17 Fun Personalized Luggage Tags for the World Traveler

Updated on August 30, 2021 by Chris Bajda

The recent pandemic hampered most people from traveling. However, some still pack their bags and go along. Whether it is a far-off journey, quick flights, or train rides, luggage are the most important thing travelers bring, apart from themselves and their loved ones. With that comes, the need to secure such valuable belongings and ensure that they will be returned accordingly should they, unfortunately, get lost. The most common and popular way to do so is using a luggage tag. It contains the essential details of the owner so that owners can claim their luggage and authorities may also determine who and where to return it to. Personalizing such bag tags not only adds more style but also guarantees that the property belongs to the one who it is named to. Enticed to get yourself one? Here is a list of 17 Best Personalized Luggage Tags.

17. Custom 3D Printed Luggage Tag


Let the bad guys bring their erasing tools and let them die trying as this Custom 3D Printed Luggage Tag is here to stay and will scream your details in bold vibrant colors. Words in this 3D printed bag tag are formed by open space when printing. You may select between 3, 4, or 5 lines of text when placing your order so you have the preference of what details to put. This tag is available in various colors such as Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Mint, Light Blue, and many more.

16. Custom Wood Luggage Tag

Let your environmental-loving side and personality shine with this  Custom Wood Luggage Tag. Made from Cherry, Oak, and Walnut Plywood, these luggage tags are made to last and will serve you in identifying your belongings, longer. It may be printed with your details on one side and a design of your choice on the other side. Each tag comes with a piece of strong cable that can be securely tied around your bag. Considering how handlers treat luggage, the said cable will ensure that the tag stays attached.

15. Personalized Clear Acrylic Luggage Tag

This  Personalized Clear Acrylic Luggage Tag may seem to put your luggage in stealth mode while you carry it around. The transparency feature makes it adapt to any color it sticks to and drowns the details it carries. For a private person, this idea is amazing as it hides the details of the bag when you carry it, but should it ever get lost and needed to be returned or claimed, the luggage tag will still do its purpose; give the necessary information of the owner. Sure, authorities will have to read the details closely, but it will still do the trick!

14. Gray Steel Masculine Monogram Executive Style Luggage Tag

A traveling professional will undoubtedly appreciate tagging his luggage with something as classy and elegant as this  Gray Steel Masculine Monogram Executive Style Luggage Tag. Sturdy and waterproof, this bag tag will make any man look more masculine and any luggage stands out at the baggage carousel with its sleek design and flawless features. Any road warrior and adventure seeker will find this tag a worthy partner as the leather strap ensures security and style. This tag may also be printed on both sides.


13. Italian Leather Personalized Luggage Tag

Some men simply love leather. For bags, belts, shoes, and even luggage tags. So, for those men who just want to own as much skin as they want, this  Italian Leather Personalized Luggage Tag is a nice addition. This functional bag tag made of Full Grain, Distressed Italian Leather, is customizable with names or initials of your choice. The buckle included in the tag will weather even the harshest mood of airport luggage handlers.

12. Shorty Luggage Tag

Some like it long, some love it short. Fine, let us stick to talking about luggage tags, okay? This Shorty Luggage Tag is just a subtle addition to your quick weekend trip that makes you carry small but equally valuable baggage. You may choose between the colors Black, Blue, Clear, Pink, Red, White, and Frosted. As for the tags, you may also choose between a 6-inch plastic attachment loop, the 6-inch cable loop that screws closed (3 in diameter when closed), or a 5-inch faux leather strap.

11. Travel Wood World-Map Custom Luggage Tag


In this life, you can either put your name on the map and be a famous traveler or print your name on a map. Well, this Travel Wood World-Map Custom Luggage Tag will make you do the latter while trying to do the first one. Made of ultra-durable acrylic, this tag is waterproof and UV resistant. It is printable on both sides and the leather luggage tag that adds to its classic visuals is included.

10. Initial Luggage Tag with Full Privacy Cover and Stainless-Steel Loop


Flaunt your initials along with your bag and make people wonder what your name is with this Initial Luggage Tag with Full Privacy Cover and Stainless-Steel Loop. No worries though, your actual name and personal information will be kept hidden as this tag has a privacy cover to protect them. Made of sturdy and high-quality rubber, this tag is fully bendable and flexible that prevents breaking or losing of tags. It has steel loops that secure tags in place, so it won’t snap off.

