Whether you're heading out for a round of golf or taking a business trip, a travel humidor cigar holder is a must-have for any cigar enthusiast. These cigar holders are perfect for storing and transporting your cigars while on the go.

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Top 32 Cigar Holders to Elevate Your Smoking Experience

They may be difficult to shop for but definitely not hard to please. Your cigar aficionado friend will definitely appreciate a cigar holder gift from you. He would probably know more about his hobby than you do, but there are particular cigar accessories that he obviously would always need. It’s one gift that may be simple but a very functional one. Let his cigar holder be personalized with a name or a monogram to make it extra special, or even a travel humidor that will keep his cigars fresh.  Choose a quality gift that he can use for a long time, a gift where his cigars will always have a safe place to be stored in.     

Here are 32 of the best cigar holders you can give as gifts for your cigar lover: 

32. Smoke Like a Gentleman - Cigar Travel Set

A great gift for cigar aficionados on the move.  This cigar gift carrying case comes with a cigar cutter so he can take his cigars when he is on the move. This travel-sized cigar case holds everything he needs to enjoy a smooth smoke when the mood strikes him. This cigar case stores and protects up to three cigars at once, and comes with a compartment to carry the cigar cutter.  You can personalize with his initials on one side and a custom message on the other side.

31. Portable Travel Leather Cigar Humidor Case 

Made with brown leather outside and cedar wood inside, this Portable Travel Leather Cigar Humidor Case is sure to keep his cigars fresh. It comes with an attached clip that will hook onto any belt, waistband, or pockets. This case can hold up to 5cigars of max length 6.5 inches and up to ring gauge 52. It comes with a built-In hygrometer, long humidifier, and dropper.

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30. Portable Humidor / Carry Case


Personalized Cigar Holder


This Portable Cigar Case Humidor has a strong aluminum casing that is great for travel or the cigar smoker on the go. It features an anti-slip rigid side grip and a built In hygrometer & humidifier. It can fit 3 regular cigars, or 2 large one. This is one of those cigar gifts thats practical and stylish all in one. 

29. Volenx Leather Cigar Case

It's both luxurious and durable. This Volenx Leather Cigar Case has a crocodile pattern made with high quality PU leather, and heavy-duty 420J2 Stainless Steel cigar cutter. It can hold 3 Cigars of max length 6.5 inches/ring gauge 52 and is guaranteed to be a good protection for his cigars. 

28. On The Go Smoker

personalized travel cigar case

 This genuine leather and wood cigar casecan easily be personalized for a slick looking home on the road for his stash. Fitting five cigars he can even bring some to share. The more the merrier.

    27. Laser Engraved Cigar Holder 

    It's a Laser Engraved Cigar Holder that can hold two standard size cigars. It's  custom engraved on this ultra polished stainless cigar case. With this item coming from you, its no wonder this gift would end up as one of his favorite cigar accessories. 

    It's designed exactly as you see them in picture. This Personalized Cigar Holder Case is made with high quality vegan leather. It features a pocket in one side and includes a cigar cutter. It is personalized to make it extra special and is carefully packaged ready to be handed to your friend or loved one. 

    25. Golf Bag Cigar Holder

    golf bag cigar holder

    When his two great loves collide. The world is in harmony with this gift for any guy who pictures nirvana to be a Saturday afternoon on the greens stogie in hand. This travel humidor is made to look like a golf bag and even better clip right onto his bag. What could be better?!!! Perfect for preserving those precious stogies in pristine condition for your golfer. The large front pocket is perfect for carrying all his cigar accessories. This makes a great gift for the golfer who loves a good smoke.

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    24. Cigar Holder

    This awesome Cigar Holder comes complete with a cutter available in multiple colors. Whether the cigar smoker is your grandpa, dad or the guys who are helping you celebrate your big day, these holders will be the perfect gift! It is richly textured, uses synthetic material, is water resistant, easy to clean and durable enough for the rigors of daily use. Holders can be engraved on one side or both or can come with no engraving at all. 

    23. Finger Brown Leather Cigar Case

    This Finger Brown Leather Cigar Case has a classic brown leather style and cedar wood inside with cutter. It can hold 3 cigars of max length 6.5 inches and up to ring gauge 52. It's one gift that will make it easy for him to carry with his cigars when traveling.

