26 Matching Father’s Day Shirts for You and Your Little One

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It is almost Father's Day, and what better way to celebrate the occasion than with some adorable Father's Day matching shirts? Whether you are looking to coordinate with your mini-me or treat Dad to a special surprise, these 26 Father's Day matching shirts will surely put a smile on his face.

Whether you are looking for something cute, silly, or something more stylish, there is a Father's Day Shirt for every family.

Read on to find the perfect look for you and your little one!

The Best Father's Day Shirts to Match with Your Kids!

1. Superhero Dad Shirt

Superhero Dad Shirt

Dad will be thrilled with this shirt! This Superhero Dad Father's Day gift fits like a well-loved favorite.

These Fathers Day matching shirts feature a crew neck and short sleeves and is designed with special air loom combed and ring-spun cotton that acts as the best blank canvas for printing.

This father-son t-shirt comes side seamed. Retail fit in unisex sizing.

2. Copy Paste Matching Dad Baby

Copy Paste Matching Dad Baby

This Copy Paste Matching Father's Day gift will flatter him all the more that your baby looks just like him.

Let him enjoy drinking in that truth, even if it is just on Father’s Day. He will happily wear this anywhere, especially when tagging with his little one. 

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3. Papa - Mini Bear Shirt

Papa - Mini Bear Shirt

These Papa Mini-Bear Shirts would speak of how you would want your little one to call you when he begins to speak.

Let them wear these father son t-shirts on Father’s Day so both can proudly tell the world how much they mean to each other. 

4. Sunday Funday Football Shirts

Sunday Funday Football Shirts

This Sunday, Funday Football Shirts are screen printed by hand in Orlando, FL.

These father son shirts use high-quality, eco-friendly inks that will stand the test of time. Both dad and baby will feel comfortable wearing these father sonmatching shirts. Not to mention, it will quickly become their favorite outfit. 

5. Daddy and Me Outfits 

 These Daddy and Me father son t-shirts speak of who they are in each other's life.

Let super dad and daughter proudly tell everyone that dad is her hero and that she will always be daddy's little girl. Watch out for the big smile on dad's face when he sees this Father's Day gift.   

6. Daddy's Girl Shirt 


She will always be daddy's girl. And he, of course, will always be proud to tell the world that he is the daddy of her beautiful daughter.

These Daddy's Girl Shirts are unisex and are available in infant bodysuits and infant, toddler, youth and adult t-shirts up to 4XL. All father sonshirts are unisex sizing, so they are flattering for all body types.

These father son t-shirts are relaxed fit and accurate to size the shirt.

7. Father's Day Shirt Matching

Father's Day Shirt Matching

Nothing like letting his shirt tell the world who the dad of his excellent children is.

This Father's Day Shirt Matching set is the cutest for daddy and son to match! They are both the brand Bella+Canvas, super soft and unisex sizing. It will end up as their favorite father son t-shirt!

8. The Legend, The Legacy, Father Son Shirts

The Legend, The Legacy matching shirts are handmade with love. These father sonshirts are unisex and so soft as it proudly uses Bella Canvas.

The design is black or white! Dad will proudly show off these matching shirts, whatever the occasion may be.  

9. Leveled up Shirts

Leveled up Shirts

If you want something special to show your dad how much you love him this Father's Day, why not get him a stylish t-shirt that matches his little one? A great option is the Leveled-up Shirts!

These great quality matching shirts feature double-needle stitching throughout and seamless collars and come in various sizes.

Not only do they look great, but these father son t-shirts also make an adorable fashion statement when you and your super dad match!

10. Beer and Milk Bottle Dad Shirts

Beer and Milk Bottle Dad Shirts

Are you a beer-loving Dad? Show off your parenting style with one of these matching Beer and MilkBottle Father Son T-shirts. This set of matching shirts is the perfect gift for your little one and you to celebrate Father's Day in style.

These matching shirts are made from comfortable combed ringspun cotton fabric, so you can be sure that both of you will feel comfy all day long.

11. Our First Father's Day Together

Our First Father's Day Together

It is time to start thinking about Father's Day, and what better way to show your appreciation for dad than with a matching set of First Father's Day Shirts?

Each father son t-shirt is made from polyester and cotton, making them comfortable to wear and fully machine washable. These matching shirts also come in sizes from Small to XXL so that you can get the perfect fit for your super Dad.

12. Best Dad Ever, Best Baby Ever

Best Dad Ever, Best Baby Ever

On Father's Day, matching shirts make a perfect gift for dads and their kids. And what better way to show your love than with a "Best Dad Ever, Best Baby Ever" father son t-shirt? This cute design will make any dad feel extra special and loved.

These father son matching shirts come in various colors and sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for you and your little one.

13. Mr. Fix it, and Miss Broke It

Mr. Fix it, and Miss Broke It

Celebrate your first Father's Day together with the perfect matching shirts. With this set of Mr. Fix it and Miss Broke It Matching Shirts, you and your little one can be ready for the day in style.

Made from 100% ringspun cotton, these matching shirts will keep you and your little one comfy all day.

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14. Dad Jokes Champion and Survivor

Dad Jokes Champion and Survivor

Are you and your child ready for Father's Day? Why not get matching shirts with your favorite dad jokes to make the day special?

With our Dad Jokes Champion and Survivor Matching Shirts, you can express your love for your super Dad Jokes while still looking stylish!

These matching shirts feature a heat press vinyl on the front that reads "Dad Jokes Champion" and "Survivor", respectively.

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15. Pint & Half Pint Matching

Pint & Half Pint Matching

Celebrate Father's Day with a fun matching look with Pint & Half Pint Matching Shirts! The perfect way to show dad how much you care and make him feel special on his special day.

