29 Thoughtful Gifts for New Dads

Updated on October 03, 2023 by Melissa Bajda

Show the new dad in your life how much he is appreciated with one of these thoughtful gifts for new dads.

Whether he is a sports loving dad, an camping dad, or just a dad who likes to relax, we have covered you with this list of 29 great gifts that any new dad would love to receive.

From personalized signs to fun travel bags and beyond, get ready to give the perfect Fathers Day gift to the special dad in your life this Father's Day.

29 Gifts for New Dads He Will Treasure Forever! 

1. Dads Fuel Tumbler

Nothing is better for the new dad on the go than a Dad's Fuel Tumbler.

This stainless-steel tumbler has double-wall insulation, keeping his beverages hot or cold for up to 12 hours.

This new dad gift is perfect for commuting to work, taking on road trips, or enjoying a coffee in the morning. The tumbler has a 20 oz capacity and a removable lid for easy sipping so he will feel energetic after telling dad jokes!

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2. New Dad Personalized Necklace

A Personalized Necklace is a great gift for any new dad this Father's Day.

If you want something unique, consider a baby footprint engraved necklace. It is a unique and beautiful way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby.

These gifts for new dads feature an original design, which you can customize with the baby's footprint, initial, or birth date.

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3. Dad's Sippy Cup

Regarding Father's Day gifts for new dads, the possibilities are endless. A Dad's Sippy Cup might be just the thing for those looking for something more unique.

Dad's Sippy Cup is a 23-ounce beer mug made in the USA and dishwasher safe. The perfect way for new dads to stay hydrated and ensure their beverages remain cold!

4. You Became My Dad Date Coaster

This Father's Day, honor your new dad with this unique gift he'll treasure.

The You Became My Dad Date Coaster is a high-quality wooden coaster with a high-gloss wipe-clean finish.

These gifts for new dads are perfect for any dad-to-be remember the special bond between you two and cherish it for years.

5. Daddy's Wallet

If you are looking for a practical and stylish gift for your new dad, look no further than the new dad Daddy's Wallet.

These gifts for new dads are designed with the new dad in mind, offering plenty of space to store all his cards, coins, and cash. It holds up to 12 credit cards and will fit all his needs.

Give your new dad the perfect gift this Father's Day with the Daddy's Wallet.

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6. Personalized Photo Tie Patch

This Father's Day, give the new dad in your life a unique way to remember his favorite little ones with a Personalized Photo Tie Patch.

This new dad gift is perfect for attaching to any tie and adding a touch of personality to a formal outfit. The patch will help him look dapper while keeping his loved ones close.

These best gift ideas are perfect way to show him you care this Father's Day.

7. Fist Bump Freestanding Acrylic Block

Let your new dad know how much you appreciate him with this unique Father's Day gift! This Freestanding Acrylic Block features a sweet illustration of two hands bumping fists.

These dad gifts are a great way to show your support and love for your dad, especially if he is a new dad. The design is simple yet sophisticated, and the acrylic gives it a modern touch.

Plus, it will look great displayed on a bookshelf or desk.

8. Father and Son Pizza T-shirt

For a unique and fun gift for new dads, look no further than the Father and Son Pizza T-shirt.

This first Father's Day gift will surely be a hit with any new dad and his little one. The shirt features an adorable pizza graphic.

This shirt is made from super-soft cotton material and is comfortable to wear all day. Make him wear it on baby shower!

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9. Custom Watercolor Dad and Child Art Print

Custom Watercolor Art Print makes a perfect Father's Day gift for new dads. It is meaningful and unique and will remind them of their relationship with their little one.

This custom portrait gift is ideal for commemorating a new father on his first Father's Day. The new parents in your life will love having such a unique and special reminder of his relationship with his new baby.

10. Dad Gift Box

Show your new dad that you are thinking of him with a personalized Dad Gift Box this First Father's Day.

It is filled with thoughtful gifts that any dad-to-be would love. It includes an insulated mug, card bottle opener, scented candle, tech and measurement pen, herbal bath soak, face mask, and luxury soap.

This Expecting Dad Gift Box will make your new dad feel special this Father's Day.

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11. Promoted to Daddy Hat

That incredible feeling of being a first-time dad needs to be flaunted! And what better way to do that than wearing this Promoted to Daddy Hat.

Made from 100% polyester foam, this first Father's Day gift has a wide area to feature his announcement. These great gifts are essential accessory that he will never leave behind! 

    12. Daddy Since 2020 Black Cotton Face Mask

    Not everyone becomes a dad in a time of the pandemic.

    What better way to congratulate him and keep him safe at the same time than with this Daddy Since 2020 Black Cotton Face Mask?

    These 100% premium great gifts for new fathers are comfortable, lightweight, and feature beautifully digitally printed designs.

    13. Photo Collage Rustic Wood Mug

    Give him a thoughtful gift that will truly warm his heart.

    This Photo Collage Rustic Wood Mug features a bright white base for your photo, logo, pattern, or saying, while the rim & handle are vividly glazed in rich color.

    Match or complement the color of your existing dinnerware set or gift your sleep deprived dad a mug in his favorite color.

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    This nice diaper bag ultimately equips him with all the baby essentials. This Dad's Diaper Bag by Zazzle is made with durable, water-resistant fabric to store all the essentials safely.

    Multiple pockets of this diaper bag provide excellent organization for a spare diaper, dirty diapers, or other baby products while the adjustable straps let him carry his baby gear comfortably.