    22. Engraved Cigar Case

    This Engraved Cigar Case uses top of the line laser technology to ensure precise design for your customization! It is made with a durable leatherette wrap, stainless steel with the following dimensions: 6 5/8" height, 2 7/8" length and 1" width. 

    21. Cigar Case Flask Combo Hip Flask

    It's one great gift that he will truly appreciate. This Cigar Case Flask Combo Hip Flask is very durable and great for all his travels. Make it his go to item every time he wants to spend time alone or just be with his favorite buddies in the world. 

    20. Vintage Leather Cigar Case 

    This Vintage Leather Cigar Case is especially for him who adores vintage-looking gifts. It makes use of special paint and 3-step painting technique making the case look really unique and old-looking. You can also place his monogram up to 5 symbols in Gold, Silver or Hot stamping. You can also choose a color from the available color palette. 

    19. Aluminum Air Tight Smell Proof Cigar Case Tube


    Crafted with finest aluminum material in black color, this Aluminum Air Tight Smell Proof Cigar Case Tube is the perfect gift for him. It is great for single cigar when he's on the go up to ring gauge 56, and up to 6.8" long. It comes with an airtight seal, making it smell proof and waterproof. 

    18. Cigar Save It


    The Cigar Save It fits nicely inside his pocket. It comes with a cigar snuffer that extinguishes your cigars immediately. It can hold cigar size up to 6 1/2 inches long and 54 ring gauge. This gift also comes with a metal clip attachment. It's one gift he will treasure for a long time. 

    17. Smell Proof Case 

    It's one stylish and innovative gift. This Smell Proof Case is made from hard anodized aircraft aluminum Doob Tube vial container with screen filter tip. The connecting Doob Tube includes a filter tip that protects his airways, mouth, tongue and lungs. The handset is very compact and fits easily in his pocket or purse. 

    16. Third Hand Cigar

    Secure your cigar during play with this handy cigar holder. This all-purpose cigar clip helps golfers manage their cigar while riding or hitting a golf shot. Never lose your cigar on the green again, now you just have to worry about losing your balls. The clip-within-a-clip design allows the device to attach to your cart independent of the cigar clip for remarkable stability. Stop setting golf carts on fire or burning your hands trying to golf and smoke. When not in use for a cigar, this clip also doubles as a putter stand or golf glove holder for added versatility. This Father's Day gift can also be used during tailgates, BBQ and any occasion where toking and joking is allowed.

    15. The Cigar Smoker  

    Cigar Gift For Him

    Keep his cigars fresh each day and give him all the cigar accessories that he needs on one gift. This cigar gift set would be the perfect gift for any cigar-smoking guy.  This gift set is 5 gifts in 1, as you get a personalized cigar humidor, a lighter, flask, and cigar carrying case. Specially made of Spanish cedar, you can have the humidor engraved with his name or initials and you’re all set to hand him a gift he will always remember you by.

    14. Ash With Class - Folding Cigar Ash Tray Set

    Cigar Ash Tray Gift Personalized

    This Folding Wood Cigar Ash Tray Set is perfect for any cigar smoker.  It is made of walnut wood and includes a set of stainless steel matching cigar accessories - guillotine cutter, lighter, cigar bed, and stainless steel ash reservoir.  It measures 4-3/4" L x 4-3/4" W x 3" H when folded closed, and 9-1/2" L x 4-3/4" W x 1-1/2" H when opened. 

    13. Quick Sip and Smoke

      He used to carry them all in separate cases. Now, there’s no need to carry several boxes to let the fun and relaxation begin. This All In One Sinful Products Case would be all he needs to carry a cigar and 1.5 ounce of his favorite drink. Also included in this case is a high-quality lighter. He’s all set to have fun alone or with the company of well-loved friends. Get the box personalized up to 3 initials to make your gift extra special.

      12. Acrylic Jar Humidor

      This glass jar humidor will allow your guy to proudly show off his stash of cigars at all times.  Forget the humidors that keep his cigars concealed, this humidor allows his cigars to be the centerpiece of his man cave.  

      11. The Traveling CigarMen

      Conveniently hold and protect his favorite standard-sized cigars with this personalized leather double cigar case. A gift perfect for someone who’s a certified classy cigar connoisseur! This case is made of quality black leather and can be printed with his monogram, name, or initials with the font of your choice. 

