24 Leather Cigar Cases to Protect Your Precious Smokes

Updated on February 02, 2024 by Chris Bajda

If you love cigars, you probably enjoy cigars and will be doing a lot of travelling to enjoy them.

However, you probably also do not want your cigar case crushed or broken during your travels.  Protect your cigars by investing in a sturdy leather cigar case!

Since they come in so many shapes and sizes, there is bound to be one that fits your needs perfectly, so we made this guide with 24 leather cigar cases for stogie lovers!

1. CiTree Cigar Travel Humidor

A travel humidor is a must-have for the cigar aficionado on the go. CiTree's Travel Humidor makes it easy to take your cigars anywhere with its compact and portable design.

It features a built-in humidifier to keep your cigars fresh and ready to smoke at any time, while its leather exterior provides durable protection from scuffs, scratches, and spills.

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2. Four Gage

Four Gage

When your cigar lover is out and about he needs a safe compact place to keep his precious stogies stashed and this wood and genuine leather case perfectly fits the bill. The last thing an aficionado wants is a dried out cigar. The Four Gage makes a perfect gift for someone that enjoys a good cigar on the go with friends. 

This quality case features a strap closure to keep all his cigars fresh. That way he's always prepared to enjoy a fine cigar wherever his adventures may take him. The Four Gage can be easily personalized with your guy's name or initials.

3. FIREDOG Cigar Pouch

This handmade Firedog Leather Cigar Case is made in the USA and guarantees a lifetime.

Made with 100% whole grain vegetable-tanned leather, this handmade cigar pouch features a unique design that includes a cigar pocket and other pockets to carry scissors and lighters.

4. MYSGYH YANGPIN Leather Cigar Case

MYSGYH YANGPIN is a leather cigar case company that designs and manufactures some of the best leather cigar cases on the market. They offer exclusive deals, various colours, styles, and even personalized engravings.

The MYSGYH Yangpin model is a simple yet elegant way for people to carry their cigars in style.

5. Darth Maul Six Finger Case

Darth Maul Six Finger Case

With the Black and Red Carbon Fiber pattern 6 Finger Cigar Case, You will be able to take your cigars on any trip without having to worry about them being crushed. With its beautiful exterior finish and large size, it's convenient for travel or everyday use. Cedar lining helps keep the humidity of your cigars in check.

• Holds 5 Cigars of 60 ring gauge in the Cedar Lined Interior

• With its Crush Proof Cedar Lined Interior, it ensures that your cigars stay fresh and unharmed for your use.

• Approx. Dimensions - Length: 6.5 Inches; Width: 5.0 Inches; Thickness: 1.2 Inches; Approx Weight: 7.5 (ounces)

6. Visol Brown and Yellow Leather

This Visol Brown & Yellow perfect cigar case for men looking for something sleek and stylish. It has a masculine vibe with its brown and yellow leather.

You will also find this case to be durable as it is made of top-grain leather, which means that you do not have to worry about it wearing out anytime soon.

7. Golf Bag Humidor

Golf Bag Humidor

Elevate your golfing experience and indulge in the perfect fusion of leisure and luxury with our Golf Bag Humidor! Crafted to cater to the refined tastes of golf enthusiasts who appreciate the finer things in life, this humidor is more than just a cigar accessory – it's a statement of sophistication on the greens.

8. Good to Go Cigar Case

Good to Go

Gift your cigar loving mover and shaker this to go cigar carrying case. This travel-sized cigar case comes with everything your guy needs for a good night with a good smoke. Allow your aficionado the comfort of knowing his favorite stogies are safely stashed. Comes with a Guillotine Cutter so he is all set to enjoy his smooth smokes wherever he may be.

9. 3Ct Adjustable Cigar Case

If you have been looking for a beautiful cigar case that can handle the wear and tear of everyday use, this Adjustable Cigar Case is one of the best options on the market.

Manufactured from high-quality leather, it is durable yet attractive and comes in various colours.

Plus, it can hold up to 3 cigars and has a cedar wood lining interior.

10. Cigar Carry Along

Cigar Carry Along

A perfect gift for any cigar lover! Carry your cigars in style with our personalized cigar case with cutter included made with a vegan leatherette which offers the look and feel of genuine leather at a fraction of the price. This richly textured, synthetic material is water resistant, easy to clean and durable enough for the rigors of daily use. The high quality workmanship of each leatherette piece is sure to impress every recipient with its elegant individuality.

11. OLD FOX Cigar Pouch

If you are looking for a case that will last, the OLD FOX Cigar Pouch will fit the bill. Made with full-grain leather, this cigar case can stand up to the harshest conditions. The strap belt in the middle makes it easy to access.