    15. New Dad Grunge Father's Day T-Shirt

    This heavyweight dark color New Dad Grunge T-Shirt will quickly become one of his favorites and if he's a fan of dad hoodie, this brand has some of them, as well.

    These best new dad gifts are made from 100% cotton and has comfortable, casual, and loose-fitting. The bottom and sleeve hems are double needle stitched for extra durability.

    These first Father's Day gifts are the best way to tell the world he's a new dada! 

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    16. Custom Dad and Baby Photo Keychain

      He will always keep his keys and remember his favorite memory with this Baby Photo Keychain first Father's Day gift.

      These new dad gifts are silver-colored charm and ring that is waterproof and has a UV coating that will keep images looking new for years. 

      17. Chalkboard Photograph Mouse Pad

      He is always in front of his PC. What can be a more creative reminder that he's a new father than this Chalkboard Photograph Mouse Pad? Have it decorated with his first photo with the baby that would look great on his mouse pad.

      These best new dad gifts have a durable, dust, and stain-resistant cloth cover that protects your mouse from scratches and debris. 

      18. Daddy Phone Case

      This first Father's Day gift protects and reminds him of the newest inspiration in his life.

      This Phone Cover is one protective case he can rely on. You can personalize this case with a name, modern monogrammed initials, plus a photo of his little one.

      It is one stylish and unique new dad gift he'll love!

      19. Custom Photo Basketball 

      Unique Personalized First Fathers Day Basketball

      He loves basketball! Wouldn't he love it even more when he has his little one's photo on it? This unique and personalized first Father's Day gift: Custom Basketball is one gift any new parent will love!

      Customize this first Father's Day gift by adding his first photo with the new baby and a short message accentuated with small heart details.

      20. Daddy's Diaper Duty Apron

      He will have his share of taking care of the baby, including changing diapers.

      Let this gag gift of Daddy's Diaper Duty Apron put a big smile on his face. This dad apron is soil-resistant and comes with a face mask, two hilariously placed "bottle nipples", rubber gloves, colorful clothespins, and disposable diapers.

      This practical gift is packaged in a reusable coordination pouch and includes a complimentary baby toy.

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        21. Engraved Bracelet 

        Having this Engraved Bracelet on his wrist 24/7 is a constant reminder of the new season he is in, being a first-time dad.

        You can engrave these great gifts for new parent with his child's name, date of birth, place of birth, weight, time of birth, and any other information you would like to engrave on the bracelet.

        You can even have a secret message on the inside of these first Father's Day gifts.

        22. Personalized Star Map

        Let this new fathers gift remind him of the day when everything changed.

        This Personalized Star Map wall art replicates the stars in the sky exactly as they were on his child's birth date! Using astronomy software and vector design, it carefully recreated the whole sky from scratch, including each star, the perfect first-time dad gift!  

          23. Baby Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Photo

          Preserve the joy of having a newborn in the family with this Baby Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Photo, especially if you are a first-time parent.

          Capture the timeless beauty of your baby's tiny little hands and feet with our complete keepsake and photo frame kit, with clay, roller, double-sided tape, stencil kit, table stand, and wall brackets for easy display on a nursery wall, table, or mantel.

          24. The New Dad's Survival Guide

          He will need this manual as a first-time dad. The New Dad's Survival Guide is a manual for new dads that sheds light on the confusing world of fatherhood and gives crucial tips and advice from a man's point of view.

          It has some dad jokes and is a practical military-style guide to surviving and thriving through even the unstable pregnancy, birth, and babyhood moments. This first Father's Day gift is a must-have!

          25. DadWare Bonding T-Shirt

          These best gifts for new fathers are stylish and ergonomic. This Dad Ware Bonding T-Shirt is made from high-quality material, easy to wear, and comfortable.

          These new dad gifts are made a little longer, so they don't ride up when the baby is placed in the shirt. This first Father's Day gift is perfect for new parents. 

            26. God's Playbook for Dads

            He will be their coach in life, a trainer, and a leader.

            This God's Playbook for first-time parents will be his game-day clipboard, a blueprint for success as a role model to teach new child how to live in a complicated world full of ups and downs, wins and losses, strengths and weaknesses.

            These new dad gifts contain Bible wisdom, insightful quotes from other fathers, and encouraging inspiration grounded in God's teachings.

            27. Clean Touch Ink Pad for Baby Handprints and Footprints

            He would like to get a keepsake for being a first-time dad without putting the baby at risk.

            This Clean Touch Ink Pad for Baby Handprints and Footprints sets the safety standard such that, unlike other kits, Clean Touch takes the baby's hand or foot imprint without the ink ever touching their skin.

            This first-time father gift is non-toxic and baby safe, so he can focus on capturing moments that will last a lifetime.

              28. Daddy Gift from Newborn

              With a poem and a picture of him and the baby, this Daddy Gift from Newborn will be the perfect gift for him. He will love getting this sweet poem and frame as a new dad gift.

              The poem is written in a kid's typeface with a bold design. Each first Father's Day gift has a glass front, brushed silver metal frame with black velour backing.

              He will treasure this new dad gift on his tabletop display. 

              29. New Dad Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

              A dad gift that seems to say what's in his heart: "In awe and wonder of what's to come."

              This New Dad Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure is a 6" h hand-painted resin figure. It can be displayed on a shelf, table, or mantel. It is the perfect gift to celebrate new beginnings.

              This new dad gift works well with other figures to create a Family Grouping. 



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