      10. Cigar Travel Set


        A great gift for cigar aficionados on the move.  This gift comes with a cigar travel case, lighter, and cigar cutter. This travel-sized cigar case holds everything they need to enjoy a smooth smoke when the mood strikes them. This travel cigar case stores and protects up to three cigars at once, and comes with a compartment to carry the cigar cutter.  The set also comes with a sturdy flip lighter so your cigar lover has everything he needs to enjoy a smoke wherever he is.

        9. The Smoker and Slow Sipper Set

        Drake Opus Cognac Glasses Set w/ Cigar Accessories

        Included in this distinguished set are two cognac snifters, a leather-bound cigar case that comes with a cigar cutter, a black flip-top lighter, and a wooden gift box. The glasses and gift box are personalized with an initial, year, and phrase while the cigar case is engraved with a single initial of your choosing. The lighter can be engraved with one line of text if you wish. The cognac glasses are designed to fit perfectly in your hand. The handy cigar case has a convenient pocket for the included cigar cutter so that he is always prepared for a stogie wherever he may be. 

        8. Midnight Smoker

        He would definitely love this engraved set. The Midnight Smoker gift set isn't for everyone. This gift set is for the cigar lovers that bring their smokes anywhere they go. Whether it be birthday parties, poker games, celebrating the firstborn son or on your wedding day - any given occasion where he can celebrate with a cigar. 

        7. The Consumate Gentleman (Holder, Cutter, Decanter)

        Best Cigar Lover Gift Ever

        Is there anything more relaxing than a sip and a smoke?  Whether enjoying a book in front of a warm fire, or sitting back watching the big game, The Consummate Gentleman offers the man in your life a way to unwind at the end of a long day.  This set really brings an evening together, as it's a gift any guy would treasure.  And when you personalize this for him, it really brings it over the top!   

        The Consummate Gentleman, which can be found here on Groovy Guy Gifts includes a personalized whiskey decanter, cigar cutter, wood box, and cigar holder with whiskey flask. The holder can house 2 cigars, while the decanter holds up to 1 liter of your favor spirits.  The cigar cutter is 3.5″ x 1.5 “.  The cigar holder is 7″ X 2.5″ and box size is 8″ x 11″ x 5”. 

        6. Glasstop Cigar Stash


        If you are planning to give a wedding favor to a cigar aficionado or a buddy that casually smokes, this humidor would be a very special gift. This thoughtful wedding favor will let them enjoy their favorite cigar for a very long time.

        Cigars are natural products, and therefore require care and protection just like any other perishable item. Since this Cigar box functions not only as a storage box but also a humidifier, the cigars will retain their freshness indefinitely. If you like the idea of getting a humidor but aren't a fan of this one, there are many other personalized humidors you can choose from.  

        5. Traveling Cigar Guy

        It’s stylish and definitely something he can show off to his buddies. This personalized travel cigar case can hold up to 2 cigars and double as a humidor. This elegant looking rose gold cigar case is a perfect Christmas gift for cigar lovers. It’s a convenient and practical storage for cigars that will keep them moist and fresh at all times. The case comes with a velvet bag in an elegant black gift box.


        4. Personal Humidor 


        This exquisite portable leather humidifier can hold 5 cigars and comes complete with a humidifier and a hygrometer. The PU leather outside and the cedar wood inside keep your cigars fresh. It is also packaged in a stylish gift box that your cigar lover friend will truly appreciate. 

        3. Car Ash Tray

        Meet one of the most functional portable ashtrays on the market today. The Car Ashtray fits perfectly into almost any cup holder.  The resting mechanism is designed with 2 clips that carefully flex to hold any sized cigar up to a 60 ring gauge.  It's the perfect cigar ashtray for the cigar lover that loves to have a smoke in his car, boat, golf cart, RV, or any other vehicle.

        2. Clip On Cigar Holder

        No ash tray?  No problem!  If your cigar lover likes to take his cigars on the go or just wants a fun way to show off with his cigar loving friends, this cigar holder that wraps around a beer bottle the perfect gift for him.  Add this fun gift to his collection of cigar accessories and he will love using it for years to come.

        1. Personalized Portable Single Cigar

        The golden moments would have a completely different meaning when you present him with this personalized portable single cigar. This gift is made from aluminum in golf color. The golden moments of having time for his cigar can even be made more special by personalizing this gift with 2 lines up to 30 characters per line.   

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