseball design. It has a heavy bottom and rounded design with stitches and angles inspired by a baseball for a unique viewing experience. Alcohol will never look the same in this whiskey glass. It can contain up to 10oz of his favorite drink and has room enough to fit a large 2.25-inch ice cube and yet still ergonomically fit in the palm of your hand. These glasses are lead-free and hand blown by skilled artisans. It comes with a beautiful printed box ready to be handed to your loved one.  You can be sure to leave a lasting impression with this stylish gift.  

2. Baseball Flask Set

There are two things that really capture his attention - baseball and drinking. And what can be a more appropriate gift than this unique, stylish and durable baseball flask set. These round designed flask can contain up to 10oz of his favorite drink. It can also be engraved with a baseball and the words “home run”. This gift has everything he needs. It has two shot glasses and a funnel so he won’t lose a single drop of his favorite beverage. It’s also rust resistant and made of specially formulated stainless steel. This gift is set perfect for the “hard to shop for” baseball enthusiast.    

1. Personalized Baseball Bat

There’s nothing like giving him the real thing! Present this personalized bat to your baseball enthusiast friend and take him out to the ball game. He will definitely appreciate this personalized piece that is meant to be treasured for a very long time. The full-size bat is only available in natural wood color. While you can choose the color you want for these sturdy bats. This awesome personalized mini bat will make a great gift for any baseball fan. 


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