Bar - Pop & Stand Versa Cooler
Bar - Pop & Stand Versa Cooler
Bar - Pop & Stand Versa Cooler

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Sit Down & Chill Out

Look!  On the ground!  Near the sideline!   It’s a cooler, no, it’s stool.  No,  it’s Superman!  Well. No. It isn’t.   But it is pretty super, man.  These Sit Down and Chill units are coming soon to sidelines, tailgate parties, and backyards near you.  There’s no reason to find a phone booth to change it up either.  It is truly multi functional.  Just:  Sit.  Chill.  Cool. 

At 11 ½“ x 12” x 10 ¼”, and weighing under four pounds (3 pounds 10 ounces), this guy’s one cool character, and Super-functional to boot.  Personalize his with up to seven letters, and get ready to relax the summer away.  

This cooler can be personalized with up to 7 letters.

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