9. Modern and Minimal Black and White | Add your Name Luggage Tag


If you are the kind who loves simplicity and minimalism with a subtle touch of masculinity, then this  Modern and Minimal Black and White | Add your Name Luggage Tag is for you. Printable on both sides, this bag tag is made of ultra-durable acrylic that will help you avoid bag mix-ups for years to come. Customize it with your name or initials for a more personal touch or to make it more meaningful as a gift to your fellow traveler. A leather strap is included so your bags will look modern and elegant without all the grandeur.

8. Gallery Monogram Luggage Tag

Constant traveling makes a man used to long waits and constant blank stares. Make each moment of waiting more meaningful by staring at your  Gallery Monogram Luggage Tag. This two-sided metal luggage tag may be personalized on both sides with 1-6 images of your loved ones, travel adventures to reminisce, and your monogram. Plus, it includes a stylish buckle strap that hangs this gallery on your luggage. No need to bring out your phone or wallet, the photos are right in front of you.

7. Funny Personalized Bag Attention Travel Luggage Tag


Add a little laughter on your journey and bring it with you almost all the time with this  Funny Personalized Bag Attention Travel Luggage Tag. Personalize this tag with your details and your name on the other side along with some lines like “this is your bag” or “woo-hoo here I am over here” and make the handlers and other people who will glance at it smile or even laugh. Well, surely it will make you grin a little too.

6. Personalized Custom Laser Engraved Luggage Tags


If you plan on giving away luggage tags as a favor for your event or a large group of people, then these  Personalized Custom Laser Engraved Luggage Tags are the ones for you. These custom engraved luggage ID tags are great for laptop bags, book bags, backpacks, gym bags, carry-on, lunch bags, and luggage. They are available in various color options as well as font style and font colors of your choice. You may personalize it with up to 4 lines of engraved information. These tags include clear rubber or plastic cords.

5. Custom Leather Luggage Labels

For a no-fuzz luggage tag that is manly, elegant, and useful, these  Custom Leather Luggage Labels are a great fit. Made of Vegetable-tanned leather, these tags may be laser engraved with details of your choice. Available in small and big sizes, these bag tags also come in Coffee, Brown, Green, Red, Pin, and Tan (close to orange) colors. These colors look beautiful on leather and will stand out even more with the laser-engraved details.

4. Personalized Metal Luggage Tag

Dog tags are for humans, regardless of the first word in the name. But for your luggage, this  Personalized Metal Luggage Tag is appropriate. Made of extremely sturdy stainless steel, these tags can stand the wear and tear of travel better than a traditional plastic or fabric tag. It may be engraved with the details of your choosing such as your full name, address, and contact number so that handlers and authorities will know where and to whom they shall return lost baggage. It comes with a strong, viny-covered, braided steel luggage loop with a screw-on clasp.

3. Classic Monogram Personalized Wood Luggage Tag

If you can seemingly hang a wooden plaque or badge along with your belongings while ensuring that they will not get lost, will you not want that? This Classic Monogram Personalized Wood Luggage Tag will enable you to flaunt your monogram or name in the most stylish and prideful way while allowing you to keep your luggage safe. Choose from two design options and engrave any monogram or name on the front side and any 4-line personalization on the reverse side.

2. Leather Luggage Tags with Charms 

Keep the personal information while flaunting your modern and stylish spirit with these  Leather Luggage Tags with Charms . Your key details will be kept secret as the flap covers the part where they are written. In doing so, these leather tags may be embellished with charms that contain your nickname or other items that represent your traveling delight such as planes, bikes, anchors, etc. Tag colors come in various options such as Teal, Green, Brown, Black, Grey, and many more.

1. Circle Acrylic Luggage Tags

Some like it angled, some like it round. For a simple yet elegant luggage tag that beats the normal standard shape, these  Circle Acrylic Luggage Tags are your standout option. Sleek and minimalist, these acrylic tags are great for frequent travelers and weekenders. Measuring a quarter-inch thick, these bag tags are sturdy and durable for checked bags. Each tag comes with a 3mm flat genuine leather cord.

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