17 Golf Cart Coolers to Keep Your Drinks Ice-Cold

Updated on March 02, 2023 by Melissa Bajda

Golf cart coolers are essential for keeping your drinks ice-cold during a long round of golf.

They come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to fit on the back of your golf cart. 

That is why we have compiled a list of the 17 best golf cart coolers to help you find the perfect one.

Golf Cart Coolers That Will Keep Your Beverages Cold! 

1. Callaway Golf Clubhouse Cooler

The Callaway Golf Clubhouse Mini Cooler is an excellent option for those looking for an efficient and compact way to store and transport their beverages.

This callaway golf cart cooler has a tough and durable nylon construction and a convenient shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry.

The callaway golf cart cooler also has six dividers to help you easily organize your drinks.

2.Caddy Cooler

Are you searching for a cooler to take on your next golf outing? Look no further than the Caddy Cooler. This conveniently sized golf cooler is perfect for holding your favorite cold drinks, food, and snacks.

This caddy golf cart cooler is made from 600-Denier Polyester and has a PEVA lining.

This golf bag cooler ensures that the interior stays cool and dry while providing a robust exterior to keep your items safe.

3. Arctic Zone Titan Cooler

This Arctic Zone Titan unique golf cart cooler is perfect for keeping your drinks ice-cold while you play.

These best golf cart coolers are made with a TPE Ripstop material, making it incredibly durable and easy to clean.

The flip-open lid allows quick access to cold drinks and food, and the fully insulated body helps keep your beverages at the perfect temperature.

4.Exceptional Brand Cooler Bag

When it comes to golf cart coolers, the Exceptional Brand Golf Bag cooler is a great choice.

This golf cart cooler is made from durable cotton canvas and full-grain leather for extra durability and protection against the elements.

These best golf cart coolers are the perfect accessory for any golfer looking to keep their drinks ice-cold while they hit the golf courses.

5.Engraved Beer Cooler Bags

Engraved Beer Golf Cart Coolers are a great choice for beer lovers who want to keep their drinks cool and stylish.

Made of durable Polyester with heat-sealed insulation, these best golf cart coolers are designed to keep your drinks ice-cold for hours.

With a customizable design and plenty of space for your favorite cans and bottles, these best golf coolers make a great addition to any golf cart.

6.Back9Products Golf Cart Cooler Bag

The Back9Products Golf Cart Cooler Bag with Magnetic Lid is a fantastic cooler for the course.

With its sleek and stylish design, this golf cooler is sure to turn heads while keeping your drinks cool and refreshing.

These golf cart coolers is made of high-quality 300D Polyester material, giving it extra durability and long-lasting life.

7.InTheZone Golf Cart Cooler

The InTheZone Golf Cart Cooler is the perfect choice for golfers who need a dependable and durable cooler bag for their golf cart.

This golf cart cooler is made from high-quality polyester fabric, making it lightweight and water-resistant. Its unique pop-up design allows it to fold up and collapse for convenient storage easily.

The adjustable strap lets you customize the fit to ensure your golf cooler won't slip or slide around as you drive.

8.OnOutdoors Golf Cooler Bag

The OnOutdoors Golf Cooler Bag is an insulated golf bag that can hold up to six beer cans or two bottles and is made from Polyester with an aluminum foil lining.

This golf cooler features an adjustable shoulder strap, making it easy to carry. This is not just a cooler, the top of the golf bag also has a large zippered pocket for storing snacks or other items.

This golf cooler bag is perfect for taking to the golf course and ensuring your beverages stay cold for hours.

9. TrendyHandmade Cooler Bag

This stylish golf cooler from TrendyHandmade is the perfect choice for a day on the course.

Made of Oxford Fabric and insulated for maximum coolness, these best golf coolers can hold up to twelve bottles or eighteen cans of your favorite beverages.

For added convenience, the golf cart cooler also has an interior pocket for added storage and two mesh pockets for storing your cell phone or other small items.

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10.FarrenProShop Cooler Bag

The FarrenProShop Golf Cart Cooler is an excellent choice for anyone looking to keep their drinks ice-cold on the golf course.

These best golf coolers feature a fully lined interior with thermal insulation and water-resistant polyester fabric, so you know that your drinks will stay cold in any weather.

These best golf cart coolers also have an adjustable shoulder strap and an attached bottle opener for easy carrying.

11.Callaway Soft Cooler Bag

For golfers who need an easy-to-carry cooler that will only take up a little room on their cart, The Callaway Soft insulated Cooler Bag is the ideal choice.

This lightweight callaway golf cart cooler is made from nylon and features a zippered main compartment that can hold up to 72 fluid ounces of your favorite beverages.

These golf cart coolers also have two magnetic koozies to attach to the exterior for convenience.

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12.GOOLFIKY Golf Cooler Bag

If you are looking for a lightweight and leakproof cooler bag to bring along on your golf cart, then The GOOLFIKY Golf Bag cooler is an ideal option.

This stylish and insulated cooler bag is large enough to hold 10-15 cans or eight bottles, making it perfect for storing refreshments and snacks for your golfing buddies.

These golf cart coolers have two mesh pockets for extra storage and is made with durable nylon material for lasting use.

13.Golf Bag Cooler Sleeve with Ice Pack

The Golf Cart Cooler with reusable ice pack is the perfect solution for keeping your drinks cold and ready to go while on the golf course.

This Sleeve golf cooler is designed to fit easily in the pocket of any standard golf bag, making it an excellent option for those who want to bring their favorite beverages while out on the links.

These best golf coolers with ice packs can hold up to six cans or two bottles of wine, meaning you can bring plenty of refreshments with you for your round.

14.Maxfli Golf Bag Cooler

Keeping your drinks cold and refreshing can be challenging when you are out on the golf course. Thankfully, The Maxfli has developed a great solution with their Golf Cart Cooler!

This Maxfli golf bag cooler is made from durable nylon and is designed to clip onto your golf carts or golf bag easily. It can hold up to 10 cans of your favorite beverages plus ice.

The golf cooler bag features a zipper closure to get in and out without hassle quickly.

15.Clicgear Cooler Bag

The Clicgear Golf Cart Coolers are the perfect accessory for your Clicgear 3-wheel push golf carts.

With plenty of room in the upper pocket for snacks, and a mesh pocket designed to hold an ice pack, this golf bag cooler will keep your food and drinks cold during long rounds of golf.

This Clicgear cooler bag has a secure zip closure, an adjustable shoulder strap, and an integrated handle for easy carrying.

16.Darwav Golf Cooler

If you are looking for a golf cart cooler that offers superior cooling and convenience, The Darwav Golf Cooler Bag is the ideal choice.

These golf cart coolers are made of durable Polyester and Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate material, ensuring long-lasting use and protection from the elements.

This golf cooler bag also features a zippered main compartment and an adjustable carrying adjustable strap for easy portability.

17. Petrichor Cart Caddy

The Petrichor Golf Cooler Bag is designed to provide ample storage space without taking up too much room on your golf carts.

Its durable and waterproof construction ensures your items remain safe and dry even in wet conditions.

These golf cart coolers also feature leakproof insulation that can keep items cool for hours.


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