20 Best Travel Humidors for Your Cigar Smoker

Updated on June 17, 2022 by Eds Alvarez

While traveling, let him remember just how your thoughts are with him and how you love to watch him have some time of relaxation enjoying his cigar. There is no better cigar gift than letting his cigars stay fresh while carrying them in style with a travel humidor.

It's one gift he can carry along while on his way to a business trip or where ever he wishes to travel. Choose a humidor that can stylishly carry his cigars and one that he can easily carry wherever he goes. A quality, stylish and well-designed humidor is sure to impress him and his friends. Make it a cigar gift he will gladly show off to his buddies.  

Here are 20 of the best travel humidors he can choose from: 


Personalized Cigar Holder with Humidor

This Portable Cigar Case Humidor has a strong aluminum casing that is great for travel or the cigar smoker on the go. It features an anti-slip rigid side grip and a built In hygrometer & humidifier. It can fit 3 regular cigars, or 2 large one. This is one of those cigar gifts thats practical and stylish all in one. 

Vintage Cedar Wood Cigar Humidor

This Vintage Cedar Wood Cigar Humidor mis made from leather and cedar wood. It has a large capacity and can carry  20-25 suitcase style storage cigar. It's one practical gift he can carry with him no matter where his next destination will be. 

Golf Bag Humidor 

For the golfer who enjoys the occasional cigar on the greens, this Golf Bag Humidor looks just like a full-sized golf bag. Made to clip right onto your golfer's bag this travel humidor holds up to nine 50 ring cigars and comes with a humidifier, cigar cutter, and Spanish cedar bottom. Perfect for preserving those precious stogies in pristine condition for your golfer. The large front pocket is perfect for carrying all his cigar accessories.

Travel Cigar Case Humidor with Accessories

This Travel Cigar Case Humidor with Accessories gift set is just perfect for him. The cigar humidor has a perfect hiding spot for any book shelf
It also has a removable cigar tray for extra storage humidifier and silver hygrometer set magnetic lid closure guillotine cutter. There's nothing like traveling while being able to carry his favorite cigars. What's more the options for design are almost limitless!

Jet Set Cigar Case

The Jet Set Cigar Case is designed to accent the culture of cigars while functioning as a travel humidor. He would be proud to house his prized Cubans in this case. With a built in humidor it works perfect to keep his stash safe and accessible while traveling. It's ready to be handed to your cigar aficionado friend in a handsome black leather case. 

    Personalized Cigar Travel Humidor

    This Personalized Cigar Travel Humidor can hold up to 6 cigars depending on size. It's a leather folding personalized cigar humidor with Spanish cedar lining. It includes a humidifier and can be personalized with a monogram. The cover under the lid can also be personalized with a quote or other text of your choice.

    Leather Cigar Humidor Case 

    Its stylish and something he can show off to his buddies. This Leather Cigar Humidor Box comes in a light tan color and comes complete with a pocket travel cigar tube cabinet humidifier kit set. It can also fit all cigar brands and sizes and can hold up to 2 cigars and double as a humidor. It’s one convenient and practical storage for cigars that will keep them moist and fresh at all times.

    Clutched Cigars 

    Seal your cigars in an airtight and waterproof case that is made from super strong ABS molded plastic. This waterproof, crushproof, and temperature-resistant piece of cigar caddy can be transported anywhere with ease with a guarantee that you will smoke your tobacco fresh and damage-free. Ensuring the perfect texture of your cigar is the humidifier disc in the lid and the custom urethane foam inside is sure to host them securely. 

    Visol Barclay Personalized Travel Humidor


    It can carry up to 10 of his favorite cigars. The Visol Barclay Personalized Travel Humidor will keep his treasured items safe wherever he goes. The cedar interior holds in moisture to create a comfortably humid environment. Outside, a polished black finish shines with reflection. It comes with free engraving of his name or initials on the cigar case too. 

    Personalized Travel Humidor Cigar Caddy

    It's one gift he would love to show off to his golfing buddies.This Personalized Travel Humidor Cigar Caddy is perfect for your cigar aficionado friend who also happens to love golf. Personalize it by having it designed with his monogram, with deer antlers, a monogram frame etc; or personalize with a name, or anything else you would like! 

    Trident Gift Set Travel Cigar Humidor

    This Trident Gift Set Travel Cigar Humidor is made of a crush proof, airtight, water tight material. It comes with Fess 3T torch (comes empty) and 52R v cut cigar cutter and a built in plastic humidifier. It's the perfect gift for a cigar aficionado who spends a lot of time traveling. 

      Leather Humidor

      It's lined with premium cedarwood and surrounded with soft leather. This leather humidor has a high humidity absorption capacity and supports the cigars aging process. It also enhances the flavor of his cigars. This gift is easy to use and is equipped with a humidifier and a dropper for convenience and control precision when it comes to the humidity of his cigars. 

      CIGARLOONG Cigar Travel Humidor 

      This CIGARLOONG Cigar Travel Humidor features a double tray - double-lay design and can store up to 10 cigars. It comes with external hygrometer that can sense humidor changes in the cigar box and internal shockproof sponge. It has a built-in double humidifier that is good for cigar fermentation. It's one gift he will use for a long time. 

        AMANCY Quality Brown Leather Travel Cigar Humidor Case

        It can hold 5 cigars of max length 6.5 inches and up to ring gauge 54. This AMANCY Quality Brown Leather Travel Cigar Humidor Case is made of PU leather outside and cedar wood inside to keep his cigars fresh. The elegant and modern design is simply perfect for his style and personality. 

        Make him remember you where ever his next travel may be. This Travel Cigar Humidor Box comes with a humidifier stick. It has red end stitching and can hold 5 thick large cigars up to 7.25" long or 20 smaller cigars. Th perfect gift for the cigar aficionado who is always on the go. 

        Travel/Light Storage Humidor

        He can store 10-15 of your best cigars in this sleek and slim one of a kind Travel/Light Storage Humidor. This humidor offers a balance between stationary and travel storage for his finest cigars! Humidity is achieved more easily and stays consistent due to the lower internal volume of this box. Etchings and engravings of your choice can be added to multiple areas of this humidor made from teak wood. 

        Pardo Cigar Travel Humidor Case

        It can hold up to 5 (up to 8inch in length) of his favorite cigars. Let him keep his cigars safe and fresh in the perfect humidity with this Pardo Cigar Travel Humidor Case. It features a built in humidifier disc and has a crushproof exterior for ultimate durability with inner foam cushioning to protect his precious cigar cargo.

          Personalized Travel Humidor - Visol Drako

          This Personalized Travel Humidor - Visol Drako is sure to keep his cigars fresh and safe in style. He can fit up to 20 of his favorite cigars in two stacks inside this quality case and have peace of mind knowing they are safe and sound. The top of this case features a black leather inlay and a brushed finished engraving plate. Stainless steel hinges provide a reliable locking mechanism. This case makes a great gift for the cigar smoker in your life. 

          Traveling Cigar Guy

          This personalized travel cigar case can hold up to 2 cigars and double as a humidor. This elegant looking rose gold cigar case is a perfect gift for cigar lovers. It’s a convenient and practical storage for cigars that will keep them moist and fresh at all times. The case comes with a velvet bag in an elegant black gift box.

           Travel Cigar Humidor Box 

          It comes with a humidifier stick, and a zippered closure for maximum protection. This Travel Cigar Humidor Box  is in black leather with red sidings that add to that touch of elegance. It's one gift he can easily carry with him wherever his next destination may be.   

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