17 Best Personalized Cigar Humidors

Updated on February 08, 2021 by Eds Alvarez

At home or while traveling, he loves to have some time of relaxation enjoying his cigar. What can be a better gift than letting his cigars stay fresh while carrying them in style with personalized cigar humidors. It's one gift he can carry along while on his way to a business trip or while playing golf. Choose a humidor that can carry his collection of cigars or one that he can easily carry wherever he goes. A quality, stylish and well-designed humidor is sure to impress him and his friends. It’s one gift he will gladly show off to his cigar buddies.  

Here are 17 of the best personalized cigar humidors you can choose from: 

17. Travel Cigar Case Humidor with Accessories

Nothing like traveling while being able to carry his favorite cigars. This Travel Cigar Case Humidor with Accessories gift set is just perfect for him. The cigar humidor has a perfect hiding spot for any book shelf
It also has a removable cigar tray for extra storage humidifier and silver hygrometer set magnetic lid closure guillotine cutter. What's more the options for design are almost limitless!

16. Black Onyx Cigar Box


This Black Onyx Cigar Box is the gift that will keep both your cigars and your style fresh. Fully lined with Spanish cedar, this cigar box oozes class and sophistication. The humidor comes in black lacquer finish in polished silver hardware. It has a full black interior with cigar scissors that attach magnetically. It's one gift your cigar lover friend will truly appreciate. 

15. Personalized Cigar Case

It's a folding personalized cigar case with Spanish cedar lining. This Personalized Cigar Case holds 3 cigars and comes with a cigar cutter. Personalize the inside of the case with the text of your choice. You can choose one letter embossing on the outside and a short message embossed on the inside as well. 

14. Personalized Cigar Travel Humidor

It's a leather folding personalized cigar humidor with Spanish cedar lining. This Personalized Cigar Travel Humidor can hold up to 6 cigars depending on size. The humidifier is included. You can also personalize the outside of the case with monogram. The cover under the lid can also be personalized with a quote or other text of your choice.

13. Personalized Travel Humidor Cigar Caddy

This Personalized Travel Humidor Cigar Caddy is perfect for your cigar aficionado friend who also happens to love golf. It's one gift he would love to show off to his golfing buddies. Personalize it by having it designed with his monogram, with deer antlers, a monogram frame etc; or personalize with a name, or anything else you would like! This humidor is cedar lined to keep his cigars fresh at all times. 

12. Leather Cigar Humidor


No cigar lover would be able to resist this Leather Cigar Humidor. It can hold up to 18 cigars depending on size and comes with a humidifier. It's a combination of leather and Spanish cedar. Plus, the leather folding of this humidor can be personalized with his monogram, a quote or other text of your choice.

11. Personalized Humidor

Let him protect his favorite cigars in this handsome Personalized Humidor. This humidor makes the perfect gift for anyone. This Beautiful black Cedar Personalized Cigar Humidor is made of real cedar and measures 9" x 8 1/2" x 2 1/4" and comes complete with portable humidifier that can be removed. Have it personalized with a famous quote or design of your choice. 

10. Classy Personalized Humidor


He deserves to relax with a glass of bourbon and a cigar. Let him do just that as you hand him this Personalized Humidor. This engraved humidor is not only functional but also elegant. It's lined with Spanish Cedar and can contain up to 20 cigars. Have it personalized with 1 line up to 20 characters to make it extra special.   

9. Ammo Can Custom Cigar Humidor

Ammo Can Personalzied Humidor

He's not just fascinated with cigars but with guns too. He will certainly love this Ammo Can Personalized Humidor. This four-piece set includes a 50 caliber ammo can, wooden insert, hygrometer, and humidifier. A gift he will be happy to show off to his cigar buddies.  

8. Engraved Glass Top Humidor 

Personalized Glass Top Humidor

Looking for a really special gift for your cigar aficionado friend? Then let him have this Cigar Stash that allows him to store and enjoy his favorite cigars for the long haul. It's not just a storage box but also a humidifier that retains the freshness of cigars. It is made with top of the line Spanish Cedar to guarantee its quality and can be engraved with his name or initials.  

7. Burl Engraved Cigar Humidor 


This awesome burl wood box functions as a humidor and is sure to impress you cigar lover friend. The Ultimate Box Set can be purchased separately or you can pick one or more items to go inside. You can have the humidor personalized along with the items chosen that go inside it. It's one gift that will truly put a smile on his face.  

6. Visol Barclay Personalized Travel Humidor


The Visol Barclay Personalized Travel Humidor will carry up to 10 of his favorite cigars. This humidor will keep his treasured items safe wherever he goes. The cedar interior holds in moisture to create a comfortably humid environment. Outside, a polished black finish shines with reflection. It comes with free engraving of his name or initials on the cigar case too. 

5. Cigar Humidor Box


It keeps his cigar and his style fresh. This Cigar Humidor Box is fully lined with Spanish cedar, making it  ooze with class and sophistication. It can hold 75-100 cigars has a beveled glass top with border inlay, removable tray, two adjustable dividers and internal locking hinges. 

4. Personalized Stogie Stasher 


You know that the art of the cigar comes with culture and breeds an ambiance that draws men in. This Stogie Stasher is rich, hardy, and manly. Treat him to a humidor that will protect his stash of cigars. Have it personalized with his name and you can be sure this is one gift he will be  excited to use for years to come.  

3. Custom Cigar Box 


This Stogie Stacker is simply perfect for your cigar lover friend. The rustic cigar box is made of birch plywood and can be custom engraved with his name. It comes with a durable swing latch and a bed of wood excelsior for that super cool presentation. Let him enjoy his cigars whenever and wherever carrying this cigar box alone or with good friends.  

2. Laser Engraved Humidor 


This rosewood piano finish humidor comes with two compartments, with a sturdy lid that keeps cigars fresh. This cherry shell can be personalized by placing his initials on top. It’s definitely the ideal gift for the cigar fanatic. Complete his cigar collection with this Personalized Humidor that is sure to stay with him for many years. 

1. Glass Etched Humidor


Give him this well-designed Glass Etched Humidor. This special gift can hold up to 50 cigars. It properly stores and makes cigars stay fresh all because of the SureSeal Technology. This gift is made of Macintosh Oak with a mahogany walnut finish and a tempered beveled glass top. It has a felt-lined bottom and comes with 1 round humidifier. Have this gift personalized and choose from 3 monogram designs to make it extra special.

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