This fun, matching shirts come in various colors and styles and feature slogans such as "Pint" and "Half Pint" that will surely bring a smile to Dad's face.

16. I Make Awesome Babies & Proof

I Make Awesome Babies & Proof

Are you a dad looking for the perfect matching shirt to celebrate Father's Day with your little one? Look no further than the I Make Awesome Babies & Proof matching father-baby t-shirt! This adorable and unique father son t-shirt will show off your fatherhood status in style.

This fun t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and will become a favorite piece in your closet. With its black and white color scheme, this t-shirt looks great on all types of dads.

17. Mr. Fix It and Mr. Break It Shirts

Mr. Fix It and Mr. Break It Shirts

Capture the essence of fatherhood with ourMr. Fix It and Mr. Break it Shirts, perfect for celebrating Father's Day. Made from a comfortable blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, these shirts ensure a cozy fit for both dad and baby. 

Available in a vibrant blue color, they embody the fun and loving spirit of family life. Choose the right size to ensure the perfect match for your matching daddy and baby duo.

18. Me and Mini Me T-shirts

Me and Mini Me T-shirts

Elevate your Father's Day celebration with our 100% cotton Me and Mini Me T-shirts. This collection celebrates the bond between father and child, offering a comfortable and stylish way to showcase your matching style. 

Perfect for capturing the essence of family life, these shirts are a testament to the fun, loving relationship shared by matching daddy and baby duos. Available in a range of sizes, make sure to choose the right fit to ensure your Father's Day outfit is as perfect as the memories you'll make wearing them.

19. Adventure Dad Adventure Buddy Matching Set

Adventure Dad Adventure Buddy Matching Set

Gear up for Father's Day with the Adventure Dad Adventure Buddy Matching Set, crafted from soft cotton shirts and adorned with vibrant digital ink designs. This set not only celebrates the adventurous spirit shared between father and son but also adds an adorable touch to any family outing.

With options to choose adult and child sizes, you can personalize these matching shirts to perfectly fit the duo, making them a fun and unique addition to your Father's Day celebration.

20. The Dad And The Son T-shirts

The Dad And The Son T-shirts

Unveil a new level of bonding this Father's Day with The Dad And The Son T-shirts. Crafted from the high-quality fabric of Bella Canvas 3001, these shirts blend comfort with style. Featuring heat press vinyl for durability and a touch of glitter for that extra sparkle, they're perfect for adding fun to your family life. 

Personalize these matching shirts by choosing the ideal size and color, ensuring a perfect fit and unique touch for your matching daddy and baby ensemble.

21. The Legend and The Legacy Shirt

The Legend and The Legacy Shirt

Discover the ultimate symbol of fatherly pride with The Legend and The Legacy Shirt, the perfect gift for the new dad this Father's Day. 

Crafted from soft, high-quality cotton and using the revered Bella Canvas Tshirt as a base, these matching shirts epitomize the strength and depth of the family bond.

22. Matching Original Remix Shirts

Matching Original Remix Shirts

Step into a world of style and affection with our Matching Original Remix Shirts, where love and fashion blend seamlessly. 

These handmade shirts are a tribute to the harmonious tunes of family life, offering a fun and stylish way to celebrate Father's Day. Embrace the essence of matching daddy and baby moments with these unisex sizing shirts, designed to fit perfectly.

23. Daddy and Daddy's Little Helper T-shirts

Daddy and Daddy's Little Helper T-shirts

Celebrate the unbreakable bond between daddy and his little sidekick with our Daddy and Daddy's Little Helper T-shirts. These matching shirts are crafted from soft, breathable cotton, ensuring both comfort and style during your Father’s Day activities. 

Available in a selection of colors and sizes, these shirts are the perfect choice for family outings, birthday celebrations, or just a fun day at home. Choose your preferred color and size to make this Father's Day, and everyday life, extra memorable.

24. Leveled Up to Daddy and Player 2 Has Entered The Game Shirt

Leveled Up to Daddy and Player 2 Has Entered The Game Shirt

Immerse yourself in the world of gaming and family with our Leveled Up to Daddy and Player 2 Has Entered The Game Shirt. This 100% cotton tee is not just a piece of clothing; it's a celebration of the love and fun shared between father and child. 

Available in multiple colors, these shirts offer both style and comfort, making them a perfect choice for birthdays, Father's Day, or any time you want to celebrate your family life. With a range of size options, finding the ideal matching daddy and baby set has never been easier.

25. Boom Box and Cassette Tape Matching Shirts

Boom Box and Cassette Tape Matching Shirts

Dive into a retro vibe this Father’s Day with our Boombox and Cassette Tape Matching Shirts, blending nostalgia with the joy of fatherhood. 

These adorable baby and father shirts offer a unique way to express your family's fun and loving nature. Made from quality materials, these shirts promise comfort and durability, ensuring they’re the perfect addition to your Father's Day clothing ensemble.

26. Daddy Mommy Baby And Kid Matching Shirts

Daddy Mommy Baby And Kid Matching Shirts

Elevate your family's style with Daddy Mommy Baby and Kid matching shirts, featuring adorable battery designs that symbolize the energy levels of each family member. These high-quality shirts are made from combed ring-spun cotton, ensuring a soft, comfortable fit for everyone from the tiniest infants to the adults. 

The bodysuits for the adorable babies are crafted from pre-shrunk cotton to provide a snug, cozy feel. With a high-quality print that withstands the test of time, these matching family shirts allow you to select the perfect size and color for each member.

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