Plus, it can hold up to 2 pipes, cigars, and other cigar accessories.

12. Stogie Set

Stogie Set

For those stogie lovers on the go, this case will be the highlight of their cigar collection. Made to hold three of his precious smokes in style your guy will be thrilled to receive this gift and whip it out with pride for years to come.

This travels cigar case stores and protects up to three cigars at once, and comes with a compartment to carry the cigar cutter.  Made with the classic brown leather look and cedarwood on the inside his stogies will be protected from the wear and tear of travel. Available with 6 different designs to choose from you can't go wrong with this gift for your cigar lover.

13Adjustable Cigar Case Travel Holder 

For cigar smokers on the go, it is essential to be able to take your favourite cigars with you without risking damage. That is why the Adjustable Cigar Case Travel Holder is so great.

You can store up to two cigars in this compact leather case and the design allows you to adjust the case to your preference.

14. The Rennes

The Rennes

When your cigar lover is out and about he needs a safe compact place to keep his precious stogies stashed and this wood and genuine leather case perfectly fits the bill. The last thing an aficionado wants is a dried-out cigar. The Rennes makes a perfect gift for someone that enjoys a good cigar on the go with friends. 

• Holds 5 Cigars Up to 56 Ring Gauge

• Holds Cigars Up to 7 Inches in Length

• Genuine Black Leather Exterior with White Stitching

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15. AMANCY Luxury Black Leather

Crafted from top-grain leather, the AMANCY Luxury Black Leather cigar case is a sleek and stylish option for cigar aficionados. This beautiful case has a zip closure and holds up to six cigars.

Plus, it has pockets for your lighter and cutter, and 800 milligrams of weight, making it perfect gift and easy to carry.

16.4 Finger Portable Cigar Case

If you are a cigar aficionado but do not want the hassle of carrying around a big, bulky humidor with your precious smokes, then the 4 Finger Portable Cigar Case is for you.

This small leather cigar case features an interior space that is just big enough for four cigars. It is lightweight and compact, perfect for carrying in your pocket or purse.

17. Caldwell Cigar Case

Caldwell Cigar Case

A handsome, brown leather cigar case with a glazed finish such as the Caldwellis perfect for the traveling cigar aficionado. Not only does this cedar-lined cigar case keep three of your cigars safe and fresh, it also provides you with a cutter to cut them with. A stainless steel and acrylic cigar cutter is located on the front of this cigar case. its sharp dual blades are capable of cutting cigars with up to a 54 ring gauge without problems. It can even be personalized with our engraving options so order today!

18.AMANCY Handcrafted Leather Gift Box

AMANCY is a leading provider of high-quality products for cigar aficionados and smokers. They offer special offers on various leather cigar cases made from the finest materials, have excellent craftsmanship, and are durable enough to last for many years.

This AMANCY Handcrafted Leather great gift box includes 6oz flask, cigar cutter, lighter and stand.

19. Leather Crocodile Pattern Cigar Case


This exquisite Leather Crocodile Pattern Cigar Case, the epitome of sophistication and style. Crafted from premium genuine leather with a meticulously embossed crocodile pattern, this case exudes luxury and elegance. With its compact design and the capacity to securely hold three cigars, it ensures your cigars are protected in style wherever you go.

20. Hidden Humidor

Hidden Humidor

Whether you need to hide your smokes or just like your humidors to be a little more discreet the Hidden Humidor delivers in spades. This leather humidor looks just like a book and blends right in on any bookshelf or desktop. Perfect for the office or home study this will quickly become your cigar lover's favorite accessory.

Equipped with a guillotine cutter and a silver hygrometer your guy will be fully prepared for a quality smoke. The Hidden Humidor is designed with a lift-out cigar tray that holds 5 stogies which can be removed for additional storage of up to 10 cigars. This humidor makes for a great conversation piece and is a gift any cigar lover will treasure.

21.Easy Carry Cigar Cases

Leather cigar cases are a great way to protect your cigars from the elements.

This Easy Carry Leather Cigar Case will provide excellent protection against everything from rain, snow, and even being crushed in your pocket.

A quality leather cigar case can be the perfect way to keep your cigars safe while giving them some style at the same time.

22.Portable Cigar Travel Case

A good cigar case is essential for any smoker who likes to take his cigars on the go.

The best way to protect your precious smokes from damage is with a Portable Cigar Travel Case, which can be stored in a pocket or handbag and will keep your cigars safe from bumps and scratches.

23. The Renly

The Renly

A great gift for cigar aficionados on the move.  This cigar travel set comes with a cigar travel case and a cigar cutter. This travel-sized cigar case holds everything they need to enjoy a smooth smoke when the mood strikes them. This travels cigar case stores and protects up to three cigars at once, and comes with a compartment to carry the cigar cutter.  Your guy will always be ready to enjoy a stogie with his whiskey!

24.Luxury Brown Leather Case

When you are smoking a cigar on your morning commute or at the golf course with friends?

You need something that will protect your precious smoke from the elements and keep it as fresh and smoke-able as before.

This is why the Luxury Brown Leather Case is the right one for you!

25. Sinister Set

Sinister Set

The Sinister Set is the perfect gift for the discerning smoker. This slick cigar-carrying case doubles as a flask, ensuring that your cigars and your spirits are always close at hand. The handsome personalized faux-leather exterior and cigar cutter make the Sinister Set a stylish addition to any collection, while the built-in flask guarantees that he's always in good spirits. Whether he is enjoying a night out on the town or simply savoring a good smoke at home, the Sinister Set is the perfect way to indulge his favorite vices.

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Do leather cigar cases work?

Yes, leather cigar cases can be effective at protecting cigars and maintaining their quality. A well-made leather cigar case serves several purposes:

  1. Protection: Leather is a durable material that can provide a layer of protection against physical damage, crushing, and impact. It helps prevent cigars from getting crushed or damaged during transportation or storage.

  2. Maintaining Humidity: Some leather cigar cases are designed with compartments for storing cigars along with a small humidification device. This helps maintain the cigars' proper humidity levels, which is crucial for preserving their flavor, aroma, and overall quality.

  3. Aesthetic Appeal: Leather cigar cases often have an elegant and sophisticated appearance, making them a stylish accessory for cigar enthusiasts. They come in various designs, colors, and finishes to suit personal preferences.

  4. Travel Convenience: Leather cigar cases are particularly popular among travelers or individuals who want to enjoy cigars on the go. They provide a secure and organized way to carry cigars while traveling.

However, it's important to note a few considerations:

  • Quality: The effectiveness of a leather cigar case depends on its quality. Well-constructed cases with proper stitching, quality leather, and reliable humidity control features will offer better protection and preservation.

  • Humidity: If your leather cigar case includes a humidification device, you'll need to ensure it's properly maintained and refilled to keep the cigars at the desired humidity level.

  • Seasoning: If you're using a humidification device, it's essential to properly season it before placing your cigars inside. This helps prevent any unwanted flavors or moisture from affecting the cigars.

  • Air Circulation: Make sure that the cigars are not too tightly packed inside the case, as proper air circulation is necessary to prevent mold growth and ensure even humidity distribution.

In summary, leather cigar cases can indeed work effectively in protecting and maintaining the quality of cigars, especially when they are well-made and properly cared for.

How long can you keep cigars in a leather case?

You can store cigars in a quality leather case with proper humidity control for a few weeks to a few months, ensuring they remain in good condition. For longer-term storage, consider using a dedicated humidor with precise humidity control mechanisms to better preserve your cigars over several months to a year or more. Adequate air circulation and monitoring of storage conditions are essential for maintaining cigar quality.

How do you use a leather cigar case?

Using a leather cigar case is quite straightforward:

  1. Prepare Your Cigars: Make sure your cigars are properly humidified before placing them in the case. If your leather case has a humidification device, ensure it's filled and ready to maintain the cigars' humidity.

  2. Open the Case: Gently open the leather cigar case. Most cases have a hinged or slide-open design. Be cautious not to force it open to avoid damaging the case or the cigars.

  3. Place the Cigars: Carefully slide your cigars into the designated compartments or slots within the case. Avoid overpacking to allow for proper air circulation.

  4. Close the Case: Close the case securely to protect the cigars. Ensure that it's properly latched or fastened to prevent the case from accidentally opening.

  5. Humidity Maintenance (If Applicable): If your leather cigar case has a humidification device, follow the manufacturer's instructions for filling and maintaining it. This is crucial for preserving the cigars' humidity levels.

  6. Storage and Travel: Store the closed leather cigar case in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and fluctuations. If you're traveling, place the closed case in a secure and easily accessible spot in your bag or pocket.

  7. Enjoy Your Cigars: When you're ready to enjoy a cigar, simply open the case, remove the cigar you want to smoke, and close the case again. Remember to reseal the case properly to maintain the condition of the remaining cigars.

  8. Regular Check-Up: Periodically check the condition of your cigars and the humidity level within the case, especially if it has a humidification device. Rotate or smoke the cigars to prevent them from sitting for too long.

By following these steps and ensuring proper care and maintenance, you can effectively use a leather cigar case to protect and enjoy your cigars while maintaining their quality.

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